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  1. My wish for this year is that people could stop complainig about BON not being a Pacific expansion. Get the realty check boys, is not happening, stop plumbing it on every thread as a disease. Nobody has paid for it and nobody said it won't drop down the road.
  2. This. It would really fit BoBp too and the normal plane can be used for normal BoN. If the team can make it it would be great. But we don't know the requirements or the time needed for it. We don't know the scheme even if it works in our heads, they have a business to run
  3. I am with @VO101Kurfurst with this one. If we get the ability to have a G6/AS I find it reasonable to have another G6
  4. You guys are crazy! Btw do we have more info?
  5. Then why are you here? I also have them but let's use our head for a moment. Not everybody does have thousands of dollars to expend on this and you can't deny that a low entry price has brought more players wich benefit everybody. Let's not get started in the always stupid discussion about what does X better. Instead we could suggest realistic ideas in how to improve each one. PS: Love both sims.
  6. If you are willing to pay 60€ for the B-17 I am sure that it will be done. The question is, how many people are willing to do that?
  7. I think a collector pack as Jason mentioned could be a great idea. Hurricane II is already on it's way. Creo que como comentó Jason, estaría bien un pack de aviones. El Hurricane II ya está en proceso.
  8. Esa es muy buena idea para justificar el G6 A ver, cada avión cuesta dinero en desarrollar. Yo solo digo que entre dos versiones del mapa y más aviones, sean volables o no, tienen que apoquinar. Además Jason ya dijo que por él harían el Ju-188 y el Me-410 (me parecería mejor) pero como no hay dinero, pues prefieren hacer el Me-410 y lo entiendo. Hay menos gente a la que le interesan los bombarderos.
  9. Por desgracia van a tardar mucho más que en el resto, dicho por Jason. Se espera que haya dos mapas y no me refiero a distintos objetos sino que cubran una zona más al sur en la invasión. Además hay más de 2 aparatos de la IA. Aún así es una oportunidad perfecta para comenzar con operaciones navales y gran número de barcos. Mejor meter el pie que tirarse de cabeza al agua y nunca mejor dicho.
  10. y esas son viables con los límites de los mapas que tenemos?
  11. Dear friends, Now that we all know that the whereabouts of the new Installment of the saga will be the English Channel, I am wondering what kind of scenarios can we see between 1942 and 1944 with Overlord. From what I know the team will try to portray the tactical strikes made in French soil by the allies but what can we expect on the LW side? Will the current shown map boundaries be able to simulate operations such as the Baby Blitz? Battle against Coastal command Mosquitoes? If the team manages to pull off the Me 410 I think we can have a hell of a Scripted campaign with these kind of operations! Kind regards
  12. If the team is able to pull of an early P-47 wich can be converted to D22 via modifications I am sure many people won't complain is similar to the Thunderbolt we already have
  13. I would be happy to expend more than 100$ if that makes the game viable but I don't know if everybody can do that.
  14. Para mi el Pacífico tiene dos problemas importantes. 1. Es extremadamente frustrante. Recuerdo volar horas y horas para llegar un barco y ser derribado. Una y otra vez ya que lo de "es que también hay islas grandes" es solo una pequeña parte. Si hacen el Pacífico vamos a tener portaaviones contra portaavioenes. 2. Es un gasto de recursos tremendo y el motor gráfico no lo veo yo listo para esto, necesitaría un gran cambio que pensaba que iban a hacerle. Además, teniendo capacidad de aumentar el teatro europeo es tontería irse ahora al Pacífico.
  15. Two versions of the map. One pre inavasion and another post invasion. Even the image says WIP.
  16. So much drama... those guys are just being vocal. When the Razorbacks come they will be buying BON for sure. I love the REEEEEE! It's not the Pacific! I won't play! Also I love the "but this graphics engine can't do that..." Well It wasn't able to render long distances and here we are. It wasn't able to render distant buildings and here we are. It wasn't able to fix the cloud bug and here we are, working on it. The Mirror and jet tech? Developed too. Oh c'mon if there is one thing that is sure is that the team does his best and always suprise working on the title. By the way, Normandy theater: Expands 4 years Check Brings more bombers or attackers to the planeset Check It can be used with a lot of already existing aircraft Check Has some of the most asked aircraft Check Are you guys nuts? Normandy won't sell well? Well you can go back to other sims to enjoy the Normandy experience. Good luck. PS: I Prefer Jason doesn't give a final statement. If it's possible in the future, just make it in the future.
  17. That's awesome news, Thanks Jason. I think that idea could be great down the road
  18. Madre mía, si el Tempest asustaba...
  19. I am really surprised to see all of the "Dissapointed because it is not X theater" I really think that the theater doesn't matter at the end if the team does a good job. A thing that as we can see they have been doing for a long time. We are flight sim fans and whereas Pacific might not be the next installment this is indeed great news. If you asked me 3 years before I wouldn't even say we would be this far already and to think that we will have a proper Normandy scenario would be a dream as it would be a dozen of more theaters. We will also have some of the community most asked planes adressed: Ground pounders as Mosquito, the Me 410 or the famous Griffon. Seriously I can't see all the negativity on this. Well I think I can. The team does such and excellent job that the ones who want Pacific won't be an ease untill they fly it in Great Battles! Way to go 1C, way to go.
  20. Great update! Thanks. The dive recovery works great and it's useful! Any info about more career mission types?
  21. Agree. BoN tries to represent the tactical attacks and Channel Battles but you never know with the team! If time has shown something is the ability of 1C to overdeliver and work steadily on the saga so they always make me believe it's Xmas again!
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