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  1. Salutations, This coming from a kickstarter backer way back in (cough) 2012, Squadron 42 is going to be a separate Single Player game and Star Citizen is going to be a Multiplayer Online Universe. πŸ˜‘
  2. Salutations, The developers seem to have fixed the problem between the units. We can currently use ALL of the player vehicles in the editor... AI controlled or player controlled.
  3. We will probably be presented with some of both.
  4. Salutations, Of course there is a chance for the developers to add almost any WWII vehicle to the game.
  5. This one is probably an updated one.
  6. I just opened and ran one of the practice range missions. I have attached another .zip folder. Place the contents (the Tank Practice Ranges folder) into you missions folder. Run the selected mission from within that folder. πŸ˜‘ Tank Practice Ranges.zip
  7. Yes, leave the 'audio' folder in your 'data' folder alone.
  8. It is in your games data folder. See image below. πŸ˜ƒ
  9. Thanks but I have already deleted the files and started the replacement.
  10. Salutations Tankers, I unfortunately have had a setback with the development of The Last Bastion. πŸ˜• Inexplicably, the mission files became corrupted and it simply will not load into the editor and I had no backup. I've tried all the standard methods to get it open. There is no way around it... I will have to start over again from scratch. This time, I'll save progress backups.
  11. It should, if you have Tank Crew.
  12. I have ALL of my media files in the one Audio folder not kept in the actual mission files folder. I find this simpler and less confusing. This should normally not be a problem as long as the missions builders themselves get these files where the builder had placed them. I just copy the missions audio folder into my games missions folder. Like in my images Audio folder.
  13. Speaking only for myself... all of this should be made idiot proof. πŸ˜‘
  14. Considering that logic... all of the games craft should have the exact same flight model or capabilities. That way, the skills of the pilot alone would be the determining factor. That is not likely to happen and I don't think it is what we really want.
  15. Amen to that. May we all have fun and enjoy our gaming experiences. πŸ˜ƒ Opinion... If VR ever gives us an advantage (any advantage) over non VR pilots or tankers, then VR will dominate the marketplace. Immersion alone won't do it.
  16. Outstanding. Congratulations on getting things sorted out.
  17. Nearly all those folders you see in my missions folder image contain the mission files. Make your own sub folders to hold the mission files.
  18. Exactly. Don't worry. I have separate "Audio" folders for all of my missions. When you place another audio folder in your missions folder it merely adds the new content to the already existing audio folder. Of course you can place the mission files in any folder you desire in the games missions folder. Below is an image of the contents of My Missions folders contents. Yours does not have to look like mine. The last series of files are the current mission I am working on. The other folders hold different tank missions while others have some of my flying missions.
  19. Thad

    Scout Cars

    Actually, long long ago in a battlefield far far away, I played WWII Online. I often enjoyed taking their Pz 38t out to ambush enemy units. In that game the 38t was small and presented less of a target. It also had a pretty good gun for its' size. I would ambush, from the side, two or three... retreat to another chosen position and wait for them to continue looking for me. It often proved most effective. It was a enjoyable experience and is a gratifying memory. I realize that the TC Pz 38t may not be the same as the WWII Online version... but the good memories remain. πŸ˜ƒ
  20. Salutations, Open the include folder in the zip file. Move the Audio Folder and the mission files into your games missions folder.
  21. Salutations, I will be presenting the first half of it for playtesting when I get it working as desired.
  22. Thad

    Scout Cars

    As a mission builder.... a recon vehicle. For use in encounters between light tanks and other lesser armored vehicles, heavy machine gun positions and perhaps some anti-tank gun positions. They would just open up some different game play options.
  23. Thad

    Scout Cars

    It is a light tank, like the T-70. Equitable power. T-70s die horrible too. Possible historical uses for mission builders.
  24. Salutations tankers, I have been working on my next single player tank mission, featuring the Sherman for several days. I have decided to challenge myself with this mission attempt. By that I mean to attempt to produce multiple different experiences for the player. Basically, there will be a 50% chance at mission startup, for a totally different combat scenario with different objectives for each. I am currently about 75% through with one of the possible scenarios. I plan to have the player (You) need to make decisions concerning which Task Force (TF) of your battalion to lend direct support. This choice will obviously add your tanking expertise to the TF blessed with your presence in their battle area. Plus there will be an additional advantage given to the lucky TF. Right now, I'm giving said force additional Rocket Launchers to soften up enemy positions and thereby making things advantageous to the attackers and possibly reduce friendly casualties. Your other TF will not receive such a limited allocation. Both possible battle scenario (two) will feature this type of resource allocation. Decisions, decisions... right? πŸ˜€ Basic Mission Situation: For the Russians, The past two days have been horrible. The German blitz had overrun and captured Zarubovka, Spas, Stepnoya, Pravoe, Dubki and Dubki Airfield. Fortunately, a storm front moved in last night and it seems to have delayed further axis advances. It has been determined to make a bold counter attack early this morning under the cover of darkness and take advantage the poor weather conditions. An outspoken and eager commander (You) has insisted upon deploying his, yet unproven, M4a2 battalion and be allowed to plan and direct the attacks. Desperate superiors decided to give you your requests. You have made you battle plans... briefed your subordinates and deployed your forces forward. More information to follow. Stay close to your enigma machine.
  25. Thad

    Scout Cars

    Add a drivable German Pz 38t and the Russian T-70 light tank and I'd be pleased. πŸ˜€
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