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  1. Eventough I would kill for a Normandy Pre-invasion with Razorbacks, P-51 allisons, Typhoons and such... (While Med is ruled out for BlitZ) I wouldn't say no to a Leningrad front. Wich by the way, does the upcoming Yak-9 plus Hurricane have a place there?
  2. Yes, both in green for B-17s and Metal for B-24s
  3. We are undecided at the moment. We are not sure if we will make all the missions based on one squadron or different ones. We are also not sure if we are going to add other planes but that will add more requisites to fly the campaign. I would like honestly to have the A5 too. For the units, at least the ones based in the Rheinald map we have with BOBP for that era. III./JG1 will be there. Our sources, atm are: Bombs Away!The World War II Bombing Campaigns over Europe Operation Pointblank 1944 from Osprey The men who bombed the Reich The Luftwaffe Fighter Force. The View From David C.Isby Mission 376 from Ivo de Jong The Mighty eight at war from Bowman The last year of the Luftwaffe from from Afred Price We want to have settled everything before starting to build the missions but the ideas are already there.
  4. We will try to find a sweetspot between number of aircraft and horizontal space so we can at least give the impression of a massive formation.
  5. Thanks for the kind words everyone! and also for the information. We have enough already to start developing a demo that we will release as soon as we can. Any feedback will be welcomed! That would be great Julian, we are using the ingame skins for now but some skin work would be perfect to try to hide some aircraft versions and convert others. A metal B-25 for a B-24 for example even if they are worlds apart. If you want, just hop in in the team 😉 Some tests for the first mission. Sunday 20th February was the beginning of the "Big Week". 35 B-26s from the 8th Air force got lost due to the weather and decided to search for targets of opportunity. At the end they bomb Haastende airfield in Holland on their way back. LW Bf-109s were scrambled early that morning due to the multiple USAF strikes during the day and they intercept the Marauders.
  6. Our project Hello everyone, I am pleased to announce that we are creating a one-player campaign for Il-2 called "Big Week". This campaign, which will be free and will be distributed in English and Spanish will try to portray the events of February 1944 where the USAF and the RAF tried to minimize the industrial capacity of Nazi Germany. Our tasks, taking into account the limitations of the simulator, will be to intercept groups of straggler bombers, deal with the escorts and sometimes interact with some German formations that are related to the attacks of England in the "Baby Blitz". Of course, we will deal with a lot of unhistorical scenarios but the objective of this project is to have fun flying. We are aware of the targets bombed and off-map events but we think we can make something that the player can experience and believe even if those events didn't take place in the map. The requirements will be the Rhineland map (Bodenplatte) and the Bf 109 G6 (Collector aircraft), so our aircraft set is more or less suitable for the time. We will face the P-38, P-47 and also the P-51 for the first time. Although the versions of these aircraft are not exactly accurate, we believe that this fact won't affect the player perspective. Who we are We are from La Fundación, an Spanish flight sim community who has experience in mission building. Now we want to take an step forward after building content for our community so we can enjoy and experience a bigger project. What do we need? We would be pleased if the community help us for the historical context, airbases, units and other data at this period and area. Mission events from the USAF persective and other data are also welcomed. We thank in advance to all the people who wants to help and those who want to fly and enjoy this scripted campaign. Limitations As we wrote earlier, we are aware of the limitations of the simulator at this moment so we will take that into account to provide an exciting experience while being playable. This is a very important task for us. Date We don't know when we will finish or if we will be able to finish at all but we would like to work and deliver a good and free experience to everybody. Thanks for your time reading this!
  7. We really need a Typhoon. Other P-47 and P-51 versions... I prefer they hold them for Med or Pacific!
  8. Thanks! Adding new content and fixing/improving things is the way to go. That Phanter looks tasty
  9. Estoy encantado aunque aún el falta pero no ha salido completamente. Hay un nicho muy grande para los simuladores de carros y más de la 2ºGM. Tank Crew lo puede llenar y puede tener mucho éxito. Lo que hay y lo que funciona bien es muy bueno y apunta mucho a maneras. Sí, se puede usar en VR pero en multijugador aún no hay tirón.
  10. Has somebody shot down a Bf 109 with a 50 cal? No? Then all is a guess. Footage is footage but we don't know about what has not been recorded. The same with pilot reports who managed to come back to base with their planes and call them "The sturdiest plane ever flown". I am sure the 80% who didn't make it won't tell you that.
  11. I am all in for a new modification for Bodenplatte and my good old G6!
  12. Look at my unicorn You guys can't have but it's so cool! It's shame.
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