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  1. Is there still the problem where a map rolls and the same target is up, but when you annihilated it with a 1000kg bomb dead center nothing happens because it was "destroyed" last map?
  2. That's all fine and good, but unless you define an application of usage, then you can argue anything irrelevant. I want to now point out that DLSS is absolutely horrible when using it to navigate a satellite space launch; it's really just no good. Down with DLSS! Now, if we get back to VR, since you know, it's the VR section, please let us know what your research says in those applications. VR and 2d have very few similarities in IL2. Settings are different, gpu and cpu utilization is on another planet, and it all changes between different headsets even. TL:DR - A hybrid car would make a horrible work truck, so stop talking about it in that light.
  3. @SharpeXB. You seem to be in the wrong sub forum. This is the VR category. Your argument, while valid in your 4k monitor application, is inconsequential in this thread. And yes, Pimax 8k is technically capable of 4k resolutions, but it's in the severe minority in the VR space. For VR, it makes sense to open up as much GPU headroom as possible, especially for a DX11 game poorly optimized for VR in the first place. Out of curiosity, do you currently use VR? If not, are you simply trolling?
  4. Nvidia needs no interaction, by design. They've provided the algorithm and dev's can use it as they please. It's a bit more complicated than that. If VRSS is a post processing ReShade, then DLSS is a visual rework of the engine. My point is that it should be more efficient in providing SS, which should reduce the gpu usage.
  5. So how does one go about getting the best response from our dev's to see if DLSS is possible or even on their radar? The VR and 4K monitor communities have grown exponentially over the last two years and optimization is starting to lag DCS and many other vr playable games. Since the move to DX12 is much more intrusive, DLSS2.0 might be a happy little bandaid that unlocks performance. I still get stuttering on normal preset with 9700k and 2080ti, both watercooled.
  6. Sorry, suppose I should shoot flowers up everyone's ass as not to offend anyone. What I said was concise, however i guess everyone deserves elaborate and needless interaction now, so here it goes: (OP, the sarcasm in the following response is not directed at you, but you may find it moderately more useful than my original reply) There are servers that have tags on. There is usually a handful of people, two to ten, on the DED server at any given time, which provides no meaningful gameplay. (Oh great, now I have to define meaningful.) Meaningful means you will see combat or be immersed in a mission in a way that is more MEANINGFUL than quick missions in SP. The game in MP does not cater to those with tags on because of the game's intent to be more simulation than game, and the general player base's opinion. This is corroborated by looking at the servers that ARE actually populated, and many times FULL (TAW, WOL, Virtual Finnish, etc.) This is not to say "tags are bad". I use them in SP all the time to hone skills, but there is little use for them in MP, as this is a situational awareness nightmare. If OP could tell us what he does not like about "no tags" gameplay, then perhaps we can steer him in the right direction to either make it more enjoyable, or provide alternate solutions. P.S. EpeeNoir - I long to hang out with you so. Please be my best friend.
  7. Anybody else see this and immediately think; "Welp, looks like I'll be avoiding il2/pe2's even more in TAW than I already do..."
  8. No, tagged servers are empty. The game "you don't like" is exactly how this game is meant to be. Sorry.
  9. Edit: Problem resolved. I had mucked with some advanced settings that basically made the mission piss itself. That's what I get for messing with settings while drunk and watching football.....
  10. Level 3 - As an emergency program manager for a global company, this name gives me nightmares!
  11. It's frustrating that I can't tell if this is tongue-in-cheek or if you're being serious. I'll assume your serious since this thread has continued with real conversation. Can you imagine how expensive it would be to mass produce two variants of plan just for the few % of pilots who are left handed? Talk about a Project Management nightmare! Also, you mentioned flying well to get your PPL by using left hand on yoke and right on throttle/mixture. I'm right handed and had to do the same in the left seat, so why would I get special consideration? Our problems are the same, but reversed!
  12. I've read in a few different places that a SS above 150-160% actually blurs the image a bit, so it is recommended to run IL2 anywhere between 130%-150% depending on headset. Not to mention 200% for me is a performance hog. You say you're running Ultra? Is that in MP? I have to use Balanced settings with clouds medium (they seem to kill my performance the most).
  13. This was, at best, a marketing stretch. The U2 is a nich within a nich within a nich, has nearly no use in game. Ju52 was probably a bit better, but only slightly. Early war transport isn't exactly thrilling. I would consider any late-war bomber miles above either of these. And, I would be comfortable assuming the player community largely would agree. I'm not saying the 52 or U2 are bad, but they certainly can't compare to the playability of a B26.
  14. Yeah full of blue spies! (Jk, I forgot about that since there's never been anybody on it in the past)
  15. For those who fly red in US EST evenings, can we get together via discord? There's only 6-8 of us.... I'm down to provide my discord channel if needed, will be on around 20:30 EST
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