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  1. Greyed out start button is like 2 years old not since last patch. Just like gunner audio bug (game breaking) still even get spectate bug
  2. settings issue?? every one ingame should be able to see a planes upto 10km away even on lowest graphics setting AFAIK
  3. Not sure what you mean they are the listed specs for the Dserver.exe on the guide to run it.. im pretty certain it only uses 1 core upto 2ghz on a 32bit system so a 4gb limit on ram as 32 bit cant use more Using a 32 bit 2.4ghz Celeron from like 2001 will have the same server performance as a 17-7700K @ 5ghz running raid arrays and 128gb of ram Also the ROF game engine was just renamed even there is a DD about it. "All the patches or versions, like Forgotten Battles (2003) or standalone games, like Pacific Fighters (2004), used and shared the same game engine from 2001 until the 1946 pack (2006) and even until the console adaptation (IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey, 2009). The first games in the series not using the original 2001 game engine were IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover (2011, which runs its own game engine) Also IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad (2013, which runs on a game engine derived from another game, the 2009 simulator Rise of Flight). "
  4. In a recent DD they did say they are working on current bugs i just hope its a decent list of fixes and soon.. As for the current major bugs.. The LW Gun Bug Not rare at all it just that it mostly or only effects the German fighters and some attackers (Duck confirmed) Almost any night if i fly with a group of people in german fighters 2-3 of them will suffer the gun bug per map at times multiple people on the LW team will be unarmed. (While some vvs flyer have said they also had the ammo bug i have yet to see video proof of this, I am not calling them liars but please post videos of russian planes with ammo bug for the devs even.) The Silent Gunners Bug Also not rare and happens 2/5 time you join a server in some cases.. while not major its still near game braking as single gunner planes often die instantly on first pass not even aware of incoming fighter. The Grey Start Button Bug(Old Spectate bugs Return) OK not major but can be kinda game braking and Defo annoying in terms of play time when 8 out of 10 people in a wing of 10 bombers have to rejoin the game because they cant spawn (endless grey start button unless they use spectate bug workaround then no bombsight or gunner control) The connection limitation its not a bug per say but a program limit that AFAIK has been in place since Dserver.exe was made for the original ROF game. Keep in mind IL2 or Great battles is just ROF with different maps, planes and scenery (and a few graphics and engine tweaks). Many left over relics are still used from ROF including Dserver.exe that has a limitation of what Max 2ghz CPU @32Bit With 4GB Ram. (effectively a windows XP program is running a modern 84 player server so that kind quite a feat) Hopefully all will be good and we will get a awesome patch soon ๐Ÿ˜„
  5. Yeah a tiny company in a garage๐Ÿ˜„ with over 700 employees world wide, 200 shopfronts across EU and RU With over 40 game titles currently for sale under 1C Publishing. and a net company worth of a few hundred million $$USD (yeah times are hard for everyone it seems, lmao.. )
  6. Steam trains Defo Lack power.. A Full Steam Train engine and Coal Carriage and everything, Can all be replaced by a small diesel engine that runs a generator that drives electric motors Providing 5-10x more power in a package thats 1/15th the weight. In no case is steam power really a viable option its too slow inefficient, dangerous and too heavy having to carry its own water and coal (where as a 1Tonne Diesel fuel provide as much energy as like 2-3 carriages full of coal (20-25t)
  7. BoX Engine and planes ingame have nice damage models with many places to crack and bend wings ๐Ÿ˜„ Nothing A Little DuctTape Won't Fix! (all crew survived )
  8. Is this a new game? the specs dont look very promising. Its using graphics tech thats like 16 years old, this game belong on windows XP ๐Ÿ˜„ lmao.. hence the low FPS also
  9. DX9 different graphics system not using Deferred rendering afaik but ok :D. you can always tell if they permenant as you can see them when you look away and instant you look back they are loaded.
  10. Wow great mod specially for those in career modes.. Great work.. re: Certain things will only ever be rendered when you look at them directly pretty much and with enough delay they will be notable (this is a direct X and Graphics limitation) Mostly
  11. Yes yes yes please.. If we are going to have tanks its a given we need drivable AAA or FLAK and so on. like in WT great times hiding on map and shooting down enemies who cant see your AAA.
  12. Sorry i think you misunderstood my point but its ok Technochat without the other stuff turned on is what i meant than it dont tell you anything about being in a engine mode too long.. But as to what the game cares about is hud state, Or just press O and open the map.. If the game map is too bridge get Reshade you can make the map as dark as you want.
  13. Same here im using Dual Monitors on windows 7 and running the game on Fullscreen. No issues with using 2 screen no going black and i can alt tab perfectly fine.
  14. << That is Sshadow(my avatar) Born 2014 LAB x GSD X MALAMUTE
  15. In the end its still a game, its not like a home cockpit flying Vatsim where things are done like real. Thing is with this poll i fear many people will be voting GPS off even if they dont play on the server just to serve their idea of whats right or wrong.. I bet some taw players who never plan to fly KOTA will have voted gps off :D.. Techchat off will not work well as the games engine system is based around it, not actual engine limits (Ata, rpm & temp)
  16. With that Setup you should be getting 60-90fps @ 4K Res on Ultra preset ONLINE. offline you should be hitting like 100fps or more on ultra @ 4K Have you setup an nvidia control panel Profile for IL2.exe Almost all games require their own custom profile these days. Hope that helps Happy Flying,
  17. I like on some wings maps when you Vulch an AF it Launches 5 x AI planes set to ace skill to defend it then they RTB and land after. Then real players can sneak away on deck while 5 ai planes rip the attacker to bits. As it would be a rare occurance the server load on 5 ai planes should not be too bad, and they not entirely dumb have seen them shoot down Vulching CIA ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And wow great Formation of stukas there again guys..
  18. Set it past 10,000M so we get the warning before they can even see us.. like 15Km warning (Enemy plane spotted approaching from the north) than once they reach 10KM Flak opens up on them and alarm and flares and map marker goes off. than once they hit 1KM an auto script kills them even if no aaa hit them, not only does it kill them but shoots them right in the face.. Sarcasm
  19. Keep in mind 600M Grass will have an impact on performance.. Now when you in a dogfight and you fly within 600m alt the grass will be rendering even tho you cant see it..
  20. There is no way to Randomize the weather in missions with the current editor it would mean the mission maker would have to edit the map every time and re-up it to server. you can only set 1 weather type , 1 cloud layer in mission then its saved. GPS off will give a huge advantage to LW bombers and attackers and Severly reduce the chance of being spotted or shot down as russian fighters to busy tying to navigate and keep track of their location to spot properly. I think a big reason people dont fly russian planes is that Terrible Pain scheme inside them seriously Vomit Green and Blood red.. ๐Ÿ˜„ (sarcasm)
  21. I think you missed the point i was making about the comment regarding claims. anyways Even if the germany completely designed the first jet engine then the british kidnapped the guy tortured him and stole his planes (That would never make it into the history books) It would be some story how a farmer in Britain thought of the idea one night while counting his sheep and invented the jet engine ๐Ÿ˜„ ๐Ÿ˜„ But thanks for Clarification on the Info about Do-335 i as only going based on 1 or 2 old doco's hence the AFAIK
  22. My point was not the plane.. I could have used a BF110 G2 in a dive with broken props passing mach 1 for a ramdom extreme example. My point was even if that evidence was found and it really happened the US/UK(allied powers) would do everything in their power to destroy that evidence and keep it hidden or create propaganda counter to it, There is no way they would let the nazi's be the first, this is still evident today with claims like how they invented jet engine and not the germans.)
  23. some sort of joke Dev Diary or blog? Lets list a whole lot of things nobody needs and not even mention fixing the game or why its taking so long.
  24. If it is indeed that big then maybe thats ok.. and i agree for career players it would be very nice. also its not like you want to enter combat with full fuel tanks in the fuselage anyways.. if you use drop tanks to get there you will be in combat with more fuel. More fuel (often located at CG means heavier wing loading and we all know what that means)
  25. Moving On. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Admins - I Think a nice Tropical Rainy map would be nice. KUBAN - Tropical/Coastal Storm Summer - 25-30*C 13:00 - 17:00 Light to medium rain, Patchy to overcast clouds with maximum Depth(thickness) Very low pressure
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