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  1. I actually figured a way to delay a group T/O however do you know how to calculate two groups to t/o climb to 4000 meters and meet at a certain point to fly in two serrate formations? I dm you a link
  2. Thank you a million !!! I am working on it now to zip these and I will send over soon
  3. Great It will take me a while to sort has I created a lot of mp3 files to trigger at certain points in the mission. Il send you a DM
  4. wow i gotta say your scripted campaign was amazing. could I send you mine that I am currently working on. I would love some feed back. I'm not sure what you mean by campaign missions rather than single. I put them into a scripted Campaign, it runs but when I log out I have to start from beginning
  5. Hi was wondering if you came across the same problem as I did. Once I test the Campaign I fl the first mission and then have assess to mission 02 however if I close out of IL from Steam and log back in, It doesn't save and I have to restart the whole campagin all over again. Am I not putting the right text in the txt files? This has taken me about two months to write already. here is an example of what happens thank you so much
  6. Hi can anyone help? I am creating a Scripted Campaign. However when I go to test it something odd occurs? After I fly the First mission successfully I am then able to fly the 2nd mission. However If I Log out of IL and back in I have to re-start all over again from mission 1??? can anyone help here? is there something in info txt that im not putting or is it a profile thing through IL?
  7. Hi there was wandering where/ how to install a scripted campaign? I have also created a bunch of missions I am trying to write up into one big campaign? is there anyone out here who can help me create this? I have about 10 missions and just need to know the basics of putting a campaign together? Many thanks RD
  8. memphis belle mod soundpack testing !
  9. https://www.twitch.tv/rodiff IL-Sturmovik BOS MemphisBelle Mod looking to see if anyone has an idea where i can create a campaign with these missions
  10. I will try and share these missions once I am done
  11. yeah it doesnt work Ai just sits there tryed everything
  12. whats an Object link? is that when I target one to another or object one to another
  13. yeah Im lead aircraft but he just stays still totally and wont start up engines battleofthebulge01.zip
  14. I am trying to start a mission in mission editor. My AI wingman just sits parked while I taxi out and take off. I have tried everything to get him to even start up his engines?
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