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  1. I agree that the latest update is a big improvement in AI, especially defensive manoeuvres but I rarely feel threatened that one will be on my six without me realising it. More aggression please! Regards M
  2. How true. Jason & devs - I for one am just grateful for any development of a modern standards ww1/2 flight sim today, some 20 years after I first felt that thrill of combat flight in EAW/Janes WW2f. Regards M
  3. Would be happy if I had misunderstood, but I'm saying there is no option at all. No icons, nothing All aircraft the same. Example:
  4. I'm not trying to add a photo, my problem is that I can't see the default ones and the third tab is empty even though the files are there in the textures folder. I'm just trying to get the default ones to show up! Thanks
  5. Hi, 3.201 - I can see the .dds cockpit images in the plane/textures folders and I have the third tab next to the aircraft skin selection tab. But when I click the third tab, there is no option to select the cockpit photo on any aircraft ?? ~~~~ solved~~~~ it's a mod conflict, just need to work out which one
  6. Very happy that SP and performance has had some attention in this update, thank you. I'm buying BOBP in support and in the hope of more SP enhancements Regards, M
  7. Hi, I am triggering an mp3 file to play in my mission. I noticed that when it is playing, time compression/slowdown is disabled. Is this known and is there a way to allow time controls to work when media playing? Thanks M
  8. marcost


    Just out of interest, the 'loss of controls' may be informed by an issue I was having with saving loadouts. My local user.ini file was not updating when I made changes. I resolved this by changing a Steam setting which saves your settings in the cloud (thanks to ATAG member Bonditaria). When I changed it to make sure my local ini files were updating correctly, my controls were also deleted. Therefore I suspect that a game update will only delete your controls if you have the Steam option off...? Image again thanks to Bonditaria: Regards, M
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    Thank you Sokol1
  10. marcost


    Hi, Please excuse my lack of knowledge, I noticed on the previous update 4.55 the notes say to delete cache folder. It doesn't say that for 4.56. Should the cache always be deleted when updating? Thanks M
  11. marcost


    I don't think my control inputs were deleted 😅
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