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  1. Easy, set up a multi fight, as your enemy select one unarmed Dakota, select your hearts desire for ground assault support, put the Dakota up at 30K.
  2. Yes, fully supported, should be good go, built in by purpose.
  3. Lately QMB is about the only element of the game I have time for, great news.
  4. Your gang has some real magic going, I really grown to enjoy watching you fellas work, amazing teamwork always.
  5. Maybe they can introduce a new SOL bar for those who didn't and can't.
  6. Enter the Brown Shoe Army. Any Fallschirmjägers are bound to retreat in humiliation back into there Tantes and disappear, fugly compared.
  7. Methalushco's missions and the Crop Duster doing cartwheels in his IL-2, literally.
  8. Yes, it is possible, but you have to limit the player slots to one.
  9. B-29 was never fixed and never overcame its fatal flaw, it was incapable of flying with it's own engine cowls in the open position, and worse it had heat buildup issues.
  10. 550 cord hanging from the ceiling offset about a foot to the left, cord never touches the chair, nor my back. Hated getting it fouled in the chair and back.
  11. Solo flight, one vs one, and multiple match, weather set default, all ground targets selected except AAA. Starting point for all 1500 meters, SE corner of the map near rail yard.
  12. Novoskolikki winter map QMB, all the static rail stock in the railyard is elevated 3 meters above the rails.
  13. Don't shoot until you see the whites in their eye's, hell, most of us can't even see their national insignia's.
  14. Find one of the blank graphical pictures of your warthog, print it out, get a list of the commands for IL-2 and start writing them in as you test and assign functions. I use a virpil system and that's the best method to start out with, if you walk away from the game for a while, the sheet comes in handy. Personally don't even have the keyboard accessible while in VR and wouldn't need it at all if they ever fixed the exit/escape command.
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