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  1. Its more basic than that, you guys can't even see and coordinate with each other. One guy slipping into that mix has the advantage when everyone's effectively blindfolded. Your the ones walking into their trap when they already know where you'll be and from whence you come, don't matter how many escorts you bring. Real world, no single fighter in their right mind would ever dare or succeed pulling that crap.
  2. Looks fantastic, some superb and varied stuff. If you get bored in the bunker and have the time would love to see one with engine damage on.
  3. Maybe they only work when your aircraft is equipped with a radio?
  4. If you bothered to actually watch the series he says no such thing, the brilliance of the design was it was all around good on average at everything required of it, but ergonomically brilliant for combat pilots, with automated controls that were easy to run and hard to get one into trouble. Technically designed for quick field maintenance for higher in service rates, the guns weren't installed as an afterthought like most, but integrated from the beginning into the wings. A brilliant solution to strengthening the firewall engine mountings and wings with an integrated through main spar. An advanced isolated electrical system, flight control rigging, and oxygen systems that couldn't be knocked out with single hits. In other words a fully and deliberately designed "for war" fighting machine, not some speed record breaking race bird or souped up highly modified trainer with guns slapped into it as an afterthought to make due. That's what was remarkable throughout its service.
  5. If its off materials and blueprints I'll go out on a limb and predict the 38 will now have one of the strongest tail units in the game.
  6. Maybe it is at full throttle, check your axis setting, there is a reverse axis selection option.
  7. Too many videos of columns driving straight into certain destruction, no survival motivation at all in the AI. When I see that fixed and there's actual combat reactions instead of full retard, might get it.
  8. More like the community opinion on it is apparent in the overall lacking number of servers. I figured BP was suppose to take this thing off like a rocket, instead my whole squad hung the thing up to dry. Put it simply, its painful, we don't care to fight it, don't have that kind of time to fly visually empty servers, nor wasting time simply trying to find each other once separated. Getting us all back truthfully ain't going to be easy on your end, if that's even possible at this point.
  9. Outstanding ability to read and react to energy states, all around bad ass piloting in any type.
  10. Everybody in the big one flew with their heads down texting through their cell phones. What's there to coordinate anyway, it's always the same mission over and over and over on these df maps, with the same old gang.
  11. Don't know how it works now, but static displays had a level of hardness from the mission builder. Playing old Coconut at times you could pop them with a lite burst of mg's, and others it would take multiple 20mm hits to get the same effect for the same targets. All dependent on the statics settings when the mission was built. The difference between wiping out a dozen or more on a single airfield raid, or dumping your whole ammo load to get two if you were lucky, it was that extreme.
  12. Learn how to defend yourself first. Never deliberately present your backside, always turn into your opponent never away. Running is not always a valid defensive tactic, better to turn back in before its too late and you lose the space to gain the angles. Learn how to slice, roll, and maneuver around a gun sight, try to picture what he's seeing in his sight picture and where your at in it. Fight for position to pass under him, his worst blind spot, doing so will reset a fight, change your angles the instant he loses sight, chances are good he won't reacquire you quickly. Never pass forward of the 3-9 line long enough to lose control over it unless its a wallowing bomber or already cripple. If you manage to get yourself behind that line, and have doubts of escape velocity, fight to keep its position and gain a superior angle. It's more than cool to simply survive in a crap plane, if you can get that down the fighters will be a piece of cake. Easiest shots are rear aspect, so defend nose on, to do that you have to be aggressive and early. Make him push the stick and kick rudders and earn it the hard way.
  13. I'm going to wait for a while, some interesting stuff inbound soon. Panisonic Some interesting things going there for it, appears they've upped the ante in packing pixels into smaller screens.
  14. The reworked vertical fight has me stoked, big potential boost for the P-47 and it's stable mates. Hope it's the zoom getting zeroed in on.
  15. I've got an AMD card, but if I had AA selected in game and had some form of it selected on card I'd get shredding of the game picture. They ran exclusive, one or the other.
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