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  1. Yes but the conversation shifted a little bit about the general idea that there wasn't only combat in Normandy in the year 1944. I suggest you read the full post, you might even like the idea
  2. I am sure there weren't any A8s before 1944 ๐Ÿ˜€ YES! @ShamrockOneFive. Channel battles have always been one of my favourite "battles" but sadly, not represented well in games. In 1946 we had HSFX and other mods but I want to see an official revamp. It has a lot of action and lots of opportunitties. The map and scenario (43) wouldn't be a problem at all unlike the planeset. For allies we could have early Mustangs, razorbacks, spits, mosquitos, marauders, typhoons... for Germans the A6 could do, (Free late G6 for the collector), late Ju88 variants or even a night fighter variant without radar...
  3. Normandy could be great, I said the same many times. The scale can be adjusted and it's not only about D-Day. The tactical missions conducted against important objectives from England to France are also important in the 43. One thing could be missed wich is large bomber formations but they have nothing to do with smaller missions. Imagine attacking a railway with a P47 Razorback or a train with a Typhoon. That can also give us mid-war aircraft for the allies. Spitfires, early P51/P47, Mosquito... for the Germans there are also planes for filling the gap here, simple to build and the career can give you the opportunity to fly other things too if time progresses. This also encourages people to buy BOBP if they want to "continue". Bombing with marauders ala A20 wich we can already see in game? Check Skirmishes in the air near the coast of France? Check Attacking ground targets in the other part of the channel? Check Use the droptanks that are being developed for BOBP too? Check Possibility to fly from late 42 to early 44 and continue to BOBP? Check Possibility for collectors? Check Possibility for great scripted campaigns (Pierre Clostermann)? Check
  4. I can, please lend me the money and I will gift you whatever you want ๐Ÿ˜…
  5. I would buy something but I have everything already! ๐Ÿ˜… So let's spread the word!
  6. Honestly, both of them look great and many characteristics won't be that important in a sim. I would pull the trigger on the Asus Swift as the FoV seems better suited for what you want. Anyways, if you want to have that quality, you can buy a cheaper one without the things you might never use.
  7. I agree. There are never enough improvments but now that the whole game is shining, this and the radio comms seems to be the weakest side. I hope we get more updates as the one we've got already. Core features are always coming
  8. Actually, I would love if they deliver MTO in both games. I know people are reluctant to give up on CloD but there is no need to restrict the era only to that sim. If there is work already done I think it would benefict to have it in both. Personally, I don't fly CloD anymore and I think people are afraid that if MTO is done by GB, CloD won't live long wich is BS. Many people fly CloD because they like CloD. If you like one, you don't need to dislike the other.
  9. Sorry! MTO! Fixed, my brain doesn't work at this time of the day
  10. This is an interesting topic. As we go further in time, more and more planes are done for existing theaters. For example, for North Africa, you have already most of the german fighters if not all (Taking into account, we will never be in the MTO) So at the end, we will need maps. Maybe map plus career and small amount of planes can be feasible? Sorry for OT
  11. Any bomber would be a great addition. The B-25 is going to be awesome when availible. As I always said, BOBP has a nice collection of plausible Collector (bombers or not) aircraft that can be used too in other scenarios or just to make money for another expansion. Typhoon, Arado, Moskito, P-61, A/B-26, 109 G10, Spitfire Mk.XIV...
  12. We should be seeing P51 cockpit screens soon, would love that. Also new map screens could be great. The team were aiming for a June/July P-51 release. The Pony is not that far anymore ๐Ÿ˜€
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