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  1. Something just occurred to me. I bought BOS and Moscow through Steam and Kuban and Bodenplatte from the store here. So does this mean when I validate the game files at Steam the validation is only working for BOS and Moscow because after a day of getting this message every time I tried to start the game...'Object undefined. LuaScripts/WorldObject/Vehicles/BA64Turret.txt, then running a validation check I took the whole Vehicles folder out of the install and ran the Steam validation hoping and expecting that it would put a complete new Vehicles folder in the install only to be told when the validation finished that 'All files were successfully validated.' 😲
  2. If I tick the Enable Mods option in the game settings the game crashes on the loading screen even if I don't have any mods loaded with JSGME. I get the message about an undefined object so I validate the game files and get a message that ' 1 File failed to validate and will be reaquired'. I then run the game again without the Enable Mods option selected and the game runs fine but if I then validate the files again I still get the ' 1 File failed to validate and will be reaquired' message.
  3. Raptorattacker and WWDriftwood. Thank you for your advice.
  4. Thank you Pict. Much obliged!
  5. Thanks everyone! I'll try them all. 😊
  6. Using Photoshop I was hoping to be able to make fonts that have a different colour outline. I thought it would be simply a matter of pasting a font on top of a slightly larger one but this doesn't work. Any tips please?
  7. No download link for this mod?
  8. I'm not sure what you are saying there. I was merely pointing out that this doesn't happen in two older games the inference then being why should it happen in this one. I find some of the 'vets' here are very touchy about what they see as any criticism of the game. I like the game very much and have bought every issue from BoS to Bodenplatte as well as DLC aircraft and Rise of Flight so I feel entitled to my opinion.
  9. AI aircraft disappear after landing. This doesn't happen in Il2 1946 or CLoD. Just a small thing but it really annoys me.
  10. Yes I totally agree with this. The airfields are lifeless, soulless places and so rather unrealistic.
  11. Got it! Dumb mistake. I was using the Kuban map but somehow had the GUI map set at Lapino Summer.
  12. Thanks for your reply WWSitttingDuck. I'll check out what you say but I would have thought I was well inside the playable area.
  13. I've made several missions on the Kuban map from the coastal airfield, Anapa in square 1115. All the missions have started with a Take Off then headed south along the coast line with no problems. I made another this afternoon, same setup but with this one I get the 'You're leaving Combat Area' error message. Ananpa, square 1115 is well within the playable area so I can't understand what I've done.
  14. Thanks Andy you nailed it. There was no 'Tracks' folder in 'data'. I checked all the other folders to see if the setup was different on Steam but nothing anywhere. I made a 'Tracks' folder and dropped it into 'data' and now it's all working fine. Thanks again. SOLVED.
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