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  1. Thad

    Developer Diary 199 - Discussion

    Salutations, It will be a fast well armed Boom N Zoom craft with limited flight time due to fuel usage. One will probably have to be smooth on the throttle with those engines. Regarding the R4M rockets... I doubt problems with them will be represented in the game. In other words, I expect them to work well.
  2. Salutations, It isn't. I have purchased everything I have from the main site and have had absolutely no problems obtaining and accessing my purchases.
  3. It depends on if it is a even numbered year or odd. Then one has to calculate if it is a leap year or if there was a total eclipse in the past two years. After that it when the developers get to it. 😐
  4. Thad

    Developer Diary 199 - Discussion

    OMG! That's all we need, MeoW.Scharfi flying a 262!! 😟
  5. Thad

    Tank Crew

    Salutations Tanker!
  6. Thad

    Developer Diary 199 - Discussion

    Paint scheme is sorta bland. 😀
  7. Thad

    Linking objects bug?

    Ah... salutations to a fellow tanker.
  8. Salutations, Strafing the enemy is fine anywhere anytime. Attacking allied craft intentionally is seriously frowned upon. Shooting at parachuting pilots is frowned upon. Other than that, go forth and cause havoc upon enemy forces.
  9. We can't answer that. When the developers have such things completed, we receive them. "nobody lets me fly in any of the 6 active servers". One has to wonder why. Spector0420, don't go away mad, just go away.
  10. Thad

    FC Map Question

    Salutations, Go to the... Developers Diary - Check 197
  11. Hetstaine, In reference to your mission, Group images below for reference. In the missions attached .rar and .zip.... I added a section of AI Controlled Kv-1s. The artillery unit now activates as it should. Examine the mission to see how it was done. Good luck. Tank.rar Tank.zip German Gun Group.zip Place the German Gun Group Files in your Groups folder.
  12. Hans Rudel was credited and awarded for sinking the Russian battleship Mara, two cruisers and a destroyer in his Ju-87s. 😲
  13. Thad

    Tank Crew Screenshots and Videos

    Near the village of Bobrik, Major Sauvant’s Tigers had finished a leisurely breakfast and re-supply while sitting in an overwatch position and awaiting orders to resume the attack. Sauvant was one of the most experienced junior Panzer commanders in the Heer, having risen from company commander in Poland in 1939 to battalion commander in 1942 and even being one of the lucky few from the old 14.Panzer-Division to survive Stalingrad. Now Sauvant was provided with the perfect killing machine in an optimal tactical position. Sauvant’s crews spotted the approaching mass of Soviet armour and had plenty of time to ram Panzergranate rounds into their breaches and select targets. Polkovnik Nikolai M. Teliakov, a veteran tanker himself, led the lead 107th Tank Brigade. Sauvant’s Tigers began the engagement at about 1,200 meters with the 8.8cm rounds ripping into the lead Soviet tank company. Although the Soviet tankers could clearly see the Tigers, return fire was completely ineffective at this range. Teliakov had difficulty controlling his brigade, which was being shot to pieces in just a few minutes, but finally managed to extract some survivors and beat a hasty retreat. In less than fifteen minutes, Teliakov’s brigade lost 46 tanks for no loss to Sauvant’s Tigers. Excerpt: Forczyk, Robert. Tank Warfare on the Eastern Front 1943-1945: Red Steamroller