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  1. I fully expect the B-25 to become player flyable as a purchasable collector craft.
  2. Thad

    Target Fixation... DON'T DO IT!!

    Leave it to JimTM to go way out on a limb to comment. πŸ˜€
  3. Agree completely.
  4. Thad

    Stug III

    Currently, only AI controlled. πŸ™
  5. Salutations, With the best information I have come up with... the following IL2 Ground Unit Chart is presented for mission builder and player reference. Please advise me of any confirmed errors for correction. Thanks. IL2_Artillery_-_Vehicles_Reference_2018.zip
  6. Have you even considered that. after a game patch, the server operators haven't , as yet, updated their servers to the new patch? Uhmm… could be. Relax, give it a day or three.
  7. Salutations, Effective and engrossing mission building is definitely an art and building them is its' own reward. Fellow mission builders understand this. Unfortunately, the average end mission player isn't aware of or even cares how much time and effort that was put into a mission(s) creation. The best we can hope for is that they were challenged and enjoyed participating in our mission(s).
  8. Salutations, Your observations of the current armor quality disparity is absolutely correct. There is currently no way to create historically realistic (numbers wise) tank missions. The German Tiger can very effectively stand up to all of the Russian armor but we only have access to the 'player' version of It right now. πŸ™ That being said, I fully expect this situation to change as Tank Crew is fleshed out with more tank versions for all involved nationalities. This has to happen or TC will not be a viable or enjoyable tank simulation for historical mission builders. Heck, in one of my KV-1 missions... a single Soviet KV-1 was able to completely destroy and stop a column of at least 20+ Axis tanks. We will just have to wait and see. Oh.. in your T-34 assault scenario... you could place a few German NOICON 88s far to the rear to provide some mission balance. Otherwise, tank by tank the Germans are outmatched.
  9. Thad


    Salutations, Your great contribution to the IL2 flying community keeps getting better and better. Thanks for all of your continued support and efforts.
  10. Thad

    What's available now in TC?

    Not yet... but it is in the works.
  11. Thad

    Delicate Tanks?

    How many open bottles of vodka were there in the tank? 😧
  12. Thad

    Separate FC Controls?

    One can Create separate 'input' folders for wwi and wwii craft. Activate or deactivate the required input folder as a mod before starting the game.. clunky but it can give you what you want. 😢
  13. Thad

    Best Map

    😁 Two books and some candles.
  14. Thad

    IL2 User Manual

    The link in the post located two positions above works. 😐
  15. Thad


    Darn... that has to suck. 😧
  16. Thad

    Wot no I16 or MiG3?

    Please check this page out for clarification. Aircraft Per Module
  17. Thad

    Map dependency

    Salutations. I don't think there is a map limitation if one purchases the module requiring it. The Lapino map should be usable with any module. Although there is a craft dependency based upon each module owned. Individual modules come with certain aircraft and or armored vehicles. Special Collector Craft come at the extra cost of the modules Premium Editions. There are also the special discount sales that are presented every so often.
  18. Thad

    I'm back!!

    I suspect a version of Hyperlobby will be forthcoming. 😐
  19. Thad


    Turn off any program not needed that may be running in the background.
  20. Thad

    Name a better TV series than Hornblower.

    Yes, I have to agree... I really enjoyed that series.
  21. Thad

    Something bugging me

    Unfortunately one currently can't keymap things up perfectly for both uses at the same time. πŸ™ I created a input folder for tanks and another for single engine and multi-engine craft. The chosen one must be put in place before starting the game. I have mine set up as mods so that I can deactivate and activate the chosen one as desired. Below is a image of my Tank setup. It is a few patches old and uses JoyToKey to permit aiming the turret with the joystick. 😢
  22. Salutations, Historically, there were limits to the numbers of certain equipment on the WWII battlefield. I think server administrators can set limits to the numbers of certain types of equipment at spawn points or airfields. Therefore, not everybody will be in the best equipment. 😢
  23. Have you tested it in another game? If the same thing happens, it's safe to say it's worn out. πŸ˜‘
  24. Thad


    Salutations, There is no problem with the game updates. They ran perfectly for me. Any problems you are experiencing are obviously on your end somewhere.