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  1. Training wheels, first thought crossing my mind in the 262. Your stick forces are modeled in for you, don't ever have to worry about exceeding them in certain planes. Auto energy fighters sim pilots association in action, once again.
  2. Because every gun in WWII betrayed it's high value assets it was assigned to protect by letting loose at maximum range, that way no one would ever spot a target.
  3. I'm kind of wondering if another object with closure speed has it's velocity figured into the equation. I can see how your own velocity is quite easy to calculate into the gun equation, but how would the game understand your shooting at another specific entity and take into account it's angle and closure speed and insert that into the gunnery solution? Seems pretty complex in certain circumstance.
  4. Anybody know if the closure speeds going head on are added to the guns effective hitting power?
  5. Its a characteristic of a swept wing. Very basically, the rudder input pushes one wing forward into the path of flight. Maximum lift on a straight wing, as the other wing is swept further back lift is lowered. If you increase lift on one wing and lower it on the other, you get a roll moment.
  6. If they would have suffered from our visibility issues during the big one, it would have been exactly that, never done war thunder though, so wouldn't know. 🤤
  7. Was a great low level sharking machine in old Il-2, seems even more able this time around. Keep 700 Kph at tree top and kill anything up to 1500 meters by ambush. You have the advantage, nearly impossible for them to see you against the ground, and they'll stand out easy to spot above. You don't have to vulch over the airfield, just establish a 700 Kph extra wide orbit around it in the weeds and wait for chum. Anyone diving in from above has a ground contact problem to calculate, there won't be much wiggle room down in the dirt for an easy firing pass.
  8. High speed, gravity, and one notch of flap in a 190 will spin ones head in amazement how quick you can change direction without much speed loss. Has to be brief and violent, cardinal rule is never slow down, using flaps there and your way behind the noggin curve.
  9. Or you can open up your desktop screen in the cliffhouse, and use that desktop to start your apps, than they will always be and remain the focus. Mine is set up so I'm always parked in front of a gigantic drive in movie screen sized desktop as soon as it fires up. The only thing that worthless house is good for.
  10. Well, they could add logic where single fighters entering a bubble don't activate until fired upon, or a much closer in visual range bubble is hit. After all, what threat is a single fighter in the dark 10 K out, that it merits flak barrages and full alert on a front line? And how could they possibly know friend from foe? Just giving the goods away. I'm hoping they revamp the entire works for BP. Could be a system of priority for targets with different actions. Pretty sure a target in Berlin and one on the line were treated and defended quite differently. Sadly lacking is any air intercept network meshed in with it.
  11. Not the only problem or issue with spotlights, they also act as Nav beacons paving the way anywhere you want to go once you've flown the campaign a short while. They light up each and every time you enter their bubble, regardless with what or how you travel. You know precise info on where the airbases and flak are and can easily penetrate to critical targets without getting a scratch, and without a map, thanks to the beacons, stay in the dark low and between them and your guaranteed a safe sortie. Can't defend everything on a campaign map, the amount of flak objects would bring it to it's knees and it does affect frames, so you find what's valuable and not covered, and collect it in the dark for minimal effort, what wars all about, ain't it?
  12. Who told you they were better at low altitude? Like he said above, 3D fight, combine your turn fight with a vertical component and in a Axis bird your the master at any altitude.
  13. In coconuts online campaign the night missions had to be ended. Everyone figured out the spotlights controlled the flak, so you kill the lights with fast movers and no more AA guns, don't even bother shooting them, just move in with the heavies and attack birds and clean clock for free. Kind of shortens long campaigns real fast for the determined, like a day or two worth of night missions. I'd love to see AA go full down town Baghdad, all guns open up wildly if it's a high value target and spray creating a protective dome above the zone. That would be a sight to see at night.
  14. Fire would have been a real danger, on the ground with little to no air speeds and primitive fuel meter controls. If it happened in the air, than it's pretty much the only engine with such a record. Find spontaneous fire hard to swallow with ram air through the spooling turbines in flight just from throttle. Now flame out and turbine overheats with a resulting explosion after sufficient abuse with a resulting fire, very believable.
  15. Anybody else wondering what Samsung has up their sleeve? Can't believe they're going to take all these new HMD's announced just laying down. https://www.patentlymobile.com/2019/01/samsung-invents-next-gen-gear-vr-headset-that-provides-a-curved-display-for-a-more-natural-field-of-view-and-more.html They've been active in flexible screens for years, probably lead the field. Although their new overpriced phone kind of folded. This is interesting, https://www.oled-info.com/tags/vr Cheaper OLED's with ultra high 2,200 ppi's.
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