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  1. Hi can I report a teamkiller please: Name:Leob27 Time: 20:30GMT Team killed me on purpose (he was angry I was killing him I think). EDIT: He then went on to team kill multiple friendlies
  2. Hi guys, first impressions very good so far. Still finding it difficult to spot enemy planes which are below the horizon, but not impossible as it once was! Thank you very much for your effots
  3. If you already have the steam version installed, does that mean the windows installer will override this steam installation, or can it be used to update what is already installed?
  4. Stuck on downloading. I bet it's because it's all those many many many "I'm not playing il2 anymore" people have awoken from their slumber and are stealing all our bandwidth! 😅
  5. Everyone be chill till the update comes. Everyone be chill till the update comes. Everyone be chill till the update comes.
  6. So stale man. Everyone be chill till the update comes.
  7. When this is fixed, will there be anything else to complain about? 😅
  8. @Maverick23 Watch 2mins onwards. It might help explain the phenomenon you are seeing.
  9. "land_anisotropy = 16" and "land_tex_lods = 7" requires more power from your GPU, so that may result in FPS decrease. I unfortunately haven't had the pleasure of VR so my FPS remains high!
  10. @@ITAF_Lynx11 Unfortunately your "spotting test" is a bit flawed for us observers. We are watching a video which has been compressed for YouTube and captured using a phone camera? This is no substitute to a human eye, and I believe the videos above are not valid enough to prove your point. (But I get your point!)
  11. @Han, thank you for bringing the “spotting issue” to into the public domain for discussion. It means a lot to the whole community. I just wanted to say that I respectfully don’t believe historical evidence about soviets being shot down “without ever seeing an enemy” is not evidence as to why, WE the players do not see enemies, and neither is it evidence to say that current spotting is realistic. There is a lot of evidence now on this thread alone that there is an issue with being able to spot and maintain “visual lock” on an enemy and this seems to be down to the lack of contrast of colours, aircraft against the lower horizon. I think sorting out this “contrast issue” will be fundamental to making everyone happy. It will satisfy both the people who want realism and those who just want to have fun. CSGO has this issue for a very long time and was solved using a simple (on paper) solution: https://blog.counter-strike.net/index.php/2020/06/30428/ They increased the contrast between the player model and the environment. I have no idea what coding obstacles this creates as I’m not a developer, but maybe if we go down this route, we can make everyone happy? Tipsi
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