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  1. Please make sure you remove the 2 folders and few files from new Reshade (4.0.x) first :D Run the game without Reshade at all and no Anti A to make sure it runs ok then install 3.0.8 and test without Anti A ingame TY
  2. There is a bunch of really good 4K skins for JU88 here made by JG51 or uploaded by them atleast. https://www.dropbox.com/s/82qxefyuze7gqrm/Ju88A4 4K KG51.zip?dl=0
  3. Sorry @Jack_Immondizia I was not saying you were lying or at least not intending to imply that my bad. I was meaning that if Reshade is installed properly and working properly IT DOES NOT REQUIRE ANTI A to be turned on for it to work. (This is not a requirement of the program/mod at all and Must therefor be an underlying problem in setup elsewhere, or a problem with steam version of il2 or the new version of Reshade and IL2. Here is my Game config Lines Regarding That. multisampling = 0 (also its Windows 7 SP1 with last update 2010 (not any of the new updated from last 2-3 years) Also That version of Reshade is available in many places including the old reshade repository tho often the links are down. (I uploaded my version directly to IL2 forums internal file host. and attached it to this post. Its the Original Reshade 3.0.8.exe From Reshade Website. - Does not require ingame anti aliasing, work flawlessly with IL2 for last 3 years. ) Yeah there are many inaccuracies in that guide from Geronimo as i think its a bit outdated. (no offence to Geronimo she is awesome,) ReShade Setup v3.0.8.zip
  4. No you can't AFAIK.. sorry that was bad grammer it should say. I now use 0.33 ingame Noise filter and I Used to Use 0.88 when the old pedals were part of my setup.
  5. What?? @jokerBR The game(Il2) does not support MFAA and you cannot use FXAA and MFAA at the same time. Then you have 4 x MSAA ingame needed to enable MFAA in most games (but here its turned off in the Il2.exe MFAA is blocked) So all the Anti A you are getting is ingame MSAA 4x and NVCP FXAA 2x then you are forcing a Lod Bias in NVCP which is only used for supersampling AA but you not using SSAA. Best of with DSR & run your game at 5120 x 2160 and No Anti Aliasing At all
  6. Thought i had already posted this but maybe it was a dream.. Screenshot Taken at 5K Res (5120 x 2880) Then Cropped - Ultra Preset with many other graphics options forced beyond limits. and RESHADE. (Poor GTX1060 was making 25-35 fps @ 2.1Ghz)
  7. Keep in mind the higher you fly the Faster you fly. (TAS &/Or GS) Eg, 110 G2 @ 4K cruising @ 400kph @ 60% conti power is actually covering the ground at over 505KPH (excluding wind and earths rotation components)
  8. @Alonzo I use the ingame noise filter 0.33 (on my X55 as its a little worn out) and on my old pedals i used for rudders from a steering wheel i used 0.88 as they were bad, But higher numbers seem to bring in input lag (like buffering)
  9. If you have a 2GB card then you can only use Balanced preset with low shadows @ 1080P anything higher you will run out of Videom Ram (the 2gb) and when it uses system ram it will be very slow and jerky.. The listed min Specs are to play @ 1080P on Low preset with most things turned off maybe even 720P Minimum system requirements OS: 64-bit Windows® 7 (SP1) / Windows® 8 / Windows® 10 CPU: Intel® Core™ i5/i7 2.8 ГГц GPU: GeForce GTX 660/Radeon HD 7770 with 2GB VRAM or better
  10. What GPU are you running? If you have only a 3GB Video card and use certain settings when you get low it will go over 3GB Usage and start paging to system Ram. If you have a 6GB Card Ultra Preset. Terrain Filter - Sharp. Terrain Distance - Max.
  11. There are some very detailed Guides out there with the Exact Math Done By a Great Bombing Pilot.. I Funnily enough only have example pic for the 110 from the Guide i cant find the post. Please Search the forum section under Guides. Or if someone knows.
  12. The First Term Used by Germans for the BF110 was Zerstörer "DESTROYER" They Started the entire Twin engine Attacker or Destroyer Craze.
  13. You do not need antialiasing 2x enabled to use Reshade that is completely false sorry. I have been using resahde on IL2 for last 3 years without Anti Aliasing. If you do need it then its a Bug with Windows 10 or some administrator rights issue or maybe you are using that trashy Geforce Experience it breaks everything. I recommend Reshade Works with Windows 7. Works with windows 10. Works with IL2 Flawlessly without Anti A Like for all Games last couple years. You MUST Setup an Nvidia Profile Specifically for IL2.exe and Set Correct Settings. Having the wrong things forced in here can and will crash RESHADE! Note: - Reshade can conflict with other Game Overlay like Steam Overlay , Teamspeak Overlay, Geforce Experience Overlay. - For SMAA to work Best it should be Ordered to Last Item in list always (so its the last shader processed after all others) Edit: 1 - Run Game and Turn off Anti A, HDR & Close Game. (if you want to use fake HDR Then reshade has faster / better shader) 2 - Install Reshade (select Dx10+) 3 - Only Install shaders Needed Not all of them (so like SMAA, ToneMap, Vibrance, Clarity) 4 - Run the Game Offline, Follow the reshade Tutorial and Set it up. 5 - Re-run the Game in Online Mode and Have Fun.
  14. Is a good Stable Version.. You do not need to enable Antialiasing x4 to use Reshade that False. or some funky Bug causing problems. Some people with windows 10 Having problems with Reshade. But try you do not need anti aliasing ingame on
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