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  1. Oh boy! TC and FC are finished right? I think those guys with great talent have they hands free now...
  2. @SAS_Storebror @HRc_Tumu I understand the frustration, but sadly there is never an easy fix if it needs fixing, nor always time to write. There is always a development plan, and taking a look at the last update, it has taken a lot of time. Why didn't they do this "fix" before? Might be for several reasons. One of them is probably because there is more depth in the way, as the fuel tanks and "intention" to add APIT/API. Let's see what does the team has under the sleeve. I am not in the dev team, but I am sure than they want the game to be better, even more than both of you. And yes, I am sure they read and care. I prefer not to comment further here, please take into account that making this "issue" more loud won't make the fix come faster. I am sure if it is planned, it has already been read. Kind regards!
  3. If the dev team is not answering that does not mean is it ignoring this issue. Kind regards
  4. Just had a blast yesterday, my whole squadron is really impressed with the new spotting, the improvement has been huge!. It's a new whole experience. Thank you team! If you guys want to support the theam, there is this nice upcoming expansion called Battle of Normandy in the store, just sayin
  5. Hello, have you checked your options in Control devices? You will find and option here to use the mouse or the Joy for the turret. Mapping in key mapping without this won't do a thing!
  6. You need to resave them due to the new haze options in the file. Looks like. Congratulations team! a true milestone!
  7. @GOA_Karaya_VR Guys, just wait for the official release. These videos and pictures from a compressed video won't ever do justice to any real result in actual screens. The best thing is to wait and see it running in our screens and VR devices. Analyzing these frame by frame like if it were an old manuscript is just stupid. In the tester team we are very happy as Jason said, for the third time Relax. If it's great we all will be happy.
  8. It's always Xmas with you guys! Always overdelivering! These new things will be for sure a great pleasure for many players and with free content? hell yeah! It's fall! Hurricane season!
  9. Well, for a 1941 plane, 4 Hispanos are really a good combo I would say!
  10. Video compression and also, some conditions that make the plane harder to see. In this case: side view. Just wait for the official update 🙂 As Jason said, Testers are very, very, very happy.
  11. Guys, wait for the official thing before complaining again
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