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  1. Wow whats with people changing names and abusing system and being idiots just in general. they need to make it so tags are added when you join squad and cannot be simply typed in.
  2. I think the Channel player limit stung many but now pointless as srs no limit.
  3. @hal_900 You should only use on a 1080P screen or 16:9 screen the following 2 DSR options really. 1.78 x 4.00 x create even 1:1 Ratio square pixels, while say 2.00x makes them rectangle and distorts image quality. Only 2 REAL Options for DSR on 1080P screen >> DSR 1.78x = 2K (2560 x 1440P With 33% smoothness) >> DSR 4.00x = 4K (3840 x 2160P With 0% smoothness) >> Smoothness should be increased in 11% increments where possible. UI Will scale oddly as normally that 2K would be on 27" screen or that 4K would be on 35" screen. you are 1920x1080 on 24" screen? In st
  4. Sorry just a Typo. I meant Windows 7 :D If you have pre Win 10 Tech than Win 7 far superior in IL-2:GB
  5. 4K Monitors are great for IL-2 as can run them at 3440 x 1440P (set to not scale to fullscreen) so with black borders which is a great Resolution for IL-2 and Perspective / FOV As not scaling it does not harm monitor sharpness of image as still only using native pixels. just less of them. Personally here 50" (110cm) 4K OLED Display ~ 1ms @60hz ~ 70-100fps in IL-2 MP Using Nvidia Fast-Sync. $220 USD Brand New :D Below pic is actually 3660 x 1660 custom res i was testing, This is why i preder 3440 x 1440 due to its FOV instead of much smaller 2560 x 1440 3 Shots Above we
  6. Been meaning to Try Ubuntu Gaming Software (linux) But never go around to it as Win 10 was a mjaor improvement over Win 10 Bloatware "We see you" edition. Windows 7 Sp1 works Flawlessly It IS in fact far better if you dont plan on running IL-2 in VR. Specially if you on older hardware made pre Win 10 & so on. never updates as not supported anymore so Bonus, no connections to Microsoft all blockable again bonus, and can alt tab without problems from fullscreen. FX8350 + GTX1060 + Win7 + Drivers V388 (dec 2017). @ 3440 x 1440P 50-85fps Online. Same System + Win10 Si
  7. There is already a 30Sec auto kick to spectator time limit. For SRS it could be increased to 5-10 mins.
  8. The SRS Coalition Security Needs to be Setup based upon the ingame team selection even when dead Regardless of how any other games or sims do it, as that is not how IL2 Works Regardless if DCS or ARMA Does so only dead or spectators can talk to each other.. (if i land back at home i can run to tower and grab MIC and tell wingman who on 20km final to hurry up as next mission for target X leaves in x mins. ) Currently ALL Dead Players from Both Team Share the same "DEAD CHANNEL - Specator" So its 100% impossible to plan mission in spectator channel. Its impossible to coordinate a mis
  9. Its starting to seem like something that needs to be brought up with Discord Makers / Support & Get them to contact 1CGS to maybe have some sort of integration also.. So discord is able to Detect Coalitions and Have Security. Not talking in any negative way towards the use of SRS specially with Automated ATC & Weather Reports. But in general across all servers its a feature that discord needs and i think those who so passionate about the issue should get together and contact discord & 1CGS & get ball rolling.. Its already detecting game being played. Its not a
  10. Yeah would be Extremely rude & downright Discrimination to the many players who use Reshade for Colour Blindness & other Vision Problems or Disabilities. what out of 3500 average players 100 replied to poll and 7-8% of players by that poll use it for colour blindness. so possibly 250-300 players use it for Above reasons.
  11. Removing the Updates Folder Does not Remove Key mappings they are entire different areas. Something else happened or got corrupted. Like if you try to manual Alter key binding file (to say change team chat to ENTER from Control Enter) then this might happen as the file is no longer genuine
  12. duck still kills tanks as for the P-51 dont think it ever could strafe tanks except in maybe the red tales movie because in there they can also do the Cobra Move.
  13. No proof people using it to cheat. This is a tiny Sim community not a large MMO like war thunder or WOT where lots of trash players go. Takes a special kind of mentally ill scum to cheat in IL2. In the end its like banning Alcohol entirely because a minor % of people drink n drive killing others.
  14. There is no Competition or E-sports in here and never will be the game does not even have basic Anti cheat. Also e-sports in a bombing war (ww2) So you have to out bomb people in E-sports fashion? Also those wanting to push Reshade banning behind the scenes. Dont use it, Dont care about the missions or anything about balance, Dont care about the fairness, Just want to start trouble. Fact is game colour is broken and no ingame Anti A options that work.
  15. People clearly aint doing it then there stats would show it. Its not a freaking MMO filled with trashy kids & soccer mums. Maybe less than 5% of this community even think about cheating and even less goto do it. better off pulling the pic n posts so people dont get an idea they didn't have. people need to stop focusing on the wrong end of the bloody stick. Its not player Ego Versus Player Ego. Its Team A Versus Team B Graphically the game is near unplayable for many without it. There are no Good Quality Anti Aliasing Options Without it. Ingame Anti A is all Trash.
  16. He is not getting kills with no effort or without resistance he is busy working his little butt off so hard after 5-6 hours of flying his brain will be fried. When someone Says Dogfighting with a 110 takes not effort ill just laugh and start walking away. Xjammers work in that plane is great (now he dont take too much fuel ;) ) DogFighting in a 110 Is physically Tiring and taxing, Your rudders get one hell of a workout when dogfighting with 110. and no the gunner nearly never helps its 2 x 30cal
  17. @skunk160 Edit: i see mods off solved your issue. Happy flying
  18. Wow again with this. Screen shot only shows a plane pulling G. It does not show you blacking out. Nor does it show if they were both freshly spawned planes (you cant do 4 turns then use numbers from 4th turn for compare as pilot gets more and more tired and over G is easier each time you pull. How do we know the 109 in top turn even blacked out at that G How do we know the p51 did not pull past blackout. More to the point look at the angle of attack. Not sure how much i trust Tacview if it says P51 was flying at 27* angle of attack. That wing would be stalled. Ma
  19. Disability? TrackIr and playing can hurt enough for some (where flying = pain meds 90% of time anyways)
  20. should have a 2nd seperate SSD just for games only anyways just like most been doing for 20 years with normal HDD you dont play games and the same drive windows is running. since like windows xp :D also as mentioned above. weather you only own IL2 : BOS or all the packs the game folder size is exactly the same everything is installed when you install game regardless of content owned.
  21. i never said it was just that there is an easy workaround for now that allows one to read much more specs
  22. @Jade_Monkey You can fit a lot more info on the screen if you set the ui size below 100% This is only possible in the Startup.cfg config file. [KEY = interface] scale = 0.80000 I run 80% @ 3440 x 1440 can see much more of chat and read about 2/3 of plane specs in 1 page without scrolling
  23. already too much info in the ingame specs it dont all fit on 1 screen/page.
  24. ohh ok kewl its changed again. or does each server run different settings?
  25. It's Pretty simple Gaming Etiquette 1) - If you are in friendly territory and too tired to fly RTB (i have had this many times after flying 6-8 hours it suddenly hits you like driving) Then Bail out and then finish mission and leave server or just leave server after bail out. (no penalty other than lost plane still 100% sortie points) 2) - If you are in enemy territory and too tired to fly 20-60km to front lines Then bad luck you Must/Have to do the same thing.. Then Bail out and Finish mission or leave server button you will be captured or killed but bad luck. (thats a penalty we
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