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  1. Good going! Specially: 7. Updated texture cache system, it should reduce stutters in heavy load MP missions significantly; 8. Brightness and size of very distant aircraft LODs made more uniform (it differed too much on some aircraft); Thanks, Dev team!
  2. From what I read, wich I can't support rn, the Ninth AF didn't use mix types. They moved to the Bubbletop versions once they were already based in France. I don't know if this can help or can point you towards a good source, sorry Luke!
  3. As you may already know, the Me 410 has been announced as a Axis plane for the upcoming Normandy expansion. This has brought a lot of excitement for me as a fan of multirole planes. The Me 410 was a refined version of the 210. It was fast despite of its size, capable of a huge variety of loadouts and a good heavy figther. We don't know yet what version the team will develop but we can get a glimpse of what it was capable of carrying. Two versions were availible at the BoN timeframe, the A version and the B version. Both having a -1 bomber version and a -2 heavy figther variant. The main difference between the A and B was the weapons and the engine changes but I don't know if these made it to the front. (DB 603A and AA vs DB 603G) The A version carried Mg 17s alongside 20mm cannons and the B version, used the 13mm, Mg 131 alongside the same cannons too. The normal version had an internal bay capable of carrying bombs so I am almost sure we will be able to do that. The good thing will be the Umrüst-Bausätze for both A and B versions. These small modifications added a lot of variety to the plane capabilites: -> The U1 carried cameras for recce. This can be interesting for Marshal if it has some use -> The U2 carried two more 20mm cannons under the nose, giving it more punching power -> The U4 is probably the most well know as it carried a 50mm gun under the nose, similar to the Pz III 50mm gun. It is not only about the changes outside the airframe but rather in the inside too. With the bombing version, a Stuvi was usually carried (iirc) wich was a great tool for dive bombing. For the U4 version, there were also different sights like the ZFR 4. This could be another great mod when carrying the U4 version as we could use the sight like we do in Tanks. ZFR 4 There is also more details in the web. I am sorry if I couldn't get the details or some information is wrong. There are also the rockets and I am sure that this plane will be an interesting and futhermore a tough piece for the devs to make with such variety of loadouts. What do you guys think of? Let's get ready!
  4. I believe that the dev team can push the deferred shading with a good performance boost at the same time. Different teams make wonders as we can see
  5. I like the idea, looks simple and I hope is not really hard to implement in the future. The new effects por the pilots are great, the devs could reuse some of them for hypoxia
  6. Looks awesome, those little improvements of the map will enhance the experience
  7. Can you lend me some money? 🤣 I am sure the team will improve this down the road
  8. This time I don't actualy care as almost every plane can be used in the already present BOBP, so we will enjoy them more. But yeah, probably 109 or 190 will come first.
  9. This is a nice idea. Realistic to make and realistic to fly with. Having only the callouts works for me if we don't have a radar simulation.
  10. That new map announced for Delay Combat Simulator is dissapointing. It's not free so it will divide furthermore the player base. The area is too small, most action was on the South or inland for the V-2 sites. Instead of trying to gather more players they end up doing what many people say, turning in circles gathering cash in the process. It is not that I dislike it but it is not the saviour many believe it is. It could be fun but reality is this. This is the detailed map area Sorry, but no wonder sim with allmighty B-17s and long range or superduper Pacific everybody wants. There is only one real sim in the park now with the ww2 combat theme, maybe Tobruk later and it will be two.
  11. Agree, this will be a massacre for the allies
  12. I am really happy for you Requiem! The pleasure of reaching your dreams!
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