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  1. Salutations, I don't currently have the FCS pedals and the game shows my joysick and joy0 and the throttle as joy1. Keymaps fine 'without the T.A.R.G.E.T software'. Try setting things up without T.A.R.G.E.T. This is a known problem. I use JoyToKey to map my tank controls. I have my joystick aim the cannon and the paddles on the throttle drive the tank. I'm not finished yet. Just sharing what I have.
  2. Thad

    Tanks Revisited

    Salutations, I totally agree. Participating in a 'realistic' manner ie. getting in, avoiding notice, delivering ordinance or engaging in dogfights and landing back home safe is the essence of a truly successful mission and is most rewarding.
  3. Thad

    Tanks Revisited

    RAlt - G Switch Ammunition type: AP, HE, MG
  4. Thad

    Tanks Revisited

    Cujo1970.. I'm curious... what did you mean by tankers shutting down the map? Did you meant the ground forces were completing the missions or capturing all the needed objectives and thereby ending the scenario? If so... that actually reflects the historical importance of the ground aspect of war. Historically, air power 'alone' cannot really capture territory. Perhaps concerned 'pilots' should get into the opposing tanks to prevent said captures and allow pilots more time to cause carnage in the air.
  5. Salutations, Has anybody been able to successfully run a DServer using the Arris 6580 Cable modem? If you have.... please, please, please share the method with me.
  6. Thad

    Getting a Dserver to work

    I have been unable to 'port forward' as one normally would. I'm using an Arris 6580 all in one cable modem and my ISP is Time Warner Cable. It has been weeks and I still cannot get a server running where anyone else can connect to. Very disappointing and frustrating.
  7. Thad

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    No problem... only a miner flesh wound. The 202 is such a beautiful looking craft.
  8. Salutations and thanks for a great update! I especially like the inclusion of the new 'tank missions'. That aspect of IL2 needed a little love. While there are not any new driveable tanks, the missions are appreciated.
  9. Grasping a straws here. Reported problem: I can generate a mission just fine and the game launches and load the mission but my custom controls are gone..... Though not the same problem you are having... it might be related. See below. There seems to be a new bug in 2.006 patch. To fix it - when the mission is launched hit ESC and go to the "Settings" -> "Key mapping" menu. Then quit all menus and get back to the game (you don't even need to change anything in the key bindings or hit OK button - just exit the screen). Now all your custom key bindings will be working as expected.
  10. Hi, Although drastic... perhaps a 'complete game deletion' and re-load might correct the problem.
  11. Thad

    Happy Super Bowl Sunday Everyone!

    Congratulations to the Patriot team and organization. Great game and comeback for the win. Tom Brady should mail a game football to the NFL Commissioner and ask him to check its air pressure.
  12. Are you using TrackIR or other such devices?
  13. Thad

    Tanks Revisited

    Salutations, I don't use 'mouse aim'. I also find it unsatisfactory. I uses a program called JoytoKey and have my turret aiming tied my joystick axis and turning (driving) of the tank mapped to my throttles rudder paddles. It is very realistic, fun and challenging. In the end, one either wants to participate in armored ground battle or they don't. As I indicated before, I really like the option.
  14. Thad

    Tanks Revisited

    ADDENDUM: I just took out a T-34 with two AP rounds in the new 2.007 single player tank mission. The T-34 is not invincible. Tough, but not invincible.
  15. Thad

    Tanks Revisited

    Yes, I agree, the games T-34 is indeed a tough nut to crack. Although, it should be noted that It was a big shock and surprise to the Germans in real life too. It forced Germany to create better tanks to contend with it. But it 'can' be taken out with a well placed AP rounds from a Pz III. Also, I agree with Dakpilot. "To keep cost/dev time down make available KV -1 and BT-7 and Pz IV and Stug III, should be able to get a decent balance/historical depending on mission maker."
  16. Thad

    I don't like the AI

    Salutations, I such cases, the games AI should make Player Orders their 'overriding' or number one priority over any mission design directions. It should simply be a matter of programming said behavior in.
  17. Thad

    More than 4 planes in Quick Missions ?

    More.... more.... MORE! We want more!
  18. Thad

    Tanks Revisited

    Salutations, I want to add my voice to those desiring more player driven tanks. I'm willing to pay extra for them. Heck, just one more for each side would be great to start with.
  19. Try removing all 'other' controllers, except your mouse and keyboard of course. Also, I assume you have the 'joystick selected as your input device' under settings? Secondly, try a different 'usb' port on your computer. Finally, if you have access, hook up a different joystick and confirm that it works or doesn't.
  20. Salutations, Can you 'calibrate' the joystick in windows? If you can, it 'should' show up for use in the game. If not, calibrate it and try to make it the number one controller, then try to run the game again.
  21. Thad

    I don't like the AI

    Wow, this report, if correct, seems to clearly indicate a problem with the AI target prioritization.
  22. I was just indicating that I could not have taken advantage of the previous early access opportunity because I was not aware of the game until recently.
  23. Thad

    New purchase, a few questions

    Salutations, "Head Position has to be done for every aircraft." May I assume that a "input" file or folder for 'each' aircraft will be required for these changes?
  24. Salutations, I will take a wild guess as to why more pilots don't choose bombers. It is simple. They don't like being repeatedly shot out of the sky in the slow flying bombers. Fighter support could help, but that requires coordination and cooperation. Usually lacking.