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  1. Disability? TrackIr and playing can hurt enough for some (where flying = pain meds 90% of time anyways)
  2. should have a 2nd seperate SSD just for games only anyways just like most been doing for 20 years with normal HDD you dont play games and the same drive windows is running. since like windows xp :D also as mentioned above. weather you only own IL2 : BOS or all the packs the game folder size is exactly the same everything is installed when you install game regardless of content owned.
  3. i never said it was just that there is an easy workaround for now that allows one to read much more specs
  4. @Jade_Monkey You can fit a lot more info on the screen if you set the ui size below 100% This is only possible in the Startup.cfg config file. [KEY = interface] scale = 0.80000 I run 80% @ 3440 x 1440 can see much more of chat and read about 2/3 of plane specs in 1 page without scrolling
  5. already too much info in the ingame specs it dont all fit on 1 screen/page.
  6. ohh ok kewl its changed again. or does each server run different settings?
  7. It's Pretty simple Gaming Etiquette 1) - If you are in friendly territory and too tired to fly RTB (i have had this many times after flying 6-8 hours it suddenly hits you like driving) Then Bail out and then finish mission and leave server or just leave server after bail out. (no penalty other than lost plane still 100% sortie points) 2) - If you are in enemy territory and too tired to fly 20-60km to front lines Then bad luck you Must/Have to do the same thing.. Then Bail out and Finish mission or leave server button you will be captured or killed but bad luck. (thats a penalty we pay for being such weak pilots who cant fly 15 hours non stop like they did back then IRL :D << Sarcasm & jest) 3) - "LEAVE SERVER" Button should be used everytime, Not Alt F4 and so on. The server problems its creates or at least used to when you Alt F4 your game or pull network cable or turn off wifi instead of leaving properly. (Does not tell server to kill all your connections and data and so on. it just freak out when it loses you.) Options 1 & 2 Will not result in Disco. Being ping kicked is not a disco in stats. (ive had many ping kicks on other servers in a month and 0 discos and they were not on purpose) Game can also detect Alt F4 as this shutdown can be seen in game log as its not closed the same as "exit game"
  8. full info here sorry i mean to post the link on the 109/190 and so on its more of a Antiservo Tab https://www.boldmethod.com/learn-to-fly/systems/4-types-of-trim-tabs/
  9. That is how trim tabs work. They move in other direction
  10. Streaks are Reset upon Capture also AFAIk on Cbox Capture = Same as Killed. for the most part this makes sense.
  11. Will be great when the Air Marshall thing comes out properly then people join a server and pick a mission they must do. from a list of available slots. No more guessing on what mission objectives are no more not knowing they have to do the objectives and no more thinking its just a mess around server.
  12. How do you coordinate with everyone on server is your chat is off tho. and that is a Requirement of many servers . All bombers/attackers should announce targets on take off and fighters must be able to hear or see this and provide cover as per the mission design. if you are on a mission based server then you have to do the mission with TEAM. not just a few mates.
  13. Need audio clear for when you have 10-15 people on comms flying together that is already hard enough with 2-3 battles going on and 3 different convos at same time. dont need Ai making call outs every few seconds also. already bad enough when like 6 x 109 Ai take off on MP server and they taking off or things then take up audio for 1-2 mins nobody can talk or have to talk over them. keep all announcements in chat. just imagine you are hearing them not reading them
  14. @RedKestrel I mean this profile it is Mandatory for ALL Il2 users running Nvidia. These settings are old and from 2018 drivers, (by "this profile" i do NOT mean these settings are mandatory just creating a Profile itself it Mandatory for correct performance of GPU) I cant make a new version as new drivers not installed. Main things are - Power management - max perf - Anisotropic and Anti A - application controlled - Max pre-rendered frames - 1~3 depends on cpu power - Making over 80-100fps - Turn on Fast sync - Texture Filtering - High Quality if good fps, High performance if "issues" - Shader Cache - ON I run Drivers 399.xx from 2018 because i am on Windows 7 Pro with old FX8350 and DDR3 Motherboard. Drivers Pre RTX work much better for IL-2 My Specs and Performance. FX8350 @ 4.4Ghz GTX1060 6GB @ 2.15Ghz on 50" 4K OLED Tv 60hz (1ms) - 3440 x 1440P. - Ultra Preset. - Extreme clouds. - All terrain and spotting on MAX Range. 70-90 fps online in Multiplayer 80-100 fps Offline. If you are on Newer Intel or Ryzen with faster ram with the "amazing win10" should get better Performance.
  15. WT = War Thunder The heavily Russian Biased RU ww2 Propaganda Game. @H_Stiglitz Do not set startup.cfg to read only just dont change things after you alter them Settings startup.cfg to read only is a common cause of Random CTD for IL2.
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