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    DCS news

    There are those paying hundreds of dollars for craft offered in the upcoming sci-fi game Star Citizen.
  2. Salutations, A very unique aircraft. I am looking forward with expectations as to how well it will be made to perform in our IL2.
  3. Salutations, There are racists and now there are apparently skinist.
  4. Thad

    Mirror test

    Yes, this attention to detail is impressive.
  5. Salutations, I don't think anyone can make an informed decision about this or any such game by watching videos. But you are obviously concerned about side imbalance. All the more reason for you to enter the fray on what you consider the underdog side. Then again, maybe you should stay with the arcade Warthunder. Whatever you decide... have fun. Oh, the speculation about the death of IL2 is highly pre-mature.
  6. Thad

    DCS news

    Very impressive.
  7. Salutations, Beginning to get involved with video creation. Please excuse my ignorance. How does one access the mission video tracks for editing with outside video editor?
  8. Thad

    DCS news

    "Why would they sell them separately if they are mandatory?" That is a very good and reasonable question.
  9. Nav Point ... should have been WP. Yes, NOICON may be the answer. Thanks.
  10. Salutations, Tank modelers wanted! WOOT.... more tanks on the way. Hopefully, drivable.
  11. Salutations, I am very interested in your Fight-Bomber console but alas I can't currently afford it. I will begin saving.
  12. Salutations, Is there a way to have ground target markers display and not NP or flight etc. markers in Single Player missions?
  13. Salutations, 1. Did you attempt to ENTER a second time with no success? 2. Do you have the Nvidia Experiance? If you do, try deleting it and afterwards attempt to launch the game.
  14. Thanks. Oh well... I will just have to sadly accept the situation.
  15. Oh, you may have to to edit the .mission file in a text editor to change CheckEntities entries for the complex triggers to CheckPlanes.
  16. Salutations, Try deleting the individual missions msnbin file. Attempt to load the mission in the Editor. If it loads into the editor... save the mission. It should work in the future now. Some old missions may simply not be compatible anymore.
  17. Also, if the trucks are linked together properly, like a convoy, the planes will keep attack the 'group'.
  18. Salutations mission gurus. I want to know if it is possible to prevent AI controlled craft from dropping multiple bombs instead of only one at a time. Mission example.... I have three MC202 VIII carrying two 100k bombs during a mission. When they get to the proper area... they attack a ground target with 'both' bombs thusly limiting their attack capacity versus other available targets. Not very efficient. Overkill and wasting a bomb attack. I found nothing in the Default Command Listings that worked. I thought 'Drop bombs mode toggle' - LWin+B might be it.... but it had no effect. Any insights?
  19. Salutations, Video noob question. Can one splice parts of separate videos, with an editor, to form a final combined video.
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