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  1. I get the too many vehicles warning all the time. I just ignore it. I've had 60-70+ vehicles in a mission and it ran with no problem. It puts a burden on the CPUs but nothing most can't handle. The image displays my basic number of vehicles in a Battalion. That is probably about the largest unit one should go for with one side in a Tank Crew mission. Give or take a few vehicles that is. 😐
  2. To know the games AI is to love the games AI. πŸ™„
  3. Before you save a mission in the editor... click on Tools along the top and perform a 'start integrity check'. I will find normal errors if there are any. If none, then save. One can only see the actual displayed map arrows within the game. Check out such arrows in the Editor and Multiplay Server Manual for insights. Start at page 255 of the manual.
  4. Yes, the games Mission Editor is very flexible. One can do almost anything with it if one knows how to use it and has the time to employ its' functionality.
  5. From the sound of it... your lack of patience and flying ability lends itself to playing a arcade type of game. I suggest you stick with WT. 😐
  6. Salutations To The Proud, To The Elite.. To Tankers. This is a preliminary informational update to my next single player tank mission HTL Our Last Bastion. Non-Historical Single Player Set Piece Tank Mission PLAYER: Russian M4-A2 Sherman Battalion Commander MISSION: Attack And Destroy Enemy Forces. Time: 07:15 Date: 27th September 1942 WEATHER: Cloudy With Rain MAIN OBJECTIVE: Destroy as many German forces as possible. Recapture territory. SITUATION: It has been two days since the loss of Zarubovka and Spas. The Gemans immediately followed up these victories by taking Stepnoye, completing the capture of Pravoe and overruning our last airfield at Dubki. Civilians have been evacuating through a corridor to the North. Seversk is our sectors last substantial defensive bastion. As Battalion Commander, your force has been 'un-officially' disrespected as being capitalist equipped and had been kept in reserve. But your constant demands to get into the fight and the desperate situation has finally forced the issue. You shall be deployed on the offense! As Battalion Commander you now have the opportunity to show what your units can do. You have been ordered to take the fight to the enemy. Surprise will be you ally. For undetermined reasons the enemy has paused their advance for the last twenty four hours. Perhaps they are making repairs, refueling or rearming. Regardless, that and the worsening of weather conditions, will inhibit the Luftwaffe. Even though the routes to the enemy are long.... We shall counter attack! RE-ENFORCEMENTS: None available. None Expected. M4-A2 Sherman Mission by: wdboyd NOTES: I desire to field the bulk of the your Russian force with the M4 but I'm not sure the AI will cooperate. If not, only the player will be in a Sherman. I also desire to build in some variability into the mission objectives. ei. multiple and different attack orders each time one plays the mission (at least two). This will require additional deployment and testing work for me. After all, I have to be challenged and don't want to do the same things over and over. Below is the Battle Map and my Base Battalion OOB used. Please don't assault me with any historical equipment numbers. I use it only as a guide for my tank missions in IL2 Just starting tankers. Stay tuned.... same time, same frequency.
  7. Ensure your missions Atmosphere Options match the season. 😐
  8. Salutations, You needed to add some mission mcu commands. You needed to add a takeoff command, a begin mission command and a navigation Point for your craft to fly to. Your modified mission attached below. Please check it out. I highly recommend you obtain and go through Pranksters Mission Building Guide step by step. It will teach you the basics of the mission editors capabilities. FN Not Loading.zip
  9. Ah, so you equate actual time spent learning and using the Mission Editor as validation of your contentions? Well, I simply cannot and will not disagree with that.
  10. I suppose if you have to ask... you are too young. πŸ˜ƒ
  11. VR is the goggled pathway to the dark side. πŸ˜€
  12. I generally agree with IckyATLAS. Yes, it does take some effort, thought and time to master the basics. But like Icky stated the Editior and Multiplay Server Manual and Pranksters' Mission Building Guide are great helps. For that matter, I learned the basics by going through Prankster's guide step by step several times. Eventually things began to make sense. I now consider myself a almost competent tank mission builder. Almost anyone can learn to build missions if the desire it there, but like we have stated, it will take some time, thought and hours of effort to do so.
  13. The tanks themselves may be facing the other way, but the turret will turn to aim and fire at an enemy. 😐
  14. Epic determination. Salutations tanker!
  15. Congratulations. Four rounds left? That's cutting it pretty close isn't it? πŸ˜ƒ
  16. Thanks. I assure you, it is possible to win the mission.
  17. Welcome to the community.
  18. Preliminary planning has begun for a new mission that takes place the day after these. The player will be manning the M4 for the Russians. 😐
  19. You may find the PzIII-m version even more of a challenge. πŸ˜€
  20. Great! I'm glad you enjoyed the challenge.
  21. Yes, I thought the PzIIIm version would prove to be more challenging. 🌝 Let us know if you win the scenario. Do not share how. Others need to find out themselves. πŸ˜€
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