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  1. I ordered on the 1st Feb but they haven't invoiced yet. Hopefully soon!
  2. BoN is in early access: the map isn't available yet
  3. I got half way through post #3 before I realised it wasn't a poem. More of a mope.
  4. Hi, That's great, thanks for taking the time to reply. I'm going to put my name on the waitlist. Should be a major upgrade from my CH pro throttle. Regards, M
  5. hi dburne, Thanks for starting this thread. I'm interested what your thoughts are after a couple more weeks with the CM3? Regards, M
  6. That is indeed the case in CLoD/Tobruk. Missions can have an associated script file (written by the mission designer) which performs functions not available as standard. Regards, M
  7. Hi C6, I'm enjoying using the kneepad function. Is there any way for the images to have an alpha layer so that they can be semi-transparent or the edges of the image don't have to be straight? I tried adding an alpha layer but it didn't make a difference. Thanks, M
  8. Sorry I didn't get that far. If I was troubleshooting I would first double-check that you are outputting UDP packets from IL2. You can download the free demo of SimShaker Wings, that will tell you if there is UDP output to that software. There is a data received log on the main page of Wings which shows the packets received in real time. Perhaps the config is unique to that software? Have you checked that the port number in the config is the same as the one in your listener? Or that you have changed the port number in the config to the one of the listener, if it is fixed. Someone m
  9. Yes it does, use JSGME to install safely and reversibly Regards
  10. I've wondered this before as well, we do have UDP output because it was introduced for SimShaker Wings. This does include stall data. But I think the external gauges support, originally announced for BoK has been put on the back shelf. I looked at Simulink as a potential to capture the UDP data but don't have the time to investigate further. Regards, M
  11. Hehe I wondered if you were kidding. Ok I will use VoiceAttack 😉
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