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  1. If you want to make the most effective use of differential power don't use the throttles, use the propeller levers. Set your manifold pressure and forget about it, use the rpm's. The engines are going to spool up and down way too slow via fuel flows and turbo pressure, whereas rpm is nearly instant power on and off right at the prop. In game not going to ever break them. It's highly effective, you can bank and turn easily without using flight controls. There is a snap tendency in the vertical so you need to learn coordination of the rudder and prop.
  2. How are people going to react while standing and in the virtual world looking full out a window while the pilot throws the aircraft into a violent bank and your gunner also starts blacking out totally losing all spatial reference? Either going to fall over, lose lunch, or both.
  3. Cliff's of Dover was never VR compatible, only Great Battles is. It may be converted in the future if any of us live that long.
  4. Dumped on allies, P-39's to the freshly switched Italian's and such.
  5. If you can learn to long range, low level navigate in the Ju-52 with precision, all map nav aids off in all weather, there's no way that you will ever get lost in a fighter again, period.
  6. I'd wager good money that flat screen usage is actually 100%, has anyone ever seen a VR user who hasn't got one also running in tandem?
  7. Keep an eye on your video card, most likely culprit with it perhaps getting a little on the hot side. Should be some free app's to force your cooling fans to higher speeds much sooner before the card heats up, they do a lousy job of setting the defaults, they only speed up slightly to start cooling when it's already getting too late. https://www.asus.com/supportonly/GPUTweak II/HelpDesk_Download/
  8. Whats it do in FSAA? Find mine runs a bit faster and very smooth in 4 FSAA, and the overall image has less jagged straight edges, like bridges and such. I find no real loss of spotting ability in FSAA compared to MSAA, the distant contact pick ups are good even against the ground. Did get bad stutters low to the ground like stuff was constantly loading in MSAA, especially in built up areas despite the frame rates being quite high. Seems to me the combination of SS via steam and base settings in game are easy to overdo, once you pass a certain threshold you start getting a rapidly diminished image, like it's getting damaged or blurred with jaggies showing at the pixel level. Used to get as much quality as you could push your card into by cranking the resolution up through SS, but that's no longer the case. I'd say the real strong suit of an Odyssey right now is the colors, if you get the image fairly clean and clear the colors are to die for, with the lighting and shadows. It's that which has made tracking in a fight amazingly good compared to anything prior.
  9. For an odyssey use the pipper projection in the gun sight, if you can get it to overlap and appear as one uniform image with both eyes you can go the distance without suffering bad eye strain. Not all aircraft seem to scale exactly the same, you may have to correct when changing types. For me looking outside the pit at longer distances doesn't seem to be much of a problem. The one thing you can't do with an odyssey is use one universal number, they aren't built with that kind of uniformity, every set has it's own specific numbers.
  10. Take a couple of P-40's as defensive escort.
  11. Terminal dive tests from 10,000 meters straight into the deck, first time in seconds with engine on, QMB no power adjustments made, throttle and prop axis set full to start, damage off, invulnerable on. Second time with engine turned off. Kuban map autumn. P-47 - 49/50 A-20 - 50/51 La-5FN - 47/50 Pe2-87 - 50/52 P-51 - 47/49 Yak-9 - 49/52 I-16 - 53/54 IL2-43 - 50/51 P-38 - 53/53 P40 - 48/48 Spit-9 - 47/50 Tempest - 47/49 Ju-88 - 51/51 He-111-H-6 - 55/55 Me-262 - 46/45 Ju-87 - 50/52 Hs-129 - 53/54 Ju-52 - 63/65 109K - 49/52 109F-2 - 50/51 Me-110-G-2 - 52/53 Fw190A-8 - 48/49 Me109E-7 49/48 Mc-202 51/50 Off hand seems like power loading don't mean a hill of beans. Some of those are definitely not what one would expect. Covered up pretty good with the damage on though.
  12. Samsung has a wider variance of alignment issues hardware wise in it's HMD's, it was bad enough to call for a customizable alignment app in that other un-named sim. It allowed software values to shift the image in both vertical and horizontal, and to shift the values independently per eye to correct the issue. Eventually the app was opened for everyone's use, the problem was just much more noticeable in the Odyssey's even though at the time they were the highest res available.
  13. Mine must have come out of the factory straight, never had any vertical alignment issues. Funny thing about the horizontal I noticed is it can change from plane to plane. The sights can be way out of whack from one to the next, generally eliminates the eye strain if I align the sight picture properly.
  14. And if you pass directly over signal cone from the tower the white light inside it will flash.
  15. Select something like one of the Russian birds with the large gunsight image projection. Start parked on an airfield and set some controller buttons to the IPD + and -, for some reason the keyboard combos wouldn't work for me. Look at the sight image and shift your head so both eyes can see at least part of the projection. Now use the buttons to shift the image so the sight picture gun rings and cross becomes one again. My O+ was a +3 IPD in game shift for a unified single gun sight image, than adjust your built in IPD if required, shouldn't be anymore crosseye. IPD in game adjustments are from -30 to +30 values with a 3 value per push shift.
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