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  1. Climb to 3km. By then the supercharger should shift into gear 2 and you'll be able to to pull 1.65ata. (the mp limit is lower in gear 1)
  2. If you read back in the thread, I'm sure someone posted a link to some research regarding hole size, including probability of large exit holes based on velocities of impacting rounds.
  3. Couldn't agree more. I've just realised that Flying Circus is absolutely amazing, and really encourage everyone to try it out. It's a bargain right now! For those without it, you can fly as a gunner on a multiplayer server even without the game. @J5_Baeumer, @J99_Sizzlorrand co run an excellent server: Jasta 5 Flying Circus Flugpark Server - Multiplayer Servers - IL-2 Sturmovik Forum. I really wasn't that interested before, but after trying it out, I'm captivated. So much so I've pre-ordered FC2!
  4. Hello fellow Lincolnite! As far as I can see the gauges work ok.
  5. I think they mentioned in the past that it's intended to implement drop tanks.
  6. That comparison is regarding an early '44 P47 without water injection. later on it mentions a top speed on the deck of 310mph, which is far slower than the ones in game. The D22 is in fact faster than the 190-D9 at all altitudes, and starts to out climb it at a much lower altitude than the 25kft mentioned in that comparison.
  7. On Kurfurst's site it shows that 1.98 was cleared for some squadrons from around March 1945. Of course as you point out it was also possible to be cleared for 1.98, but not be able to run that, owing to lack of the appropriate fuel.
  8. Depends which server you go to.
  9. Compared to what? For science, go on TAW right now, and take a G14/A8 up to 7km and see how p47s perform.
  10. I get what you're saying. I'm the same, I personally think it's more fun to have a really strict historical plane set and for AAA to be absolutely savage, I even would find it fun in a limited way, doing night attack missions. BUT the admins, although they recognise and possibly agree with my points, know from their experience there has to be a balance between historical fidelity and accessibility, so they have to cater to some extent to the lowest common denominator. So you kind of have to accept a compromise here. Your best route is to suggest a FNF scenario which starts light then becom
  11. The seating position thing is modelled, but I don't think it makes a massive difference, especially as the hurricane's seat is reclined a bit as well. At lowish speed it's actually hard to pull more than 4g in a 109, so they generally have an inbuilt protection against fatigued pilots. In allied planes it's easy to be pulling 4 plus g for a significant amount of time without really noticing, which will fatigue your pilot
  12. Yes, you kind of want to be adjusting your angle to maintain around the same airspeed, or slightly higher, as your opponent, that you can start to turn as he starts to struggle to hold his attitude.
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