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  1. Everything working now! Thanks! or may I say Tanks!?
  2. Hello I just bought Tank Crew and on the menu It appears I bought Fliying Circus, Thank you for your time and support! Can't wait to drive a Tiger
  3. Thanks! Got the content unavailible thing too but amazing update! Can't wait to try out the tanks
  4. LF_ManuV

    DD today?

    Looks like there won't be DD today but instead all of the content has been merged into Steam. Nice to hear!
  5. LF_ManuV

    Discount Sale and Kuban on Steam!

    Also, all content already on steam 😁 https://store.steampowered.com/app/629700/IL2_Sturmovik_Battle_of_Kuban/
  6. LF_ManuV

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    Some squadron training from last night
  7. LF_ManuV

    DD today?

    You got me on that one. I had to sell my Track ir to buy that garden. But look how gorgeous it is!
  8. LF_ManuV

    DD today?

    Waiting for something today
  9. LF_ManuV

    P-47 gunsight reticle question

    Hello! I have found this source: http://www.aircraft-gunsights.com/other-sights/ On US Navy Mark 8 Gunsight states: As most P-47 reaching the European theater were modified to use the British Mark II gunsight (see above) before being sent to combat units, Material Command requested in July 1943 that, as an interim measure and until the new N-9 gunsight would be available in sufficient number, all P-47 leaving the production line should be equipped with the Navy Mark 8 gunsight. An order of 5.400 sights was therefore placed in October 1943 (later increased to an unkown number) and the Mark 8, starting with the P-47 D-20 series, finally remained the standard P-47 gunsight until gyro K-14A gunsights became available in sufficient number early 1945. Period photos also show that at least a few P-51D in the Pacific theater were field modified to use the Mark 8 gunsight. Strange as the Mark 8 was definitely not superior to the N-9 that was the standard equiment for early P-51Ds. So why replace the N-9 with an inferior equipment? Maybe a few ex P-47 pilots that were nostalgic of the Mark 8 that they used in their previous fighter. Mark 8 Mod 8 Gunsight with an AAF reticle. I don't know if it helps as it is a non official source but kinda gives some insight about the "Navy sight on USAAF" and maybe that AAF reticle is what you guys are looking for. Maybe some were modified for the ETO and in PTO where left as it states on your first image? Kind regards, Manu
  10. LF_ManuV

    so today 7-7 i turn 44

    Happy Birthday raaaid! May your posts never fade away! Take care of yourself buddy
  11. LF_ManuV

    Developer Diary, Part 197 - Discussion

    People has to choose. Having all of the options is great. The mission designer or you in a QMB has the option to choose wich aircraft will fly. I don't want to start second exes or something like that.
  12. LF_ManuV

    Developer Diary, Part 197 - Discussion

    Damm! My wallet is going to suffer! Tank Crew and this gem will be bought for sure. Can't wait to experience WW1
  13. LF_ManuV

    DD today?

    While I agree you can give the buyer the chance to decide, having all of them under the same hood will be easier to mantain all expansions up to date and improve the player base.
  14. I upvote the idea of an official Skinpack. Lots and lots of great skins already released.