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  1. These are extremely funny and so true at the same time. Voice acting is top notch, there is some serious talent involved!
  2. Why don't you two continue your private war via PM's or something? You have been going on for several pages, for crying out loud...
  3. Depending on the accuracy of human gunner I can easily see these being used the way that on the more popular servers they are not allowed, LOL. I don't see myself buying these but on the other hand, I bought TC only for filming purposes so who knows. Maybe Air Marshal feature could bring something new to the table on the MP servers and these could have some meaningful function there, like designated "moving safe zones" or something...
  4. Yep, been there also many times. I don't have anything agains attacking AF's in general, in fact my wet dream is to drop 500kg bomb in the middle of half of dozen bombers preparing to take-off but when somebody is using the most advanced plane in the game, for stalking planes just getting airborne or even worse, shooting at a plane when the pilot is still waiting on the map view to get into cockpit...that's just sad.
  5. Oh gee, an ammunition thread! I estimate max two pages before anarchy and lockdown.
  6. Wow...amazing skinpack, really nice work!
  7. Jason, would you please share your Nvidia settings, I'm not getting such a smooth landscape and clouds with my 1080ti as you do. And thanks for all your videos and changes the Team is doing, it's interesting to see how how the whole MP scene will change on the more popular servers, when new tactics will be available with the ability to see planes more easily.
  8. It was very bad for me and Apina on Saturday with 970/1080ti cards, had to stop flying. Other people seem to experience all sort of issues during the evening, too. I would vote for change of map, which is a pity, it was nice to see a new map.
  9. I don't lock myself to one side, I always try to fly on the side which has less players and adapt. Life is so much more fun, when you stop seeing colours.
  10. Should we fly the same planes also so neither side would have no advantage with size of the bombs or more effective ammunition? You know, let's forget the historical differences with equipment and tactics used because of them and go for 100% balance while we are at it, let's pick just one plane for both sides to use!
  11. Iirc the reason for the missing "free" tanks is the bugged damage model they have.
  12. Nice to see you are still working with the Air Marshal system, features like that should make servers more interesting.
  13. You should read the fine manual on page 1: Temporary airfields: In addition to the front and rear airfields, there is a airfield candidate on each sector for use as a temporary airfield. The temp candidates can be much closer to conflict areas and to the border than the normal front/rear airfields. This doesn't automatically mean that they will be closer to the conflicts (due to the continuously shifting frontline), but they have a better chance of being. They aren't shown on the map normally, but you can see these with the "<p" chat command. You can activate the temporary airfield by flying an supply plane (from the supply airstart) and landing it on the candidate airfield. Once activated, the temp airfield functions just like the front/rear airfields, except that there is NO AAA cover, and the airfield is supplied manually by players, so no factory supply. The temp airfield always starts with ZERO supply, plus the supply brought in by the first supply plane.
  14. This should be the only song allowed to be used with IL-2 videos...thanks Rap, enjoyed a lot again!
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