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  1. Jason, I know I already made a question, but this one is also interesting: Is more content on night combat contemplated for career or base game? With the Po-2 we have night career missions (really enjoyable) and knowing we are getting the Me 410 for night missions, do you guys have plans in these kind of scenearios? (Also in BOBP with 190) Best wishes and I hope you get a big birthday cake!
  2. Happy Birthday Jason! My question is: Are you and the team happy with how the things are going with the Il-2 GB series? We can see lots of new things coming and great features! 👍
  3. The quality on the AA truck seems to be outsanding. I bought the German one once it was announced for more scenario purpouses but I couldn't hold back anymore for this one after the images. Good going!
  4. Awesome, this will be a great addition.
  5. This is getting out of hand!
  6. That would be a really cool scenario. Also, usable with Normandy map in the future for a "BOB".
  7. Everything that makes things easier and helps the content creators and all users has my upvote. Now, I don't know how profitable or how much time would need. And those two, are really important things.
  8. I think there is a lot of business with collectors. Taking into account the lack of axis aircraft in a 5v5 planeset, it will be harder to make "full complete releases" as we are used too. We have tons of options for allied aircraft, which saw more service than scarce German almost-prototypes. Even, there are a lot of versions that can be great to have and some easier to make than a different airframe in the already existing maps: A-20G, P-47M, early Typhoon, early spitfires, Beaufigther, I-15, LaGG-3 late versions... etc. I am all in for these collectors down the road 🙂
  9. German Flak in Normandy is really dangerous, but you will be a happy pilot in a P-51 B/C or a Mosquito even in a parachute 😁
  10. Dimitry! Ram it! Oh, my! Looking great. I can't wait to see the map. Hope we can have some sneak peak soon! Also, that Spit it's a real beauty
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