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  1. Try applying some negative G (push the nose down) and keep smashing that CNTRL + E
  2. @WhteRbt I don't know if anyone has suggested this: Have you tried changing the joystick sensitivity in the in-game key mapping menu? Try increasing the pitch, yaw and roll sensitivities. This helps enormously when flying planes which stall a little easy than others, like the Fw-190. I use with my Thrustmaster T160000M: PITCH: 50% ROLL: 40% YAW: 30% Try it and see if it helps.
  3. Is there a way to invert the axes? A lot of the airspeed charts that I find have speed on the x axis and altitude on the y axis and it makes it a little easier to read. Same with the climb time, is there a way to put time on the x axis, and altitude on the y axis?
  4. Hi mate, I don’t know if this is the correct answer or the discussion you’re looking for but: using the 109G4 as an example, it can fly on combat power (1.3ATA) for 30 minutes (about the average time of one sortie). It can also be boosted (1.42ATA) for 1min if I recall. Without the techno chat I would keep a good eye on my ATA and think “right, any ATA below 1.3 and I’m all good.” I’d also be thinking.. “Right, full throttle = 100% = 1.42ATA, use it sparingly”
  5. Tempest, check out this vid which may be of interest to you. he has a good little series about the designs and development of the fw
  6. Indeed the reflections are quite apparent, but when we use our eyes in real life, we'd be focusing on the terrain/sky in the background. We would be able to "see past" the reflections and blot it out of our mental thinking process
  7. just a note to those who are using ReShade: this will cause a CTD on startup, so make sure you remove / move your ReShade files somewhere till we can use it agai..
  8. Maybe because of the new update... it’s only 9am in Europe since the new update
  9. Can anyone comment on the long distance spotting aspect of the game with the new deferred shading?
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