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  1. Thanks for correcting me on my opinions and what I want. I'll try to be more like you in future, I promise
  2. Can I reverse the original question a little - I have bought all the modules here, but now Steam are selling collector planes at 66% off while here they are full price. Can I buy the collector planes from Steam and if so, will they work? Thanks M
  3. IMO the rise of multiplayer and the younger generations' need for 'instant gratification' has everything to do with the demise in SP experience in many genres, not just flight sims. If things like W.. T.. didn't exist, maybe GB would have greater revenues... You are right that the technical development and popularity of consoles has also made PC-based SP gaming all the poorer. I will add it to my list of gripes 😃 Which comes back to my original point (and yours) - if revenues are weak, the 'development' bit gets left behind in favour of the new module. If developments were sold, I would buy them over new theatres. Just my minority perspective. Regards M
  4. Yes I know, I'm just lamenting times long ago when healthy competition meant titles were released as a rounded, complete package and were squarely focused on the single player experience. Regards M
  5. ...since the rise of MultiPlayer. Pity indeed.
  6. Well, how about... no new theatre or aircraft? Instead, more time spent on SP offline to make a truly immersive sim in all the existing theatres. That's what I'd pay more money for! What's the point of creating more and more content when the SP experience is just not as engaging as its 20-year old predecessor?
  7. I couldn't do it with BoS or BoM which were both bought on the shop here. If you have the basic one, it won't let you buy the premium. Disappointing.
  8. I agree that the latest update is a big improvement in AI, especially defensive manoeuvres but I rarely feel threatened that one will be on my six without me realising it. More aggression please! Regards M
  9. How true. Jason & devs - I for one am just grateful for any development of a modern standards ww1/2 flight sim today, some 20 years after I first felt that thrill of combat flight in EAW/Janes WW2f. Regards M
  10. Would be happy if I had misunderstood, but I'm saying there is no option at all. No icons, nothing All aircraft the same. Example:
  11. I'm not trying to add a photo, my problem is that I can't see the default ones and the third tab is empty even though the files are there in the textures folder. I'm just trying to get the default ones to show up! Thanks
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