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  1. Hi, just a suggestion regarding The Rhineland Campaign 0.9.4. mission. The Luftwaffe target: 13th armoured Div. comes into very close proximity to German defences objective and this resulted in friendly fire, I ended up bombing two Panzers (har har I know silly me) thinking that they were part of the "13th Armoured Div". The Panzers were probably about 100m away from the Shermans I was supposed to be killing, but since I wasn't seeing any fire between the two, I assumed they were all part of the 13th Armoured Div, and thus resulted in my friendly bombing. May I suggest that the 13th Armoured do not drive and come so close into proximity of the German defences. Doing so would minimise silly friendly fire incidents. Yes, you could argue, that goes against the spirit of realism. You could also argue that pilots would be properly briefed before takeoff that panzers and Shermans would be very close in proximity to each other, which I was not informed of. Anyway, just bringing it to your attention. Great mission so far mission 👍
  2. Send it. Send it.... Please send it!
  3. Hi Smink1701, I think you’re missing the point a little bit. The devs are striving to make il2 the best WW2 flying simulation possible, and sometimes this means they have opportunities to improve graphical elements to their engine. Almost every patch they release improves the AI and, next patch we are even going to see massive changes to the damage model. Do you not think this is a positive and productive change? The OP is trying to show as all sneak previews of what’s to come and he’s obviously quite proud of the changes. My point is give em a ducking break man...
  4. Just like the Bf-109, try changing the “pitch stabilisers” in plane controls key bindings menu.
  5. So much vitriol being being flung around on this thread. chill out, peace and love n all that maaaaan... 🦠
  6. Full throttle. SHIFT + B for extra boost as well.
  7. Server down again (13:30 UK time) 20/02/2020.
  8. Berloga dogfight server has the “alternate” spotting
  9. I have noticed HDR on, SSAO off helps me. I believe that something is a bit "off" fundamentally with spotting at the moment and the devs are working hard on a solution for it.
  10. Have you tried pressing “H” to remove the HUD?
  11. After having some recent encounters with P-38s in my 109 K4/G14 over the last couple of weeks, I think I can be qualified to provide some anecdotal experiences. I can safely say, without ego, that the mk108 and 20mm cannon are very effective against P-38s. Most of my cannon placements have always been centre and rear airfoil. These usually score a kill in small bursts. However, here have been times when the P-38s do resemble ruggedness against mk108 and 20mm cannon fire which results in prolonged dogfights. Furthermore, P51's always seem to be the toughest nut to crack, even with mk108 cannon. I think the key now is somehow for the devs to find a way to make the P-38 damage model consistent.
  12. Just a troll. Don't listen to him. 😁
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