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  1. They look like tracer rounds doing the flip flop as too light and so on as mentioned above. Also dont blame the person shooting the horse, blame the person who forced the horse to carry weapons and supplies
  2. thats all good but then how do you balance both Track Ir and Vr compared to 2d monitors. Because in 2025 or even 2030 there will still be people playing on 2d screens just like now we have people still playing this on laptops or gtx 750 @ min game res. on a 14" tft flat panel or some even still using CRT screens
  3. just curious Is there even 64 commands in the game ? or atleast those that need seperate buttons. I mean you can map 190 cowl flaps , bf110 oil rads and he111 oil radiator all to same key. or same for water rads. you can multibind many things,
  4. why are your planes in the first screenshot so small at only 2.54KM when you can see them flying around normally at 9km away
  5. 144 fps in a flight sim (thats a lot considering VR is rated as AWESOME at 90fps) Its not a first person shooter. That being said as mentioned above if you want that then a GTX1080 and a good Intel cpu should easily Pull 144fps + on Ultra Preset Actually at Only 1440P it should be well over 144fps. I get 80-100fps on ULTRA PRESET @ 1440P and i have a bad spec PC for this game. - GTX1060, - AMD FX8350 (Only 4.3ghz and board is only PCI-E 1.0 spec) - 16GB DDR3 (Only 1875Mhz) - WIN 7 on HDD only no SSD. Also.. I am Running NVIDIA DSR even more fps hit with Smoothness filter than just native 1440P on 1440P monitor) I am Running Reshade with SMAA Ultra Preset which is about a 5-10% fps hit (not 10 frames) Have things turned up even more than Ultra preset in the config files. I only have Shadows turned to Medium as i dont like Very clear shadows from a plane 2km above me :D
  6. 1900-2000m for Long range... Go onto the easy mode server with player icons turned on (like the 1cgs server) Then you can see you will get gunner call outs and the plane its calling out is showing 1.9-2K on the player icon. (atleast it was in 2017 :D ) That being said if a enemy is approaching at high speed by the time the gunners spot them at say 1.9km ok LR Then man the gun and make the call engaging that enemy. The enemy plane is now 400m and possibly firing. Sometimes with gunners on Medium Range even if you are dove on @ 800-900kph+ you will get a gunner call for engaging enemy After you get hit or have been killed :D if sniped.
  7. The default view is "Zoomed in" 1. If you have Head Tracking (pause it) 2. Zoom out (mouse wheel i think is a default) 3. Do not bump the mouse while doing this or use the key bind. 4. Save the new full FOV View with F10 this will become the new Default view for that Specific Plane and Model. (so it wont apply to say All BF109 But only say the BF109 E or F or G you are sat in.) Hope that helps.
  8. The 2 games are different and not compatible or interchangable. Cliffs of dover planes cannot be used on great battles.
  9. Nice work.. Deny That Overshoot.. :D
  10. For Windows 7 Users like myself and some i fly with who are using GTX1060 or better (6GB) - If you have a 4GB card you will get stutters on Ultra Regardless of OS or CPU) AMD FX8350 or better (3.8-4.2ghz) DDR3 Ram @ 1600-1900mhz You should be pulling a stable 55-85FPS (unlocked - Fast Sync) on ULTRA Preset @ 2560X1440P in Multiplayer. So one would assume that windows 10 with GTX1060 or better and probably an INTEL CPU should be pulling stable 60fps (if locked) Or atleast 80-100fps unlocked - Fast Sync) You would hope Win10 was faster but it seems not to be the case. IMHO if you are using VR then Windows 10 is required kinda and might be higher FPS (tho you can use VR on windows 7 just no ASW) if you are playing in 2D than windows 7 will offer best FPS smoother gameplay without interruptions like Updates (last needed windows 7 update was 2009 SP1, once you have that you can turn off ALL windows updates forever unless you use it for running a business also)
  11. Heya Guys/Gals. TACTICAL BOMBER & ATTACKER SQUADRON is an Aussie based squadron as it were but we also have many others from other countries also.. (about 15 current members) currently we mostly fly KOTA (knights of the air) Some of us on TAW (tactical air war) Like others have said the Ping in IL2: GB does not matter as much as say War thunder or so much, It only counts 1 way traffic as the game is client side calculations not server side like say War Thunder. You dont have to wait for hit conformation and so on, if you fire a shot at plane and your ping is 500ms then it will only take 250ms for him to be hit and die, as there is no need for server to check the shot for hackers.(where as in WT with 500ms ping it takes over 750ms due to server checks for hackers. If you would like more info or just come along for a fly most nights we are on. our Discord channel is https://discord.gg/hr7UcCP Our Kota stat page is http://kotastat.com/en/squad/3/=TBAS=/?tour=5 See you in the Skies.
  12. rather complex way of doing it.. just turn on markers pause game then Slew camera until it shows the distance. eg you look at enemy plane then pause game and move camera away until it vanish and note the distance. or just look at your own plane in external camera and move it 9.5km away.
  13. RESHADE works 100% Great with IL2 (with windows 7!!) But No point updating it then as the updates offers no upsides.. use older reshade 3.0+ and it works 100% fine and you can use it WITHOUT ingame MSAA (which is high cost low quality method) and just use the SMAA in Reshade as it improves spotting quite a lot,(as evidenced by the pic below, also has less frame rate impact.) Left runway is stock game with MSAA 4 x spotting a plane from 9.5km above. Right runway only change is MSAA 4 x turned off and RESHADE SMAA ULTRA PRESET turn on. This was my own He-111 parked on the runway i then zoomed out from until it De-Rendered at 9.50km then i moved back a little both were exactly 9,450m There is a Clearly Notable difference at first glance. SMAA Blurs the image slightly to make it smooth without Jagged edges. (blurring the edge of an image increases the number of pixels for the object, more pixel means easier to spot at range,)
  14. Ain't like ALL the information needed to fly a plane already in game provided in manual form. Sure its no PoH but still its a lot of info
  15. sounds like you have a 75Hz monitor therefor you dont want 60fps you want 75 or 150 with fast. then it will be in sync :D make sure you only rendering 1 frame ahead. Forcing 60hz on 75hz monitor can be done just in invidia control panel set the monitor max refresh rate to 60hz not 75hz
  16. Goto Camera Settings and Try Disable Camera Shake or Headshake what ever it is called now. Its add motion blur which depending on system can kill FPS and add input lag. Regarding Zoom in cockpit.. Unzoom all the way then try moving seat back all the way, AFAIK thats like 90-100 FOV?
  17. Jon the big map loads instantly every time.. if you are having loading issue maybe you have a bug, install issue with game or maybe just windows 10
  18. Lol its not a bug its intentional as hardcoded in the game so it cannot be rebinded. also wish i could casual call hundreds of thousands of euros turn over not much money.
  19. Almost All LW and some VVS planes you have to close the canopy before take off or even rolling too fast or it snaps off... Regarding Lights Dont forget attack alarm will be going off if enemy is withing render range of lights and warning on map will be shown. (Also the chance of being spotted by a vulcher maybe 1 in 20 sorties most times on kota, Isn't better imho then being visible to all on ground so no collisions specially landing in traffic pattern and its busy) Would love to know how your trims are defaulting to neutral tho, (like 0% rudder, Aileron & Pitch) Mine are always on the defaults set my game, Like -67% or something in A20 which is not great for take off :D
  20. Edit: This post in in reply to an older post it wont let me quote Or the Lazy players like ME who I First Bind. - Nav Lights. - Landing Lights. - Cockpit Lights. - Close Canopy. (or open on bombers) - Altimeter Setting. - Trim Reset. ALL To Ignition Key Binding so they ALL activate during start up. (but i also have a sep ignition key for only igniton) Then I Bind - Nav Lights. - Landing Lights. To Landing Gear Key So when raising gear ALL Lights are turned off, Then when lowering gear on Final to land they all come back on. Before i got pedals i also used to bind a brake press into gear retraction so it would automatically brake the wheels and stop them spinning as they retracted into wheel wells. Now i just tap the brakes on rotation but its sooo much hard work haha
  21. Think too many focusing on the wrong aspect or Meta if you will of the Simulator.. Its not a Fighter v Fighter Game that was War Thunder/World of warplanes. If they made the B25 flyable instead of just Ai B25. If they increased work on more bomber variants and types instead of new fighters not only would there be more VVS players but a massive leap in players in general.
  22. A20 with max bomb load can take off do a barrel roll and land back on same runway without running out of room or turning around. its a great plane and like mentioned above if you abuse gear 2 on deck you get 50 - 55" manifold pressure for about 1 minute 300-355mph on deck.
  23. Raid if you hang upside down do you still see in 3d .. try this.. Stand on your head while wearing 1 blue sock and 1 red sock then recite jingle bells it should cure you. sounds more effective than faith healing so why not
  24. I think the fog is there to hide the fact the game has a flat map with no curve of the earth which is visible in the above pic. normally from up there you can clearly see the curve of the earth and yes it is ROUND NOT FLAT!
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