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  1. I think the admins have their priorities just right by constantly trying to develop this server to function better by finding ways to squeeze out max performance, having less lag and offering more targets and therefore better gameplay for all of us. If this trial and error method means occational mission failure, well, boohoo. Look at the big picture where everybody wins with better campaigns and maps and forget some meaningless single mission.
  2. Merry Christmas to you too, it's been an absolute joy to have you around during this cursed year!
  3. I think they were considering to modify some of the Sea Furys with it in Korea War but the sea water damaged the coating?
  4. I'm pretty sure there's mold growing on that poor 190....😎
  5. Wonderful work Hanu and writing those details for individual planes gives them a "personality". Jatka samaan malliin!
  6. May I humbly offer my assistance and gently push you closer to purchase decision? https://youtu.be/M28G1ZQzYfc?t=417
  7. This is a true gem from my man StG77_HvB, a Ground Attacker Handbook. He has some other....spectacular videos also on his channel 😎
  8. It's great fun to learn new planes, you get so much more out of this game when not being mentally stucked to fly only on the "right side". There are some great Soviet birds waiting for you 🙂
  9. Well done! Your other wing is also close to break so you had massive luck to go with your great flying skills 😲
  10. I would like to keep the flak invulnerable on "normal" airfields just to offer some sort of safe haven for large formations to group up BUT I'd put some guns on the temporal airfields to harass those vultchers and THESE guns could be destroyable. So for those looking for an easy pray, there might or might not be a nasty surprise.
  11. Thumbs up for you just because you released a video where you go down yourself instead of these usual F1 view "5 kills with one burst / while washing my teeth / blindfolded and flying with me feet"-videos 😉 ...and for good flying!
  12. Wow..your long distance deflection shots were really something, you hit that 109 with first burst 😲
  13. It happens to us Finns also so there must be something else behind the problem. Fooking annoying bug, all those times having a heated argument with a wingman blind as a bat until you figure out what's the problem again...
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