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  1. You should release that and name it "Pride Parade".
  2. Thank you very much Pete, this one in progress is gonna be action packed and it will sound amazing with these people on board! There is always room for one more, if you want to shout "Maverick switching to guns". No wait, that was the other movie...
  3. I appreciate a fellow filmmaker with an original idea, keep 'em coming!
  4. You are hired without a question πŸ˜ƒ I'll send you a message tomorrow explaining details!
  5. I'm looking for people who would be interested of joining a project of mine, a "tv-series" type of cinematic movies featuring a fictional USAF Fighter Squadron. I'm very happy and lucky to have some wonderful and multitalented people from the forum already with me in the team but in order to get this project to be more "alive", I would need more voices for different characters. What is needed from the actors is just short sentences, like; " red four has eyes on target, starting attack run", sometimes one word is enough "affirmative" etc. There is need for voices, who would appear in future episodes and for people who might just record a bunch of general commands, which could be used all around. All the voices would have "radio chatter" effects, so your neighbour will not regoqnize you πŸ˜€ At the moment I would really need someone with a Polish (or Slavic) accent to be a tank commander for example, so there is need for all kind of different voices. If you are interested, please send me a message or ask more questions here. You shall have no pay, absolutely no benefits, lot's of retakes but eternal gratitude and end credits πŸ€— Since you probably have no idea of what I'm talking about, please watch Episode I (AI voice) and Episode II (StG77_HvB) and you'll get the idea of what upcoming III will be, maybe with you in it? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQu09142aS1rA_F93kealjQ
  6. Am I wrong or totally alone with my thoughts on this; I usually fly with a wingman and when we finally find someone to shoot at, very often there is atleast one "friendly", sometimes even 2-3 joining in an 2vs1 fight where the enemy might be leaking or even trailing smoke already. I have seen so many times someone entering the fight at the end and taking credit for the crippled plane, even as we active participants are right next to it. Now. I understand the tracers are like a magnet for all us poor b*****, who have flown 30 minutes without seeing no one but the chance of collision between planes without radio comms is real and like yesterday, my wingman collided with someone entering the fight where was no need for it. I'm sure there are lot's of pilots like us, who avoid fights where you can see enemy is smoking or there is already 2 friendlies on him, no matter how much our trigger finger is itching. So for all of us who share the same mentality; let's keep on circling above the fight, intervene if the active fighter looses upper hand and watch if the tracers lures more enemies to area. In case the situation changes in to furball, go in all guns blazing trying to avoid enemy and friendly VR-users shooting you. The difference? VR-users say sorry in chat after blasting at you 😁
  7. As I told you Rap, I also had to replace both units of T.16000M . First I twisted the stick so hard when trying to get lead on a shot that the handle broke and after replacing that, the throttle started spiking. I do like it though, for me it's been accurate enough and reminds me of the "feel" with the Sidewinder, which I had on the good old days. Are you happy with the number of buttons on VKB, it looks like there's not so many as in T.16000M? Nevertheless, that might be something I should also look into, if I break the twist again.
  8. Team Coco will be waiting, this game has not been the same for many of us, since your server went offline...
  9. LOL, I was also there clubbing you but wasn't so kamikaze as he was, trying to kill you low over your AF while 500 AA-guns were firing at him. I think there are (atleast) two types of players at VP; the small group of regulars who have great respect towards each other and the random visitors, who act like they are in Berloga. I'm very happy you were able to land!
  10. You sure it wasn't AI? We had had similar experience yesterday and it turned out to be AI Lagg.
  11. There is something odd with the map, cold AF at 1236 (on the red side) granted landed status multiple times for blue aircraft. Or the crew spoke very good Russian πŸ˜€
  12. Woohoo, what of timing! These babies are going to be put to good use in my next movies, I have waited someone to create exactly this kind of pack. Merry Christmas Obelix, you gave me a great present
  13. You know, that Big Dick of yours is very impressive but... stained. If I'd would ever want to get it in my hands, I'd very much like it to be clean. But what do I know, I'm more into Jugs myself...
  14. Very nice, good camera angles. May I suggest more close-ups with the upcoming videos, you have such a nice skins they deserve to be seen closer πŸ˜‰
  15. Well, that was something nobody would have thought πŸ˜‹ I'll give you 10/10 for flying and 11/10 for original idea!
  16. Alrighty then, episode II for your viewing pleasure. I had to make this..prelude a bit shorter, because with all the rock'n roll what is coming to happen next, together it would have been too long. IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED EPISODE I, do it first, it's above this. Otherwise you gonna miss the experience with this series, this is supposed to be a little different from your typical F1-view videos. I tried again to make this video portray how beautiful our games IL-2 and Tank Crew actually are, we might sometimes forget it while concentrating purely on fighting, especially in the air ( or at the forum ). I'd like to thank the following people, who's work was essential for this video: Voices: @StG77_HvB and @KG_S_Kalle_Kalutz82. Kalle's work is just starting while HvB carried the burden with the speech in this one. Huge, huge thanks, you had great dedication and patience with me and the project and as I told you, it's only gonna get worse! Skins: @BOO, @E69_julian57, @Raptorattacker, @szelljr. Such beautiful aircrafts, all skins you make for A-20's will be put into use! As for the tanks, we gonna need a lot more skins for them on episode III. Spoiler alert...life expectancy is not long for some of them...well, for most of them. E69_julian57, I'm buying everything you're selling Effects: @meplanes1969 has modded flames and smoke, highly appreciated and used a lot. @[DBS]Tx_Tipmade that gorgeous box formation-group with mission editor. We shall see more of that, I'll promise you! VOICE ACTORS NEEDED: If you want to participate in this project, I have all kinds of roles for you from only few words to bigger parts (wingmen etc.) in future episodes. Send me a message and I'll tell you more. Enjoy, it took me a couple days to make.....!
  17. Few pics from episode II, of the movie series "30th Fighter Squadron", which I'm uploading in few days. Before the release is a good time to check out episode I (The Jug), I promise it's something you haven't seen before. Link is below these pictures.
  18. Video what will entertain you? May I present the one and only StG77_HvB;
  19. They are so good! But half of them are already dead, I need alive ones for the rest of the Episode II πŸ˜„
  20. Perfect timing for me and my project, I love these! Any chance of having some Shermans too?
  21. Nope. It's a huge Pac-Man swallowing red AF's at the coastline. Hmm. I have to try that in few hours...
  22. This is exactly what my squad was thinking during our last visit to VP! It would be a great alternative to spawning AI behind players back, as it usually happens at least for me. And how fun it is to dive after a plane, who is speeding on the runway....and face all the flak protecting it!
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