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  1. LF_Gallahad

    Official Poll: Theme for the next historical campaign

    Your Sea dragons campaign was excellent, @BlackSix. I am eager to see more ground pounding! Thank you!
  2. LF_Gallahad

    DD today?

    Exciting times ahead! I would love a dedicated Tank hunter campaign on TC map. It would be great to use that new vehicle damage model. I think, like someone said before, that scripted campaigns would be a great idea. Also, like sevenless said, adding a small "career" even for a week with 2 or 3 planes for the east front would be top notch.
  3. LF_Gallahad

    My ownership badges aren’t showing in forum

    Working as intended 👏 I bought the P40 on a Steam sale back then and that's the only thing I miss from the website and from BOM so a silver. It's working fine!
  4. LF_Gallahad

    DD today?

    P-47 also were in a more dangerous enviorement in the last part of the war, ground attacks are always tough, even debris can take you down.
  5. LF_Gallahad

    Kurfürst fans?

    On everything. Every sim has a different approach not only on FM but on almost every other aspect and I truly believe that comparing the behaviour of a plane on one, won't represent it's behaviour on another one.
  6. LF_Gallahad

    Kurfürst fans?

    I don't know if you are trying to be serious about honour. People can choose the plane they want for the reasons they want if it's availible. There is not such a thing like honour in war. You just use the best machine you have at your hands. Wars aren't balanced. In sims we have this element and we are freely to chose if we want to take up a challenge with an inferior machine What I'm saying? First, the 1.98 won't be on most servers or it will be really stricted Second, it's an option and most people at the end won't care after some months. It would be nice but it won't be like: Oh, a K4.. hey its not with 1.98, let's pick a D9 Finally, On servers like TAW where you have to win a map, like in a war, you are going to choose the best option availible because you are trying to win (Respecting their rules, of course) I see your point because the K4 it's a formidable machine and I can see how it may or may not be easier to shoot down enemies but your statement on the 109 gets the job done it's just wrong. I've seen many pilots getting shot down on 109s, too many for being an 10 out of 10 machine because at the end, the pilot matters. PS: Don't use DCS as a measure. You might be surprised.
  7. LF_Gallahad

    Kurfürst fans?

    I'm eagerly waiting for the K4. For me it's a really interesting aircraft. As the DD said that mix of pragmatic wooden parts and top notch engine with that raw power it's a great combination. Also I am fan of late war 109s and their camo schemes
  8. LF_Gallahad

    Question about AMD RYZEN 7 1700

    No problems here with my Ryzen. All maxed out, never a dip below 60fps although if you want really high FPS or aim to VR high speed single core Intel is what you are looking for.
  9. LF_Gallahad

    Developer Diary 210 - Discussion

    Playerbase gets 150 oct: But what about 1.98 ata? They were uncommon but plausible Playerbase gets 1.98 ata: But what about 150oct? They were common and they give this axis bias? Playerbase gets none: This sucks! 150 oct was common! Hey, 1.98 was also plausible! Playerbase gets both: This sukcks! It's not realistic to fight against 1.98 ata! Hey, it is not too to fight against 150 oct everything! Seems like people are forgetting this is an OPTION and servers can disable it or even you. 150 Will be a welcomed addition and I am sure it will come. Gosh.
  10. LF_Gallahad

    DD today?

    Well now that we've got some kind of date we can speculate about what comes in the next DD. I would like to see some info on the supercharger but some Dora content would also do
  11. LF_Gallahad

    Which Il-2 to get?

    As Finkeren have said BoS is the most useful and a great entry for the series. Welcome aboard!
  12. LF_Gallahad

    [SERVER LOGO] Which one do you guys like?

    Looking good! Top left for me too!
  13. LF_Gallahad

    [MOD] Winter Kuban Map (RELEASED)

    Thank you all for your kind words, it encourages me to keep improving the mod. I will share news as soon as I have them. @E69_julian57 ¡De nada! Espero que lo disfrutes Kind regards, Gallahad