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  1. For me the Cliffs and the best feeling of flight and air combat. Not to mention that the English and German airplanes are the closest reported in the books. For me it has always been a thrill to duel with a good rider of 110 or 109 has always been a great challenge to duel and choose the best maneuvers to get advantage in combat. In other simulators I do not have these dimensions that I described above. Salute everyone long life to the cliffs!
  2. Salute ! I started flying this week and I am very satisfied with the server and I have a lot of fun. I just do not like the idea of starting in flight, but if it's really necessary, I do not see any problems. Congratulations on the work I'm really very happy with COMBAT BOX!
  3. What video quality I know how much work to do! Congratulations.
  4. It will be difficult to hit a shot like this again! Usually the AXIS ammo is more destructive. Yak-1b is an excellent aircraft but its armament is quite frank. It was a very lucky shot, believe me! Very likely, but clearly marked by where the muzzle of the cannon with tracer passes in the gunner and the pilot The mutilation of bodies and blood in the cabin would be cool to make cinematic videos
  5. All of us in the community are grateful for your generosity, my friend. May this year 2019 be an incredible year for all of us.
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