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  1. A simple help

    Salutations, There is no such simple answer. Some knowledge of the editor is 'required' because most everything in a mission is connected to some other aspect(s) in and of the Mission Editor. Regardless... I will urge you to obtain Pransters Guide. See section 3.9 Map waypoints, Messages & Mission success on page 57.
  2. Grendels Pimax 4K

    Thanks... will be looking forward to it. Hopefully, it will work well with IL2 now.
  3. Don't grieve. He didn't feel a thing.
  4. Grendels Pimax 4K

    Salutations, Six months later.... any updates on performance of the Pimax with IL2? Inquiring minds want to know.
  5. Try turning needless programs off running in the background to get rid of the server error message. (example... NVidia Experience)
  6. Salutations all, I consider all of this offense taking.... offensive.
  7. Salutations, Just pondering the games AI situation. An opinion. Firstly, I think the most of the players in IL2 participate in single player and not in multiplayer. If this is correct.... the game AI is very, very important because it controls ones wingmen performance and all of the opponents units performance parameters. As a result, the games AI truly dictates the quality of the simulated experience for the player. The game AI is probably the most important aspect of the game unless all of the craft are being controlled by a human being in a online mission or campaign.
  8. Unfortunately, currently one cannot create a 'coop' tank mission. Reason unknown. Apparently though, only aircraft can be accessed for use in coop.
  9. Salutations, Indeed... the AI needs work. I was running one of my single player missions yesterday. My wingman shot up and was chasing a Lagg3 down. The Lagg crashed into the ground and blew up, unfortunately, the trailing AI wingman did NOT pull up and flew into the ground needlessly. Something needs work for sure.
  10. Thanks. You are receiving the same error message I am. It seems that only aircraft can be included in coop missions. We tankers get no love.
  11. Try as I might... I have been unable to create a cooperative tank mission. Has anybody else tried and failed? Has anybody else tried and succeeded? If so, please share the process.
  12. X55 RHINO HOTAS Issues

    Salutations, I've been investigating the latest Logitech X56 HOTAS. I looks really good, but can anybody give me or point me to a reliable review of the X56? Thanks.
  13. Salutations, I was recently checking up on the new Logitech x56 HOTAS and would like any recent reviews of same. It looks really great, but how does it perform? Thanks.
  14. Salutations, I have not been fooled. Hasa is just looking for some fresh noob meat to send down in flames. Just kidding. Nice gesture Hasa. Well done.
  15. Is the German Career Bugged??

    Yea, but you have a pretty face.