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  1. LF_ManuV

    Developer Diary 203 - Discussion

    Great! Thank you! Can't wait to have the new effects and fixes. Also this Autumm is going to be rolling
  2. LF_ManuV

    DD today?

    One man can only dream..
  3. LF_ManuV

    DD today?

    Supo, are you spying on me? PS: At that time you should be in bed 🤣
  4. LF_ManuV

    DD today?

    Friday here we are! Oh Han Han, give us one of your charms, Lend us Jason, our mate, give us an update.
  5. LF_ManuV

    DD today?

    It won't never be late if they give us the Jugs
  6. LF_ManuV

    The K-4 Isn't Special

    Is this post a rant? I find every addition to the game "special" even the submodels from the 109 series as they have their own quircks. As people have said before, the K4 it's the last addition to the 109 line and a very important factor of the germany airpower at the end of WW2. In my personal opinion, I would love to fly ever single model of the WW2. I don't talk even about ata settings or fuel types but the aircraft itself but I wouldn't comment on how good or bad one thing is going to be. People will be dogfighting in a P51 at full load and will be complaining when they get shot down. So at the end it doesen't matter the quality itself but the general picture of the airframe.
  7. LF_ManuV

    DD today?

    Sort of.. thats how I end almost every mission anyways 😁
  8. LF_ManuV

    DD today?

    I feel the need!
  9. LF_ManuV

    [MOD] Winter Kuban Map (RELEASED)

    Thank you everybody for the kind words. I hope you all enjoy this new landscape. @LizLemon Thank you for the tips! About the shader, I prefer to use this one, the other one blends better in a "true winter" enviorement but I will take a look at the new option for the map Kind regards, Manu
  10. LF_ManuV

    [MOD] Winter Kuban Map (RELEASED)

    Hope you enjoy it! Mind it's still work in progress!
  11. LF_ManuV

    [MOD] Winter Kuban Map (RELEASED)

    It is already JGSME Compatible, I will work with JGSME on future versions too 😀
  12. Working thanks to @Tuesday Thank you very much!
  13. LF_ManuV

    [MOD] Winter Kuban Map (RELEASED)

    Released a beta version, lets see how it goes http://www.mediafire.com/file/envg8mphjeue3xf/Kuban_W.7z/file