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  1. Regarding overheat, and heat model in general, in addition to the Spitfire Mk VB Trop, Mk VB-HF Trop, and all Hurricane II Trop models, The Spitfire Vb 12lb model, (non trop) was not dropping below 110 degrees C and 80 C oil at really conservative cruise power (0lb boost and 2200rpm) This was with the radiator fully open, This was on the Royal Rodeo single player mission (1940 summer channel map) and at an altitude of about 10kft and cruise speed of 180mph. I don't have test figures for the spitfire but that seems a little high to me, given the radiator was designed to be operated at a neutral setting (by airflow), not fully open virtually all of the time Also, the aircraft will overheat of the radiator is set to fully flush (0%), even in a steep dive at zero throttle. No I know intuitively some people might thing at 0% it's obviously going to overheat, but 1. It's a flap, it doesn't completely shut of airflow from the radiator, even at 0%> 2. There are plenty of pictures of spitfires in flight, of all marks, with the radiators fully flush. indicating in reality this was a sustainable configuration. 3. It would be odd that they would make a radiator setting available to the pilot which would destroy the engine.
  2. I think I read earlier that they recognise API and API t are anachronistic, but they modelled it anyway with a view to it being locked for historical scenarios.
  3. I saw a G.50 in multiplayer spewing water vapour. Gladiator Mk II trop didn't make any sound in external view on ground. I ditched in the sea in MP. When I reaspawned the creaking sound (the g related one) was playing constantly, until I pulled enough g to trigger it again. The temp behaviour in the spit is weird. At full opower and rpm, it creeps up, but as soon as the temp gets really high (120) it rockets, with the needle visibly accellerating.
  4. With mods on apparently it's simple as editing a parameter in an aircraft's file. I recall someone testing ammo by making the turret in a bomber fire all the different possible types of rounds, and shooting his own wing.
  5. On page 1 of this thread there's a line which someone translated as the 5 min / 5 min test requires B4 fuel. I've no idea if that's correct as I can't speak German.
  6. How can it be? Power = torque x rpm. Power would be constant, so would rpm, so torque would be the same, surely?
  7. Yeah you'd have to have a brake I think, like on a dyno machine. So I think that there would be stress on the crankshaft, as if you're running the engine at full power, that power has to be absorbed somewhere. @41Sqn_Skipper In later German manuals the power setting that was labelled as "emergency power" was labelled something like "minimum amount when deemed operationally essential" whereas before it was specifically one minute. also some 109 MP indicators were labelled with d', 30', and 3'. This would be consistent with the progressions throughout the war, but there is nothing explicitly saying 3' that I've seen.
  8. Looking at simulated gauges to establish your inputs have had the desired effect is unrealistic? I respectfully disagree.
  9. Can I please give a shout out to @CIA_Elanski, and his squad? Every time I get into a fight, it always seems to be really epic and immersive. The last two times I've fought with CIA, it's been a period of sparring, with no over commitment and obvious great SA between their members, and no bloodthirsty seeking of kills at all costs with needless over commitment and no spam or cheese gamer moves whatsoever.; both these fights ended with a few hits to each side, and a tactical withdraw after they knew their job had been done: driving us off from their target. It really was a pleasure to fight against you. And your style should be held up as an example of how to do things that really add to the immersiveness and the enjoyment of the server. S
  10. It's someone who has realised that because of the new 'protected' airfields, there are now some that are unprotected. So he's taking off and just shooting people as they spawn in. As for the time, the flight time timer might be from wheels up, and I think on some maps the bases are far closer to each other than you'd think, especially if you don't bother climbing.
  11. http://kurfurst.org/Engine/Boostclearances/605D_clearance198.html If I understand correctly, this page says in March 1945, only a fraction of K4s were starting to be set to 1.98 Ata, officially?
  12. And if they start nerfing planes because of pilot discomfort, that's a whole can of worms.
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