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  1. What a glorious sight, love the new airfields and map!
  2. I would love to see this implemented
  3. Oh wow I am no paying monthly, nope. That's even worse than bad textures or FM. For me it seems a competition to War Thunder and WW2 Online rather than to a full sim. Remember that time has made that Sims are more accurate. Old sims are really arcade by now standards and Microprose are trying to revive an old sim rather than to reinvent themselves.
  4. I can't wait to see the finished thing because, honestly, besides this 109 cockpit everything seems from the last century.
  5. Nunca es tarde, además esto está en continuo movimiento, da igual la edad
  6. Muchas gracias Cananas! A ver si así se anima más gente, cuantos más, mejor. ¿Qué foro Supo? Si te refieres al de mi escuadrón, es para uso exclusivo de gente del escuadrón, no tiene nada que ver con el canal. Si te interesa unirte al escuadrón mándame un mensaje, un saludo
  7. Pues me ha entrado el hype con el Yak 9 😄
  8. Well it's not a secret that DCS is the worst and the best study sim on the market. You won't find something worse in terms of bugs and performance but you also won't find anything else in the study department. Well, BMS offers both but it's not pretty nor has more than 1 full fidelity aircraft. I am out of the wagon from DCS. I hope I can say that without somebody telling me to go back or we will lose DCS!!!! 🙄 The fanbase of DCS is full of white knights applying denial on their forums, a place where you can't even mention another sim or your message will be deleted and every problem is just a feature you are not able to master, cause you are a casual. The purism and shortsighted on their critics won't help anybody. And yes, you can say the same about some Il-2 fanboys here but at the end of the day, the product woks as they stated and I am still waiting for my multicrew huey for more than 5 years... You still enjoy DCS? Congratulations, that's a valid opinion but I would like to have what they promised to me and better QA for stability. Thats not an opinion, that's a fact.
  9. I'm buying it. Some people just want the überplanes so they can hide their lacks of skill online, what a shame 😀
  10. Yak 9 should be present at Stalingrad iirc
  11. I'm totally in for a Night figther campaign!
  12. Con tal de que venga algo, yo ya me apunto 😀
  13. This has been too on 777 studios hangar for some time
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