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  1. Hi and thanks for the comments. I am playing at 2560x1080 on a 34" screen.
  2. Hi all. Just done my very first quick mission ever. Decided to attack some nasty Germans. Got ambushed by a ME-109. But we managed to crash land and listen to the birds.
  3. Any news on a fix today? Are they working on it or have the gone home for the holidays? I don't mind which, if it's the latter I won't try and play my brand new purchase until they fix it in the new year. Although it does pee me off somewhat to buy a game on steam and not be able to play it.
  4. Thank goodness it's just not me. Thanks guys. Lets hope they fix it.
  5. Hi all. Has anybody come across a graphic problem with artifacts that seem to be related to smoke or something? Maybe dust? I don't get this with ROF or IL2 1946 or infact any other PC game. I have tried new drivers, old drivers, default settings, override settings etc. Tried all ways to change settings in game and through the Radeon GPU panel, all to no avail. I really want to play IL2 BOS but this is stopping me. Any one help please? Is there a setting/config somewhere that I could edit? Has any one experienced this? I am using an AMD Radeon MSI RX480 8gb card and it runs all other flight sims, space sims, Tactical shooters well everything just fine, but not BOS.
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