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  1. =TBAS=Sshadow14

    How to use german revi for bombing in a fighter plane?

    Well the Best angle with the Smallest Margin of Error is Almost always 90* Straight down - Bob Hoover
  2. =TBAS=Sshadow14

    WINGS OF LIBERTY - subject for questions and offers

    Majority of those ground kills are from bombs/rockets. Shooting 2000 Ground kills in 16 days is a Feat. And i was not talking about current tour for the 1000 sorties i meant tours added together this year. Take Off in VVS Fighter, Drop Bombs & Fire Rockets on target. Ram target (Suicide) or simpy bail out. Repawn and Repeat 10-20 times per map. 400-500 times per month. And yet all 109 & 190 Jabo are banned except a few maps with basic loadouts.
  3. =TBAS=Sshadow14

    I was completely ignored by support.

    Yeah thats never the case tbh, you wont get a steam key for cheap just because it was purchased in another country for cheap or lower exchange rates or taxes. (thats not piracy thats Import Tax fraud/Evasion) so if you install the non Steam Version of the game (launcher from Website) Can you still not access the Content you bought from the Il2 Website.?? TBH i would dump steam and just go launcher if you want to talk to steam friends you can Add any game to steam and do so even windows Solitare Also please don't blame the IL2 Devs for steams mistakes and issues.
  4. =TBAS=Sshadow14

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    Great work guys.
  5. =TBAS=Sshadow14

    WINGS OF LIBERTY - subject for questions and offers

    Sort Player list this month by bomb kills.. Then select the highest VVS player we all know who it is. And check sortie list (its the only reason VVS ever one because of 1 player abusing the suicide and repawn tactics) Out of 1000 Sorties about 25 he has not bailed out, to take a new plane.
  6. =TBAS=Sshadow14

    WINGS OF LIBERTY - subject for questions and offers

    Seriously people so touchy and easy to troll in here.. Relax jokes. As for LW bombers used 110, 111, 88 are all used rather a lot, Stuka and Duck are also used more these days. Many missions we run out of 111's as many people crash them, trying to take off with full fuel and bombs. Shhh don't give away trade secrets, if more start doing it then VVS will never win another month ever. ๐Ÿ˜„ ๐Ÿ˜„
  7. =TBAS=Sshadow14

    WINGS OF LIBERTY - subject for questions and offers

    Want to see disco list.. Check the highest ranked VVS players almost all of them disco often to avoid dying cose they cant bail our of russian planes in high speed dives. Even the games best most awesome exploit squad do it all the time. Yeah Wings of liberty bomb targets are Placed out much better than TAW where no thought is taken into bombing because it is a dogfight server.. All the targets on TAW are the same copied and pasted like 200 times over literally no difference. there is no thought into the map or hard work on TAW just crap to make it look fun. On wings all the targets are different and well thought our like line of guns in a field ringed by dugouts and ammo stores all like 100m apart so they hard to kill. AAA is the same Ace skill level. Only other difference to TAW is GPS (woot who cares, multi crew planes should have a gps) No the majority (the players who dont switch teams 20 times a month) play properly and many of them better players than those on TAW (i dont know about their skill level but as people they are better/nicer more polite.)
  8. =TBAS=Sshadow14

    Guns not firing? (Bf 109)

    thats a different bug maybe related to you.. the bug for the German fighters is not guns not working its a complete LACK of ammo in the plane. All ammo counters show Zero ammo and its like not loading the guns. Also the bug in question while some VVS flyer have claimed its effected a yak or Lagg there has been no proof posted. so i think many are trolling to make the bug repair harder and keep LW at a disadvantage longer due to a bug.
  9. =TBAS=Sshadow14

    Will people who don't like Rise of Flight like FC?

    This is so confusing talking about them like they 2 different things. FC = ROF ported into DX11 (same planes, same models, improved physics/graphics.) Also why do we want those people. In a flight sim you only want people passionate about flying and people who would happily fly a transport for the fun of it. last thing is want to make a game that attract non flyers just for the shooting gallery fun and people who dont know about aviation or care to learn. I already see people in game who dont know the science of how a plane flies (why are they here)
  10. =TBAS=Sshadow14

    WINGS OF LIBERTY - subject for questions and offers

    There is NO Kill stealing anyways..(yes there is shoulder shooting that different and often 1 person does not see the other) As for the rest Its a team based game how can someone steal something from you that is not your to claim ownership of. If they are not on fire or bailing out or falling with 1 wing then its a valid target for anyone in range even the guy who just arrived on scene after you been fighting the enemy for 20 mins in scissors you force him to overshoot and now the new guy kills him as he has a right to do if he gets shots . so what the guy is dead thats ALL that matters. Its a MP Game with Team v Team try play like it. Not me Versus them.
  11. =TBAS=Sshadow14

    Guns not firing? (Bf 109)

    They could make one themselves mate. As it happens soo often (like every 3-5th spawn in every german fighter or even the DUCK had it happen now) So they would only have to play on wings for 1 mission and they will get it.. Such a Major game breaking bug imho should mean the Entire 20 people on 777 Team get pulled off all other duties (those who can code/fix code/bugs) and try to fix it (even if that means all other content creation is stopped for 2 weeks) Whole team working 5-8 hours per day 5-6days per week and bug be fixed in 1 week ๐Ÿ˜„ Edit: IMHO that how bug fixing should be period (atleast 1 week a month where entire team who knows how works on BUGS only 9-5.)
  12. =TBAS=Sshadow14

    WINGS OF LIBERTY - subject for questions and offers

    And lose the map from lost plane numbers.. also you can't get a kill if someone bails out thats impossible can only get Plane destroyed which is not the same thing. and no many people if not most try to land back at base specially if they want to keep that plane. Maybe take the "Its only WOL" Elitism back to TAW Can't wait till TAW start again it will clean up some of the recent Trash and hackers who joined wings again, Like that other hacker group ?? Machinehackers is the squad name or something.
  13. =TBAS=Sshadow14

    WINGS OF LIBERTY - subject for questions and offers

    LOl.. Landing planes have right of way and bombers have right of way or priority over fighters in all situations specially landing unless there is a scramble because of vulchers inbound. Its ok if you are on emergency landing and have like 1 wheel and know you are going to crash if anyone pulls onto runway then just land ontop of them problem solved. maybe they will learn to wait.
  14. =TBAS=Sshadow14

    WINGS OF LIBERTY - subject for questions and offers

    There is no way really to determine intent (even courts struggle with that people(everyone) lie) So the best and only real solution is to the remove the Penalty for TK all together or majorly reduce it (5,10,15min bans only) It is always much much worse to punish 1 innocent person who is the actual victim than to let 10 guilty Tk'ers or killers go free or barely punished.. (say a bomber drops his bomber at 3K and some fool flies through explosion 15 seconds later the bomber is the victim as he has already lost all his points that sortie after what was probably a long flight and the bomber did nothing wrong,) Like countries that removed capital punishment as it always much worse to kill 1 innocent person than to let 1000 serial killers rot in jail.
  15. =TBAS=Sshadow14

    WINGS OF LIBERTY - subject for questions and offers

    Yeah thats what i meant the column are all hidden in trees 15-20 Meters off the road and as for the 1800 and 1000 bombs since the bomb nerf a coulple patches back they are near useless and very broken. (they were meant to be Buffed against tanks and do more damage to buildings and so on but got a nerf so i think somewhere communications got crossed and hopefully it will be fixed soon. ) The 1800 will only kill a T34 if it lands within 5M or so and sets the tank on fire or similar as over pressure and crew is not modeled so its near impossible to kill more than 1 tank in a column with sc1800 or sc1000. specially if its a Kv1 then it requires almost a direct hit from SC1000 or SC1800 So if you randomly drop it in forest you might get 1 tank and some trucks near it. (for t34 column, for PZiii column then it will kill 2-4 PZiii as they easy to kill (even the 23mm kills them) when it comes to German bombs versus russian tanks all of ours have to land within 5M or so max range (even the 2.5T bomb) to kill a T34. Heck had it many times we have where a tank is Half way inside the crater of a 1T bomb and tank not even smoking or keeps driving through the crater.