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  1. Did you attempt to login using the big Green ENTER button?
  2. Salutations, All of the modules (games) are interconnected after purchase except Flying Circus. Each module in the Great Battles series is also a stand alone game. That is their design and developmental process. It's not likely to change.
  3. Salutations, Simply place the folder (Tank Practice Ranges) within the zip file into your games Missions folder. There is no need for JSGME. It is not a mod. It is a collection of missions for the various TC tanks.
  4. Just place the file within the zip into your games Missions folder. No need for JSGME.
  5. There you go thinking again. 😁 Then again... they may 'want' to but don't have the personnel to do so right now and it would be a daunting and time consuming effort. Remember IL-2 is and always has primarily been a Flight Simulator first and foremost. It probably always will be.
  6. Under Bin/Game. I have the latest (non Steam) version of the game.
  7. Oh, and lay off the Vodka before flying. 😐
  8. 1. Can be done now. 2. Not as far as I know. Of course they will automatically target enemy targets if desired. 3. Can be done now. The editor is actually very powerful. Used with imagination anyway. Check Advanced Formation Options
  9. Some mods actually change game files and are NOT replaced with originals when a mod is deactivated. πŸ˜•
  10. So there is a silver lining around waiting for the updated manual afterall.
  11. Check page 38 in the Mission Editor and Multiplayer Server Manual. IL-2 Sturmovik Mission Editor and Multiplayer Server Manual.zip
  12. Only the demigods know for sure. 😁 No, I think he is just a very dedicated contributor in support of the simulation. I try to give him some good natured ribbing about how long it is taking to update the manual. Actually, the way the game is continually changing and improving makes his manual work very challenging.
  13. Pages 167-175 Yes, the manual is rather old and can come across as cryptic. There is a deep dark secret rumor that JimTM is working on a updated version but said rumor may be a cruel myth. 😢
  14. The details you seek are all presented in the Mission Editor and Multiplayer Server Manual. I think you are correct about processing power being more important that any GPU in a dedicated server computer.
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