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  1. If you are using High Preset you Cannot have high Detail Clouds clouds High only works on Ultra Preset. Reductions needed. Less grass impact. Less shadow impact. silly unrealistic super spotting distance disabled back to more realistic 10km for player planes Grass on Ultra does not just change the Distance but also the Texture resolution of all grass n bushes in the area Normal = 1K res. Ultra = 4K Res Textures. In order to get 4K res ground n trees, n grass without high fps hit you can turn it on like this in config. detail_rt_res = 4096 grass_distance = 0.00000
  2. imho key bindings and buttons on throttle or stick is more realistic (you are reaching out and pressing a button or flipping a switch) Versus with a mouses looking on screen what button to press and maybe your hand moves 1cm forward and 1cm left lol then click
  3. That is not correct the 110 E2 and G2 can fly with over 85% fuel and full bomb load without Damage or any problems taking off. G2 can fly on 1 engine with full bombload and 55% fuel @ 300kph @ 3000m Easily for hours if need be. Ok on some very Short fields the E2 will struggle, but with 20*Flaps + Full Elevator Trim + Rotate @ 185kph it will take off on short fields with 85% fuel and Max bombload with Armour. Only 5 ways to damage a 110 engine. (excluding enemy fire or so on) - Overheat for a long period of time (couple minutes) - Run Emergency , Boosted or combat power past its limits. - Using Manual prop pitch and not knowing what you are doing (not that manual pitch is ever needed) - Over Revving engine in a Steep dive past 700kph with full power and the governor cant compensate (but if you do this plane falls apart anyways) - Rapid throttle changes (idle to max power) on Very cold winter maps where Air pressure has been set very low and Density is very high. **Turning on Feathering shows the Hud indicator instantly you hit the button not once engines have shutdown, as a running engine can be feathered. and while the engine shutsdown with Feathering On it does not get damaged it just has too much prop drag and the engine cannot turn it so it stalls its that simple, to Restart it simple turn off feathering as the prop starts to bite air it will spin up and start by itself.** REGARDING COOLING. E2 max needed in summer maps @ 30 mins combat Power 50% oil, 37% Water. G2 Max needed in Summer Maps @ 30 mins combat Power 75% oil , 75% Water. **No plane will suffer engine Failure or Damage in game because of the load you are carrying bombs or fuel load.** They will only suffer Damage if you do something wrong (exceed limits or fail to cool or fuel them properly, think you are better than auto prop pitch)
  4. check key bindings for feathering as me and wingman also had problems with double binding on throttle with feathering randomly kicking in.
  5. Thats correct as you are not landed until after the wing has stalled and stopped flying. if you have a wing that with flaps down stall at 100mph then you cannot be "landed" at 105mph. your wheel might be on the ground but the wing is still flying and you have not really landed. 155kph stall speed with flaps n gear down while empty and low fuel. so it would be right to consider 150kph the point where plane is no longer flying and wing has fully stalled, all weight on wheels. Ideally you should be landing with stall horn blaring and plane near buffeting with a little energy left as possible so it cant bounce.
  6. Elem i think Therion Was Replying to me Re Nvidia Card. No Problems. 1080P Settings.
  7. No worries yeah default nvidia and ati settings has caused many gaming problems over years. IMHO im not sure about ATI/AMD cards, but for Nvidia you kinda have no choice and must setup a game specific Profile for il2 with correct settings. There is NO correct default setting for Nvidia for proper performance and stability of IL2 on a fresh install of drivers. Dlad you got it working. Happy flying.
  8. yeah but with infantry game rating would go up and if they can be killed some countries that a 18+ or 16+ rating. that would cut down our already tiny MP community of like 3,000 players.
  9. thats ok as the ingame Anti A Sucks and better off using external methods or Supersampling Resolution like running 4K or 2K on 1k(1080P screen) none to little need for Anti Aliasing. If thats happening then tho make sure in ATI catalyst or control center whatever its called these days. that all anti aliasing options set to game controlled / application controlled.
  10. Whats the issue from the pics hard to tell.. not sure why some people have issues with reshade mine has worked flawlessly since like 2018. i think its More a case of Windows 10 messing it up. as those people on Win 7 + IL2 + Reshade 3.0.8 have flawless performance.
  11. Try Backup/Delete Startup.Cfg and let Game Create a New one ..
  12. ohh sorry ive gotten so used to it i forgot to mention. 3.0.8 + Windows 7 + IL2 4.001c Work Fine. I dont use Winny 10 n person who said it works on win10 only uses smaa
  13. G is G 4G Banking turn at 200mph or 4G banking turn at 800mph without accelerating or decelerating or looking at the instruments the pilot would not know the difference. 75* Banking turn nose lvl is always like 4G (2 x the stall speed) regardless of airspeed 200 mph or 800mph 75* Banking turn Nose lvl at 4G a plane with clean config stall speed of 100mph will now stall at 200mph (thats about biggest difference you will notice) Airspeed does not alter the Above chart and plays no roll.
  14. Sorry to the random 110 i almost landed on other day but you should have checked from traffic on final. Ill pay for the new flight suite.
  15. with all the money from all previous sales and ads on youtube channel and so on. also when it comes to fixing bugs, its like a car mechanic. if he fits something then later it plays up he has to fix it in his own time as his own cost. a game bug is little different to electronic bug on say new car driving lights.
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