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  1. No jammed fully on, But are much harder to roll when air is lost (so its still semi safe) .. My point was the devs said they lowered braking ability on all planes cose people were constantly flipping over. well can those who want full braking and can use toe brake pedals please get back the option for full realistic braking. Keep in mind most planes should be able to do a runup on full continous power without rolling. but planes like 110 ingame cant even run 15% conti power before it creeps
  2. Yeah this is what i was hoping they would give us a game option for, as it was lowered a long time back to stop new players from prop striking and flipping plane all the time. So for those who want it and can use it (Have toe brake pedals) **Game Suggestion #25565565554** Game Settings >> Gameplay >> FULL BRAKING POWER On/Off. so we are able to taxi properly, runup properly and stop properly. So are you saying All Trucks and Buses and Trains and military Vehicles in the world have poor brakes? - Air is safer and leaks can be overcome by increasing supply pressure where as oil just leaks regardless of feed. (The supply of air is unlimited, so the brake system can never run out of its operating fluid, as hydraulic brakes can. Minor leaks do not result in brake failures. ) Also its a fail safe system as the air is not Holding the brakes closed around the axle to stop the plane like hydraulic brakes do but its holding the brakes open off the axle to allow the plane/vehicle to roll. If the system fails it will result in brakes being applied on this is why trucks and stuff get stuck when air lines burst as the brakes lock up without air.
  3. Pitty it dont have the leading edge slats like 110 that allow much higher AoA at slower speeds. Pe2 tip stall at 150m really wakes you up πŸ˜„ TBH for both 110 and pe2 single engine landing i recommend No engine dead stick landings. Come in high and fast shut down good engine (clean up trims for smooth no engine glide in) also as you only have 1 chance to land we tend to make it our best landing πŸ˜„
  4. Easy 1 engine landing.. No Flaps Steep Decent Land at 220-240kph.. Roll to stop with brakes Easy. Just like landing 2 engines without flaps no different except the yaw. keep in mind in this "sim" you can land pe2 and 110 at 300kph and still brake to stop just fine
  5. yep i second and third that 110 G2 Fast with full bombload (480kph TAS @ 3K (400kph IAS) with full bombload enroute (0-2K in 1.4 minutes at max ability or a cumfy 2.5 minutes) Max dive speed of 740kph but will happily maneuver above 650-700. Can defend itself, Will outclimb La5FN in right situation (low speed overshoots)
  6. Many of them already.. Like 1/3 of the game :D
  7. As of January 2019 RESHADE Still works flawlessly and causes not FPS drops unless you use high level Anti Aliasing in Reshade.
  8. wish mine had 6-8% deadzone.. Thrustmaster TFRP's have no deadzone without setting one.
  9. Yeah i just hope the enemy cant spot it from too far away.. Dont see it being fixed soon as it dont effect income $$ only new content does. Hence the lack of fixes in general.
  10. Why would they let you land? you are the enemy, probably stand there watching you crash and laughing if you survive then probably will be questioned then shot anyways πŸ˜„
  11. Yeah crank it to max and Send it.. even now after recent changes GTX1060 gets solid 60FPS on Ultra with 4K plane skins and Reshade SMAA
  12. Normal skill Ai boats or Ace skill.. How you deal with them and plane you can use is very different. If normal skill Ai AAA then you can use an 88,87,111 anything slow and lumbering to avoid it easily. If its on ace skill Ai AAA then you will struggle with even a 110 G2 or many fighters to be nimble enough to Jink AAA Unless other people take the choice to drag AAA for you.
  13. Yeah mean like they did IRL? ("single 20mm burst should be enough to kill any plane if not you missed" - Some German Ace) After all we are not seeking balance here we are after historical accuracy. If that means LW can kill any russian plane with single burst from 20mm and the russians can do the same with 23mm so be it. (if thats how it was really in ww2 then thats what we need to have modeled) It cant be anything but historically accurate. This is not an MMO there is no need or want to Balance the Sim to be fair so then it becomes a game (games a balanced for fairness, sims are raw) . Both sides do not need planes with same top speed or same turn rate. They just need planes with the same specs as those that were seen ILR on the front.
  14. google.. After World War I, most airplanes had rotary engines with left turning tendencies because it followed the torque of the engine. Therefore, turning left was easier than turning right. Because of this, pilots considered left turns as more convenient maneuver, and thus more experienced pilot started sitting on the left.
  15. Yeah and your point is?? the whole thread asking why we cant fly over moscow? or grubers point.? which is why it is not performance :\.
  16. 109 rarely black out maybe in a descending spiral at 80* bank is a constant 6-7G, then a pull out might allow 9G. but in a dive yes it seems the elevator does not have enough authority to pull the needed G's. (According to the pilots that fly it, so not me) 202,190,110 G2 All of them i black out in somewhat often. 190 almost every flight when i dive on someone from 3K and get timing wrong and end up pulling hard G. Can just use tac view record some aerobatics in single player quick mission black out a few times then go watch the Tacview track afterwards You can see, Angle of attack, G's on pilot, G's on aiframe, Dynamic Wing loading indicators. horsepower torque thrust like 50 variables. OP your question is more of a how long is a piece of rope kinda question. What It might take to black out varies from plane to plane and situation. (angle pilot is seated and his position relative to CG of plane (pivot point), How Many and how long those G's are applied.) 10G's for 3 seconds or 15G's for 1 second or 6G over 30 seconds (spiral) (might all end in a blackout) -5G instant red out, -2G for 20 seconds red out.
  17. Yeah like gruber said imho i think its also done for political/propaganda reasons (makes more sense) as it would be offensive to Patriotism/Nation to have someone making a video of 20 ju88 leveling red square with bombs falling while a sound track to deutschland uber alles plays. IMHO i think it would brake the internet. πŸ˜„
  18. ohh yeah great work nice plane hopefully will make lots of dollars for many nights at casino with supermodels πŸ˜€ But any Bug fixes or just more content? Will we still have 2 year old gunner bug, grey start button every 2nd spawn, Uneven throttles and rads the list goes on.
  19. placebo effect.. without a label they cannot tell. Its like how red cordial (red food dye) never makes any child or person hypo but people think it does and see it happen but they are wrong. Placebo.
  20. i just dont get the mental process of someone who flies 150km to the enemy spawn watches them take off then tries to shoot them down, then often gets show down themself. there is no skill in that, no class, no honour. (nobody thinks you are cool, nobody thinks you have skill) When entering 15,000m oh a spawn AF have an auto script. "Warning you have entered a restricted area (spawn AF name) Turn around Immediatly or your plane will be destroyed and you will be banned! 30 second counter to leave area. 1 day, 7 days, 30 days (for each offense)
  21. 2 month old thread Necro?? ok! :D going by your response i dont think you actually read it in 2018 or at all properly :D He said 60HZ running 60 FPS SYNCED is smoother than 80FPS unsynced on a 120HZ monitor. Of course it would be.. 60fps fluid synced at 60hz will be smoother than 190fps unsynced on a 240HZ screen not to mention a waste as placebo effect is proven on E-sports (not even pro gamers can tell apart a 90fps, 120fps or 140 fps frame lock. IF THEY DONT KNOW, so you cant test it on your self)
  22. You can feather the Bent propeller on all steel blades ingame with feathering (twins) and it still works to reduce drag as they still turn flat into wind this is evident by the ball moving as it feathers and retrim required. Some reason even feathering Shattered wooden props on the He111 still works to reduce drag even with only 10% of blades left. But thats no shock considering.
  23. Good over reaction to what was a copy and paste error when i made original post. (would not send i copied it and it still broke anyways) FYI the good work was not sarcastic, it was in relation to devs saying it was 100% impossible but a random modder does something. Edited other post but geez.
  24. Woah WT spotting range :d nice work but wow we already had a too high spotting range versus IRL guess this would be good for like something,edit: my mate was wanting to do with mixed plane sets and more like a WT RB (longer V Range and external views) for new players who dont want such a hard sim but dont want to play WT anymore.
  25. sorry i dont understand? did you mean my post was a lot of work? no like 1-2 minutes typing. pic is old. points are valid.
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