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  1. 8GB of RAM isn`t huge amount, specially if it isn`t running at the 3200 it`s rated at. Have you checked in bios that you`re RAM is running at it`s full capacity and not a (non-XMP) 2100mhz (or similar)? You may have already checked these, just thinking out loud. . . .
  2. I hate to ask, and sorry if this has been asked before and I missed it, but . . . On the normal server, is it possible to remove the aim assist? I have it turned off in my own settings, but it must be a server setting that cannot be changed by client.
  3. Me and a buddy jumped on this server last night and got served by a single Yak!! Although I got taken out by my mates detached wing hitting my prop after he was shot down by the Yak while I was chasing him. We`ll probably jump on again tomorrow, as the aiming assist on the coconut normal server has put us off going in there as much.
  4. Hey Jimmy, sorry didn`t reply to you on server last night (bombing convoy on Moscow Map in the 110's). I fly VR and it`s a true pain trying to type while my keyboard is propped up vertically next to me :/ They were 250kg bombs we were failing to hit the target with lol . Also had some 50kg with the same problem.
  5. I must apologise to those who play this as realistically as possible. Myself and 2 of my buddies have been darting in and out of your servers, just flying and looking for some dogfighting. We haven`t really read the PDF and 'things we should be doing' in the mission and so have likely lost planes etc where we wouldn`t have, had we known what we should be doing properly. I`ve since read the PDF and will be making sure they do too, so that we can participate much more realistically. This is for anyone who has seen us flying and thinking 'what the bloody hell are those three idiots doing?!' lol
  6. Haha I`m glad it`s not just me. I`ve done this too many times to even remember.
  7. Cheers for the pointers, but i wanted to steer clear of batch files and have found my answer in having another game folder. Good information for anyone else that may want to run the batch file route though.
  8. This was the answer. I didnt install again, but copied the whole game folder to a new drive, edited the config file to disable VR and new shortcut on the desktop. Bish. Bash. Bosh. . . . Cheers!
  9. Wow. The difference it makes is outstanding. I hope the other maps will be treated to the same excellence eventually (Lapino etc.), but get that this is more of a side step in the dev path. Keep up the amazing work!
  10. Good concept, but wanted to get away from using the Rift at all while editing and testing. My poor eyes can only take so much lol This is such a simple solution, I didn`t even think of it! Makes sense, as I already have a second DServer account install. I thought I could use this for testing single player offline, but the GUI has been edited to not allow it to be used in a game capacity (understandably). it can be done, but it`s fudgey and awkward.
  11. I`ve built a few missions, so get the whole thing of having to close ME/launch game/test/cry etc.but all of this was before i got hooked on VR. I`m still at the point of having to test, just in case, as it can be a pain if on fly-night we find some annoying bugs that ruin the experience a little. I had tried, previously, to run a virtual machine. That failed. I was hoping to not have to run a second machine. My son does have a PC on the same network that I can probably remote into for that purpose though, so definately one to consider . . thanks Hoping there`s a simpler solution though. Will wait and see if there are more suggestions before going down that route.
  12. Not sure where to put this topic, so for now, I`ll start it here . . . I run the non-Steam verison of the game, and have VR enabled as the 'norm'. This has kind of put me off tinkering with missions as i used to before VR, as for testing i don`t want to have to keep donning the headset or having to keep switching off the VR while i do my mission building. Are there any tricks I`m missing here, where i can run a different shortcut to temporarily disable VR without having to edit a config file or turn off VR in-game? I`m also not a big fan of batch files doing a bunch of stuff before running, but this will probably be my last resort if nobody has any better ideas?
  13. Many people running the Warthog. What that tells me is, you all have WAY too much money!!
  14. Try HWMonitor, by the CPUID guys. That has vcore and much more.
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