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  1. What a generally silly topic to argue/discuss. Given the very low probability of any form of action on this why would people invest so much energy into such a slim prospect. I salute the men and women who served their various roles in WWII but this topic isn't likely to result in anything worthy of their sacrifices. von Luck
  2. While I would agree about not needing to be Male to fly I would also point out as you mentioned- 99% of pilots in this community are infact men. Given such a low probability of a given pilot being a woman I would say its reasonable to question anyone claiming to be so. However I'm sure it must be terribly annoying to hear the same tired questions, replies, and inevitable jokes. von Luck
  3. Having more airframes than pilots was a common occurrence in the 1944 luftwaffe. Luftwaffe sortie rates plummeted for a number of reasons in the late war - reading pilot accounts from then is a mix of tragic and frustrated. von Luck
  4. Glad somebody brought up the hydraulic assistance in the 38 - I had forgotten that! Overall I think the 38 will be a fine bird - I think it will match up to the late war Kraut assets like how some of the Russian planes do now. In other words stick to your advantages but you can still fly her very agressively. I think it'll be a fine bird in the lineup - perhaps not the most competitive on paper but still a great plane. I look forward to flying her and surprising pilots with some of her lesser known qualities. As an aside I have become so accustomed to the lethality of merely 2 50 cals I cannot fathom people even suggesting that somehow 4 50's and a 20mm won't be instantly lethal. I already shoot down 109's with less than a half second squirt from 2 50's... guess I just don't value the surplus lethality as highly. von Luck
  5. The 38 should be a deadly energy fighter and capable of turning very tightly with use of its excellent flaps. It was famously stable and packs a lethal punch with 4xM2 and 1x 20mm mounted centrally in the nose. Cons being high speed compression (as stated earlier this was largely fixed in later models), being a large target, and a relatively slow roll rate. 109's and 190's will likely seek to abuse the roll rate and maybe top dive speed. My main concern is the repeated portrayal of the Allison engine as finicky, flimsy, and failure prone. Given how the P40/P39 need to exercise painstaking engine management I fear this trend will continue. von Luck
  6. I am enjoying the game immensity presently but there are a few issues I have noticed while playing. Most egregious of the problems is an issue with an enemy planes lead as seen by the defensive pilot. Often when evading an enemy to my six I will look back to determine if they have pulled into a firing solution by pulling adequate lead. I have repeatedly been shot down by planes with insufficient lead recently. While watching I will observe an enemy fire with an angle as is clear to me to be too far in trail. These shots will then strike my plane despite my visual confirmation that sufficient lead was not achieved. This is distressing because it quickly becomes difficult to asses if you're turning tight enough to prevent being shot. For context sake I play on Wings of Liberty mostly and the ping there is 270ish. Was there a change in net code that altered anything with this last patch? I have noticed this much more now after the BoK release which leads me to believe something may have changed. Clearly playing on a server with a lower ping would be preferred however the present community does not seem interested in flying on a server other than Wings. Thanks, von Luck
  7. Take a 30-06/7.98/7.62 And shoot an engine from 300m then come back and tell me it's ineffective. For more relevant purposes shoot it 5 times or so and run that puppy. Is higher calaber more effective- yes but rifle caliber worked. Especially if the RoF was high. von Luck
  8. So in my defence I was responding to a question on wing loading and I clearly stated the data was from the wiki AND noted it was from a Q model. Wing loading would have been similar to the Q as a point of reference. Before I get dog piled for that - I know armaments changed on the wings and total plane weight changed - the P39 got heavier in later models. Infer from that what you will but I wouldn't call it "BS". von Luck
  9. I don't share your feels here. In a 109 if enemy is guns 6 with E parity it's time to force a mistake from him. your hand has been forced and you need to maneuver hard. That's a dire situation but not hopeless. If he's not guns you have more options. I always prefer more options but I wouldn't call enemy guns 6 helpless. Unless there's more than 1 ... More often than not I get shot down when I misscalculate the E delta and make a poor choice of maneuver. von Luck
  10. I see that wing loading as being comparable to Yak 1b. Admittedly I pulled these numbers from the wiki pages so take it with a grain of salt. Yak 1b: Maximum speed: 592 km/h at altitude (368 mph) Range: 700 km (435 mi) Service ceiling: 10,050 m (32,972 ft) Rate of climb: 15.4 m/s (3,038 ft/min) Wing loading: 168 kg/m2 (34 lb/ft2) Power/mass: 0.31 kW/kg (0.19 hp/lb) P39Q - note this is a later model P39* Never exceed speed: 525 mph (845 km/h) Maximum speed: 389 mph (626 km/h) at 10,000 ft (using emergency power) Stall speed: 95 mph (152 km/h) Power off Flaps & undercarriage down Range: 525 miles on internal fuel (840 km) Service ceiling: 35,000 ft (10,700 m) Rate of climb: 3805 ft/min (19,3 m/s) at 7,400 ft (using emergency power) Wing loading: 34.6 lb/sq ft (169 kg/m²) Power/mass: 0.16 hp/lb (0.27 kW/kg) Time to climb: 15,000 in 4.5 min at 160 mph (260 km/h). von Luck
  11. con·fir·ma·tion bi·asnoun noun: confirmation bias the tendency to interpret new evidence as confirmation of one's existing beliefs or theories. Perhaps you need to re think your approach here. Flying a couple of sorties as VVS then claiming it's too easy is rather narrow minded. Claiming you only confirmed you're suspicion when you flew a few times smacks of confirmation bias. von Luck
  12. Both sides have their share of silly quirks. The key is to fly Red and Blue for superior perspective. Fly too much of one side and you can become overly invested in it. Both sides will preach garbage from their holier than thou scriptures. Avoid inundating yourself with the philosophy of either side. Tell Teusday to take a chill pill and fly some Blue. Sounds like it would do him some good. von Luck
  13. Are you looking for direct instruction or a group to fly with and learn from? I would also look into getting discord as it is another popular voip program. I can offer up my discord if you're looking for a PST timeframe. von Luck
  14. 190's exist for the bounce - I don't believe a decent pilot will have difficulty making the 262 work. The speed delta already exists with prop jobs bouncing fights on the deck. People in here know how to make a mountain out of a mole hill. Theory crafting the cans and cant's of a plane is typically a myopic affair and generally a waste of time. We'll know how well the 262 works when we can get our filthy hands on them. von Luck
  15. Makes sense - just very much contrary to what I had expected for the period. Pilots are famous for being willful and I would have expected less stringent oversight due to wartime conditions. In my mind a bunch of cocky kids would have torn it out and never given it a second thought. Again this speaks volumes about the perceived importance of this in my eyes. von Luck
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