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  1. 71st_AH_Barnacles

    TFS Developer Update - Patch v4.54

    Dear CloD Dev's, the new patch is a great refinement of what's currently in the game, really enjoyed playing on a full server today!
  2. 71st_AH_Barnacles

    7 kills in a flight

    I think your, and all the other youtubers' videos of this game are great. The good thing about flight sims are that they provide an environment in which you can do so many different things; you can immerse yourself in the experience or test yourself against amazing pilots. I personally like the fact that everyone online is there because they love flying in a sim, and making videos adds to the experience. S!
  3. 71st_AH_Barnacles

    is the p-40 the best bomber killer?

    It's weight of fire with 6 fifties is greater than the 190 a3 even with the mg/FF in the wings.
  4. 71st_AH_Barnacles

    Who lives in London, England???

    Jason, I'm sure you've seen in the news but someone must have got a drone for an early Christmas present and is using it to shut down Gatwick airport, so the travel chaos may impact your escape from the UK. (Hopefully not though, wishing you a safe trip home for Christmas.) Ps sorry I can't come, London's a bit too far.
  5. 71st_AH_Barnacles

    Multiplayer player IDs

    Server's websites sometimes show this information. Eg Wings of liberty and tactical air war.
  6. 71st_AH_Barnacles

    Spotting is awful

    The contrast of your screen is very important for spotting, so experiment with your monitor brightness together with the gamma setting.
  7. 71st_AH_Barnacles

    FW190-A8 Head position to low after update.

    Yes, it changed. If you move to a position you are happy with then press F10(default) it will save that position as the new default position.
  8. 71st_AH_Barnacles

    BF109 Engine Damage in boost/emergency mode

    The issue with the G14 was acknowledged by one of the developers, I think. He did say that the performance did however match the historical data they had in terms of speed against altitude, even though the ATA. displayed was incorrect.
  9. 71st_AH_Barnacles

    What will counter the K4 up high?

    My initial impressions are that it's very good at medium to high speeds, dependant on altitude.
  10. 71st_AH_Barnacles

    Tips flying P-47

    in The Other Sim, there's no artificial enforcement of engine time limits, or artificial heat generation. In multiplayer people generally fly reasonably realistically with respect to engine limits, mostly because of fuel. Would it really be a disaster if the BoX destruction timer was at the very least able to be turned off as a server setting?
  11. 71st_AH_Barnacles

    What will counter the K4 up high?

    Once you get over critical altitude for both engines the DC engine shouldn't make any difference. That's quite high though.
  12. 71st_AH_Barnacles

    A noob's questions about the K4

    In BoX you will damage your engine quickly if you're in emergency power with low mw50 pressure, eg 100% throttle is fine for 10mins, but 90% will damage your engine in a minute or two.
  13. 71st_AH_Barnacles

    P40 yaw trim

    Yes, aircraft are trimmed for cruise by default. Trimmers start at a particular value for each aircraft eg. for a 109 its stabilizer is set to -84% by default or something like that. The -62% is the default yaw trim for the p40
  14. 71st_AH_Barnacles

    its (10/3)*3=10 or is there an infinetesimal left

    Or 0.9999... = 1, which is true