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  1. Thank you for your response and thoughts. For the record, I did not and don't believe criticism is not allowed. I was taken aback with the name calling though. Like I said, I'm new here and so I don't know what relationship there is or has been between the community and those that produce and develop this sim. Anyway, thank you again for your response.
  2. Wow... I haven't been here long but this response "Don't be a dick" from a representative of this game is concerning to say the least. Not sure what to think.
  3. @BlackHellHound1, Thank you, I'm assuming they just put it in the same folder I did (data/graphics/skins/"plane of choice")?
  4. Hi all, I created a custom skin that I can see in multiplayer servers and was wondering if I can share it with a friend so we can both see it on each other's plane in game? Thanks
  5. Hey, I too am interested in your question as I also have this Hotas setup. I just purchased BoS a few days ago and I'm really enjoying it.
  6. I just purchased BoS a few days ago on Dec 20 at full price.
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