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  1. Thanks for your reply Patrick. 👍
  2. So apologies if this is posted in the wrong place. I've been running BoS and all the follow ups on a computer I bought 10 years ago. It hasn't been doing a bad job but I recently bought a much better one and installed Steam and BoS, so it's the same Steam account with BoS installed on the new computer from my Steam account Library on the old computer. Now the bit I'm unsure of. If I keep BoS installed on both computers what happens with game updates etc? Will they install on both computers or should I uninstall BoS on my old computer and just run it on my new one?
  3. Thanks for your answer rowdyb00t and for the mod! 👍
  4. Looking at page 1 I'm just a little confused. What should I install exactly to get the best out of this great mod?
  5. Thanks for this Uufflakke. 👍
  6. @sammydee I would try copying the river_deep.dds file into the landscape_rheinland_xxxx folders in your main game folder? I find the game often has stuff left behind from previous mods that messes things up. This was the advice JamieDodger gave me and when I initially tried it I thought it still wasn't working but I was looking at the rivers from a distance and found the nearer I was getting so the mod was kicking in until finally flying directly over them any river directly below me was brown and faded back to blue as I flew away from it.
  7. I play the sounds on my desktop audio player so they're running in the background when i start the game, then after takeoff I pause the game ,alt tab out to the desktop and turn the audio player off then return to the game, takes seconds to do.
  8. sammydee

    Airfield Sounds.

    This is a link to the sound effects Airfield Sounds posted by Gumpy in the SAS forums a few years ago. I always enjoyed them in IL2 1946 and I use them in BOS etc by playing them from my desktop and alt tabbing out to shut them off after takeoff. They give a nice little bit of airfield ambience. http://www.mediafire.com/?xarm8iksjsd0jot
  9. @JamieDodger. Ok thanks I'll try that. 👍
  10. Thanks for your reply JamieDodger. Yes I've been trying various things all day. Whenever I install a new mod and there's a problem I initially go through the JSGME install and yours is perfect so nothing wrong there, then as I said I disabled every other mod I had installed and checked my other graphic files and couldn't find anything finally I downloaded and reinstalled the mod again but no go. It's a great mod and the rivers aren't a deal breaker for me but I hate it when I can't figure out the problem. Thanks for your work.
  11. Looks great! Edit. I've always thought the rivers were too blue for NW Europe so I was keen to try this map but with only this mod enabled I still get blue rivers on the Rheinlands Spring map.
  12. I have Steam so mine goes SteamApps > common > Il2 Sturmovik > Battle of Stalingrad and the Mod and JSGME folders go in there.
  13. You just reminded me that I haven't done that for a while, 535 files I deleted.
  14. Thank you the_dudeWG.
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