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  1. It certainly is a doozie, your squads' predicament. It is clearly any unfair situation, and I'm at a loss how, with the current mechanics of how map making works, they could cater for your needs, as well as ensuring the map isn't full of an disproportionate amount of what should be a rather less numerically significant aircraft, because people see it as a meta plane. Maybe you could ask fans of the 110G2 how they managed with their plane? As a compromise, you could suggest to the map makers that they have the occasional map where there are no limits to any aircraft. I personal
  2. I get your point, it's a game and it's for fun and everything, but Finnish does that and you just get tempest v k4 dc spam on the last map, and if you didn't limit 262s, it'd be mainly jets too. That's arguably less fun than having a curb on the planes that get spammed. I suppose there's a balance to be struck. Those 'slots' don't cost anything, so there could be 800 sopwith camels and it wouldn't make a difference unless people fly them. Looking at the stats so far this month, the Tempest is actually the second most flown allied p
  3. Looking at the stats for the last two months, you can see that there's actually been a significant increase in 262 flight time. Any difference to the amount of 262 you've seen might be some other factor. Maybe the changes made to 262 spawns on March 22 have made a difference? (262s are available in greater numbers but do not get returned to the spawn) People flew off the handle when their knee-jerk reaction was to think their 262s were being restricted but the number of jets has increased.
  4. Also it's a 1948 skin, so that's practically confirming the next installment will be a 1946 style "what if the war continued longer" scenario.
  5. Your point about binocular vision is interesting. In VR I do find that the addition of the extra armour makes a big difference to my SA, but on a monitor, it really doesn't matter. I think IRL some airframes just didn't have it, it wasn't just a case of senior officers deciding to feng shui their cockpits. Possibly it was sometimes shortage of plate available in the factories. Seriously I think if you're going the 'historical' point of view a proportion of planes should have a removed headrest, but from the competition side I would be happy to make a small concession
  6. Maybe remind your comrades that if they are flying a model of 109 with that type of headrest, then in all likelihood their plane massively outperforms the opposition? Maybe that will cheer them up and make them less unhappy.
  7. Yeah, just tested this and the sound levels seem to pose a similar problem to a few patches ago, IE you can hear external sounds a bit too well.
  8. Cool! Thanks again for the opportunity to have a Q&A with you. Could I have a code for TC? Thanks!
  9. Would you ever consider it feasible to do carrier ops in a Med./ N. Atlantic scenario?
  10. Happy Birthday Jason! -48 * Please only one guess per person. Yes I am 48. Correct.
  11. The purpose of the post is not to compare different planes. It shows that the staminina bar recharges quickly, even when the pilot is under +6g.
  12. Climb to 3km. By then the supercharger should shift into gear 2 and you'll be able to to pull 1.65ata. (the mp limit is lower in gear 1)
  13. Please get the hedgerows right! 😄
  14. If you read back in the thread, I'm sure someone posted a link to some research regarding hole size, including probability of large exit holes based on velocities of impacting rounds.
  15. Couldn't agree more. I've just realised that Flying Circus is absolutely amazing, and really encourage everyone to try it out. It's a bargain right now! For those without it, you can fly as a gunner on a multiplayer server even without the game. @J5_Baeumer, @J99_Sizzlorrand co run an excellent server: Jasta 5 Flying Circus Flugpark Server - Multiplayer Servers - IL-2 Sturmovik Forum. I really wasn't that interested before, but after trying it out, I'm captivated. So much so I've pre-ordered FC2!
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