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  1. Just means they're up against more Mustangs, got to be loving that.
  2. Some time to actually enjoy what we've been given so far, my Lightning hasn't even accumulated enough hours for an oil change yet. Bitcoin to crash to zero, causing 2080Ti's to drop to a quarter of the current price.
  3. Thanks for that, very nice.
  4. Show us even one man who has the muscle rig to run this sim with that FOV, bet you can't.
  5. Yeah, but the boys didn't wear horse blinders back than either restricting their fields of view down to 110 degrees and less.
  6. I wish they would disconnect the gun harmonization distance of the AI aircraft from mine, makes no sense at all. If I take a 38 and set it out to 500 meters, now I have Fw-190's taking 500 meter high angle deflection shots, bizarre and absurd. Seriously, with wing cannons....
  7. I wouldn't be surprised, if it did happen, it would be announced as a totally new and separate game built fresh from the ground with a brand new engine under the hood. They're going to need to do it some day any way, nothing in software land lasts forever.
  8. I can dig it and understand why if the main push this time is to overhaul and improve game accessibility, AI, and update the graphics. This title keeps it simple and stable while the guts get fixed which isn't so simple. Not likely the Pacific was going to be playable anyway approaching a fully fleshed out naval battle group or air wing with the AI in current form, can't even engage a populated battle group of ground vehicles as it stands now. If they're willing to give it their best shot in reshaping and upgrading it, I can wait and give a thumbs up for whats in this set.
  9. When and if someone comes along with excellent accessibility, kick this thing into it's grave.
  10. Days of our Lives meets Black Sheep Squadron, mostly the former, can I have my time back?
  11. You get to pull two more G's when you use the extra tight G-suit mod.
  12. Is there any reason why a big open water area couldn't have more island battle sites than one on it? If there was a Midway map built, why couldn't they place Guam in one corner, Wake on another, Truk on another and so on? Even the Guadalcanal map has room in the upper right open water to place another battle site or two. Why not have the cake and eat it too.
  13. None are stand alone, they are separate modules of an integrated game. You'll just be restricted in game to the maps and planes of the particular module you decide on. If you do some online with others, whatever maps they are using will be open to you, but only the planes you currently own are accessible. You'll probably drool over the outstanding damage modeling and flight dynamics, they really are several steps above 46, nothing repetitive and far deeper. These aircraft have a far more individualized character, can be a bit tougher to master some over others for many.
  14. Don't know if it still works, but used to be if you leveled off near the middle of the cloud layer with autopilot, they would continue to pursue on the same course, but couldn't see you. Shot a few down as they passed right over the top in breaks in the clouds, blind spots were modeled. Haven't flown a campaign in a long time though, as exciting as paint drying.
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