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  1. Salutations fellow tankers, TC is definitely a work in progress. I trust the developers to make it better and better as time passes. I'm sure they are learning things along the way. The future of TC is bright.
  2. Thad

    Graviteam Tactic

    Agreed. πŸ˜‘
  3. Thad

    Tank Crew

    Sense? What is the s e n s e you refer to? Is it like what is called Common Sense. If it does... get real. Nobody can our should expect common sense or reason from simulator participants. (sarcasm intended)
  4. Salutations, Add another SSD just for IL-2. Problem solved. πŸ˜€
  5. Salutations, Do what the pop up window says. You need the NET Framework 3.5. Select "Download and install this feature".
  6. Thad

    I cant play anymore!

    Did you use the Launcher.exe with the updates?
  7. Thad

    Enjoy the Super Bowl!

    Absolutely. They performed very will in the playoffs. Two great teams with great defenses. A defensive struggle. The better team won.
  8. Thad

    Enjoy the Super Bowl!

    I had a dream a few nights ago... that had the Patriots losing 13-3. Low scoring game. Is that like being almost pregnant? πŸ˜€
  9. Thad

    Tank controls are ridiculous

    Sorry, GPU has crapped out on me. I haven't been able to do much of anything recently. πŸ™ Just installed my new GTX 1070 8GB today. Getting back into the swing of things.
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    105_Swoose, Included in the .zip is my IL-2 tank control data in the file folder. You will still have to set your own associated profiles with application because this will most likely differ from mine. Good luck. JoyToKey_en.zip
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    I have a Thrustmaster FCS HOTAS. The joystick controls the turret movement. Plus the other tank commands. My Tank Mapping hasn't been updated for the latest game version. I will have to update it but this should give you and idea about what I have done. Oh... and the throttle moves the tank forward and back. These are just my chosen settings... one can do as desired of course.
  13. You are correct... onspawned is not an option there. Then I think you need to 'activate' the plane after your proximity mcu is triggered. The aircraft must be target and object linked to the WP. I assume it is.
  14. Onspawned 'event' to first WP.
  15. Leifr, The Sheriff of Nottingham deserves nothing less. πŸ˜€
  16. Thad

    New download

    Salutations, Welcome to IL-2. It should includee everything you have purchased.
  17. You can create secondary mission objectives and name them as desired. They will be displayed at the end of the mission.
  18. Real Life? Bah.. it is highly overrated. πŸ˜€
  19. Salutations, Yes, they are valid for single player missions. Obviously, one gets a mission fail if the player is destroyed. One has the ability to assign success or failure mission objectives named as you desire. Ones imagination is the only limitation.
  20. Salutations, Have you heard of the myth of a upcoming manual update? I have heard it whispered about in ever so hushed tones. It is indeed probably just a myth. ☹️
  21. Salutations, Yes, what you want done is very difficult with the armored vehicles we have now. 😯 You can try to balance things up a bit with the opponent vehicles AI settings. You can give supporting artillery to the weaker side. Hopefully as TC keeps developing we will have much more to work with as far a balancing missions is concerned.
  22. Thad

    IL2 exe does not start

    Run the game with the IL2.exe. Sign in with you e-mail address and password. Afterwards Select Enter. If your problem persists.. contact IL-2 Support.
  23. Thad

    Fritz Life

    Salutations, As a bumbling mission builder, I appreciate everybody that takes the time and effort to learn the Mission Editor and provide the community with fun and challenging missions. Well done.