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  1. Really? You roll in talking smack and are surprised that you're treated the whining brat you're coming across as?
  2. I get that obviously it's not a bug. But it's worth keeping in mind that many folks who find this game are coming from things like War Thunder, where engine management, weight and balance, etc. are foreign concepts. Not to mention, it's not entirely outlandish to be surprised that exceeding max TO is allowed in the aircraft. IIRC, other games like DCS publish your weight vs Max TO in the selection, and prevent you from exceeding it, either by limiting the weapons that can be added, or pushing the fuel slider back when weapons push the gross weight over max TO.
  3. To BOTH of you, way to come off as a jerk. Legitimately, it's easy to understand why any gamer would expect that if something was OVER max gross, the game wouldn't let you select it to begin with. And the fact that there are a half dozen posts before yours kindly explaining that max TO has been exceeded (without any means to easily identify that ingame) shows that this can be handled without you feeling the need to stroke your ego over your mental prowess.
  4. Don't worry, we understand that you're so unprofessional that the concept of reading an aircraft's information in game prior to flying is beyond you. But don't worry, I've seen 8 year olds figure out how to get off the ground, so I'm sure in the course of a year or two you can start a mission...
  5. I don't know how you do it lol. In every game EVER, I get too attached to the AI and trying to keep them alive...
  6. So, to clarify, the audio you hear, and the actual transmission would be "Raven 2" and not "Schulze", correct? If so, I'd say that's fine. But real world, you're not going to hear names, ever, over the radio, just a tac-callsign.
  7. Actually, in real life rockets were generally all fired at once in an iL-2 at least. Accuracy by volume.
  8. This SHOULD be an option for the aircraft which had it, such as the iL-2.
  9. Kinda what I'm hearing too... The world is BRIGHT. Ever try to spot an aircraft, from in flight, from 1-2 kilometers away? I have. It's hard. Even when you know where he is. Because the world is bright.
  10. If history is to be believed, the answer to THAT is "no" lol.
  11. You're going to be limited to console-style controllers. Personally, I hate those, but I have a SteelSeries StratusXL bluetooth controller which works great as a controller, but it's no joystick.
  12. Uh... no. WOL isn't the be all and end all. In fact, one of my first lessons as a new guy was to avoid WOL. And when I chose to venture in and experience it for myself, I agree, that it's not the place we want to send our new players. Subsidizing an individual server that ISN'T provided entirely by the devs is ridiculous.
  13. I haven't touched DCS in a bit, but from my recollection, those have up and down options as well.
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