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  1. I do hope so. I only have a GTX 560m (3 gig) card in my laptop and it will be a year at least till any upgrade, so I'll just have to muddle on. No biggie really, I've had no time to fly these past three weeks anyway...
  2. All ya have to do is check every Friday, it's there in the latest dev diary. You also could sign up for email alerts when something new happens.
  3. Don't mean to sound rude here but you could just READ the Dev Blog every week. If everyone did this (as many many of us do) there would be no more threads asking when can I play. Just a thought.......
  4. +1 I just pulled out my EoTech sight (hud design) and it's the exact same way. Circle and dot and if you can see it anywhere in the HUD glass you can shoot and the projectiles will land where you have the dot.
  5. thx1138

    Lagg3 trim

    I actually find flying the LaGG with no working trim not that hard with my CH fighterstick. For rocket attacks I just use the second tic mark on the gunsight as my aiming point and fire away. So far got a couple of trucks and a lot of near misses. If your hitting the ground in a strafing attack you are suffering from target fixation it's not from lack of trim IMHO. Do I/we want working trim in the LaGG, SURE ! But this is an alpha release and in the end not that big a deal IMHO.
  6. My fav has always been the He 219. Best German nightfighter of the wear IMHO. And if we were really going there.... A P 61 would be GREAT !! (only pourpose designed nightfighter in WW II) I want my He 219
  7. Except for that pesky little fact of no warming for over the past 15 years. AGW is nothing more than made up science fiction for political gain. Back to your regulary scheduled programming now lol
  8. + 1 !!!! Nothing ever has come close to the offline campaign/war in the Falcon 4 series. Now with BMS it is even more awesome ! Falcon 4 set the standard none have even tried for since ! Lets hope the devs don't forget us offline fliers. I like online Ok, but it almost always seems to digress into just a low altitude furball that everyone just takes off and flies to. That gets old after a short while for me. The SYN servers in ROF at least address this issue (in the way they are made with bombers and reccee missions acually being important) and are fun to be a part of. Hopefully it can be even better here. Please give offline content that makes us feel like we are flying missions that are close to being historically what the pilots really flew. Thanx.
  9. Merry Christmas everyone. To all a Good Night And remember to help those less fortunate than us. Ya know, the one's who don't have BOS yet !
  10. Yes, thank you Jason, Loft and the dev team. Thanks for making our Christmas just that much better with all your hard work ! Merry christmas ALL Allan
  11. Wow, having a blast here now that I got some time to fly. Getting the controls worked out and learning how best to fly the LaGG. Finally after a couple of trys I started getting truck kills with rockets 2013_12_23__15_13_15.bmp
  12. Each one fired a different round. They are NOT interchangeable, different cases, (size in length and diameter) different powders in different quantities, and even the projectiles are vastly different. (which is what made the Mk 108 round so special, the projectile) Mk 101 - 30x184B mm steel casing Mk 103 - 30x184B (reduced HE powder charge compared to Mk 101) Mk 108 - 30×90RB mm steel casing
  13. +1 Your my hero, I'll fly a LaGG as your wingman any day, just sve me some targets to vulch too !
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