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  1. Random Pic of Wingman & Sunset 110 Shipping Run on Combat Box
  2. I made that one its not the "Factory Specs" or SOP's But its the V speeds and Procs that TBAS my Squad Uses for the BF110. Here is the Raw File currently in Use. It needs to be Resized a little to fit properly, also i made it grey and game makes it White. Needs some work but i have not got around to it as i don't know how. .PNG format will also need to be saved as correct .DDS format. DO NOT USE THIS FOR 110 E2 (Death and injury from mis use of this chart on that POS is you own silly fault)
  3. The Stuka is a Great plane Tho this was a Fun Weekend doing this run a couple times. Some crashes. Many STOL Then there was this tree..... Landing at 110-130kph with a stap to 65-85% throttle 100% rpm with landing flaps to arrest the very high sink rate. Hard to see in pic but stick is full back.
  4. Turn on MSi After Burning and turn on RAM Then you can see on the fly what happening i have never seen mine Exceed 12GB Game settings. Ultra Preset - Extreme Clouds - 3440 x 1440 SWUHD. FX8350 @ 4.4Ghz GTX1060 @ 2.1Ghz DDR3 16GB @ 1.8ghz. Windows 7 SP1 (2010 update)
  5. Keep an eye on wind direction some servers have enough wind to make a difference. Prespool Engine on brakes. Precool engine while taxiing with max cooling. Take off closed rads.
  6. yeah was just rando time and i was being generous in that obviously more just example of time. might be 2, 4, 8 ,16 for my point it did not matter.
  7. Thing is the team is small and time limited. (more people have commented on this topic on the forum then there is Devs to work on this 1 item) 2 hours to make them an axis for 1-5% of the games entire population who might use it is 2 hours not bug fixing or fixing FM's or adding something 85% of people will use.
  8. Yeah Combat box has wind and turbulance on most of the map in some ways. some of the winds can be rather strong (will make planes ground loop easily) Can also feel it flying on course and being pushed it climbing into a headwind and getting great performance. But only SP wait wait WHAT!? So the Campaigns and Careers you buy for a lot of $$ Do not have fully Detailed Weather with Realistic Air pressures based on Temp and time of year or even Historical Data? and Properly Varying Weather patterns carefully crafted so they match up with previuos flight or day if needed? Lucky i did not buy any :O start a quick mission Set wind to Max. Turbulance to Max. Try that.
  9. i agree with Yogi above. It would be like in your car you have a gear LEVEL 1,2,3,4 Then you fit a Wheel then when its at start is first you move it roughly to 1/3 way it goes into 2nd, you move it to 2/3 it goes into 3rd Then by end of wheels rotation its in 4th. WTFH LMAO
  10. sorry i should have clarified a bit more. I meant only the 1 mechanic of a Fake Economy System / micro game regarding planes as so on. "sorry the war is going great for us but sorry you not allowed to fly today i heard you ran into a flag pole yesterday and that was your last Stuka for this week sorry come back next week."
  11. Game does not support AA forced through control panel without hacking drivers with Nvidia Inspector. Even then as its DX11 you cannot for true AA as not compatibility Bits for it. Game supports ingame 2 x and 4x MSAA (hardware) Or External SMAA or FXAA Via Reshade (software Post AA) you can however run the Game at 1440P or 2160P DSR Resolution on a 1080P Screen with Nvidia if using 2160P will give great results and often no need for Any Anti Aliasing. if using 1440P it will be slightly blurry (can be fixed with sharperning filter in reshade)
  12. I think leave the TAW Special mechanics that make No sense to a War Simulator in TAW.
  13. PC tracking 10,000 bullets bouncing off 5,000 surfaces should not be that hard. That what Phsyx is meant for and so on, it can track thousands of water particles flowing over all sorts of obstacles , not that IL2 uses it (even tho air battles would look insanely better with thousands of parts of debris all falling in wind properly)
  14. On Desktop Create a shortcut to Startup.Cfg Located in. >> \\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Moscow\data << Before Running the game Open Startup.cfg shortcut with Notepad or similar and change the Following Line and save file then run game. =========================== [KEY = system] modes = 0 =========================== (0 = off 1 = on) (don't know why its called MODES and not MODS but it is.) Cheers
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