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  1. Italy seems to be a reasonable choice for both reusing European assets and having more options for the already depleted Axis figthers along adding more options like torpedos.
  2. Actually, I think the visibility thing has improved a lot, and many people has seen that. Not only my opinion. There is also this placebo effect where you had a bad day with the new patch, and you instantly claim that there is worse visibility on that patch. Of course there is also the option of that dot thing, which is just an icon without letters that dissapears, but I think tech nowadays can do better.
  3. I am honestly all in for D-28 in place of D-25 as I am for D-5 and D-15 Mustangs. There are some tings that can't be achieved as we don't have those models, but if the performance is the same, then I don't see any problem for the AI to fly those so we can fill the blanks.
  4. Nice to see more Jug love. This alongside the late Antons are my favourite planes to take the sky... can't wait to fly it! Thank you!
  5. Yes it will! Thanks Pat
  6. Hey Patrick! I've think I saw one of your post stating that you were going to support 1942 and 1943 opertions in PWCG. Did I dream or you really wrote that?
  7. Thanks @BlackSix! Your campaigns are amazing and they are worth every penny. I would have bougth both 109 or 190 campaign, but having more attention to the last one is really welcomed. Waiting for Ice ring too! Kind regards
  8. That's such a nice idea, Luke. I see the newer grey camo tones for VVS in Kuban and some different camos in 109s for BOBP. Do you plan to increase these number of different skins in the already availible expansions? Sorry for hijacking the thread!
  9. Several years ago I was yearning for a new-gen ww2 tank simulation. You guys brougth that! Of course and like always, there are some things to get better but I recommend giving it a try. Even if a friend of yours has TC, you can join his tank and enjoy 👍 Thanks guys! I hope to see more work together between 1C and Digital Forms in the future! Can't wait to see the final version of TC!
  10. As a wise man said some pages ago, we should argue when we know what we are getting. In the meantime it's okay to say that I would like X or Y.
  11. Confirmo. Ya está también notificado a los devs 👍 Ya funciona
  12. Guys, do you even sleep? I was impressed by the quality and all the new things that came in the last two patches but now? even more content and fixes. Top notch...as always! Long live Great Battles.
  13. Great work. Options are always the best option. These housekeeping updates are outstanding.
  14. I think the "Master arm" switch can be both useful and feasible as we have already some master switch for bombs (Which almost nobody uses). It would be cool to add!
  15. There is always the possibility of a revision, like they did with Stalingrad textures some years ago for free. The same can be said about 150 oct, and many other things. Every map will have flaws as every other piece of content. It will never be perfect, or rather, make everyone happy. There are always time and money constraints, even Jason said it was an overambitious project. What we also have to consider is that even being an overambitious project, the team managed to deliver at the end. The team has a lot of experience and every project adds to that. I think they will know beter their limits and probably we will see a beautiful Normandy map.
  16. What Klaus said. Even, the D22 we are getting with normandy will have better performance and will fight against lower spec enemies.
  17. I have several questions and my wallet is ready
  18. Sadly it does not have engine damage, no overrev or overheat. I will plunge in when it's availible!
  19. Excellent! I was waiting for an Il-2 campaign after the excellent work of Alexander in Sea Dragons https://gyazo.com/6d38cd44b1b77c246526d3d504b9a0c9 I am ready!
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