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  1. Hey I see folks talking about a 5+GB update. Mine is dling now and it is only 3.7GB. I own FC and TC as well so am I kinda curious why mine seems smaller than reported by other users? And I do own all the available content, BOS included but as it was bought on Steam I do not get a badge for it sadly. Just seems odd is all.
  2. I asked this in another thread a week ago or so ago and Jason said the following as for SimShaker and other tactile feedback devices different data is needed obviously. Below is the exchange. So, we shall see. Maybe they will find the bandwidth to offer more so Andre can really go to work. I mean we got Tanks, WW2 AC, WW1 AC...sooo many tactile feedback opportunities. Especially Tanks! Anyways, here is my question and his reply. Right now we're just exporting positional data for motion simulators via UDP. Assuming that works we will consider more things time permitting. I have a couple motion companies looking at what we have provided. We'll see.  Jason
  3. Well, technically I was 1st as Han accidentally numbered the DD 219 instead of 220. I let him know and it seemed he corrected it and also removed my post, the ACTUAL 1st, at the same time 😉 Some nice stuff in this one alright. Looking forward to the added immersion with the particle effects.
  4. I would think it is Jason that writes the DD's, at least the majority of them. I think it is a safe guess that they don't have the coders writing the DD's. So them being in Moscow shouldn't be a blocker.
  5. The cockpit view perspective in VR is what i am really looking forward too, especially on my wide FoV Pimax. To look out and see those 2 props spinning forward of me will pretty amazing I think. Current twin props we have are more to the side and not so forward. Also they seem to be stepping up their graphic/texture/modelling abilities and it should shine like a diamond with their latest and greatest tech since will be last plane to arrive it appears. Very excited for it to arrive for us all to enjoy.
  6. With this it sounds like we finally now are taking a 1st step to maybe getting tactile transducers in play one day as well. Hopefully in the not too distant future I can feel the vibration of the engines under my butt and feel the clunks of my gear raising and lowering..etc. Those little things add a lot to VR play immersion. Same with the Tanks. I want to feel my chair shake when I take a hit or fire a round. One day. Thanks Jason and team for opening up the data you have. Hope more can be opened up in the future.
  7. What? Did I miss a change of stance on data export for motion support and tactile feedback? >20 sec later. Apparently I did. Dang. Awesome news.
  8. Yep, seems to be an issue. Had hoped when I saw a HF released this would be addressed as well. I am sure it will be soon.
  9. I add a fan blowing on me(two actually) and it adds even more to the immersion in VR vs closed cockpits. Also, I am expecting my Pimax to be delivered any day now and really excited to see how a wide FoV and increased clarity adds to the immersion level. Just wish they would allow data export for tactile transducers/motion....just the final missing piece for IL-2 series.
  10. Torso

    VR Wow

    I run my Rift and Vive on a Win7 box. Works just fine. Will run my Pimax on it as well. Win10 is only required if you want to go WMR devices. Not sure why he failed that if his install is up to date.
  11. I actually just learned about the mods ability to do this so that is nice for sure to help mitigate the discrepancy between 2d vs VR that exists by default. Thank god for all the brilliant modders huh! Their work is much appreciated for sure.
  12. THIS. IL-2 is not the only offender but seeing these dudes in vids, usually MP players especially, using 10x zooms on their TiR setups and in VR we actually are limited to an only realistic zoom level is pretty annoying. Either give us the same zoom for VR or remove the ridiculous bionic zoom they allow for 2D users. I now see 10x 2D zoomers as just using a cheat. Would love to see it addressed.
  13. Torso

    VR Wow

    Blitzen, what HMD did you use before and how does it compare using the 8k to it?
  14. I need to find that thread and the exchange. It has eluded me for some reason. But I certainly could have some of the specifics incorrect. But I am not far off. The rejection and lack of interest was certainly from Jason's side. Which he of course has every right to not see much value in any effort towards enabling it. Just hope one day down the road Jason decides to do it or at least make the API available to let others do it. And now that we got tanks..oh hell yeah I wanna my seat to rumble, to bang when i fire that main gun. Tanks makes it even more useful.
  15. Well, tactile/motion feedback WITH VR is absolutely amazing and takes things to the next rung on the immersion ladder. You would be surprised how a little well timed shaking adds to the game/sim
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