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  1. you're being divisive because you're frustrated with change. You are in the minority. Quit bitching and power through, or find another server. Im done arguing.
  2. I fly every single plane minus Ju-52, and seem to do just fine. There's no need to overcomplicate this shit guys. In combat, go full forward on everything. Your battle won't last more than 5 min (unless you've really screwed up), then reduce power with gauges. Can't remember the engine settings? There's a mod that replaces the photo with engine management info. Guys, I'm a REALLY BAD fighter pilot. A good real life pilot, but super terrible here, and not relying on technochat did nothing negative to me. It just takes a small amount of practice. For the 4th time, if you don't feel comfortable without it yet, it's OKAY! We've all been there. Take some time on another server and do some practice with it. I promise, it will get better and you'll appreciate the added immersion with having to actually look at your flap indicator on the wings, or the compass.
  3. I would never believe this type of stuff lol. But I'm continually amazed as the absolute idiotic trash that many people believe nowadays and continue to spread their vitriol. Just look at any online news outlet comment section. I can't tell anymore whether someone's being funny, or incredibly stupid!
  4. No, real pilots confirm with their hands that all levers are full forward. Maybe I’m spoiled for having a lever for throttle, mix, and rpm/prop. Then when out of combat they reduce power using gauges as needed. Again, it’s an opinion, but I believe one that was previously voted on. If it doesn’t suit you, the door’s on the left. P.S. - I use a Saitek throttle quadrant in VR. People drop $70 on a new BoX module in 0.65 seconds, but won't do themselves a favor and spend $60 on this.... makes these arguments ts null and void if you aren't willing to help yourself before trying to change an entire server for hundreds (sometimes of thousands) of registered pilots.
  5. I agree with all complaints except for technochat. For 90%, it's a crutch. For only selecting bomb drop intervals, yes it's an issue, but did the p47 pilots have that control in real life? I know they couldn't edit fuses on the fly. If you don't like technochat and gps being off, then go fly WoL. Nobody would think less of you. But this server removes many of the handicaps that make many servers gamey, and that is something many of us appreciate. Just because it's not for you doesn't mean it's wrong.
  6. @=LG=Kathon, can you please look at my first sortie? Got an AK but my stats show I have 2 assists lol. I know stats were a bit messed earlier. But not sure of it's because I ended my sortie and he crashed after I came back in a Spit.
  7. Can't tell if this is sarcasm or not. Are you saying that the GAME'S DM proves the p47 wasn't a durable aircraft? Not sure I've ever seen a claim like that before lol.
  8. Who hurt you as a child? Must have been a P47 pilot with your attitude towards it.... Perhaps you'd like to argue how engine management in the sim is very much by the FM, but IRL pilots pushed their engines much harder for longer.... wait, thats counter to your argument. Carry on with your temper tantrum then 🍿
  9. Yeah that's what I'm worried about. People feel that it isn't worth it yet, which is a shame. Just yesterday I bounced 3 110's in a 47 solo and called for support on srs. Luckily I got 2 French guys in tempests and we demolished the 110's. Was a whole new type of fun!
  10. Out of curiosity, why are more people not using SRS on this server? Soon much text chatting asking where the enemy are, calling out contacts, etc. If only there were a radio mechanism for all this.....
  11. Try youtubing dead reckoning. As an IRL pilot, it's one of the first skills you learn, other than keeping the bird above 0. You don't necessarily need to plan your route, especially if you fly fighters. Simply learn to triangulation your position using two known points (ie. Town A at 10 o'clock, river intersection B at 3 o'clock). Then memorize basic trigonometry so you can guess basic headings (ie. If you need to go one grid up and 2 right, then go heading 060) and then plan for a validation (ie. Once I get there on my heading, I should be flying over the southern edge of town C). The. If you're off course a bit, correct on the next leg. It can seem like a lot to manage, but my best advise is to VERY regularly go through the practice of figuring out exactly where you are using landmarks. Once you do that, the rest is really quite easy. But again, Youtube dead rekoning and areal navigation.
  12. This used to be an issue about a year ago. But now it is not. I had recently heavily practiced doing bombing runs in a 109 at 20m with 1 sec bomb fuse at 650kph and it worked flawlessly. Did it in multiple servers.
  13. I'll put it this way, I have an I7 9700k @ 5.1gHz, 2080ti, and all the ram you need, and I'm running just slightly higher than what you could equate to "medium" settings. I think it could be done with your specs, but you will be so frustrated with the outcome that it might turn you off of IL2 completely, which would be a shame. My advice; play 2d for the moment and get used to the game and physics. Save up and upgrade your cpu to something that can get at least 4.5 gHz and 1080ti minimum.
  14. With reprojection on, right? Can't imagine you're getting 90fps.
  15. I'm not sure, but I'll provide you with my settings now, and you saw my specs above. I'm running 2x MSAA on Balanced settings with the rest of Wulfe's startup.cfg recommendations. Im still getting some reproduction in some areas. My guess is that 1080ti users will want to stick with FXAA until there's further optimization. yes, but I don't think any VR users will be able to use it without significant sacrifice to the rest of settings, if at all.
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