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  1. 71st_AH_Barnacles

    Can't boil the water in the Spit IX :-)

    Maybe not, as the radiators are placed there to take advantage of the airflow generated by the prop. (in part) Edit : I think this is another factor as to why the spitfire is infamous for overheating on the ground, as despite the prop generating airflow, the radiators were partly shielded by the gear legs. 2nd Edit, I still agree that you'd expect that prop hanging would be hard on the cooling system.
  2. 71st_AH_Barnacles

    How many Spitfires IX will we have?

    I think that was always the intention when selecting the BoBP planeset, have a representative fighter on each side which wasn't an out and out uber plane (G14 and mk 9). I think the question of 25lb boost is a moot one as, let's give the Dev's some credit, they know their stuff, and they will know most of the facts about 150 oct fuel use. The Dev's know that all the evidence says that 150 oct was used by some squadrons, but that means that other squadrons did not have 25lb boost. The mk 9 we get is one of those. I think this must be a consious decison by the Dev's as they have the 'big picture' with where they are going with the plane set. All that said, it's be nice to have a 1.42 ATA G2, a 1.3 G4, a 25lbs Spit, a 1.98 ATA K4 etc. as options, so mission designers can add a bit more variety. With regards to the Spit outclassing all the axis planes? I'm no expert but from what I've seen, it's the fastest plane in the game (CAVEAT) AFTER you have done a bit of turning. In a G14 I daren't follow a turning spit for too long unless I lose the ability to extend out of gun range.
  3. 71st_AH_Barnacles

    Can't boil the water in the Spit IX :-)

    I think Berloga uses a really low temperature so people can do mad skillz Totally agree. Out of the Sims I've played, DCS seems at the 'prone to overheat' side of what's credible (with the spit and stang NOT the k4)whilst seeming to generally obey the laws of thermodynamics. BoX is also generally credible apart from on the ground, as it is very hard to recreate the situations you hear about with planes cooking whilst idling. (doesn't bother me, it's a flight sim not a taxi sim) I think the consensus is it's the 'running cool' side of what's credible, but that may be prejudiced by there being quite a lot of cool maps and experiences of 1946 and CloD, which used overheating as a mechanism to prevent use of full power all the time.
  4. 71st_AH_Barnacles

    Can't boil the water in the Spit IX :-)

  5. 71st_AH_Barnacles

    Can't boil the water in the Spit IX :-)

    Maybe they added that extra radiator for a reason other than aesthetics.
  6. 71st_AH_Barnacles

    Bf 109 G14 v K4

    Good idea.
  7. 71st_AH_Barnacles

    G14 OMG

    Yes, it's also like that in the G6 with 108 too. I think that's just how it looks like. Probably because the breech is asymmetrical.
  8. 71st_AH_Barnacles

    Bf 109 G14 v K4

    G10 and Spit XIV a good idea for collector planes?
  9. 71st_AH_Barnacles

    WINGS OF LIBERTY - subject for questions and offers

    I know it's unhistorical but it'd be nice to have them on one of the 'experimental' maps/cards as it would be fun We could have a pretend scenario where the kuban campaign went to 1944 or something
  10. 71st_AH_Barnacles

    Spitfire IXe engine variants F, LF, HF

    At a given altitude whatever engine has the higher stated power is the stronger. If the engine information is not complete, for example the information doesn't state power for 30000 ft. Either engine MAY be more powerful than the other, but you can't necessarily tell without extra data.
  11. 71st_AH_Barnacles

    Bf 109 G14 v K4

    where there are multiple engine variants or boost levels I hope as many are included as possible, like with both spitfires.
  12. 71st_AH_Barnacles

    Bf 109 G14 v K4

    Now that we can fly 2 of the BoBp planes, and 'a picture paints a thousand words', what can we expect from the 109 K4 compared to the G14? I have a few specific questions myself.. 1) Is it going to be a bit like we had with the F4 vice the G2, with the G14 trading a bit of power and climb rate for increased agility, or is the K4 going to be an all round superior plane like the LA5FN v the LAF F? 2) Will the MW50 on the K4 be ineffective over 6k like the engine on the G14?
  13. 71st_AH_Barnacles

    Bodenplatte Spitfire IX notes

    It is and the Spit V certainly used to get damage at around 750 Kmh, but since the update, it experiences damage at around 820 kmh (510mph) just like the Spit IX in game. I did a couple of runs at this but maybe i got lucky? I also used the 'instrument panel' readout of IAS.
  14. 71st_AH_Barnacles

    Bodenplatte Spitfire IX notes

    For dive speed I got to around 820kmh IAS before bits started to fall off (V bfo). Interestingly the Spit V is now also experiencing V bfo at 820kmh IAS rather than 750kmh which I seem to remember was the case before the update.
  15. 71st_AH_Barnacles

    Developer Diary, Part 193 - Discussion

    Holland is one of the provinces of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, I think. The whole country is sometimes referred to as Holland erronoiusly.