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  1. Italian co belligerent Mc202s vs 109 based in the Balkans
  2. Difficulty aiming in the La-5

    I found changing the convergence affected where the shells went relative to the centre of the crosshair. At 400m convergence you generally have to aim a tiny bit higher or lower ( I forget which) with some shots compared to the other planes, all things being equal. To experiment, use the time compression feature, zoom in and look closely at the tracers and look at where they go with different convergences.
  3. Tactical Air War

    71st_AH_ will go red. Probably around 5 players, mixed, afternoon and evening EST.
  4. Developer Diary, Part 191 - Discussion

    Different vertical stabiliser for the spit IX and G14 too!
  5. Me-109 sustained turn rate

    It's good to see people having a sense of perspective about things.
  6. AFAIK, Full performanced La-5FN produced in september 1943.

    I don't think these planes were designed to run 100% all the time, if you look on the throttle on the la5 there is an obvious detent at around 75% throttle opening, clearly to make the operators default to something below 100% throttle unless positively needed. The design authority probably placed more emphasis on control design rather than training to prevent excessive wear on the engines.
  7. AFAIK, Full performanced La-5FN produced in september 1943.

    In Quick Mission you can select the 'unbreakable' option and run max power for ever without the engine incurring damage. Many planes, e.g, the P40 and 109s do incur a lot of heat. With the P40 on a hot map with unbreakable on you'll quicky overheat the engine even on 100% rad (which is really draggy). The 109s will end up with their radiators wide open too. The LA5 FN thouh is really difficult to overheat. I personally really hated the artificial increase in heat that 1946 and CloD (at some stage) did, but with a lot of the planes here you are limited by the heat generation as modelled, even if they disabled the 'engine timers'. Just not the LA5 FN Also a lot of the maps people encounter are relatively cold. On Coconut's server there was a ridiculously hot map, and it was a challenge to even keep an il2 in the air witout oveheating.
  8. Me-109 sustained turn rate

    Thank you Holtzauge.
  9. WINGS OF LIBERTY - subject for questions and offers

    Taking the 30mm vs the 20mm on the G6 has advantages and disadvantages. Personally I think tinkering with the loadouts for the sake of balance is futile as no matter what you do on a server like this, the outcome of who 'wins' is determined primarily on how many people on each side are taking out objectives. I don't use it often (23mm) even if it's available, it feels too much like a laser death ray.
  10. AFAIK, Full performanced La-5FN produced in september 1943.

    What is supported by literature is that *some* 1942 and beyond manuals say emergency power should be used "sparingly as when necessary" rather than giving a time limit. This is whilst the same manuals do give a time limit for other, lower power, engine settings. This contrasts with pre war and early war engines which specify 1 minute for emergency power. Also Kurfurst I think said he could not find any late war manuals which said one minute for emergency power. People suggested that this should be interpreted in game by having less restrictive limits on these engines, but I can't remember anyone suggesting it should be unlimited.
  11. Macchi Fuel Capacity

    Who knows? Maybe the rumours of other subtle changes are true/
  12. Macchi Fuel Capacity

    My memory tells me the Macchi used to have 400l of fuel. It now has 430l. Has it been increased or am I imagining stuff?
  13. Tactical Air War

    I know you asked Schuck, but for me. You cannot know exactly what radiator opening you have to the nearest 1%, but, for those planes you can see the levers or the radiator themselves and one you get used to it, you remember how long a press of the button or key opens a radiator roughly. (they all seem to move at the same rate.) Then for confirmation I monitor temperature. I recognize that not everyone would like this, but I personally like the drill of making an adjustment, then monitoring systems, readjusting periodically etc. You do have to get away from fussing that someone else may have a more optimal setting by a couple of percent too, but once I made peace with that I found it quite Zen.
  14. Yes, I tried a career with 'scattered' ground forces, and didn't get any slow down. It may be a one off though.
  15. Don't know, but in the SP campaign, I'm getting it too. I'll try some different settings to see if anything works.