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  1. Nope. It's a huge Pac-Man swallowing red AF's at the coastline. Hmm. I have to try that in few hours...
  2. This is exactly what my squad was thinking during our last visit to VP! It would be a great alternative to spawning AI behind players back, as it usually happens at least for me. And how fun it is to dive after a plane, who is speeding on the runway....and face all the flak protecting it!
  3. I would have swapped high city details without hesitation to more populated countryside, if it would have been a choice. You are passing those cities anyway at 400-600 km/h, how much detail can you observe at that speed? I also think if the devs would have offered us a choice/poll between a huge map and a smaller map, with information about the detail level you're getting with your option, results would have been clearly more favorable to details. I see people saying the map will be improved and I'm not sure what to think of it. Did I pay in advance for something that was not ready when published and now I just have to wait if it might get better and more enjoyable/usable in the future? This is like going to see Star Wars without CGI effects and a promise to see the final version with the same ticket 😊 Hey, I love the series but this map was not what I expected and I'm hoping it's not repeated with the Normandy map.
  4. Excellent article, again. If I would be considering buying this product, after that read I'd surely know what to expect. I also appreciate you mentioning those certain issues with multiplayer features and map feeling empty, constructive criticism usually makes things better.
  5. Yes, they do damage but there was something wrong with them also, Temuri told me. Our problem was, few weeks ago we were pouring 2000lbs on top of Rear Depot but it refused to die on the map, even when everything was destroyed 110%.
  6. Is the bug still present with the big bombs? IIRC there was a problem with damage not recorded by them? Kind of useless dropping more than 500kg(?) if so...?
  7. The whole nation of Finland is holding it's breath; "did he misspell or was it a compliment?" ☺️
  8. There are no similar objects for those boxes and containers, which mean those rather useful targets are useless. I have asked many times if it's possible at least to unlock the Y-axel and lets us have more targer rich enviroment, to no avail.
  9. After looking again at the map size, I'm really hoping we are not ending up with another map of Great Emptiness. I would rather have a smaller map, if it means you are able to fill it with villages. After all, Normandy is all about them.
  10. YES! This was my prediction, Normandy is usable for so many years I was pretty sure Dev's see the logic in this. Good job!
  11. Very happy with visual improvements and also that you cared for smaller additions and fixes; a new fuel truck for mission builders/movie makers and now the crews exiting damaged trucks are indeed American!
  12. Should the points awarded for destroyed bridges need some tuning? The overall leader in points has five (5) missions but has destroyed 4 bridges and that puts him ahead of pilots with over 100 air victories. Or is it somekind of game bug again?
  13. Highly underrated, that Draken and extremely loud as well...
  14. I (we) have to agree with OpticFlow and Mytzu, altvis is not our favourite element on VP-server. For lone hunters it must be very rewarding, you can really place yourself in a good b&z position with it but I'd prefer not having this radar-like ability even if it means not seeing shit. Temuri/Untamo; is there anything you could cannibalize from Coconut's missions, he did have moving columns and they worked out fine?
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