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  1. Ok thanks everyone for your input. I do appreciate the feedback.
  2. Listen....all I'm interested in seeing is a visual percentage to be displayed on my screen to show how much flap I've dropped or raised during flight. I know all about all the other virtual physical indicators in the cockpit and on the wing. I understand that. This is more of a request to the Devs for this aircraft much like what is seen in other aircraft in game.
  3. What I am looking for is pretty simple. Whenever we activate the flaps, to either drop them or to raise them, I would like to see a percentage value represented on our screen as we fly. So I have a good idea to where my flaps are sitting relative to the aircraft while in flight. Currently, I don't see any value when I deploy the flaps. Just the automated sound for when the motor is running.
  4. ~S~ All, I have a suggestion for the next patch update. I would like to see a percentage value represented on the screen for dropping and raising the flaps while flying the FW-190A3 and future variants of this aircraft. Thanks !
  5. ~S~ All, When does the next campaign begin for TAW ?
  6. I like the concept of this.....but IL-2 1946 had its long run. Many people who flew the original IL-2 years ago have moved on to either CLOD or the current version of IL-2 BOS / BOM and soon to be released BOK. Perhaps shape an allied unit for BOK to evolve into the Pacific Theatre once IL-2 supports that ? Just an idea..
  7. I really enjoy flying online when I can. Recently found the "Random Expert" server and enjoy all that this server provides. Very supportive to squad style flight ops.
  8. Thanks everyone ! Yeah...I'm very impressed with what I see here.
  9. Ok, fantastic. Thank you for the link. Looking at the timeline, 2017 promises to be a good year for this new release. Looking at the Kuban map, Its....HUGE. Very impressed..
  10. Salute Chaps... I pre ordered Kuban this evening and was wondering if I am able to download any content from the pre order or do we have to wait ? I have BOS and BOM already on my computer as of now. Thanks for any replies.
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