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  1. On sortie log page, usually you see at least damage done with a close hit. Oh well, maybe I went bridge too far and that wasn't the target.
  2. Just curious, I'm not after lost points; on Mission #2601 three of us got bullseye hits on three different bridges, we saw them break up but only one of us got even a hit registered. Is there some logic I'm missing?
  3. Very nice, you can just feel the speed of that Tempest.
  4. Would it possible to have even slighty different faces for the tank crews, those triplets looking out of the hatches are spooky...!
  5. This is inteed very nice and unexpected surprise, that boiling effect is really annoying on my screen and ruins those otherwise beautiful clouds. Very happy you guys keep on tinkering things!
  6. Soldiers running out of damaged US GMC trucks are German. Somewhere in heaven (or hell) Otto Skorzeny approves this feature.
  7. Doh, been fighting with the Tiger turret for two days now, wondering is my mouse broken and doing all sorts of changes with mouse controls in key settings. Definitely should visit this part of forum more frequently, I can say now with both relief and frustration...
  8. Sharp and shiny pics, that's the way I like it!
  9. Wonderful patch; planes, visibility range, physics etc... ...but for me all the new objects in the Mission Editor were equally important. Now we have all the airplanes also as static objects and very nice bunkers, barbed wire fences, buildings + the amazing looking new vehicles and guns. Big thumbs up for the people responsible of these objects, which we now can bomb to pieces. If those bloody boxes and containers would not be hovering anymore this would have been Perfect+1 patch. Thank you Team for making this game more interesting, again ๐Ÿค—
  10. My brain says the first but heart the latter. But, I think they have never released anything this late before the weekend. Anyways.....I give one wololo just in case ๐Ÿ˜€
  11. Scrolling down fast I noticed your avatar and then insignia on the plane and was like "when the hell did I post that?" In other words, I like your style Anyway, here is a fresh non-historical G-14 squad skin I made.
  12. Nothing has been the same since Coconut Expert. We will join you on weekends, if your server is available, be sure.
  13. All the planes and new shiny stuff is of course welcome, just keeping thumbs up that mission editor has also gotten some love and attention ๐Ÿ˜‰ Sorry for being stupid but what's left after this patch; if the new planes, objects, visibility increase and physics mode + the map itself come now, what else was there with the final product? Single player campaigns and air marshal-feature? And no, I'm not complaining but confused with all we are given.
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