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  1. Salutations, Yes, one can trigger a media translator with a target link from another MCU or a message link from and object. You should be able to trigger your media at a point in time in the mission too by placing a date time trigger (pg. 279) anywhere and target link it to an MCU that you want to trigger at a certain time.
  2. Thad

    [MOD] Cockpit 4k rework

    Your assumption, after obviously reading the mods forum posts, is correct and indicates that Bf109s cockpits have not been updated to 4k yet. 😐
  3. Thad

    how to install tank skins?

    YES, simply changing the Tiger folder name worked! Thanks. Now let's go blow something up.
  4. Thad

    The new fad of flying on tank servers

    I have create single player tank missions with over sixty armored vehicles in them. The game engine can handle it. I saw frames occasionally drop into the forties but that was the worst. Of course going online will obviously prove more problematic FPS wise.
  5. Thad

    The new fad of flying on tank servers

    Salutations, I can understand your frustration but the concept of Combined Arms is sound. The problem we have is that one currently can't get live players to truly combine their efforts on a regular basis. If you do put up a tank server, you could probably put AI aircraft and AA vehicles in it to help cover the tanks set attack area, effectively giving the tanks a fighting chance to achieve their objective(s). I have only dealt with single player missions thusfar and not in running a server. Wiser voices should chime in. But I suspect there is much that can be done to make tanking interesting, fun and challenging.
  6. Salutations, Until and IF we get access to high level bomber craft (Player and or AI controlled)... expect things to remain as they currently are. 😐
  7. For anybody interested, there is a mod in the Mods section of our forums that provides a historical version of most default skins.
  8. Thad

    how to install tank skins?

    Salutations, To load community made tanks skins you will need to create a _kv1s and a _pzvi_h1 folder within the skins folder. See image below. Place the tank skins within the appropriate folder. Sorry, correction..... it should be _pzvi-h1.
  9. Thad

    The new fad of flying on tank servers

    Also, playing on a expert server with no icons will make spotting of tanks much more difficult. 😀
  10. Thad

    The new fad of flying on tank servers

    Salutations, I think you may be expecting too much from tanking or Tank Crew at this point in time. Tank Crew is in its' infancy of development. There are many things upcoming for TC. There will be player driven AA vehicles that my even the odds up for tankers. Stay optimistic. The best of joint arms combat has yet to mature into reality. Keep faith. Our community will come up with compelling combat scenarios for planes, tanks and planes and tanks.
  11. Salutations, This is a very well done manual, filled with copious useable information.
  12. Thad

    DCS news

    DCS: DCS:Combined Arms Campaign
  13. Salutations, Your situation is not a bug or technical issue. L Ctrl+C is not listed in the Tank Commands but is used to change crew positions in all planes and vehicles. For whatever reason the developers did not include it in the listed tank commands. I've posted my old Tank reference chart. From the Gunner Crew Position ----Try Left Shift+T…. then T. Now, go blow something up!
  14. Thad

    Waiting for Bodenplatte

    Nice pic.
  15. Thad

    Test mission from BOS Editor ?

    Habu… you showoff.
  16. Thad

    Bombs getting stuck in trees

    I haven't seen or experienced this in my missions but I have noticed that intervening trees are intercepting and stopping tank rounds intended for enemy tanks. This is not a bad thing. Trees 'should' provide such interference. Now, if they could block line of sight too. These changes are probably due to the advent of Tank Crew.
  17. Thad

    Which DM do you like more - before 3.008 or after?

    Also, are their variable damage effects at 'different' ranges?
  18. Thad

    Test mission from BOS Editor ?

    I test my single player missions by running them and after the mission starts I turn Auto on. In the mission editor I place several cameras around the battlefield. I can then watch to see how things play out and adjust as needed in the ME. Rinse and repeat.
  19. Thad

    Test mission from BOS Editor ?

    Ah.... don't we all appreciate the JOY of mission creation?
  20. Thad

    Joystick Configuration...

    Mouse control of the turret is the 'default'. With JoyToKey, you assign the mouse functions to Your joystick. JoyToKey doesn't change the games input settings... that's why you have to run it in the background and then start IL2 to get the changes. I'm sure you can work it out. You can't really hurt anything with JoyToKey.
  21. Thad

    need the T34 Gun an Fix?

    Yes, something is off. A heavy KV1 struck a light tank (German 38t) in one of my Hold The Line missions five time and failed to take it out. Range 4-500m. 😲 I had to reconfigure the mission to create the expected outcome for the scenario.
  22. Thad

    Joystick Configuration...

    Sorry. There doesn't seem to be any way to export the config files. They stay in the program. 🙁
  23. Thad

    Joystick Configuration...

    No, you are not stupid. There is no designated key set to do so. I set up my Thrustmaster HOTAS to have the joystick control the turret. The game uses the mouse as a 'default'. I use a program called JoyToKey to set up this turret control. See image below. Once I got it set up… I run the IL2 profile in JoyToKey in the background and I have joystick turret control. JoyToKey is easy to use. Check it out.
  24. Thad

    A.I. in 3.008 patch

    Salutations, I was going over some of my single player missions with the current patch. Time after time, regardless of craft type, when strafing a truck vehicle column, the gun rounds were overshooting the targets with no hits. I changed all AI pilots to ace and re-ran the missions over and over.... same results. All of the AI controlled craft fired high and completely missing their targets. Craft used: P-40, P-39, Yak1, Ju87. All displayed the same inaccurate gun fire. The AI seems totally useless in a strafing situation. I wonder if it could be tied to the developers attempt to curtail craft from flying into the ground? Oh, I set different firing ranges too. It didn't make any difference. They all continued to fire over the targets.