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  1. All, It is with great sadness that I pass on to you that our friend and flying mate “Mongoose” Ralph Jimenez passed away yesterday morning at 3:30 AM from heart failure. I received a call from his wife today and she asked me to please let you know of his passing. He had been undergoing treatment for a tumor in his lung for the past couple of months and while in the hospital went into cardiac arrest. He was a true friend of all of us that fly IL2 and was deeply involved in the development and creation of WWII Bomber aircraft and historic paint schemes. He also was the go to person on anything involving WWII units in the Mediterranean theater of war. He actually found my uncles unit, his aircraft and crew plus the missions he flew. Goose was an amazing individual and so very talented. I will miss him - we will all miss him. L L L Dave B “Pedro”
  2. I just downloaded and installed the latest update which included Direct X 11. The download and install went fine but when I went to play I got the following error: D3D_ERROR Cannot Create 3D Device. If you are running Windows 7 it needs to be at least Build 7601. Also please make sure KB2670838 is installed E_NOINTERFACE I have not encountered a problem in prior updates and I am running the latest version of Windows 7 with service pack 1. Research of this update led to a problem. This update causes IL2 Cliffs of Dover to freeze and kicks you back to the desktop. Is there a fix to this problem or is there a way to uninstall the latest update?
  3. You folks are doing a great job and I just want to say thanks. :-) Pedro
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