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    VR Wow

    Blitzen, what HMD did you use before and how does it compare using the 8k to it?
  2. Torso

    Hey Fellas, doe's BOX support full motion sims..?

    I need to find that thread and the exchange. It has eluded me for some reason. But I certainly could have some of the specifics incorrect. But I am not far off. The rejection and lack of interest was certainly from Jason's side. Which he of course has every right to not see much value in any effort towards enabling it. Just hope one day down the road Jason decides to do it or at least make the API available to let others do it. And now that we got tanks..oh hell yeah I wanna my seat to rumble, to bang when i fire that main gun. Tanks makes it even more useful.
  3. Torso

    Hey Fellas, doe's BOX support full motion sims..?

    Well, tactile/motion feedback WITH VR is absolutely amazing and takes things to the next rung on the immersion ladder. You would be surprised how a little well timed shaking adds to the game/sim
  4. Torso

    Hey Fellas, doe's BOX support full motion sims..?

    This thread basically covers it. There was another, maybe a DD discussion that Andre and one of the devs for a motion sim software co basically spelled out exactly what code they need access to and how quick and easy it is to make available. I mean they literally posted the code to make it possible so that Jason could just take it and see for himself. Very low effort it appeared. But it seems there are/were concerns expressed about MP security(no one wants to open a door for cheating obviously) from Jason and teams side even though they tried to explain how benign the data needed was and would not create an opportunity for cheating or hacking. Still got a no from Jason sadly. I keep my fingers crossed for some day as well.
  5. Do you love sharing them too? Because that is a gorgeous skin you made there.
  6. So awesome to see this pop up. Days like this make me love working from home full time even more. Thanks for all your hard work Team and I look forward to the next as always.
  7. Torso

    My ownership badges aren’t showing in forum

    Well those of us that bought a title on Steam learned our lessons.
  8. Torso

    szelljr skindeposit (WW 1) ®

    https://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-red-baron-fokker-dri-triplane-flown-by-manfred-von-richtofen-in-march-17042044.html This makes it seem very plausible he indeed flew all red paint. 1st link is not an Abbott provided source lol. Amazing collection Szelljr. Can't wait to see you get your hands on other templates when available. Still no Spad template which is kinda shocking unless I missed. it.
  9. Torso

    Developer Diary 210 - Discussion

    Oh I agree, thus the lol and the followup sentence. I just know how hard the dev teams works and to put out such a great DD then to get henpecked with such minutia right away just comes off a bit..unappreciative sounding is all. But again, no offense meant and of course as stated it is driven by love and passion we all know. We all want this to be the best it can be.
  10. Torso

    Developer Diary 210 - Discussion

    lol..so many great things, so many ungrateful people. I keed I keed. I love seeing the passion to push for perfection.
  11. Torso

    Developer Diary 210 - Discussion

    Man I hope this falls on the USA Thanksgiving holiday week then. That would be freakin perfect as many have time off that week and would give those of us that do some great play time with the new toys.
  12. Torso

    DD today?

    Only after he attempted a roll. 😎
  13. Torso

    DD today?

    Completely agree. I am waiting most for the P-38. ME262 will be fun as well. But that twin tail captured me as a kid and to fly one in VR..oh man. Can't freakin wait. And of course for what we are all here excited about, hopefully making an appearance in our hangars soon..dat Jug.
  14. Torso

    Looking forward to buy my first BoX, but...

    Might seem a bit much but you could buy on Steam, test it. If it works, refund on Steam and repurchase via site?
  15. Torso

    Developer Diary 208 - Discussion

    The line " we're sure you'll be surprised and amused by the new prospects." is intriguing. They certainly look amused in the accompanying pic. I wonder what news will result of this meeting.