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  1. Actually, I would be very willing to pay a nominal fee for each of the new quality manuals to defray their developmental cost.
  2. DVD is basically just 'eye candy'. Let's hope it doesn't put much drain upon our systems graphic cards and or GPUs.
  3. O M G! Jason, don't your dare tease us! I have to sit down. No I don't, I'm already seated. OMG!
  4. Badgeless.... perhaps but not forsaken. You can still play the game. 😃
  5. The Damage Threshold is normally set at 50. Try reducing it to 10 or 20 and see what happens.
  6. You could try making changes in their Advanced Setting. Ensure their country is set to the enemy side and adjust the Damage Threshold down. It seems the game sees them as game objects and not targets. I've seen the same situation with tank positions. In my tank training mission... as long as the player stays within it, any enemy tank either can't hit the player or doesn't even fire upon the player.
  7. Much like the updated game manual. 😐
  8. OK.. I was able to get it opened in the ME and resaved it. File Attached. Getting them to be destroyed has to do with the Command Damage mcu. Examine the mission in the editor to figure it out. Good luck. BTL 1 PzIII-L Peschanka.rar Explosion media file used. See Image. Explosion media file used. See Image. I don't think the damage incurred in my mission was caused by direct fire weapons..
  9. Salutations, I have done it in one of my BTL missions. Link below. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/30147-to-arms-to-arms/?tab=comments#comment-615394 It is one of my first three mission made. There is a Russian Ammo dump that can be destroyed. I found a way to destroy them. I don't remember the detail offhand. You can examine the mission file to see how I did it. Just checked... I have been unable to run or edit any of my old missions. I probably has to do with the various game updates since their creation. But, like I said, creating destru
  10. Thanks junkman. I can remember all of the hours I spent developing and testing this mission again and again. I am pleased that you didn't find it too easy to win.
  11. This is a pleasant surprise... the Macchi AI is too good. 😲
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