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  1. Not currently in game.. but the devs could easily wip something together in a week im sure.. Also not sure what you mean by can get location of player... server knows where every plane is at every second and its angle/speed/energy and so on.
  2. I like the idea of Instant Kill Script.. As soon as enemy plane enter 10,000M from Spawn runway they get message on screen. You have entered hostile space, Turn Back or your plance will be Destoryed. 30 second later Auto script Destroys the plane (violently) and kill the pilot. (erasing all scores earnt that mission :D) But thats just my morning cup of coffee idea.
  3. @=E95=DenLarik Not sure why you would post it that message on here and not in Personal Message. As it has Nothing to do with HRAF members or their server i did any promotion of it under my own accord without them being involved in anyway. Nor did i tell or make any other TBAS members do it. Tho point taken, With protest.
  4. Reshade or colours and stuff very dependant on monitor settings also.. Eg, i use my reshade settings but then on my asus monitor there is a button. if i press it, it switches between "standard mode, Game mode, Scenery mode, Movie Mode, night mode." On Game mode my settings look great but on Standard or Scenery & other screens they too vibrant.
  5. LMAO is there another link to Original video.. Says youtube shut down account because too many goody two shoes (sheep)reported the copyrights.
  6. Try Disable mouse hardware acceleration on left side there and set sensitivity higher if needed
  7. There are heaps but they now dont work properly ingame..` even if you put 10 x 72K around runway on Ace Skill a fighter pilot still going 750kph can vulch with impunity
  8. GPU Should not be set to optimal Power.. should be force to use max power always when il2 running GTX1060 + FX8350 will pull consistant 60fps on Ultra preset Max terrain and Horizon 150km Ultra grass just no SSAO. So as you not getting that on GTX1080 maybe scaling issues causing input lag or do you have "ingame Input Filter under joystick turned up above 50% will add extra lag 20-50ms or something.
  9. Thats odd how do they see planes taking off? Flak Range is 10-12km Max view range for planes,lights,flares,tracers is 9.95km (10)
  10. Not coming in sideways and landing on Taxi Way or Apron like many 109 ๐Ÿ˜„
  11. Yeah its funny if you climb then you cover the same distance much faster with a higher TAS and GS so it makes little difference. If i have to take say the 110 G2 on a long flight (over 100km to target) then ill climb to 5-6,000M. At say 6K the 110 will cruise at 400kph IAS happily with full bomb load. Which converts to a TAS of about 560KPH depending on wind (on 1 map i get about 585kph GS to target and about 605kph GS from target above 5K) So 100km only takes 10 minutes. Yes climb times come into it but this is a ww2 sim not ww2 arcade shoot em up! I mean many of us still go through basic SoP's we dont have to because its a Sim not a Game (like using lights, fake engine run ups, performing approaches and landings with proper patterns. )
  12. And its only half ping that counts as the game is client side. Dserver only cares about time it takes for packet to reach it as no check go back and forth for hit clarification. So a player with 400ms ping is only dealing with 200ms lag in IL2 But like WT with server side and checks on hits its not only 400ms but also that time so more like 600ms lag.. Partly why this game works so well.. Where we see out bullets go they always go even at 600ms (1200ms ping) but to answer question Last time we were told. WoL server = 500ms Berloga = 250-300ms ? KoTA Server = 425ms
  13. So diving from 8-9K on a 109K4 @ 800kph + is not helpful? why not ?
  14. yeah nice nice but why... (and if this is the case, Can we please get German Rockets on 110 all variants) Would really love to see where it says that u-2vs could carry all those rockets? only info i can find says it carried No rockets. No modification is listed with rockets. Guns: One 7.62ร—54mmR (0.30 in) ShKAS machine gun Bombs: Six 50 kg (110 lb) bombs
  15. sounds like DSR is turned on from previous screen or other desktop scaling options are not stock. Try Fresh Nvidia Drivers Install . (Tick the box, clean Install Under Custom advanced install. This will reset all custom Nvidia profiles and Default, So you will have to make a new one for IL2 as IL2 Requires a Custom profile for Power Management and so on. As a warning NEVER Set Nvidia Default Power Profile to "Power management = Prefer Max Performance" This Will make your gpu run full clock like its running on hard game even while you sleeping and pc on idle.
  16. Hours and Hours flying.. 250 hours in Type is a good start (with minimal changes to another plane to avoid confusion) 550+ in HE111. 500+ in BF110. 250+ in JU88. 150+ in JU87.
  17. 16 x AAA + 6 x FLAK Around Spawn AF. All set to Ace skill. All Set To Max Detection Range. Also Indestructible with guns or cannons. Would be the best idea ๐Ÿ˜„
  18. Well that could be interesting as i thought it was a marketing claim they made for BoBp in dev dairy (so therefore contractual) will see TBH plane and cockpits should have all been 4K from start. 2K is so 2005
  19. AFAIK Everything Pre Bodenplatte is 2K skins Everything Bobdenplatte and Post Bobdenplatte will be 4K skins Can a mod/dev/tester/creator please confirm.
  20. No need at all for differential power in 110 E2 or G2 to turn 180* left or right just Toe Brakes mainly and a little rudder.
  21. Nice system mate.. congratulations its not lit up with RBG everywhere :D Also aint VR equal to running 2 Monitors at 4K when you using SS in VR Settings. So thats a huge load.
  22. I'd also like to point out ๐Ÿ˜„ Yes Maybe if the pe2 flies too low alt where trips take longer on deck then yes. But the pe2 is a high alt plane made to fly above 5K it can quickly climb to 4K or even 6K (4,000m @ 12m/s so 5 minutes,) Then as you flying higher can cover the map Much faster. 400kph IAS at 4K = about 500-515kph TAS or ground speed Just like the 110 e2 But 4K in He111 = About 310kph IAS or 380kph TAS or Ground speed so much slower. A 109 or la5 at 5K doing 500 kph is really covering the ground at over 670kph
  23. Also another thing i think many people don't consider is that a 111 with 2 x sc1800 or Sc2500 or Sc1000 has an enroute climb rate of 2-6m/s and airspeed of 180-250khp So Thats flying on Average 80Km @ 4m/s @ 235kph = 20 minutes + 5 minutes for startup and Taxi. Then RTB @ 360-410kph So another 11-12 minutes 15 with landing pattern. Thats 40 minutes for a single Heavy Sortie.
  24. Lack of loadout restriction Dont matter much when the LW have a much harder map to bomb and clear intentionally by design... Yes the LW gets SC2500 and SC1800 but we must also bomb many many more targets on the map to clear it and win mission) Eg, Industrial Facilities The LW needed every building and box sometimes even carboard boxes. (The LW targets have the highest durability and some buildings require much more bombs to kill) The VVS needs less bombing of structures to clear it. (The vvs target have lower Durability and health settings So where a VVS 100kg bomb kills a building the LW might need a 250kg bomb.. ) Not Speculation. Also Note: There could be some inaccuracies due to Bubi and His team is overwhelmed with the server right now and had to do this in hurry.
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