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  1. LeLv30_Redwing

    Coconut - Fan Club Videos ;)

    Kalle, watching that was just like seeing me and boys on a mission, only difference was we miraculously had learned how to speak German
  2. I'm afraid it just got stuck after Mission #1589 ended. Maybe map change didn't succeed?
  3. Both servers down for the past 12 hours?
  4. I tried searching for an answer, did not find anything so I'm very curious; if creating a multiplayer lobby system is slow and takes a lot of resources, why can't they just make BOS and Hyperlobby compatible? I wouldn't mind that rugged GUI at all, if for example coops would be easier to join than now. Good article btw, nice to see they are listening to community and clearly aware of our hopes and needs.
  5. 31. Certain buildings shouldn't levitate above the terrain anymore; I hope I'm doing it wrong but I see no difference with port_up objects, they are still up in the air?
  6. LeLv30_Redwing

    Barrel Roll - Fassrolle

    You could have easily spelled "barrel roll" to google or youtube and find your answer but ok, I save you from all the trouble. Remember to bookmark this site, Requiem has all the answers for you.
  7. Very impressive work, I would have killed myself a dozen times trying to do something like that + I hate all night and bad weather missions. We fly only weekends and you can imagine how thrilled we are after waiting the whole week to see conditions like that But great job, you machosist killa!
  8. LeLv30_Redwing

    ME-110 taxiin

    Good job Jussi! Kind of heartwarming to see community on it's best, advice coming very fast from left and right 👍
  9. Not to take any sides with you gentlemen but just voicing my own observation; I have flown quite a lot at the same time on the server with Optic (not with him on the radio ) sometimes escorting his bomber or transport and I certainly haven't seen him practising any stalking or vulching of landing planes. I would hate to see anyone labeled by one incident, especially one which is in the rulebook. Razor ( and apparently Oscar too ) on the other hand seems to be flying like a knight, who has great respect for enemy pilots life and is willing to offer fair terms before the shooting starts...and I get it, if I would be flying with such honourable way, I would be p****d too if somebody nails me on the runway, without giving me a fair chance to fight back. But guys, you both are regular Coconauts on the server, please do not make this any bigger than it really is. You have heard each others opinion; one was flying by the rules and one felt he was not given chance to fight back. Agree that you disagree, we all think differently but still we have to get along Edit: and if you two don't make up, you gonna be sitting in my HE-111 as gunners and listening me singing Elvis songs in Finnish the whole weekend. And I'm gonna be drunk. And naked.
  10. Good show, Kalle! Also our western neighbours were at their best ( and finally on the right side 😜 ). Looking forward to join forces on the weekend!
  11. Something unusual is going on, there are 6 blue and 2 red players and all blue airfields are maxed out, can't click any of them?
  12. LeLv30_Redwing

    Murmansk 1942 theatre?

    You got me curious and I watched some videos with mods and new landscape, wish we'd had them back then...!
  13. LeLv30_Redwing

    Murmansk 1942 theatre?

    "OstFront is a similar dynamic campaigns add-on, developed by Ian Boys for the Kurland and Murmansk maps that he constructed and which are included on the 1946 DVD" https://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/447488-IL-2-Sturmovik-Forums/page2 I know nothing about the wonderful work modders have done to original game, just wanted to point out who was the original author and give thumbs up for him.
  14. LeLv30_Redwing

    Murmansk 1942 theatre?

    =38=Tatarenko ( Ian Boys ) did Murmansk and also Kurland map for 46. Never heard of this mixx... Edit: Ok, some modded stuff I see
  15. LeLv30_Redwing

    Graphics, models and maps

    If Tank Crew comes with soldiers sitting onboard, rename this skin to 4k_Pride Parade. Seeing column of these would be fabulous