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  1. Hey guys - you have my approval to do what you want with my mod. No problem! Anything that improves enjoyment of this great sim is fine by me! {A mention would be nice of course!) I will say that I'm constantly trying to make stuff better when I can, so I may post updates etc at some point - this is when things start to get complicated tho... I've about finished an Arras Summer version of this mod too but I'm trying to figure out why some people aren't getting the muddy water texture. I suspect mod enablers aren't loading/unloading textures properly. btw I t
  2. Great - I remember these! Cheers!
  3. @sammydee I would try copying the river_deep.dds file into the landscape_rheinland_xxxx folders in your main game folder? I find the game often has stuff left behind from previous mods that messes things up. @JG_deserteagle540 Yes I initially used the MPG mod with mine and it was good but I didn't want to include it without permission so thought I'd have a go at it myself. It's easy enough to combine both. And I have no problem with people using my work and building on it. I just want more realistic maps! @MarcoPegase44 I'm using GIMP with the same settings you have sho
  4. If its the only mod you have enabled I'll have to have a think about that! I know that the Bo60_new_rivers mod overrides mine. It might be something like that. @MarcoPegase44 Yes I left the airfields less saturated because I wanted a worn-out look (heavily used and abused ground, repaired damage, faded grass etc and less resources available to repair camo). I agree airfields can be difficult to spot - I've been flying/gliding most of my life but its usually farm/private strips that are hard to find, I don't recall large airbases being so difficult to find (flown into many RAF airfi
  5. Hi All, Here's my take on a more convincing northwestern Europe for anyone that wants to give it a try! I wanted to address what I felt were the weaknesses in this map but it's still experimental and version one - I can improve it but I've had enough for the moment.. It replaces the Spring map but I re-coloured it more like late Spring. Personally I use it for Summer too. First the endless farmland/cultivation but no farms/barns - I have edited-in aerial photos of buildings/yards etc to give the impression of a busier landscape and break the monotony. Works even better
  6. Don't think so - pretty sure I included everything you need for it to work.
  7. I've been lusting after enormous clouds for some time, must give these a go. You've done a lot of work on this mod. Many thanks.
  8. Cheers! I messed about with the trees/forest quite a lot but the results were a bit weird...close-up the trees look fine, but the texture that represents forest further away is just one uniform colour. I tried a gradient/variation but this happened... I quite like it but it's a bit too much!
  9. Greetings all! Here is the autumn version of my summer tex mod. I hardly used the stock autumn map - too much of an orange/brown desert for my taste! I'm happy with this now and have flown it a lot in the last week or so. Autumn is multi-coloured with a lot of fading green and I've tried to reflect that. Added a few patches of early snow too. http://www.mediafire.com/file/2hh988nispdkxx1/Stalingrad_Autumn_Tex_Mod.7z/file Cheers, Jamie
  10. Just thought I'd drop in a few of the pix I used for reference. As you can see, the area is certainly 'greener' than what is represented in the original map. Am about to upload an autumn version of this mod. Cheers, JD
  11. I had this problem too - the mods remained even after deleting them from the Mods folder. It seems that occasionally a mod will break the game in some weird way. Only way to fix it was by re-installing...
  12. Nice one! Can see I'll be flying the Heinkel a bit more often now!
  13. Yes I agree the autumn map could be better in terms of colour and detail...I will take a look at it soon. At the moment I'm trying some new textures I made for the Rheinlands industrial areas to see how that works.
  14. Thanks for the feedback guys. I actually did a lot of research of this area for a mod I did for the old IL2 some years ago so I have historical material/photos etc. Without offending anyone I can't really agree that the steppe is as bland as the stock map. Certainly west of the Volga is greener than stock and to the east its a lot greener today, no doubt due to irrigation/intensive farming. You can get a good idea of the topography from FlashEarth including what it was like in the past. I understand that the soil is light and sandy though. I was aiming for a more natural 'feel' ove
  15. Hi All, I've been flying the IL2 series since Forgotten Battles and made quite a few mapmods for ol' 1946 - had a long break from modding but just came back to it. Been experimenting for several weeks with a couple of maps but I'm no expert yet! No criticism intended since I obviously love this series..but the landscapes have always been somewhat bland. I sometimes just like flying around in planes of this era so a more convincing world can only improve enjoyment. This mod is an attempt to make the Stalingrad Summer map more realistic and 'alive'. I have swa
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