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  1. Sad indeed. And the reason I only ever end up passing through here for a few weeks before I lose interest. Problem is, I don't see a better SP experience in any of the 'modern' sims. I would pay for SP oriented improvements but I guess there is not enough of us who want a good SP experience
  2. I get this in game But game splashscreens look like this: Where is all that lovely ground detail? All game settings are on highest. Thanks
  3. Quite a few of those are big improvements for me, thank you!
  4. Just realised why - we're at GMT + 1 in the UK! Curse you British Summertime 1 hr adjustment D/L now, 11gb
  5. Anyone actually downloading? Mine says downloading but there's no activity showing on the download tab
  6. Unfortunately, it's quite easy to damage pots by applying heat for too long when soldering but here's some suggestions... Try cleaning all components with contact cleaner. Have you made sure that the wipers are making good contact with the black bands? If not, bend the wipers up a little so there is more contact. The wipers are the silver blades that look like forks at the end. Try lightly scraping/sanding the black band near the solder point. This might expose the conductive material better. Then solder this point up to the main solder point. Alternatively, most pots have a serial code on the outer case which can help you find a replacement. Good luck! M
  7. I made mine wireless, followed this guide: https://veterans-gaming.com/index.php?/blogs/entry/30-diy-wireless-trackclip-pro-mod-for-trackir/ Regards, M
  8. Ordered. Martlet for me then Hurricane
  9. Me too and I'm glad the other 'discussion' has been moved elsewhere so I don't have to read any of it . Thanks Buzzsaw!
  10. Well... I could stop buying BoX releases because I'm frustrated that all the development seems to be for MP rather than tackling what matters to me - lacklustre SP offering and inferior flight experience? Happy to do that, but then you lose as well. I'd rather keep investing in the hope that we all get what we want, eventually.
  11. Thanks for correcting me on my opinions and what I want. I'll try to be more like you in future, I promise
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