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  1. This plaque is mounted on a plinth way up in the hills near here in south Wales. On Remembrance Day people make the long trek up to lay poppy wreaths.
  2. As the title said. If I tick the 'Mods Enabled' box the game shows me a string of problems relating to files in the data/LUAScripts/WorldObjects/vehicles folder. Playing without 'Mods Enabled' the game runs fine. I've attached the problem files ba10m.txt ba64.txt bm13.txt bt7m.txt ford-g917.txt gaz-aa-m4-aa.txt gaz-aa.txt gaz-m.txt horch830.txt kv1-41.txt kv1-42.txt kv1s.txt marderiii-h.txt ndb.txt opel-blitz.txt pz38t.txt pziii-h.txt pziii-l.txt pziv-f1.txt pziv-g.txt sdkfz10-flak38.txt sdkfz251-1c.txt sdkfz251-szf.txt stug37l24.txt stug40l43.txt t34-76-43.txt t34-76stz-41.txt t34-76stz.txt zis5-72k.txt zis5.txt
  3. Excellent well done! I must have read this book a dozen times through my life.
  4. I posted this one in the screenshots section Raptor and some one over there asked for the skin so I just put a link here.
  5. I made this skin just to try skinning. It's non historical and just for fun really. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/42b7323is6fjame/AAD2wimI15zfzzpF1BFRQkrOa?dl=0
  6. When you have a spare 5 minutes a P51 in RAF livery wouldn't go amiss Rap. ☺️
  7. I've been wondering if ( and hoping ) this will happen.
  8. Something just occurred to me. I bought BOS and Moscow through Steam and Kuban and Bodenplatte from the store here. So does this mean when I validate the game files at Steam the validation is only working for BOS and Moscow because after a day of getting this message every time I tried to start the game...'Object undefined. LuaScripts/WorldObject/Vehicles/BA64Turret.txt, then running a validation check I took the whole Vehicles folder out of the install and ran the Steam validation hoping and expecting that it would put a complete new Vehicles folder in the install only to be told when the validation finished that 'All files were successfully validated.' 😲
  9. If I tick the Enable Mods option in the game settings the game crashes on the loading screen even if I don't have any mods loaded with JSGME. I get the message about an undefined object so I validate the game files and get a message that ' 1 File failed to validate and will be reaquired'. I then run the game again without the Enable Mods option selected and the game runs fine but if I then validate the files again I still get the ' 1 File failed to validate and will be reaquired' message.
  10. Raptorattacker and WWDriftwood. Thank you for your advice.
  11. Thank you Pict. Much obliged!
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