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  1. Salutations, Here is a chart I put together some time back, 🌝 GroundUnitReference.zip
  2. Server admins can place AA units at spawn points. They can even have such destroyed AA units re-spawn at designated intervals. 🌝
  3. Salutations, It is most satisfying to acknowledge that the development team actually does respond to perceived problems reported by the player base.
  4. Salutations, Obtaining side and rear shots at medium or short distances are probably the only reliable options. How to do that is another story. Air support could really help.
  5. Hi, check this page near the bottom. See the HTL and BTL and Audio files.
  6. Hi, You can locate all of my missions on the page above. Near the bottom. HTL and BTL missions.
  7. Salutations Tankers, Tank Crew is and should be considered a Work In Progress. As such, we can and should expect it to become better and better. The developers also desire this. We need to be patient while faithfully reporting gameplay problems for correction without becoming caustic with our comments.
  8. Everybody knows that Stugg crews drink heavily. Constantly. πŸ™„
  9. A terror to unarmed vehicle convoys. Not impressed. Still, a nice video. πŸ™‚
  10. Ah, the old mission building 'smoke and mirrors' to simulate desired battlefield functionality. I know it well. 😁
  11. Finalizing. Playtesting and more playtesting. Days later, perfecting and more playtesting. Then after release, players will find or encounter 'bugs'. Fixing said bugs and further playtesting. I empathize Gambit. 😞 Your efforts are sincerely appreciated.
  12. You are correct... the waypoints can be assigned a priority. High, Medium, and Low. High, ignore all enemy craft and fly to the waypoint. Medium may or may not engage enemy craft. Low, engage any enemy craft along current waypoint route.
  13. Hi, Firstly, you don't actually 'know' that the enemy AI always knows your intentions, height and speed. As a mission builder, I know that we can set the AI priority for a AI route to the next waypoint. If set to HIGH the flight will fly to such a waypoint and 'ignore' enemy craft along that part of the route. If set to MEDIUM the AI craft may or may not engage enemy craft along the route. If set to LOW the AI will engage any and all craft that it detects. It's up to the mission builder. The AI doesn't actually have a independent decision process. I don't know how the game assigns AI route settings in a dynamic campaign but as a mission builder, we can assign it as we desire. The AI doesn't decide such things on its' own on the fly. That's just the way it currently is to the best of my knowledge.
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