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  1. I don't understand why you think the situation you describe is worthy of kudos. I would actually hate it if my computer kept locking up and crashing, as it'd be really frustrating. I definitely wouldn't be congratulating the developers. But each to their own.
  2. There's only one radiator control on the spit nine, a two position switch which is either auto (if the coolant is too hot the radiator flaps fully open, otherwise they remain shut) or open. (You'll command the radiator flaps to fully open). The oil radiator is effected by the airflow of the main radiator flaps, as it's in one of the two pods, (I forget which one). There is no associated control.
  3. CWIS with teleport and shoot round corners with time dilation capability.
  4. To be fair I think willy was just lampooning an earlier post. Not that I am endorsing or disagreeing with either.
  5. That's a nice balanced view of the approach to plane sets. I do find it frustrating when I chose to go up in one of the more 'representative' planes like a 190 a8 or a p47 and sods law means every aircraft you encounter is a 11lb Tempest or a DC engine k4, so the mechanics like keeping the numbers of Tempests low are good. The 262 is a bit of a difficult one to handle, and the admin's have to strike a bit of a balance here. Of course it's a fuzzy area because everyone's opinions vary a bit, but they have made the right compromises with regards to jets IMO, but I do recognise that you're correct in your assertion that 262s weren't *that* rare a some stage in certain theatres in the war. (but those 30+ 262s in the air will have been VERY busy, likely facing several 100s of B17/B24s +p51 escorts)
  6. From their rules.... "These rules are not comprehensive. Admins reserve the right to use their own judgement rather than a big rulebook. Don't be a d**k and we'll all get along fine." Doesn't seem that cryptic. https://combatbox.net/en/sortie/log/467574/?tour=20 also on this guy's sortie who you shot down, it doesn't say he took off.
  7. I think you've answered your own question here. The key word is planned. By all means it's interesting to see the 'what if' this plan grew to fruition, but don't pretend having ubiquitous me262s is not a fantasy scenario. You'd may as well have a fantasy scenario where the Germans ran out of single engine fighters and faced down Mustangs in 110s, but it'd go down about as well with the blue only flyers as the current one does with the red only.
  8. I've actually IRL shot stuff with a 30mm cannon. I don't think it's necessarily correct to say a mk108 round guarantees a fighter kill. Of course it should be possible to one-shot something if you hit in the right place, but that's the same for most weapons. Even a mine shell has far less explosive than a hand grenade, and unless you got optimum penetration you would not expect structural damage from one. Of course inevitably that film of a spitfire's wing will be rolled out, but that proves my point. Most hits aren't as optimal as the example in that film.
  9. Type of improvement: Have a mechanism to select a two hand pull on the control stick. Explanation of proposals: Create an assignment, that when press/selected, it simulates the pilot putting two hands on the control column. BENIFITS, you can apply a higher stick force. DISADVANTAGE, whilst it is pressed/selected, you are unable to operate any of the other controls that aren't on the control column. Benefits: More immersive, would prevent you performing an unrealistic amount of operations in a high g turn.
  10. No I think that's the ferengi I'd be very happy if my Spanish was as good as Raaaid's English.
  11. As far as I remember, there were two factories making the il2 represented in the game. One used ShVAKs and had a supply of armoured glass. The other had 23mm VYa cannons and didn't have an abundance of armoured glass.
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