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  1. Hello -DED-Zlodey, Thank you for your answer. Have you planned any further improvements?
  2. Hello -DED-Zlodey, is there an update soon? The generator creates only .msnbin. But the .msnbin is needed. Are you planning to become a Coop Tank Crew Generator later?
  3. StG2_Raven

    Virtual Reality für IL-2

    Pimax News https://vrodo.de/pimax-8k-auslieferung-auf-zweites-quartal-2018-verschoben/
  4. Brief description: Autologin with Autoplay.cfg not work Detailed description, conditions: 3.005C launcher version. I've been around, it should not work for a long time 1. The login is successful 2. Then the game jumps immediately into the mission overview 3. And then immediately comes a permanent hourglass 4. And now the menu is no longer controllable. The game must be stopped by force Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): &enabled=1 // =1: turn on the autologin &loginOffline=0 // login mode, =0: online, =1: offline &login=MY EMAIL // your login (e-mail) &password=MY PASSWORD // your password &autoIngame=0 // =1: start mission without plane settings &missionSettingsPreset=1 // =0: custom difficulty settings (last stored), =1: normal dificulty preset, =2: expert difficulty preset &missionPath=missions/ // mission path to be loaded //&trackPath=tracks/
  5. StG2_Raven

    Tactical Air War

    Congratulations to the Luftwaffe for the victory We would like to thank all of you who donated the last Tactical Air War
  6. StG2_Raven

    Tactical Air War

    Ok, fine. Basically, it is not forbidden, just like the shooting on the parachutes. Both actions are not welcome. Only when a pilot is very many disco's and this is proven by a track and the stats. Only then can we react.
  7. StG2_Raven

    Tactical Air War

    Thank you. It is known to me. In fritz os 6.93 the option is missing. Is a bug. Will be fixed with the upcoming os 7.
  8. StG2_Raven

    Tactical Air War

    Hello SYN_Repent, not always a disconnect intention. in Germany, we have every 24 hours disconnect by the provider. but many thanks to the players who wanted to ban me from the server. (SYN_Repent, Atochi,RamaWiLL,Sabre111,TACC, 72AG_TARANTUL, Gaps) as a server operator, I am very happy if the guests want to ban the TAW Admin. today connected since 22.07.2018, 16:46 clock router disconnected last days further discussions are not necessary😎
  9. StG2_Raven

    Tactical Air War

    Sorry guys, our server provider did maintenance work tonight. Kathon will start the Dserver soon.
  10. StG2_Raven

    Tactical Air War

    Server down. Kathon is informed. restart will not take long
  11. StG2_Raven

    Tactical Air War

    is a bug, kathon fixed soon
  12. StG2_Raven

    Tactical Air War

  13. StG2_Raven

    Tablet als Zusatz Eingabegerät für Simulationen

    Sorry, ich meinte von PC zu PC. Ich habe neben mir einen zweiten PC mit einem 23 Zoll Touchscreen(intel compute stick). Helios als Keyemulator kann man leider nicht im Netzwerk nutzen. Wenn es einen Roccat Power Grid Windowsclient geben würde, dann wäre die Welt perfekt. Ich hatte schon überlegt ob ich die Roccat Power Grid über ein Android emulator auf dem PC zum laufen kriege. Daher die frage ob es eine alternative gibt von pc zu pc. Kann man von deinen Power Grid Profilen schon was testen? Gruß Raven
  14. StG2_Raven

    Tablet als Zusatz Eingabegerät für Simulationen

    Moin Moin, gibt es sowas auch für den PC? (außer Helios)