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  1. A-20, since it's the only one I will get to fly in BoX this year. My next anticipated will be the B-25 for the PTO, if they decide to make it.
  2. Russian bias! Over modeled! Everyone knows all Russian planes need an oil change after every hour of flight!
  3. I'm over being bugged by Hollywood, authors, and game developers getting stuff wrong. It'll never go away for many reasons. Plus, for most settings, it would be impossible to look up the facts on everything that makes it into a book/movie/game, so you have to let some things slide. Also, you have to remember the audience they're targeting. They're not going to notice or care at all, so no point in spending the time to get things right.
  4. I have to agree with this. After flying planes in a Sim, then seeing the plane in person for the first time after that, you do notice that you'll start to feel like you're flying in ford focuses with wings. I saw an Avenger in person for the first time a couple months ago. I was taken back how massive they actually are. Whether or not it's worth their time to implement, I don't really know. However it would be neat to have an on rails camera sequence of running/walking to, and getting in your plane, even if there's no ground crew animated around you.
  5. Unfortunately, it just comes with experience. Most notable identifiers for me are top down wing shape, side view tail and nose shapes. If you're directly behind a fighter, look for radiator placement. If you purchase on steam, you can get the key and enter it in under your profile on the IL-2 website.
  6. Extension of Medal of Honor? Medal of honor had you, a army regular, infiltrate Nazi bases and destroy secret weapons, no? Nothing along the lines of being a part of a larger team. Even early CoD was that way. Remember the mission to secure the dam? Just you, no fellow soldiers helping at all lol. I remember playing that whole mission thinking how silly the whole premise was. And it sounds like they're trying to go the Battle Field route without vehicles.
  7. There's a spotting mechanic already in the game, or at least possible through the mission tools. One of the WoL missions has a spotting mission. The spotting area is marked on the map, but you could change it so the area isn't marked and the player has to find it on their own. Also reduce the time over the area to increase the chances of finding it instead of the three flyover requirement they give.
  8. I think he was more talking about adding more detail to the chat in servers. I just figured I'd piggy back to push my own agenda lol
  9. It would be nice to have a lobby chat. It would be a great tool for the community to bond and readily find others to fly with. However, voice chat would probably more work than it's worth. In my gaming experience, no one uses it even in games with a good VOIP system. Also, I'm a firm believer that if someone doesn't want to voice chat or text chat, they aren't going to no matter how good/bad the chat system or VOIP system is. And that's usually the majority of players.
  10. Don't forget weapon attachments and skins
  11. I just want to state that I fully agree with Asgar.
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