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  1. Thad

    Mission brief will not save

    Salutations, Try saving the mission in question with the desired brief with a different name. Use 'Save As' outside of your usual save folder. Run the new mission to check if the brief saved.
  2. Thad

    Damage anomaly

    Yes, there seem to be some anomalies with the tanks but I'm confident the developers will get things sorted out... eventually. πŸ˜‰
  3. Thad

    A.I. in 3.008 patch

    Agreed. I am still seeing this abnormal AI behavior in some of my practice missions. Perhaps slightly less than in the past but it remains a problem. πŸ˜—
  4. If you can load 'any' of your missions in the editor....open Tools, select Resave All Missions In Folder.
  5. Praise be brother. IL2 is a light unto my flylng path. Yea, though I walk through the shadow of lesser simulations, I shall not partake of them. Amen.
  6. Thad

    Game Crashes to Desktop

    It's obvious.... the game is getting back at you for not flying in the past 3 months. πŸ˜€ Someone reported turning off the games Vsync and using only his video cards Vsync to get rid of his micro stutters. He had a GTX Nvidia card.
  7. Thad

    need the T34 Gun an Fix?

    Agreed. Tank Crew is in its' infancy of development. Much more to come. Also, remember that tactics can come into play even in tank battles. One can attempt to get side or rear armor attacks in on heavy tanks. One can also knock a track off thereby immobilizing the tank. There are always weak points on every tank. The Tiger is a beast alright but it is not invincible. Also there historically weren't that many of them on the battle field comparatively speaking. Missions builders should not have huge numbers of Tigers or such tanks for players to contend with in a single mission. I look forward to future Tank Crew developments even with expected bumps in the developmental road along the way. Happy tanking people.
  8. Hi, Xsolla is handling all such things now aren't they? All I know is that I experienced no purchasing problems.
  9. Salutations, I don't think this is the norm. I just purchased the pre-release campaign and my Visa payment went through smoothly and quickly.
  10. Thad

    The IL2 store

    Salutations, I just pre-ordered the new campaign and am please to report that my Visa payment went through smoothly and quickly.
  11. I just have to ask... were you hitting the Bf109? πŸ˜ƒ
  12. I am impressed. A truly wise person knows and acknowledges ones weaknesses. πŸ˜€
  13. Salutations, Pre-ordered and pleased to announce that the purchase went through smoothly and quickly. Well done.
  14. The work of a manual updater is NEVER done in a ever evolving game. πŸ˜€
  15. Thad

    The IL2 store

    IL2 payment service changes were made after your purchase 6 weeks ago. The changes in payment service providers is what is causing the problems.