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  1. Learn how to defend yourself first. Never deliberately present your backside, always turn into your opponent never away. Running is not always a valid defensive tactic, better to turn back in before its too late and you lose the space to gain the angles. Learn how to slice, roll, and maneuver around a gun sight, try to picture what he's seeing in his sight picture and where your at in it. Fight for position to pass under him, his worst blind spot, doing so will reset a fight, change your angles the instant he loses sight, chances are good he won't reacquire you quickly. Never pass forward of the 3-9 line long enough to lose control over it unless its a wallowing bomber or already cripple. If you manage to get yourself behind that line, and have doubts of escape velocity, fight to keep its position and gain a superior angle. It's more than cool to simply survive in a crap plane, if you can get that down the fighters will be a piece of cake. Easiest shots are rear aspect, so defend nose on, to do that you have to be aggressive and early. Make him push the stick and kick rudders and earn it the hard way.
  2. I'm going to wait for a while, some interesting stuff inbound soon. Panisonic Some interesting things going there for it, appears they've upped the ante in packing pixels into smaller screens.
  3. The reworked vertical fight has me stoked, big potential boost for the P-47 and it's stable mates. Hope it's the zoom getting zeroed in on.
  4. I've got an AMD card, but if I had AA selected in game and had some form of it selected on card I'd get shredding of the game picture. They ran exclusive, one or the other.
  5. I do know prepatch you could take an I-16, spawn at 10k, shut the engine off and immediately roll it over into a nose dive and beat a full power on P-47 to the ground by five seconds in the exact same flight profile. You'll have to set invincible or things fly apart, but that's it. Even worse, Bostons and Ju-88's could tie or beat a 47 into the dirt. Never bothered testing since the big patch, with the vis issues don't care, pointless. Everything dove roughly the same with difference between fastest to slowest an 8 to 10 second differential, Ju-52 physically can't perform the maneuver. I found that highly suspect. P-47 was definitely on the slowest end with max power. Can't say how it is now, but it's easy enough to check yourself.
  6. Inertia's always been a weak point in this sim. Zoom is far too close to being universal no matter the aircraft, differences are so slight in performance you can't make any practical tactical use. Fix it along with the close in spotting visuals and the current fighting style would get an overhaul, most fights now are pure contests of speed and altitude advantage. Watch the videos and see all attacks no matter the type look exactly the same, that's because they're all performing basically the same.
  7. You have different memories than some of us.
  8. To the original post, that's all moot unless balanced against usage numbers, and they're getting them every time you fire up and connect. That and units sold are the only real data and numbers that count. You can institute all the science and subject experts you want, in the end it doesn't matter if those numbers don't grow. And they're never growing if you push it one way too far, ask Busdriver, the real deal is very demanding monotonous and hard work. There has to be a balance with lots of reward toward the pleasure side, or as a game it ultimately fails.
  9. https://www.91mobiles.com/hub/samsung-next-oddessy-headset-design-patent-cnipa/ Hopefully be seeing more new stuff soon.
  10. Essential, makes it a complete waste for those of us who have multi throttles and dual prop controls, nuts to have to go through an engine selection process just to feather. A delay like that could cost you your life in the real craft.
  11. How the wheels come full circle. Original IL-2 not only had gimbal limits to track IR, but the snaps, pans, and mouse view was hard coded limited also. You couldn't achieve a full six view, and the up view was impossible to exceed 90 degrees, there was no up beyond that. It all collapsed when Oleg's team refined the integration and smoothness of trackIR natively in a patch and accidentally removed all the limits only for trackIR. By than there were so many TIR users, when the attempt came to fix it back a full blown riot erupted. Solution was unlock the limits for all and equalize the playing field. After that a tiny fanatical group attempted to force naturalpoint into imposing the limits back in on its end, never happened, they wanted to continue brisk sales which exploded. I was on the beta team at the time of the great TIR wars.
  12. It wouldn't be present without those B-17's in the very photo, and we don't have anything near them in any type of volume. So what would be the point? No one would ever waste that sort of resources and manpower on the stuff we're currently flying.
  13. Not happening in the game as it sits, it's going to boil down to visibility, and the zero has the vanishing magic advantage.
  14. I put mine on a sheet metal connecting point on a auto bucket seat, than stuffed a heavy duty electrical conduit section in with it, works dandy.
  15. Except the conditions and mechanics aren't exactly the same for each individual bullet. No way, for an air duel at speed in motion, than multiply with others occurring concurrent. Not buying it.
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