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  1. Yeah, if you adjust for a shot, especially yoke forward, expect the tail to snap where it wouldn't with any other plane. Despite it being built to withstand double the tail load spec requirements in its day.
  2. Lately been seeing more dumping the speeds like only German fighters can do and than doing the tumble and stick stir, deliberately throwing it into a violent stall, anything to avoid the incoming 50's from my faster closing fighter. Isn't looking anything like guncam to me. Reminds me of classic stick stirring with the old run90's.
  3. And your not listening at all, no one said anything against having an in game voice app, what we all said is we'd avoid it like the plague. We aren't looking for your structure, we already have one.
  4. Tempest over 51, not touching the 51, saving something fresh for the long haul. Surprised at the Lightnings superb hi altitude abilities, there's nothing that will top it. Keep it above 25K and always do a climbing or flat turn battle, everything else is just sucking air by the time you get to 30K. Lightning's flying top cover at 25K and above with tempests sweeping the 20K area should lock a solid air supremacy. Keep those Dora's and K's pressured level or below with the feeding Tempest's, biffs and dora's are fast at altitude, but aren't in the same class of turning and maneuvering near the tops of their ceiling, using level continuous turns and high speed climbing spirals. Tempest loses ground fast above 20K, so its a team sport. That's the thing about the allied set, no one single wonder plane, but when used as a combined team in their strong areas, better watch your six, because they're going to be everywhere.
  5. Comms is a thing, but two guys working as a well seasoned team will rip multiple chatters to pieces as they shoot each other in the ensuing and noisy confusion, for a team they are not. Maximum four on a channel, you fight as pairs, anything over two pairs and you need more channels, if you can't read each other, and understand what your role is, well, good luck. Likely hood of that on a common public channel, zilch.
  6. And yet not one word about a bigger elephant in the room, chat and radios with unlimited range and information transmission abilities. Yup, realism at its finest. Is that fair setting up exclusive comms and gaming an even bigger advantage by passing actual useful info. Psst, everybody already knew where the gaggle is. Personally I don't care, go for it and team game it to your hearts content, but don't be preaching realism with a laser beam pointed at the sun, hard to see any real point.
  7. Running normal, and agreed, paying attention to the distant contacts gets you killed. You can't determine range or aspect, if your focusing all attention on the easy stuff when in reality its way out of reach, the close stuff you can't easily see is going to hammer you, GD jets!
  8. Yeah, that's easy. On the "realistic" set mission even zoomed I couldn't see ground targets, tanks parked on a road Stalingrad autumn barely a road tree, orbiting directly over them at 7000 feet while he could. They wouldn't render till much lower, even knowing where they were since he calling them out from the altitudes far higher initially. On a map with "noob" settings I could spot contacts much easier than he at far distance, but it was opposite for close in as far as acquiring and keeping track, he was having a far easier time, I lose many due to lower resolution blending with the background. Tends to keep me far out over water or on nice snowy maps when without a monitor spotter. In QMB with the current "realistic" a 109 dot isn't visible until 4.7 Km, and that only because I know where to look initially with aid of an icon, that's a pretty good edge over us VR guys. Might be a bit better with a reverb and higher res, but he better have his sweet spot directly on it, never good odds on that. Spotting in a server in VR, you fly fast and wait for one to latch on your back side, cause that's where you will be picking them up most consistently. Why I haven't bothered online much with the game since Coconuts half chance of VR survival server went down. Now if I get whacked its solely because I'm rusty as hell. You may see missile launches, as of yet I've never even spotted one single contrail.
  9. Overall its a knockout, us yanks and our isle allies are in for the long haul. You don't like it, flip the switch. Thanks for the option Big J, enjoy your stay in Moscow, tell the fella's us unionized 38 drivers are throwing them a big old salute. Thinking we can spare a few for lend lease in a while.
  10. Finally had a chance for some stick time, flew in different missions with settings for both. One of the best set of lightning sorties I've ever experienced, we used plenty of altitude keeping speeds up. Yeah, lots of spots everywhere, but pretty much useless to range anything. We still managed to jump contacts mainly from above, and even were ambushed a time or two ourselves. It certainly isn't godseye SA. Contacts that do enter your bubble get pretty hard to see, you need to be wary, nothing changed there. It's a huge issue in what folks in VR verses those on screen are seeing, it's as if my wing and I were flying in two completely different worlds. Things we each were seeing were radically different from the same point of view and distances. At least we were seeing things. Than the mission changed, same amount of players, accidentally launching from two separate bases, enormous time wasted finding each other, the paranoia of entering a hot zone for ground attack, can't find or spot ground targets for squat, circling forever lower and lower until finally visible. The inevitable drop, wondering how we're still alive and where did the Luftwaffe all go? Boring ride home, time to dump the server, who needs that.
  11. How do you know it's a G limit problem? This wouldn't be the first time the series had a problem with IA's having ground collision problems, probably showing up more because your overall speeds have suddenly increased. There were already issues from long ago with them slamming into the ground running intercepts when too close and from much higher altitudes when you were at low level. In classic IL-2 the 109's would go into a full elevator up lock mode and ride a stall all the way into the ground from 5000 feet.
  12. https://discord.gg/UXFKX6G There's a good start, say hi to Milo.
  13. The tactic was to get an escort, they can see, they can respond, and fly in mass with defensive armament. What realism was there in solo bombers flying in an invisible fish bowl again?
  14. A whole bunch of us weren't even given the time to check out the new system, and changed already? Based on what exactly?
  15. Countryside's rather barren, hope they add a few farms scattered about, difficult to even pick out a reference point for ground attack runs. Narry a windmill in these Neitherlands.
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