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  1. I mean I know all this, obviously the Yaks...or at least the first yak is due sometimes soon but just wondering given the Hurricane dev blog came a few weeks before the P-47 if those 2 had changed
  2. I understand the P-47 is one plane, where as from what we know the Hurricane we are getting will allow us to have the Mk.IIB, C, D and Mk IV 40mm meme but given that list was subject to change and that the same work on the Hurricane was shown quite some time before the P-47, are we still expecting the P-47 before the Hurricane?
  3. Try putting the Vertical stabilizer to about Positive 50, for me I can get about 700-730 on 94% Continuous with bombs and if I put it into a shallow dive from 4k to about 3k it will stay at 770 to 800kph for a while with bombs and for ages if without them...just a tip What the Arado will be used for is Industrial bombing, the 262 with 2 250s is enough for Arty and tank columns but what it has issues with is large AOE attacks against factories, the single 1000Kg (should) provide us with that and very similar to even less parasite drag....Also due to the nature of the 234 and how it was used late war on short, shitty, grass airfields it *should* get J/RATO rockets like it had in IL-2 1946 otherwise it can barely take off on its own even on normal 2km concrete runways and if you've ever used them you know how much easier it makes it to take off and gain speed, so over all this plane should be pretty nice to fly
  4. Depends...I mostly just posted it for a meme, but if you wanna get technical I don't know too many P-51s or P-47s that can do 700kph as a cruise speed at 6000m in a straight line or for that matter 746kph at max speed in a straight line. Now yes yes, getting up there would take time and in IL2 most people don't bother so realistically this plane probably won't be an issue but I thought it was funny....though do keep in mind looking at those 2 flights of A20s and He 111s there are clearly people who do take the time even if they are a minority....so only time will tell. P.S. only the prototype had the fixed MG 151/20s...the Ar 234 B-2 (the one we will get) only had the Periscope for rear visibility...but it was unarmed. @=LG=Kathon Thank you for letting me know, I was quite aggravated when I wrote that last night and I understand why such limits need to exist. Could be cool if it was 450 but again I understand otherwise
  5. Right...ok wtf.... Firstly, I'd like to know what TAW's Ping limit is... i.e the number that if you go over it will kick you....and if TAW has some sort of cool down that means if you get kicked because of high ping and try to join again, it will inster kick you at the map screen because as an Australian with average ping of 300 to 450 this is really starting to piss me off... At least Disconnections don't count as deaths...that is the one positive.
  6. Glad to see some AF restrictions on the 262 as it would make more sense, they could and did operate out of grass runways but again, this is a good way to balance without it seeming gamey like for instance not allowing it at all...I will go with and understand the Number limitation as I have dealt with it on Combat box...but perhaps maybe a timer like combat box rather then a number? So, you still must earn the plane in order to play it...but perhaps have the jets locked until like...40-30min is left in a map...or at least some time near the end of a map AND have the "Jet Fuel" esk bombing point like how Combat box does it and if they destroyed before the planes become available they DON'T become available... The reason I say this...is having a limited number of jets and not 1 per person means it can be almost as bad as not having them at all if the 5 or 6 get gobbled up by shitty pilots...so TL:DR bomb the bombing point, Jets are locked for the mission, if it isn't, you must earn the 1 262 you can get and it only becomes available in later in the mission at some point. This is just mean spit balling really but I saw Combat Boxes' system using the "Jet Fuel refinery" as a cool idea... I will say though...so many pilots are complaining now about the 262....but this is just the calm before the storm my friends!!!
  7. Well it can if you have a Tempest with any extra altitude over you
  8. Just to give my 2 cents: The 262 is a wonderful machine, my favorite plane in the game currently...but she does have her weaknesses...for instance, the Fuel valve became standard pretty early on but I will say keep it disable for this...as it adds more challenge to her...Shes fast yes, but only carries 2 250s or 1 500Kg bomb...compare that to the A20 and you aren't really on the same level even despite it's speed. Assuming a "worst case scenario" with the whole team jumping into the 262s at once...I still doubt they would be able to out bomb A20s, P-38s and P-47s using bombs and rockets...if the Ar 234 (with its 1000Kg bomb good for anti Industry) was already here then you may have an issue but its not and thus its a discussion for another time. As a fighter its very good at bomber intercept but as much as I personally am able to push it outside it's boundaries...realistically it isn't great at much else....it can do dog fighting but assuming the allied Pilot has situational awareness then he should be able to dodge out of the way. If the Germans use 262s on mass then the Allies should learn by example and use Tempests and A20s on mass (20s for the bombing campaign and the Tempest as its more then enough to catch from a dive and do combat with a 262) at the end of the day TAW requires Team work... As for the plane set, I would've personally liked to see something slightly earlier (so pretend its Normandy using the Rhineland map) but so far its good...the P-39, G6 and *possibly* the 190 A5/U17 Jabo should probably be available however.
  9. Ah shit...here we go again! I personally can't wait for this...but I have heard MANY people's concerns about balance with BoBP FMs and just the over all power of the planes apparently being not *quite* right. We shall see...should be good
  10. I have notice this as well as a P-47 pilot, part of the 494th Fighter-Bomber squadron...due to the nature of the P-47 missions (going in at 1,500m with enemy fighters always being above you) you take damage and or get shot down a lot...I must've been shot down at least 2 or 3 times deep into Enemy territory even and still wasn't captured. I didn't manage to get screen shots but I know Kommando Nowotny has just turned up in the north so I'm a few days into the Second phase of the campaign.
  11. Frankly...I don't actually know...the MG series for german aircraft guns are odd...for example the MG17 and MG 131 are Machine guns and the MG 151 (15mm) and the MGFF (early 20mm used on 109 Es and 190 A3s) AND the MG 151/20 (the german 20mm gun we all know and love) are all cannons...so...yeah confusing I know...
  12. While the definitions of what is and isn't a cannon has been rough (example when a Russian 23mm gun was re bored to 14.5mm it was still considered a Space "cannon") what is forcertain is that the modern American definition of a cannon is that it have explosive filler of some form and to be 15.46mm or over. This is the more modern example where as the Germans in WW2 if memory serves classified it as 15mm or over (which is why the MG 151 on the Bf 109 F2 is considered a cannon even though for me it feels like it hits like a glorified Machine gun...it depends on your preference) MG 131s aren't cannons, but like .50BMG and Russian 14.5 they hit like a ton of bricks conpared to say...7.92 or .303
  13. Welcome Recruit! To Pazifeschwader! This is a Oceania based group (But we accept all as long as you keep up with our timezones) which consists of a few squadrons which can best fit your play style and enjoyment! But worry the decision isn't important right away so you have time to choose and try out each squadron yourself! We also don't just play Battle of Stalingrad but also IL-2 Cliffs of Dover as well! Squadrons available include: JG 77: Are you a fighter pilot? are you a lover of Messerschmidt's, elegant, well designed contraptions of the Mid 20th Century? then JG 77 might just be for you! Planes: Bf 109 E-4 (Early War) Bf 109 E-7 Bf 109 F-4 Bf 109 G-2 Bf 109 G-6 Bf 109 K-4 (Late war) JG 26: Are you a Fighter pilot? but you want something with a little more Umf then the single 20 or 30mm of Bf 109s? Well then JG 26 and Kurt Tank's radical radial Fw 190s might be for you! Planes: Bf 109 E (Early War) Fw 190 A-3 Fw 190 A-5 Fw 190 A-6 Fw 190 A-8 Fw 190 D-9 (Late War) ZG 76: Are you a fighter pilot that uses unorthodox aircraft to get the job done? ZG 76 might just be for you! People who chose this unit will use Heavy fighters like the Bf 110 or Me 410 perform interceptions, Escorting and as a Secondary role, Ground attack. But you better not go wondering at dusk or night! Because that's when ZG 76 transforms into NJG 3 and as such members of this squadron will also do Dusk and Night operation training as well! Planes: Bf 110 E-2 Bf 110 G-2 Me 410 Fw 190 A- 8 (Late War) KG 51: Are you a bomber pilot? Well if so you've probably heard of KG 51, 52 and 54 before then STILL! its another option for you to cause complete havoc to the Russian supply lines! Planes: He 111 (early War) Ju 88 a Ju 88C-6a Me 410 Me 262 (Late War - It will be used in the A-2a config, meaning 2 Mk 108s and the bombs at all times within KG 51) Keep in mind that the more people that join, the more options are available for us and the possibility of expansion draws ever closer!, So if your favorite Duck, or your favorite Stuka isn't on the lists doesn't mean it won't in the future! Become a key member of Pazifeschwader today by joining the Discord: https://discord.gg/U5ZYCf and fill out the quick and easy application to pick what squadron you would like!
  14. As far as I am aware, its to give the plane a full combat load without fueling the Auxiliary fuel tanks which would only be fueled for long range missions
  15. To fly the P-47, and this is supported by the IL2 Youtube channel, Link both the turbo and Prop pitch to the throttle with "Left Shift+I" and "Left Alt+I" ...you don't need to unlink the turbo till your Turbo RPM gauge reads 22,000 (theres a big yellow line on the dial and the blinking red light will stay on continuously if your over speeding the turbo anyway) You never need to touch the Prop pitch again and once your high enough for the turbo to start over speeding (around 18,000 to 20,000 feet or about 5.5 to 6km) leave the throttle at 100 power and unlink the turbo. the Turbo control becomes your new throttle and above the critical altitude you use that to control your speed, not your throttle. As most engagements happen in IL-2 due to the game's tactical nature and having no heavy bombers to escort, Most engagements happen at about 4km and bellow so for the most part once you have the turbo link and prop pitch linked to the throttle on the ground before take off, thats the last time you'll need to touch them during the flight.
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