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  1. Also this, if you fancy somethign easier to setup;
  2. Some kind of grid and check box setup, similar to the mission editor MCU for spawn point?
  3. Ah good. I`m sure the 262 can be added manually like all the other planes. Just need to find the proper naming of it i guess. Possibly - ("Me 262 A": "me262a") ??
  4. Is hoping the recent silence is because Vander is working on updating the EMG mission templates to coincide with the update?? Hopeful hopeful?? Unless I`m an idiot and this doesn`t need doing?
  5. Goddammit, you beat me to it!
  6. I can understand that Coop -to- dogfight is hard to do, but i was referring to single player mission -to- dogfight. It used to be possible to change the player controlled plane in single player to a respawn object to allow the mission to be used as dogfight online. Things may have changed, as this was 12months+ the last time I even looked at the mission editor. I used to use this method to test dogfight missions I was working on in single player so I didn`t have to keep firing up a dserver. Thanks. We`re not the best group of pilots, so I can see one or two of the 'lads' getting annoyed that they`re dead and having to wait, but that's the game and not your mission gen, so we`ll work around that somehow
  7. Do you have any plans to add dogfight as a mode, alongside the current Single and Cooperative? I suppose if nothing, we might be able to generate a single player mission and convert to dogfight via the mission editor (adding spawn points etc.), unless you have mission tie-ins with AI and such that wouldn`t work when converted to 'dogfight'? Also, general question . . . coop gameplay mode doesn`t offer any kind of respawn, right? It`s a 'single life' kinda deal?
  8. I have question and I`m asking it while I`m at work so I don`t forget, and I haven`t tested any instances so forgive me if it`s a simple answer already covered. If I generate the same mission parameters 5 times in a row, will the same airfields be used, or is there an element of randomness to it? Just thinking on re-playability, even though that is already good thing, using different airfields would increase that 100-fold.
  9. It might just be how the missions are being built. When building manually, you`d ideally want staggered delays for all the separate mission functions loading in so they don`t trip over each other. So I`d be assuming this mission generator is loading everything at once when the mission starts and even on the best of machines, may cause a little stutter. Of course, I could be way off.
  10. No problem. You`re pretty much in exactly the same situation as me. I`ve been flying with my Hotas X for years now, and only a couple of weeks ago did I get a Gladiator MK2. I keep thinking I`ll strip the Hotas X down for parts and fudge it all into a new throttle body with mixture levers and the like, seeing as there would be a few spare axis and I have a 3d printer. Ofcourse, actually getting around to doing these things is a different issue for me, as I`m either busy with the kids or being truly lazy with my spare time. Good luck with your build though! Keep us updated
  11. Could you not just use the throttle off your old Hotas X? It splits from the joystick part (which could be tucked away?), then just mount the throttle nearby.
  12. Without the risk of flooding the thread with praise, I too wanted to say well done for creating a simple to use, yet powerful tool. I do have a small bug I noticed on the random mission I generated, and apologies if it`s been noted before. I must confess, I`ve not read through the whole thread. Flying as Axis (blue), the canvas 'T' on our starting airfield was marked that of Allie (red). There was also another object next to it that I couldn't see what it was, possibly a small tower or wind-sock or something? I didn`t notice it cause any issues with AI, but thought it worth mentioning.
  13. 8GB of RAM isn`t huge amount, specially if it isn`t running at the 3200 it`s rated at. Have you checked in bios that you`re RAM is running at it`s full capacity and not a (non-XMP) 2100mhz (or similar)? You may have already checked these, just thinking out loud. . . .
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