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  1. As the title said. If I tick the 'Mods Enabled' box the game shows me a string of problems relating to files in the data/LUAScripts/WorldObjects/vehicles folder. Playing without 'Mods Enabled' the game runs fine. I've attached the problem files ba10m.txt ba64.txt bm13.txt bt7m.txt ford-g917.txt gaz-aa-m4-aa.txt gaz-aa.txt gaz-m.txt horch830.txt kv1-41.txt kv1-42.txt kv1s.txt marderiii-h.txt ndb.txt opel-blitz.txt pz38t.txt pziii-h.txt pziii-l.txt pziv-f1.txt pziv-g.txt sdkfz10-flak38.txt sdkfz251-1c.txt sdkfz251-szf.txt stug37l24.txt stug40l43.txt t34-76-43.txt t34-76stz-41.txt t34-76stz.txt zis5-72k.txt zis5.txt
  2. Excellent well done! I must have read this book a dozen times through my life.
  3. I posted this one in the screenshots section Raptor and some one over there asked for the skin so I just put a link here.
  4. I made this skin just to try skinning. It's non historical and just for fun really. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/42b7323is6fjame/AAD2wimI15zfzzpF1BFRQkrOa?dl=0
  5. Here's one........Not sure if it's a D.
  6. When you have a spare 5 minutes a P51 in RAF livery wouldn't go amiss Rap. ☺️
  7. I've been wondering if ( and hoping ) this will happen.
  8. Something just occurred to me. I bought BOS and Moscow through Steam and Kuban and Bodenplatte from the store here. So does this mean when I validate the game files at Steam the validation is only working for BOS and Moscow because after a day of getting this message every time I tried to start the game...'Object undefined. LuaScripts/WorldObject/Vehicles/BA64Turret.txt, then running a validation check I took the whole Vehicles folder out of the install and ran the Steam validation hoping and expecting that it would put a complete new Vehicles folder in the install only to be told when the validation finished that 'All files were successfully validated.' 😲
  9. If I tick the Enable Mods option in the game settings the game crashes on the loading screen even if I don't have any mods loaded with JSGME. I get the message about an undefined object so I validate the game files and get a message that ' 1 File failed to validate and will be reaquired'. I then run the game again without the Enable Mods option selected and the game runs fine but if I then validate the files again I still get the ' 1 File failed to validate and will be reaquired' message.
  10. Raptorattacker and WWDriftwood. Thank you for your advice.
  11. Thank you Pict. Much obliged!
  12. Thanks everyone! I'll try them all. 😊
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