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  1. I played (and really enjoyed!) Ten Days. I felt we always had upper hand flying F-2, including fights against I-16s. But I remember an exception - one rata gave us (two F-2s) hard time and in the end we had to disengage. But I enjoyed that too, you cannot always "win". Don't try to win too hard and you won't lose. BTW some pictures from my campaign are here: https://www.i16.cz/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?num=1511124970 On the other hand I would also love to see AI's SA reduced to human level...
  2. I really wonder how different those two (1B and 9) will be.
  3. You are correct, Yak-7 has different wing shape. Actually Yak-1/3/7/9/9U all have different wing shapes.
  4. Interesting discussion and valid points, however planes (especially fighters) are not empty boxes as implied by some posts here. Imagine you're shooting AP bullets at this airplane: Most kills were achieved shooting from six o'clock or similar angles. It's not easy to find spots where you won't hit something solid and vital - pilot, tanks, engine, radiators, ammo, wing structure.
  5. The effect is there. Try sustained turn and then open cowl flaps fully. (La-5 s.8)
  6. It's not the only one. There's one in Prague Kbely museum too.
  7. At low altitudes, La-5 (with boost) is WAY faster than LaGG-3. Middle to high alts there's not big difference in performance between the two IMO.
  8. I think one of the reasons why AI in GB feels different is following: Its FM actually simulates best sustained turn speeds. (In 1946 the harder you pulled the better your turn rate was.) That (and simpler gunnery model) was the reason why such prolonged turning fights were rarer there. So I believe it's not just AI.
  9. The problem solved here as well. Thanks devs!
  10. The plane in the middle looks like Yak-9M to me (cockpit moved slightly backwards). AFAIK Yak-9D was almost identical to Yak-9D lookswise.
  11. Yes, I did a quick trace. I tried it couple of times and it's always the same way: 1. The first TCP connection is closed very quickly and reset by the server. 2. The second TCP connection stays open for nearly half a minute without any data flowing and then it is closed by client and reset by the server. At this time, login error appears. 3. Subsequent login is successfull. (Of course routers and other devices can influence the communication.) Maybe it can help someone to diagnose the problem...
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