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  1. I hear you. I spent so much time tweaking for IL2 to run at 90fps that I'm afraid I messed with settings that will cause warp in any state that isn't the one I have. Specs: I5 7700k @5.1 2080ti fully OC'd 32gb 3400 ram I'm actually not that concerned with IL2, since with my specs I had it dialed in really well. But MSFS is a beast of its own so I wanted to try getting some headroom. Oh well, I'll keep tinkering! (But will leave IL2 alone)
  2. Seems that I've got something wrong. Tried doing it in IL2 and I get some serious warping with reprojection locked on. Even when I don't need it, since I was running 90fps flawlessly. MSFS isn't much better. I went 120hz refresh locked to 40, then 60 with vomit inducing warping. What steam vr settings do you have going?
  3. Did bomb effectiveness get fixed yet in TAW? I'd love to go back to bombing, but zero point in it when 500kg bomb does nothing, and even if it does you better hope it wasn't already destroyed in a previous mission since it refreshes with map rollover but still shows "dead" in TAW. And before you respond with "thats not a server issue", I'll remind you that Finnish and CB both have no issue with ground targets (and you can see the result of this, since i see plenty of bombers in both).
  4. So what setting changes have we made for Index in steam vr and in-game?
  5. Is there a point in time when the map is changed manually? Seems like we've been on this one for over a month and it got me thinking "are we going to be here for 6 months?!"
  6. Your bottleneck will be CPU. The closer you can get to 5.0Ghz the better. However, It should work just fine on medium settings depending on your unit and framerate selected.
  7. Try messing with your rudder curves as this will help when slowing after landing. Also remember the brake system makes a touchy rudder even worse during braking. I have reduced sensitivity in the first 40% travel and I find i don't need to use more than that to keep coordinated in flight.
  8. Might be dangerous. The only real detractor I've seen is that there's two Flashpoint in each map, and it's been equated to a "larger berloga". If you effectively rope off a sector from these front line objectives then you either have to compress the spacing, or have one "set" of front line objectives. If you get creative and can fix that potential issue, then I don't see a downside.
  9. @Groove_GFA, how are you guys making out? I can almost guarantee you won't find a better community, so be sure you ask any and every question you can ( be sure to use the search function first though 😉).
  10. The fuse starts on impact. Release altitude depends on your angle and speed.Think of it as a delay to let you get out of the immediate blast radius before it blows up. There are several ways to skin this cat, and I'll provide some examples below. But I find that there is no right answer, and your bombing method and creativity will dictate how long it should be. Note: Bomb penetration is not a variable as it would be IRL. Angle of release is your biggest player, because bombs with fuses can bounce/skip if at an acute angle. Examples: 1. Leve
  11. While this is a pretty succinct answer in and of itself, the game completely changes when armor is involved. Velocity is still king, but the AP nature of a round becomes a very close #2. A small ballistically efficient AP round might make a clean hole through steel and have enough energy for a clean thru-n-thru. A large lumbering AP round might cause significan shrapnel on exit leading to more overall lethality. The most important variable, IMO, is distance to target because it has a hand in changing all other variables. (As noted by some others above.)
  12. It's pretty much common knowledge that early maps belong to Axis (although hurricane evened that up a bit) and the further along it goes the more Allies get the nod. Frustrating for Germans right now, for sure. But map 7 will be here quickly and we'll get the G14. All will be well then. I do hate seeing the G6 late w/o mw50, seems pretty useless to have lol
  13. TL:DR Most, if not all, fighters in the Stalingrad module will be pretty easy to get adequate with very quickly. Think you'll find that most of the learning curve is tactics; both solo and with a wingman.
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