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  1. I think the “momentum” of the trim button is simply a duration of how long you keep the button pressed down. - Have you tried a keyboard keybinding if it acts the same? I have trim set to my hat switch using the Thrustmaster T-1600000000M and find that the game engine makes trimming quite “non-sensitive” i.e. I need to hold it down a long time to get it going
  2. Lol Soilworker go easy man. He's just saying his piece like everyone on here has their right to. ubik_2008 - If you go to the skins part of this forum, you can download historically accurate skins with swastikas, or whatever plane you are flying
  3. Better late than never! Merry Christmas
  4. Like Browning said it's probably best if you let us know what you have currently right now so we can best advise you. Judging from how old your current GPU is, your whole computer might need a change, including motherboard and CPU
  5. That card was made in 2008, or when I started my first year of university! Oh the good old days 😌
  6. Lubos, the armoured head rest was rarely, if at all removed from the chair of the 109, generally. So I believe the server is trying to stay true to historical accuracy in that regard. However, if this is the case, I have no idea why the Lagg-3 continues to have the VYa-23mm cannon as it was also rarely used, yet it is always unlocked on the server.
  7. Lol @adler_1, I too always lock my gunner station (too many bad memories in the early days of people shooting my tail wing off). I always appreciate it if people cover me and stay with me on my way to the target. I agree that close formations do more harm than good (people looking at me instead of looking for enemy fighters). I will never ever refuse to tell friendlies where I am going. When I startup in a bomber, I will always notify the team along the lines of “110 NEED COVER, Red Tanks, 0821. ETA 10mins”. I will usually keep repeating this until I get to the
  8. I'm glad to see it takes everyone ages to load the game, just like it does for me 🙃
  9. It depends if you are using track IR or not. But in any case, be methodical in your spotting. Start at friendly/enemy objectives as a focal point so you have a higher chance of spotting someone as it's likely to be in an action zone. Keep an eye on enemy avenues, such as towards enemy take off bases. I usually scan left to right. Start from my left 6, move my head to the right a bit, keep it still and look for a second or too, scanning with your eyes. Then move head a bit to the right/front, rinse and repeat. Keep checking your 6 often. At least once every 30 seconds i
  10. Can everyone please take a step back and appreciate this post. I find it astounding that people can berate others with their own ideas with absolutely no evidence, life experience, or scientific data to back up their arguments. The sim has been striving to use scientific data to get the closest realistic experience as possible. Of course share your own opinions on the matter, but don't chastise each other over it.
  11. I imagine a lot of time, effort and resources were put into improving the G-effects. Maybe now that this is complete, we will see the issues you mentioned fixed sooner rather than later.
  12. Haha, I do remember waiting one time an uncomfortably long amount of time! Im not sure maybe 15-20mins?
  13. Hi All, I have encountered an issue with my multiplayer game. Every time I load up il2 and join a server for the first time, I get a "loading wheel" which does not allow me to select any airfields to spawn at, nor can I use chat / press any other features of the map screen. The only way out of it is to CNTRL + ALT + DELETE and close program. It usually works fine the next time I load IL2. I was wondering: Has anyone else encountered this issue? If so, how can I fix the issue? Cheers, Tipsi For reference,
  14. C'mon, if the P-47 pilot was better at getting his bullets on target, that 109 would have been dispatched a lot sooner and he definitely wouldn't have the tenacity to continue shooting at the Tempest! But point taken though!
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