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  1. Unfortunately I didn't have time to make anything new for this wonderful competition, so me & team participate with a re-release, all speech is now done by human actors.
  2. Well this was really an ORIGINAL idea you had here, wishing you all the best in the competition with this marvelous film!
  3. Thanks, it was about time...now the series feels complete and I can make peace with it. Let's see if those immigrants lose their accent by the time part IV comes out 😄
  4. Thank you for your thoughful words, really appreciated your feedback...I think you gonna like parts 2&3 also, this story is far from over 😀
  5. Returning to front page from the page 9....with a re-release! Anyways, this is a good opportunity for anyone not familiar with the series to jump in an start from Episode I as it should have been done in the first place, with a group of talented individuals taking care of the talking, instead of "text-to-speech" voices. Episode IV is also under construction, let's see how this first Season ends...! Thanks to the Team once again: StG77_HvB Raptorattacker SCG_Faerber JG1_Barton =RS=Funkie
  6. I was in the middle of doing my first episode again with human voices ( as it should have always been ) when this competition was announced. Even with the generous time they gave us, I'm not able to anything new. So, I'll enter with this 2 year old baby and new kick ass acting, LOL! This competition is just great for storytellers like us, no matter who gets awards. We're all winners if we can reach more people with our videos. I'm so excited I decided to continue with my series 😄
  7. Yeah, that's gonna be great! Good luck with the competition, I suspect the quality of he films will be really high with guys like you entering 🙂
  8. Very good use of the camera angles, Tribal, very good. You have put a lot effort to this!
  9. I think the admins have their priorities just right by constantly trying to develop this server to function better by finding ways to squeeze out max performance, having less lag and offering more targets and therefore better gameplay for all of us. If this trial and error method means occational mission failure, well, boohoo. Look at the big picture where everybody wins with better campaigns and maps and forget some meaningless single mission.
  10. Merry Christmas to you too, it's been an absolute joy to have you around during this cursed year!
  11. I think they were considering to modify some of the Sea Furys with it in Korea War but the sea water damaged the coating?
  12. I'm pretty sure there's mold growing on that poor 190....😎
  13. Wonderful work Hanu and writing those details for individual planes gives them a "personality". Jatka samaan malliin!
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