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  1. Still can't connect. The executable and launcher are already allowed through Firewall and whitelisted by all of my AV. Tried everything, even disabled all of my antivirus and my firewall. Nvm, finally, after over an hour, it's finally let me log in....
  2. I am trying to play with my friends, who are all using the Steam version and have no trouble logging in whatsoever. This issue only seems to affect some people. I have: - i7 6700k @ 4.4GHz - GTX 1080 Ti - 16GB DDR4 - Windows 10 x64 I live in the UK and have Virgin Media as my ISP.
  3. Using website version. Disabled my AV and Firewall, still couldn't log in. '#1: No connection with authorization server. #2: Your connection to Master-Server was temporarily lost. Check your internet connection.'
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