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  1. A welcomed sight when you are in a Typhoon and a feared one if you are in a Luftwaffe ride
  2. Oh boy, prepare for the storm 😀
  3. When I am carrying bombs it's really problematic. You have to keep formation and sometimes you are the one bounced. Yesterday I had a great fun in the D22. We were doing a CAP over German lines. A formation of 109s appeared 3.000 ft below us. Oh boy. Are you flying ground attack missions? What are your rad settings and MP? Many people use them all full and they slow down a lot your aircraft!
  4. Fighting with the Jug at low alt is like trying to outturn the Spitfire in an 109. It's going to be tricky and it's not meant do to that, but you can try. I had a great time with the Hellhawks campaign, great stuff for the Jug. With PWCG you can too adjust every setting you want. It's really fun to read how the P-47 should behave like an F-22 or something.
  5. Glad to have something like this, @LukeFF Thanks!
  6. Hello! Right now, there are no hard deadlines published, but Jason wrote an excellent post about 2020 and what's to come where he lists the "planned" release order. As you know, these things are really hard to calculate and there a lot of things that can happen so please, understand why there are not many dates shown. The devs are dealing with these lockdown problems and still delivering great updates. As for the Mosquito, looks like it's far down on the list but there are plenty of aircraft you can enjoy in the meantime if you decide to jump. I am having a great time with the P-47 Razorback. Looks like the next ones will be the famous Spitfire Griffon alongside the A6 variant and probably, Typhoon will be here by the Summer too.
  7. I think you are right on point. Sadly, this will mean the real issues or time to solve them are wasted dealing with this eternal pain.
  8. Have you tried disabling Sharpen? I really dislike that option and gives me that grainy look
  9. That's strange then. It should be changing the core to use etc, and push the one that needs pushing to 4.65. I have no expertise knowledge in these things but looking at your stats while flying will give you the answer. Do you know if after a Il-2 session your maximum values of speed your CPU are all 4,65? Of course not at the same time, but to know if all cores are able to reach that speed. Just the Maximum value in HWinfo. Also, don't try to run various monitoring programs at the same time, just in case.
  10. So, if I understood correctly, your CPU only boost 2 cores, right? Well, in game it should be changing cores and using max expected speed. In this case with stock should be 4,65 but around all cores. When using multithread application like Cinebench it should push everything to 4,4/3 cont. In Il-2 you should observe 4,65 aprox. in all cores after a session as maximum speed read. I know you don't want to install monitoring software, but I don't know how to solve your issue.
  11. Are you using stock settings? you should check with stock first. These might be the lowest FPS in a Ryzen 5600 i've ever seen by a long shot. Still sure there is something wrong.
  12. @Voidhunger Those numbers are still too low. Maybe it's the ram. The best spot for Ryzen 5000 is 3600, which is Infinity Fabric 1800. Higher is a bit of hit and miss. What's your ram speed?
  13. Have you tried updating your BIOS? As I said multiple times, you have some issues there and you are not enjoying this excellent cpu!
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