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  1. With reprojection on, right? Can't imagine you're getting 90fps.
  2. I'm not sure, but I'll provide you with my settings now, and you saw my specs above. I'm running 2x MSAA on Balanced settings with the rest of Wulfe's startup.cfg recommendations. Im still getting some reproduction in some areas. My guess is that 1080ti users will want to stick with FXAA until there's further optimization. yes, but I don't think any VR users will be able to use it without significant sacrifice to the rest of settings, if at all.
  3. Back on topic, you boys know better than to get this thread locked (took me 3 locked threads to give up myself). A question for the masses: Is 2x MSAA better than 4x FXAA? I'm running a 9700k at 5.15 ghz, 2080ti and 32gb 3000 ram. If I can't run 4x MSAA then hardly anybody can! Lol
  4. Still think the single greatest change that would bring back people is to stop having the same missions over and over with the same objective layouts, just with different scenery. In TAW, you have two options: Go after tanks or go after the defenses 10km away. How about tying in "special" objectives, like a convoy with VIP, or airfield receiving supplies or any other things that attract everyone to Finnish.
  5. I had my startup.cfg in read only to lock grass off. After deleting the startup and validating again, all works.
  6. the discussion was elsewhere, but you lock every thread with the discussion. And the mod does not work not because of the update. Yes, the mod always needs reworked after an update. It takes a day or two then we're back up and running. However, now there is no mod thread, no mod to download or update. So yes, it's broken, for all intents and purposes. Listen, I get that you don't want to hear about it anymore. So I'm done voicing my opinion. I'll check back with IL2 in a few months.
  7. Know what else is blowing in the wind? VR users ability to play the game. Not talking about it is dismissing an issue that will send people away from this game, already kneecapping an already niche user base. What it feels like, after constantly being censored, is that we are being cut loose to blow in the wind, while the rest of the users move on unimpacted. At this point I'm so frustrated that I can't even express it well enough. TL;DR - I don't want to be told "ha, sucks to be you. But stop talking about how much money you spent on a paperweight."
  8. So what’s the excuse for the other 2 months? Nodes must only be weak when you’re in trouble. Although, I’ve been in trouble a lot, but have never disco’d. And the guy I fly with has internet straight from the 90s, and he’s never been disco’d. Jesting aside, as noted above, coincidence or correlation, it still smells like stinky shite to me.
  9. Just what the title says. After this update any time I select a plane in QMB and hit FLY, or try to join any MP server, I quietly get booted to desktop. Using VR, just removed the Mod that shall not be named. Tried playing, crashed about 9x times in a row. Validated integrity of game files in Steam. Crashed 5x more times. I'd rather go through the headache of clean install and having to screw with my keybindings and settings all over again, unless necessary.
  10. Edited because apparently this is a censored topic. Guess I'll just downplay my frustration and say: 5x vr zoom please. Because asking politely the exact same way for years should pay off some day, right?
  11. So let me get this straight. We now have no useful zoom (as of today's update) for VR because 2d guys were exploiting it? But they keep their default zoom? Aint that some shit....
  12. Goodness, lots of "bad connections" this campaign. I don't recall it being so prevalent in previous campaigns. And before the "bUt CaRonAviruZ 🤪" excuse is as overused as this exploit, I don't see ANY other servers having this issue. No doubt some connections are degraded, but so many coming to light at the same time? And being perfectly fine for the entire flight before you get in trouble? Wish my ISP could bail me out like that. I'm 100% a cynic, so until there's an easy way to distinguish between the two scenarios, I'll go ahead and lump all instances in the "suspicious" category.
  13. There is no one root cause. The 3 life rule is a contributing factor, the balance in NA over the last 5-6 campaigns is a contributing factor, targets on top of each other forcing bombers into a powderkeg of AA and CAP over and over and over and over every map is a contributing factor, etc etc. Now, I can go into CB or WoL and get into a new fight in 4 min, or I can tool around for 45 min before I see another plane in TAW. Now I'm not saying TAW is bad at all. In fact, it is my favorite server, but simply empty most nights (I will always check TAW first before deciding to go elsewhere).
  14. I only play because I like being slaughtered by Wulfe and Sinerox. And I think it makes them feel good too. Plus Wolf-1 whines a lot if I don't play cannon fodder for him while he does his bomber missions on TAW.
  15. I don't know anything about the survey to be able to comment, but I'm assuming it was the the taw population and not polling those that have never even bothered to try a TAW campaign? (Which I assume is probably a large portion.)
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