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  1. I forgot to add... And don’t worry I’m not a War Thunder c**t. This video helped me massively when it came to helping me shake enemies on my six in the Fw-190. The video is well made. It simply and quickly shows you the main rules to follow, and can apply to a lot of common situations. The aircraft being studied is a P-63, but the same principles apply (superior roll rate to your enemy). Those of you who struggle to shake a six check it out. TURN CAPTIONS ON
  2. I think he is asking for the developers to open a server which doesn’t allow blacking out due to G-Force.
  3. Merry Christmas you filthy animals. Thanks again to the Dev Team!
  4. It's a good question and an important one. Checking your six essentially removes or at least limits the chances of being shot down/jumped. For me, it's situational dependent. If I'm in friendly territory, Once every min or so. Maybe even less often. - I got PK'd twice tonight for rarely checking my six for sneaky bastards in my own territory. Very frustrated with myself because it's easily avoided, but I think we've all been caught out like this at some point. If I'm in enemy territory / near the front line / near an objective. About every 30 seconds or so. If I'm on an enemy's 6. This is when you're most vulnerable. I'll check it as often as I can, maybe every 5/10 seconds or so, whilst trying not to lose sight of my target. I usually do this when my target is: Moving in a straight line Moving in a sustained turn I'm close and my target decides to fly vertically Remember that when you are in an area full of tracer fire, you can expect at least 1 or 2 enemies to be heading your way within the next 1 min or so.
  5. I feel that the new 109 e7, f2, f4, g2, etc engine sounds are all "missing something". I am no sound guy and I wish I could be more constructive. I don't know... it just sounds like more of a hum and it just doesn't give me that impression that I'm flying a machine. I think it's missing that calttering or clacking sound (high mid tin noises). I don't know.
  6. I will check this out now. Thank you for posting. Been having a trouble with spotting with recent patches. EDIT: Although I do not like the 0.5 GAMMA. (Way too dark for me!) I do like the 2 changes to ReShade: Colorfulness and Clarity. Jury is still out yet whether it helps with spotting but it does seem to make "black dots blacker"
  7. I like these ideas. Maybe a more pronounced colour change that happens sooner or maybe an additional "shallow, quiet grunt" from the pilot?
  8. I think you have missed my point danielprates and fiddlinjim and I apologise if I didn't explain properly. I am not talking about "technology" as you put it. I'm merely suggesting some sort of feedback to the pilot to infer that there IS a G force acting on the pilot. Yes of course pilots in the 40's didn't have any visual cues, but they didn't need any - they bloody well FELT the forces! 🙂 I am saying that we don't FEEL the G forces, so I cant tell if I am pulling any Gs at all, UNTIL I start blacking out. I was suggesting that a VERY discreet, almost hidden indicator at the bottom left (it doesn't need to show numerical values or be super accurate) so feed back to the pilot that he is experiencing G. No need for the flippant remark.
  9. Hey all, With the advent of the new G-system I think that we can all agree that this is a fantastic step in the Il2 journey. It has changed they way we all fly and fight. Props to the devs! I think we can also agree that at some point or another, we have all fated to the G-lock death and crashed our planes into the ground. Now that the patch has been out for a few weeks. A lot of us have successfully adjusted our flying style, not pulling the stick too hard in high speed manoeuvres - the G-Lock occurs less and less as we familiarise ourselves with the new system. One of the slight down falls (in my opinion) is that there is absolutely no indication of how many G's you are actually pulling - until you start blacking out. Let me explain: A real pilot, flying a real plane, feels the effects of G forces, whether that is pulling only 1G, or pulling 5G. The pilot is able to tell that with a "certain amount of pull of the stick, he can FEEL the G force effect on his body. If he is flying fast, he pulls on the stick, the G forces are harder - INDICATING he is flying at high speed and he knows NOT to pull to hard or he's going to black out. The pilot is able to feel the G forces on his body gives him IMMEDIATE feedback on how hard he is pulling, and also, how hard he can pull. At the moment, we have no such feedback. We have absolutely no clue whether we are flying at 1g, 2g, 3g etc until we actually start blacking out. Sometimes I have been flying slowly, found myself flying into a cloud from a dogfight, I start pulling the stick, sometimes not noticing I have gained 300kp/h and I am starting to black out. When flying fast, the G forces are so apparent that even small pulls of the stick can initiate blacking out. My question is: Should there be a "G-Force" indicator? I think there should be. OF COURSE I can hear you say "That's unrealistic!". Yes. True. And I agree. But so is that compass bearing at the bottom left corner. So are those messages you get when it says - OUT OF AMMO or ENGINE DAMAGED. I also find the fact that I cannot tell if I'm pulling 2 Gs or 4 Gs at high speeds is unrealistic also. I am not talking about "technology". I'm merely suggesting some sort of feedback to the pilot to infer that there IS a G force acting on the pilot. Yes of course pilots in the 40's didn't have any visual cues, but they didn't need any - they bloody well FELT the forces! We Don't. I would suggest that if this ever was to be implemented, it would of course be discreet. It would be maybe a very small traffic light colour in the bottom left of the screen. Green 1/2G, Yellow 3/4G, Red 5/6G? It would very much help us understand how heavy the G forces are acting on us in high speed manoeuvres. What do you think?
  10. Good Evening, With the new patch I have noticed a significant increase in load time (starting of application). Has anyone else noticed this or is it just me? Just out of interest, how long does it take to load your game up? Try it now. Mine takes 55secs with an SSD Tipsi
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