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  1. Care to share a bit more about this?
  2. Did you got anything from any devs, beside the almost automatic message so far?
  3. Any expecific front or any front? It is, thx dude Anybody have any prints from german awards?
  4. Do you have the description for the order of lenin and order of the red banner?
  5. Lets look the other way and pretended it didnt happaned Anyway, its a very strange bug, i may not have fought a single german pilot in the last chapter of the secong campaing, only killed Soviets, flying as one
  6. I've been trying for the past few weeks document every award in career mode we got so far. Just kinda finished a russian career mode from Stalingrad to Kuban and so far i have this (check image bellow) Anyway, as i dont have any documented german awards, it would glady accept any prints from the pilot page from your pilots with the awards they have so far.
  7. https://www.dropbox.com/s/vu9ajos7erdbknr/_gen.Mission?dl=0 Just posted it here, shouldn't be a problem anymore
  8. compressed the file since its size was bigger then 500kb. Anyway, its here if anybody want to have a look _gen.rar
  9. Gonna see if i can find this file later tonight. But like i said, it happaned 3 missions in a row, so it wont be hard to happen again
  10. Anybody else had this bug where flying as a russian, the game spawns PE's as enemies, or any other sort of friendly planes? Details here:
  11. Found this pretty strange bug flying my career mode in a LA-5, last chapter of the stalingrad campaing, it seems somehow the game is spawning PEs as enemies, but they even try to come back to russian airfield to land. Even friendly LA's engage them Also, killing them count as a normal kill, not friendly fire, and also as a transport kill. Pics ahead EDIT: Also, it happened 3 missions in a row
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