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  1. Are you reading that from the air speed indicator in the cockpit? If that's true, thats the IAS. You want to look at the TAS
  2. Amazing machine! Love that look of a mean nose. Will make some people very afraid
  3. Italy seems to be a reasonable choice for both reusing European assets and having more options for the already depleted Axis figthers along adding more options like torpedos.
  4. Actually, I think the visibility thing has improved a lot, and many people has seen that. Not only my opinion. There is also this placebo effect where you had a bad day with the new patch, and you instantly claim that there is worse visibility on that patch. Of course there is also the option of that dot thing, which is just an icon without letters that dissapears, but I think tech nowadays can do better.
  5. I am honestly all in for D-28 in place of D-25 as I am for D-5 and D-15 Mustangs. There are some tings that can't be achieved as we don't have those models, but if the performance is the same, then I don't see any problem for the AI to fly those so we can fill the blanks.
  6. Nice to see more Jug love. This alongside the late Antons are my favourite planes to take the sky... can't wait to fly it! Thank you!
  7. Yes it will! Thanks Pat
  8. Hey Patrick! I've think I saw one of your post stating that you were going to support 1942 and 1943 opertions in PWCG. Did I dream or you really wrote that?
  9. Thanks @BlackSix! Your campaigns are amazing and they are worth every penny. I would have bougth both 109 or 190 campaign, but having more attention to the last one is really welcomed. Waiting for Ice ring too! Kind regards
  10. That's such a nice idea, Luke. I see the newer grey camo tones for VVS in Kuban and some different camos in 109s for BOBP. Do you plan to increase these number of different skins in the already availible expansions? Sorry for hijacking the thread!
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