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  1. I certainly don’t have a dog in this fight, since I’ve given up on taw. But your argument fails to consider the side imbalance. Yes, more VVS fighters are in top 10 for kills, but you don’t mention the relationship of kills to opportunity. Sure is easier to get a kill when you’re outnumbered especially when only comparing fighters ( we all know LW has more fighters in the air than bombers, whereas VVS is a lower %). Too many variables in my opinion to make the counter-argument you’re making. I will agree however, that increasing poor weather missions just means less on both sides actually flying. I also don’t like using precipitation in this sim since icing isn’t modeled. Model freezing levels and we now have a real equalizer lol!
  2. I commend you for lasting this long. I quit map 2 based on balance and the fact that I havent flown Blue in over a year. I probably won’t come back until significant improvements are made, since I find my time (2 hrs per night) too valuable not to have ANY fun. This server has successfully turned me off from even booting IL2 for awhile.
  3. You'll always have this in this server. When pilot's lives matter, flying red is just too hard for a majority it seems. Is it time to strengthen red airfields so we dont steamroll a map in a few days without coming even close to numerical win criteria?
  4. She’s a LW statistic with the yva23 restricted. Utterly useless.
  5. US evening - I've flown LW maybe one mission in years, not even a full campaign. I see a constant 30 v 5-7 so I just dont play any more unless I'm asked to be cannon fodder for a friend while he bombs. I'll have to look again, but I'm not so sure its squads doing this, as it seems its primarily individuals with no affiliation in LW (as you would expect). I dont hope for change anymore, so I just go Play WoL or KOTA sadly.
  6. Why did the map just roll to another mission with a winning condition being met (allied trucks lost)?
  7. Just me, or are those options all wrong? Bare minimum to change: Reduce screen resolution (unnecessary GPU load for VR) to 1080 clouds high HDR on Target FPS off
  8. 100% true on the Pro 4. I have the MSI z370 gaming Pro Carbon AC. True about z390s, but I didn’t find the cost to move up worth it.
  9. What is better completely depends on budget and your computer specs. 8k will be better if you can get the max out of it. But, if your specs aren’t top notch, then you won’t utilize its full potential. Then the 5k or Odyssey+ become “better”. Ive also heard that the sweet spot isn’t any bigger, so while FOV is bigger, edges are generally blurry and unusable, especially in sims.
  10. 9700k here for a month now. Running 5.2ghz with 1.330v. I really didn’t even have to try, and my temps have never gone over 74C. It’s paired with a high-performance z370 mobo, 1080ti hybrid, 2x 240mm fans + 2 120mm fans (not including the GPU radiator fan). Edit: It’s worth noting that single thread performance is king for VR in this game, if it hasn’t already been said.
  11. Your whining and “holier than thou” mentality makes me want to start chute shooting. Seriously. Quit whining and carry on. I promise that nobody cares about your serious problems with perfectly legal activities.
  12. I downloaded the 10.5 file and extracted the single 3Dmigoto folder to my MODS folder to have activated by JSGME. The files I've edited are in that folder still. Extraction snapshot: Odyssey ini snapshot: UPDATE: While taking these screenshots, I noticed the file extensions for the other .ini files are actually not configuration settings (duh). So I made sure to rename it with the .ini on the back and it switched it back. Works just fine now. Thanks
  13. Sorry, my reference to x/y parameters in the first sentence was referring to the zoom.ini file. Changed and saved, then went in game, hit f10 and no changes were made. Thinking maybe f10 wasnt working, I also did the "hunting to 2" workaround. No matter what changes i make to either file, nothing happens.
  14. Requesting a bit of help:  No matter what zoom x/y parameters i change, nothing happens. I can even change the default zoom factor to 10.0 in the d3dx file, but ZERO changes take affect after hitting f10 or restarting the game entirely. Installed in MOD folder and enabled in JSGME. Button shortcuts work as designed, so i know the mod is working in that regard.
  15. Do you need to make the zoom.ini file read-only when changing to Odyssey? Only reason I ask is because my 10x zoom was not any better when I made the switch to that file for my Odyssey+. Update: Alright, I'm officially extremely frustrated. I've changed the "user_keymapping_zoom.ini" to "user_keymapping_zoom.rift" to nullify that (and keep it in case i ever transition to rift for whatever reason). I've then renamed the odyssey version to "user_keymapping_zoom.ini". My problem is that no matter what i input in to y6, x7, and y7, not a thing changes. After each "change" i go back in game and hit f10 where I get an audible tone, but nothing has changed in 10x zoom. I've also gone the route of editing the d3dx.ini default factor to 10.0 per instruction, but nothing there has changed either. I've even set a few of them to 25.00! Note: My SteamVR and MixedRealityVRDriver are on a separate drive from the IL2 steam install drive, since I have a dedicated SSD for the game. Would that affect anything? What the F am I doing wrong here?
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