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  1. Update, reverting to Nvidia driver 436.30 seems to have solved the issue.
  2. I've experienced this crash every time I've played the game today. It's happened so far in: Quick mission Arras map Quick mission Low Countries 1944 map Career Moscow map Multiplayer Low Countries 1944 map I've experimented with changing graphics settings from ultra to high, switched AA on and off but still get the crash. It's always after about 3 mins from starting the mission. I've got a Nvida GTX 970 with the latest drivers (ver 436.48), windows 10, up to date.
  3. The compass seems to indicate E when heading 270 by HUD compass, and W when heading 090. North and South are fine (ARRAS map, quick mission)
  4. Nah it's totes real, I can see the ISS at 120k so I should be able to see a 109 taking off from an airfield 70k away.
  5. There are people who believe the earth is flat too, please let us see contacts out to 200km from whilst we're parked on an airfield.
  6. Basically, (apart from a handful of extremes) most people's beef with alternative is it's effect at long range, and for those who don't like expert the problem lies within 10k range. I reckon and hope this impression will make it back to the developers, and they make a combination of both.
  7. Germanwolf, I have a very similar system to you and I have the same problem. (High frame rate and stuttering despite following Jason's advice) I am thinking it's a CPU load issue, as when I for example play career with dense frontline activity. I consistently get slowdowns despite high frame rate. I find reducing the horizon draw distance helps a lot. I of course hope the game can continue to be optimised but I recognise that may not be possible so I may have to continue with 'operation convince my wife to let me buy a new computer'
  8. I'll try that! Ty I'll try that! If I can borrow one
  9. I've got gamma at 1. Adjust your monitor so black is black, with max contrast. Use one of those test screens you can find on the internet, like the old test card on TVs. I've not adjusted it in order to min max competitiveness in MP, I've just adjusted it properly. I'm surprised what a difference it made.
  10. But the thing is, there are realism settings that can turn this off, so you can have your cake and eat it.
  11. I think so too, it goes all the way up to 11. I do get some weird distortion on the p47 on WEP though.
  12. Also, honest point of argument for the advocates of scaling; you seem to think that alt vis setting is the only setting with scaling, and expert is totally without scaling; maybe both settings do have scaling, but they do it in different ways? I was always under the impression (demonstrated for example by zooming in on a parked flyable i16 next to the stationary object, parked i16) that as you get more distant the flyable objects have always been scaled to an extent in IL2 GB.
  13. If one real life fighter pilot on one monitor/graphics set up, says that the spotting is realistic and one real life fighter pilot on another, probably different monitor/ graphics set up says it's not realistic, then it just shows how dependent on monitor settings or just straight up subjectivity this issue actually is. *after I've properly adjusted the contrast and brightness settings on my monitor*, I find the expert mode visibility to give a close approximation to what I expect my spotting ranges would be in real life. In my oculus rift, my experience matches what several people are complaining of, in that I can only see stuff that's very close, ie contacts where I can start to spot them at around 6km. This gives a close approximation to what Andre Petrovich described. If I was insistent on only flying in VR, (I don't exclusive, as my frame rates are sh*t) I'd prefer to use alternative. With a monitor it's the opposite.
  14. Also you forgot about the fact that when someone has voice activated microphone they will automatically have the world's loudest keyboard which is being pounded frantically for some inexplicable reason. And young children in the background.
  15. Yep VR is cool but there are still limitations and compromises.
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