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  1. Hello! Nowadays I have little to none time availible for youtube content. Sadly, these are though times and I can't do more content neither videos ūüôā
  2. Glad to be of use! and great video as always!
  3. Claro, busca E_69 Geramos, AirFigueruelo entre otros.
  4. Me alegro! Hay tambi√©n otros v√≠deos de compa√Īeros que te pueden dar m√°s puntos de vista o ideas!
  5. Don't bother Luke. Some people don't find the time because they don't want to. Curiously, the same people are having always issues with other things.
  6. And more to come in just a few months. Things getting better!
  7. I am 99% sure that happens in the game already. Wing comes off after some time with fire or the fuel tank eventually explodes
  8. Everything is valid but let's wait and see what happens when the update drops. No point in discussing here in terms of what should happen in Il-2. There are loads of data and I am sure that the team used all of that.
  9. It depends but mostly, no, it's not. Most combat footage is usually "really visual" with amazing explosions and uncommon kills. The only way to really know if a wing is able to be detached is with science and calculations that can prove it.
  10. Love the new effects, this is going to be awesome. Stay safe and thanks, Dev team!
  11. I would like both. In single case scenario, B-26 as it is more unique and more used in the ETO.
  12. Hola, Yo soy Luft Manu, has visto mi vídeo sobre mapeo de controles? Quizás te pueda ayudar. El problema es que está todo mezclado pero en menos de 15 minutos lo tienes todo listo. No se tarda tanto en cuando se entiende que mapear. Espero que no te de pereza también aprender! Así es como se disfruta este tipo de juegos. La página es exclusiva para miembros.
  13. 50 gb? that's too much. Try to clean the game files like records and such. Btw, even with 50 gb that would be considered "little" nowadays
  14. I need a beach house and one million of $
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