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  1. Good grief. Sorry, I was only trying to help you with your mission creations. I won't any further.
  2. You are right. we have different mission design styles. I want my players to enjoy my missions without hang ups in play due to needless and preventable problems experienced during play. You stated that you find in more fun to sabotage your own mission in concern that the player might find out needed halftrack is invulnerable. Firstly, a normal player would not attempt to destroy one of his own vehicles. Secondly, you having fun sabotaging your own missions blatantly disregards the mission 'player' and his/her experience. To me, a good player experience should be foremost in mission designs. You claimed that you just had some bad luck. I disagree, in my opinion, you just created some needless sloppy mission programming that players sadly had to experience and afterwards report to you about.. Finally, everything I have offered to you has not been given to unjustly criticize you or your missions. I'm sincerely only trying to help as one mission builder to another. Please always create your missions from the players point of view. One should always desire the player to have a enjoyable and error free completion of a mission.
  3. Sallutations, In reference to #2: In my missions, if any player side AI unit (halftrak) is critical to the missions completion or continuance, I make that vehicle 'invulnerable' so it can't be destroyed.
  4. Salutations, Yes, with the Mission Editor one can manually create all of these options or waypoints to create missions that can be flown totally on Auto Pilot from takeoff to landing.
  5. What!!! Impossible! If that is true.... perhaps we need a manual...... dare I speak it? A manual update. Excuse me. I lost my head there for a moment. Updated manual? What a pipe dream. Sorry., but I always was a dreamer. 😃
  6. Thad

    How many?

    Never. It is well known that the Russian developers are biased towards the German side. 😁
  7. Yea, I agree and why were bloodsucking mosquitos placed on earth to begin with. 😕
  8. Salutations, Sorry, it is working fine for me. Try running ResetEditiorSettings from your games Bin/Editor folder.
  9. Green Numbers. FPS and FOV. Frames Per Second and Field Of View. Sorry, Flyby is working fine with me. 😶
  10. He's just joking. Jason is a prince of a guy.
  11. Dumbing down gameplay is not desirable as a means to attract more players. More players don't guarantee quality players. I've challenged a few constantly whining, complaining and negative minded new players and strongly suggest they go play something else while not letting our hangar doors hit then in the arse on their way out. I'd much rather deal with intelligent players that desire the complexity of a simulations challenge. Checker players should stick with playing checkers while Chess players will stay with Chess.
  12. There are arcade (simplistic gameplay) and simulation (realistic gameplay) players. There are Simple minded game players and complex minded game players. I 'm in the complex minded group. Why else would I have submit myself to the challenge of creating missions with the Mission Editor?
  13. Salutations, https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/68314-10005-please-update-your-gamenew-version-available/ Open the Steam client. Go to the Steam menu, choose Settings. Go to Downloads and click the Clear Download Cache. Once cleared, relaunch Steam and it will install a new Steam client update. Reboot. Start Il-2 and it will install the latest patch. Reboot (optional), and then you should be able to start Il-2 normally updated to the latest version.
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