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  1. Wie geht das mit Rundblickperiskop. Wie wählt man das aus?
  2. Hello guys, thanks for your regular donations. without your donations and our Kathon, it would not be what it is today
  3. I would like to test the new features As operator of the TAW. Can we use the server for tests. When the TAW War is over. in about 2 months. I could also like to test VR. I own the Pimax 5k + & Valve Index. A powerful computer is available
  4. OK, I did not know that. How was that in reality? Too bad that you can not deactivate the 7.92.
  5. @Jason_Williams I hope that this will eventually be resolved by the weapon group 3.
  6. Hallo zusammen, ich hatte den Simshaker schon fast aus den Augen verloren. Jetzt habe ich gesehen das es wohl eine Beta von Simshaker Wings gibt: https://dreamsimteam.blogspot.com/2019/03/simshaker-wings-beta-v119-published.html Hat das jemand von euch schon Erfahrung gemacht?
  7. Something new? Now there is a weapon group 3 in the game. Unfortunately, this does not work at the Henschel.
  8. Wann geht der Server online? EDIT: ok is online
  9. server will restart in a few minutes
  10. no will take longer. I think we have to take a break this evening
  11. Sorry. the server is down. we contacted the support.
  12. I would be very happy about an update of the weapon group 3 for the HS129 😉
  13. thanks for your regular donations. without your donations and our great Kathon, that would not be what he is today
  14. We would like to thank all of you who donated the last Tactical Air War. "LLv24 Sincerely StableAce" thank you for your big donation
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