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  1. =TBAS=Sshadow14

    No server list again

    Yeah same again. No servers No post from mods letting us know whats happening. No Sorry from the devs for the downtime Actually is this company even still up and alive or gone bust? Not seen a post from a devs or forum mod in 2 days.
  2. =TBAS=Sshadow14

    No Servers Showing

    Yes good idea many fighter pilots need to learn how to taxi. should be a requirement if you cant taxi you not allowed to fly and dogfight (like irl if you cant park you should not be allowed to drive at all) But to the big problem **SERVER IS DOWN AGAIN!! ** And still no word from devs for yesterday or an Apology for the downtimes or explanation.
  3. =TBAS=Sshadow14

    No Servers Showing

    we already have seperate servers.. any server owner can make a Fc or TC or BOX mission only then its the same thing. they are the same game so why different servers.. FC is just BOX with different planes and maps TC is just box with Tanks instead of planes. Or all 3 can be combined :D i16 Versus ww1 planes :D bombing ww2 tanks and aaa :D
  4. =TBAS=Sshadow14

    Multiplayer Server List Empty?!

    The worst part is why have the devs not responded/appolagised and let us know whats happening if its for a upcoming patch then bad time to do it on weekend. I guess its ok if there was a fire or something major in russian and it cant be rebooted :D Still i hope they have a backup of the server.
  5. =TBAS=Sshadow14

    No Servers Showing

    Not worried what time it is in Russia or Siberia . Need alarm set or people who are awake 24/7 watching the master server is it unstable worst and worrying part is the devs have still not responded or appolagized for the interruption unless i missed something.
  6. =TBAS=Sshadow14

    No Servers Showing

    This is still going on?? Wow i left hour or 2 ago waiting for the Devs at master server to reboot it.. 777 or the 1c master server or watever. Have they responded to the reports?
  7. =TBAS=Sshadow14

    Sensitivities problem ?

    Are you running a Curve outside the game (in joystick software) Then running another curve in game (sensitivity setting) I tried that a while ago and just got odd issues and conflicts between 2 curves.
  8. =TBAS=Sshadow14

    Fix for loading stutter?

    turn on Shader Cache in Nvidia control panel.. It will stutter the first time but thats about it. Or im just lucky.
  9. =TBAS=Sshadow14

    Train Rendering

    Yes this is a very big bug and a current problem with spotting ground targets.. things that used to be spottable from 10,000m are not blinking at 1-2km and its random come in from north and you can see the train from 5km. come in from east and train carriage not rendered till 800m also the lodding needs to be improved. you look at a truck sat 300m away its a low detail carboard model you just zoom in and it turns to a full detail modeled truck this range should be like 1000m not 100m ----------------------- Lol shameless advertisement for a mod that will not help and has nothing to do with this bug and will not help in online play with mods off. By default all trains, tanks, ships, planes buildings should be easily visible from 10,000m
  10. yeah i dont know why the OP is asking either.. Its like asking kids what do you think of bullies. (nobody will ever say i have a mate who is a bully other than that he is a nice guy )
  11. =TBAS=Sshadow14

    Still can't Alt-tab

    Try this... Leave a Windows Explorer Folder open on desktop so ou have something to ALT To and from from.. :D lol. also if having issues returning to game. try to alt tab back into game dont click on il2 on taskbar.
  12. memory paths optimized better maybe but even then i found it to not help .. infact that entire guide from jason on fps gave me terrible performance. maybe its ok for intel on windows 10
  13. =TBAS=Sshadow14

    Bf-110 fires

    yeah 110 catches on fire so easy because it has activators in wings when hit by russian bullet even if not hitting fuel it has a chance to auto start fires (only on LW planes) that Entire post was joke.. obviously its no bias./
  14. =TBAS=Sshadow14


    Lol its WOL where player lives dont matter.. and i was flying with them it was funny in comms when it happened. also shooting pilots on the ground would depend on the war and who fighting who if you trying to irradicate your enemy so they no longer a race then yeah shoot anything that moves. 0-100 years old.
  15. =TBAS=Sshadow14

    Bf-110 fires

    it happens but not the same.. BF 110 fires out of 100 shoot downs 60-75 Pe2 Fires out of 100 shootdowns 10-20 (even if it skids along ground at 600kph and brakes up they survive and it dont burn.) But yeah bf110 is very broken. even 30cal from Il2 gunner sets them on fire or M4 AAA