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    Salutations, There is no problem with the game updates. They ran perfectly for me. Any problems you are experiencing are obviously on your end somewhere.
  2. You were obviously spotted deserting the war effort when you left the screen and were subsequently shot for desertion. Justice was served. πŸ˜€
  3. Thad

    Casual US player

    Salutations and welcome to the IL-2 community of flight simmers.
  4. Probably because the capability wasn't officially supported previously or it wasn't working as they intended. πŸ™
  5. Thad

    Making Bombers Drop

    That is correct. Build to build... things are changed. Problematic , but there it is.
  6. Thad

    Tank Controls "redefined"

    I agree, mouse control of the turret seems too arcadish for me. I modified it this way, (see image below) using JoyToKey to make my joystick move the turret. πŸ˜€
  7. Thad

    Squadron 42 target release window

    Salutations Gambit21. I too am disillusioned with CIG and their slow developmental progress. I had pledged in 2012 during the kickstarter. I took the entire thing off of my computer a little over two years ago. I simply couldn't tolerate then constant and same bugs year after year. Although, I kept my game account and check in on their forums often. Still, I have lost my earlier enthusiasm for the project. πŸ™
  8. Salutations, I'm desiring to create a IL-2 Weapons Statistic Reference Chart ie. max firing range caliber, type etc. Is there a way to access this game data for reference? πŸ˜— Or, failing that can the developers confirm that they have used accurate historical equipment/weapon statistics? If so, we can search for such data.
  9. I've used the rudders on my HOTAS for steering and my joystick for turret movement via JoyToKey. 😁
  10. Thad

    DD today?

  11. Thad

    I cant play anymore!

    No problems (non steam) here with any recent updates. πŸ˜‘
  12. Thad

    Controls Conflict

    No argument there. I agree. But that isn't what we currently have. We have to deal with it until there is a fix. πŸ˜‘
  13. Thad

    Controls Conflict

    This has been brought up many times before. Think. Adapt and overcome. The keymapping settings are found in the games 'input' folder. 1. Setup your keymapping for 'aircraft'. Save a copy of that as your flying input file. Place it in a folder named aircraft or whatever you desire. 2. Reset the keymapping to 'default' and then setup your keymapping for 'Tanks'. Save a copy of that as your tanking input file. Place in a folder named Tank. One could even create a separate dual engine 'aircraft' input folder. I have done this and even set all of them up as a mod that I can activate and deactivate as desired prior to launching the game. Unfortunately we can't make such changes 'within' the game currently... but this can be a workaround. Clumsy as it may be.
  14. Thad

    Update 3.010c broke by game

    Launcher updated perfectly for me. Non Steam user. πŸ˜‘
  15. Thad

    damage on the tiger

    Agreed... let's see.
  16. Salutations fellow tankers, TC is definitely a work in progress. I trust the developers to make it better and better as time passes. I'm sure they are learning things along the way. The future of TC is bright.
  17. Thad

    Graviteam Tactic

    Agreed. πŸ˜‘
  18. Thad

    Tank Crew

    Sense? What is the s e n s e you refer to? Is it like what is called Common Sense. If it does... get real. Nobody can our should expect common sense or reason from simulator participants. (sarcasm intended)
  19. Salutations, Add another SSD just for IL-2. Problem solved. πŸ˜€
  20. Salutations, Do what the pop up window says. You need the NET Framework 3.5. Select "Download and install this feature".
  21. Thad

    I cant play anymore!

    Did you use the Launcher.exe with the updates?
  22. Thad

    Enjoy the Super Bowl!

    Absolutely. They performed very will in the playoffs. Two great teams with great defenses. A defensive struggle. The better team won.
  23. Thad

    Enjoy the Super Bowl!

    I had a dream a few nights ago... that had the Patriots losing 13-3. Low scoring game. Is that like being almost pregnant? πŸ˜€