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    Weapon Data

    Here is what I currently have. It is a compilation I found somewhere in the forums a while back and some information I gleaned from the internet. I still think it would be helpful if we mission builders had the games exact weapons data for artillery available.
  2. Thad

    Whiskey & Wings

    I use whiskey to fuel my P-39L. I lose a lot of dogfights but my plane is happy. 😀
  3. Thad

    Just found out about TC today.

    Salutations, It is very unlikely that there will be a hard copy of TC. 😐
  4. Thad

    IL2 exe does not start

    Salutations, Have you tried to use the games Launcher.exe? It updates the game when needed. Upon initial startup, did you enter your ID and Password to choose Multiplay?
  5. Thad

    new to tank side

    TC is in its' infancy. Much to come in the future I'm sure.
  6. Thad

    What Do You Listen? - Music Thread.

    New age background music. Keeps me mellow.
  7. Thad

    Any SP missions to DL?

    Salutations, Thanks for the feedback. Yes, I wanted an enemy threat on two fronts headed towards the town. Fortunately, the Russian friend and fellow Kv-1 commander you sent to the west, in the mission, can prove very effective in blunting the German column moving in along the road. The Kv-1s are currently very tough. Sorry, the current Tiger is for 'Players' only... there is no AI controlled version of the Tiger. So, there is no way to create a T-34 vs. several Tigers in a Single Player mission. I had planned to create a Tiger based player mission in my series of tank missions. But, I have begun testing and reconfiguring my previous missions in order to make them play out as originally intended after the latest game updates. Firstly, either the vehicle/aircraft damage models and or weapon effects changes have made my original missions unplayable as intended. The KV-1 mission that you just played was the first that I updated. I'm currently working on one of the T-34 based missions. My observations. Wooded areas and or trees can now stop or deflect rounds. This is a change. Still, such areas do NOT apparently block any Line Of Sight. Overall, this change is good in that it makes wooded areas a tactical and movement consideration. While testing... I observed a AI controlled T-34 take 50-60 hits without being destroyed. The mass of enemy armor just kept on wasting ammo and movement while engaging this one tank. It Threw off the entire timing of the scenario. Adjustment needed to be made. The mission is now nearing the way I meant it to be. Testing will continue... then I will start on my other missions. Eventually, I will get to the Tiger based single player mission. Standby for such updates.
  8. Thad

    damage on the tiger

    I see LOT of them in Single Player mission. Yesterday a had a single T-34 take fifty - sixty hits from a mass of advancing axis tanks and it kept taking it, causing the AI to waste fire on it. It was ridiculous. I've seen in another of my missions a heavy KV-1s tank strike a 38t German light tank multiple times and the 38t kept right on moving up the road past the Kv-1 all the while taking hits. That's just wrong in the extreme. Even if the Kv-1 rounds (any type) were going completely through the light tank.... it should cause a lot of damage and stop it. Regardless, I'm sure the developers will get a handle on such anomalies eventually.
  9. Thad


    Be afraid. Be very afraid! 😀
  10. Salutations, I'm assuming you are using your DServer account. * Make sure the mission is saved in the correct folder on the DServer PC. The .list file for the mission shows the correct folder to save the mission in on the DServer PC. Also, make sure the .list file is not empty. * Make sure "Cooperative" is selected in the "Mission Type" drop down list of the mission properties. * Make sure that the correct IP address is specified in the DServer configuration. * Check if there is a problem with the master server, which is a romote sever which should register your mission on the Coop mission list. Note: an empty IL-2 mission list may indicate a master server problem. If using the in game multiplayer functions... Check your Multiplayer Settings within the game.... ensure the correct IP address has been entered. Ensuring that the intended mission is in the correct folder still applies as does ensuring that "Cooperative" is designated as the Mission Type.
  11. Thad

    PWCG 5.1.1 Released - Bodenplatte Campaign!

    Salutations, I unfortunately have to agree with you about the AI performance. Although my experiences have occurred testing my Single Player missions. The AI pilots simply should not follow a diving or crashing enemy craft into the ground. This should especially be true for a AI designated craft set at the ACE level. It indeed gets and is frustrating.
  12. Thad

    Your Tiger I costs too much dude.

    Excellent point and insight.
  13. Longer than it did in real life. 😀
  14. Thad

    Any SP missions to DL?

    Salutations, Here is a KV-1 SP Tank mission. File below. Place the mission files and the Audio folder (for voice files) into your Missions folder. Constructive feedback is requested. Especially if you find the mission too easy. I have missions in the Hold The line series but I have not updated them to reflect the changes in the past few game updates. KV1 Hold The Line.zip
  15. Thad

    damage on the tiger

    Near the village of Bobrik, Major Sauvant’s Tigers had finished a leisurely breakfast and re-supply while sitting in an overwatch position and awaiting orders to resume the attack. Sauvant was one of the most experienced junior Panzer commanders in the Heer, having risen from company commander in Poland in 1939 to battalion commander in 1942 and even being one of the lucky few from the old 14.Panzer-Division to survive Stalingrad. Now Sauvant was provided with the perfect killing machine in an optimal tactical position. Sauvant’s crews spotted the approaching mass of Soviet armor and had plenty of time to ram Panzergranate rounds into their breaches and select targets. Polkovnik Nikolai M. Teliakov, a veteran tanker himself, led the lead 107th Tank Brigade. Sauvant’s Tigers began the engagement at about 1,200 meters with the 8.8cm rounds ripping into the lead Soviet tank company. Although the Soviet tankers could clearly see the Tigers, return fire was completely ineffective at this range. Teliakov had difficulty controlling his brigade, which was being shot to pieces in just a few minutes, but finally managed to extract some survivors and beat a hasty retreat. In less than fifteen minutes, Teliakov’s brigade lost 46 of his tanks for no loss to Sauvant’s Tigers. Reference: Forczyk, Robert. Tank Warfare on the Eastern Front 1943-1945: Red Steamroller . Pen and Sword.
  16. Thad

    damage on the tiger

    A Single Tigers' Exploits During the Battle Of Kursk It is obvious that there is something amiss in TC.
  17. Thad

    Online DMs since 3.008

    Whatever the cause.... it 'seems' to take more ammo to destroy enemy craft.
  18. Try saving the new version as 'save as' with a new name and save it NOT in your normal directory or folder. Then copy it from there to your missions folder. Both should then display.
  19. Thad

    Online DMs since 3.008

    From DD 204 we have revisited the gunfire dispersion model and performed additional research on the historical documents covering the fire dispersion depending on the gun mounting. There are no new sources, but we have re-analyzed our approach and one problem became apparent - some sources provide fire dispersion data for single shots while others have data for short bursts. For some aircraft, the sources provide dispersion data for both cases - this allowed us to build a statistical model for single/burst fire dispersion ratio. Having updated the dispersion model, we're now able to tune the fire dispersion separately for single and burst fire. Of course, we've taken into account the fact that even when you fire a burst, the first projectile has the fire dispersion of single shot while the subsequent ones deviate more because they are modeled as shots in a burst. The fire dispersion increases with the gun temperature as before. In the most cases, the fire dispersion has been already modeled using the burst fire data, so the changes in these aircraft will be hardly noticeable when firing in bursts, but the single shot dispersion will be lowered greatly: 2-2.5 times. On the contrary, the Soviet fighters were set up using single fire data before so now their fire dispersion will be increased 2.11-2.86 times depending on the gun and aircraft (this isn't that much at the effective fire distances though, see below). In addition, thanks to this research, the single fire dispersion of the heavy 30 mm and 37 mm guns has been slightly lowered while the burst fire values stayed the same. It should be noted that all these changes (applied to each aircraft independently) gave the overall effect of reducing the difference in the fire accuracy among the different planes (for fuselage mounted and wing mounted guns that are close to the fuselage). Excluding the rare exceptions, the fire dispersion for non-overheated guns is 0.66-0.95 thousandths of distance. At the effective fire distances, this results in the fire pattern of around 1 ft or slightly more. I suspect these adjustments or changes to gunfire dispersion is contributing to more ammo being needed currently to damage and down aircraft.
  20. I think they should have included it in the Tank Keymapping listing in the game.
  21. I reset my network setting and now Ipconfig shows that IP Routing is inabled. Still can't host anything though. 🙁
  22. L Ctrl + C change crew position. Same as for Aircraft. Dated chart below.
  23. I don't think any grease is a good solution. Simply reduce your throttles Friction Adjustment Screw [#7 in image] way down. It's located on the bottom of the throttle base. My handle Slides smoothly. I can push it forward and back with one finger and experience no stiction. This with the base sitting on a smooth table top. The base doesn't budge.
  24. Thad

    Cannot get server to work.

    Salutations, I have been attempting to run a server with DServer from the same computer for two years and have failed completely. Most disappointing and frustrating. I get the same disappointing results using the in-game Multiplayer Coop Server. ☹️ I have done and tried everything that has been presented to run my server. No success at all. 🙁 I can join and download other peoples server mission information... so it isn't the ports. I've spent money on port forwarding software and still no success. I've given up trying for the time being. 😐
  25. Thad

    OMG OMG OMG is this amazing

    Salutations, That was pretty good recommendation for IL2 VR and the Odyssey+. What are your system stats?