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  1. You, as a pilot, are often inundated with a metric ton of available information that can help you confirm from longer distances. I suggest tapping into a series of internal questions when you spot “something”. For example: Are the over a friendly or enemy target? Their behavior over such an area is a good clue (which is why I HATE when a pe2 flies home at treetop level right over our own objective. I immediately think it’s a 110 on a bomb run!) The best behavioral clue I see is attention. Where is attention being paid in that other plane? Do you see them in lazy orbits over their objective? They’re looking for bombers to bounce below. Are they rocking wings or changing direction? Likely searching skies for other fighters and might be a friendly escorting a bomber into that same target. Are they over 5km in altitude? 90% of the time it’s a 109, especially in earlier plane sets. In BoBp maps, is it trailing thick exhaust? 190 100% TL:DR: Use contextual information before you can identify the target to form a conclusion. Then while you move in, confirm your conclusion using your ID techniques. You should ID as a confirmation, not as the full assessment.
  2. This has been my fear ever since they announced the plane sets for BoBP. I thought “that’s cool, guess I can play them in a few months when SP campaign comes out”, because no way will sides be even in my time zone in MP. I don’t expect the two-account system to depart anytime soon. It was, and is still, quite a hit when it was introduced. We, Siddy, are in the minority where we put our wishes aside in order to create a decent campaign. I’ll expect to play Red early, then Blue late around the BoK maps and into the BoBp campaign. Can’t be fully upset though, I’m still flying!
  3. I was originally upset to see expert servers adopt the alternate visibility. There’s really no difference between that vis and having markers on, as identification has become excruciatingly easy (appealing to many). But if KOTA goes alternate spotting, then I think that make TAW more appealing and boost their numbers. I do feel bad for bombers like Limbo, though. (Not counting p38 or p47, or 190) It does seem that right now the bomber meta is all but gone in IL2 with the all-fighter lineup for BoBp. I believe, supported by the adoption of the alternate vis. @Spicysauced has informed me that I insult those who enjoy “easier”. So I’ll now see the bright side going forward, no matter what server admins do.
  4. Should be same, but you’ll likely have to tailor it to yourself. Identification is hard, and harder with VR. It sucks at first but you’ll pick up subtle queues in each plane to be able to know from long distance. I first go by speak/slender’ness to see if it’s a 109 or Allied. Then I look at wingtips to see if it’s a 190. general rule: if it looks stout or bulbous, it’s an allied aircraft. Sleek and sexy, usually Axis. Rule applies to all but 110 and pe2, differences are much less there.
  5. ADSB Out is for all aircraft in controlled airspace. Closure speed has nothing to do with it, considering two C172s have a 200kt closure speed (nowhere near mach btw). I'm not an elitist. My stats wouldn't let me be. But I don't want a good sim dumbed down because you have the SA of a pumpkin. Rather, I'd prefer a happy medium of pre-patch and the "normal" system. I think the new "expert" system is closer to correct than the other. Once and for all: Easy/Unrealistic spotting ≠ Good simulation.
  6. Want the new "normal" spotting? Go play Warthunder. There's a reason the FAA has made ADSB out mandatory. It's really friggin' hard to spot anything outside the 20° vertical cone at your altitude. Close, far, doesnt matter. The only thing the normal vis system does is artificially blows up contacts at long distance. It looks like plastic models are floating in space, so much so that you can tell which model of 109 it is from 30+km away - purely ridiculous.
  7. I will test shortly. Basically same pc hardware but running Odyssey+. Only issue I see is 72hz for ur VR to me needing 90
  8. Noticed there's no "Extreme" cloud setting yet. Jason/Han - Any word on when this will hit? VR guys are super excited for this cloud fix (FPS specifically). Thanks!
  9. I’ll be honest, I’ve only read the last page of this post hoping to see a dev post on the cloud issue destroying the VR community. I get this error when I run a GPU OC that is too high. Funny enough it doesn’t happen when OC’ing other games. I move Afterburner to stock levels and zero issue.
  10. This is true for BoBp but it effects all BoX. There’s no reason the new update should have messed with clouds though; which appear to be the main culprit.
  11. This is the biggest thing that doesn’t get discussed enough. VR is getting way more prevalent now, and only getting better. Some thought needs to go into the disparity.
  12. Just cut throttle max out rpm and throw her into a level side slip (cross controls). Level side slips are a MAJOR no-no IRL GA aircraft, but this sim doesn’t punish uncoordinated slow flight enough, so use it!
  13. Can someone post Odyssey+ settings for the new mod version? I’m having issues setting convergence on my own for some reason.
  14. The only issue I have with the patch vs hot fix is that VR users finally felt like their handicap in long range spotting was diminished. I never really had much of an issue spotting with a 4K tv I used, but went to VR and it was a real issue. Only fix for this is to increase LOD for VR only, but to do side-by-side testing for same distance detection to ensure there is no advantage gained. But, yes I know the LOD will change so much based on VR setup and settings. Just talking hypothetical ideas. In the end, I liked the patch version, selfishly. But can 100% see how monitor users detecting contacts at 40+km is an issue. Glad I’m not a dev right now lol.
  15. 1. You can turn bloom off in your startup.cfg with HDR on. 2. I turn on instrument lights on for extra contrast 100%, as I do this IRL in the Pipers i fly.
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