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  1. I wonder how the Russians of the Wings Of Liberty server are going to take this update? Hehehe.
  2. Hi All, I have been away from il2 for a year. I have now come back to find myself in an empty TS3 server where I used to find like-minded players on the public il2 TS server to fly with: Server IP: Password: bos2014 There are also a couple of discord channels but again not may peeps on. I usually play on Wings Of Liberty (European time), but now there are there are others some play on like Knights Of the Air and Combat Box. Where does everyone hang out for comms these days?
  3. Mobile BBQ, Kai_Lae has given you your first step to creating a video. Go and do it. I think the fact that Sadowplay (a recording software with little FPS degradation) is sufficient reason for you to reinstall GeforceFEx. Other people use OpenAL to record, but you will have to ask people what settings to use.
  4. FFS_Vapor, fantastic stuff. Thank you for taking the time and effort to create the interactive graphs! Is there any chance that these will be linked via your main database for easy access: https://il2planes.github.io/index.html ? I was wondering if it would be possible to do acceleration vs speed interactive graphs? Maybe at 0m, 3000m, 6000m. Thank you again for your hard work!
  5. Hello all, I tried connecting to the server but it says I am banned for "15 minutes". I am wondering, am I actually banned for something I did, or is this what happens when your pilot gets killed? Kind regards, Tipsi
  6. I am also having this issue. Attempt to join a 83/84 server, if I fail to get in I get a black screen.
  7. I'am intrigued to see acceleration characteristics comparison of 190 vs Yak1 and 190 vs La-5.
  8. Hey all, We are all familiar with important information such as Climb rate @ sea level and @ 3000m etc, but there is another important statistic which is not really talked about: Acceleration (200kph to 300kph & 300kph to 400kph) Does anyone know of any game-published statistics regarding the acceleration of aircraft? I'm not sure what the format of these statistics would look like... Kind regards, Tipsi
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