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  1. It’s funny that you’re telling us this as if nobody else here or the Devs has ever seen an airplane in the sky... 😶
  2. It’s worth noting that Varjo achieves this sharpness with a form of fixed foveated rendering using dual screens. So it’s not a full field of view 20/20 equivalent. The sharper portion is limited to a small center sweet spot. https://uploadvr.com/varjo-vr-2/
  3. I used to have Landscape Filter Off and it looked fine until the update with the Western Front map, then you see that flickering. LF is basically anisotropic filtering. The terrain looks better with it enabled and IMO it’s easier to spot aircraft against smooth landscape rather than flickering
  4. I like the challenge of navigating and honestly it makes you study and look at the maps, terrain and towns etc more which are so beautifully done.
  5. Can you continue a Luftwaffe Moscow-Kuban career on to Bodenplatte?
  6. Well the shadow can sometimes produce a lot more contrast than the aircraft itself.
  7. This would sure be a great one for Mythbusters! 😁
  8. Well sure a headwind or tailwind would affect a bullet. But the magnitude would be extremely small. Again you’re looking at a bullet traveling about 2,000 mph affected by a wind at maybe 40mph for even a strong wind.
  9. A bullet drops at exactly the same speed whether fired from a gun or simply dropped with no forward velocity. So a head or tailwind would have zero effect on this. Bullet drop is how far the round will travel during its gravity induced fall. A bullet from a .50 cal MG leaves the barrel at 2,900 fps roughly which is equal to 1,977 mph. So a head or tail wind of even 40mph (on the ground) would make a negligible difference. A tail wind would make the bullet travel farther but only by a very tiny amount. Aircraft in flight and shooting at one another don’t experience head or tail wind relative to each other. They’re moving together in the same air mass. The shooting aircraft’s speed is added to the bullets speed so the relative velocity between shooter and target is the same.
  10. Marketing a game towards the retired and unemployed is a sure path to failure. No other game in the world lacks this feature. Or any computer software for that matter, can you imagine any software you work on for and hour with no way to save your work? It’s a ridiculous flaw in the game design. How do they expect anyone to buy these DLC campaigns?
  11. It’s an incredibly flawed assumption. Just imagine any other game type that didn’t have saves in it. That game would totally fail in the marketplace. Oh wait and here we are failing! Everyone wonders why this is such a niche genre. This is a big reason why. You’re asking people to play a game which has no progress or meaning unless you devote hour long sessions to it. I just got a racing sim Assetto Corsa Competizione which features realistic hour long SP Career races with pit stops etc. You can save your progress! Now imagine how ridiculous and unapproachable this game would be if you forced every player to sit at the game for an hour or get nothing from it. Nobody in their right mind would design a game like that. This is why flight sims are such a failure in their appeal to the larger market and it has nothing to do with being complex, difficult or needing a joystick. It’s the lack of any meaningful way to play the game in shorter sessions in the way that every other game does.
  12. I still wonder why this isn’t a feature in flight sims. Every other game has a save feature. The lack of this really cripples the appeal of this genre. It’s not simply the requirement of a joystick that makes this a niche genre. It’s that there’s no way to play this in short sessions and have any meaningful progress. It’s obviously possible because the game can save entire mission tracks. Is this just some misplaced idea of realism? The attempt to sell scripted campaigns is no doubt much less successful without a save system.
  13. If enough other players like that system they can set up a server running it. That’s the only solution.
  14. You can just enable Alternate Visibility if that’s what you want.
  15. If you read Jason’s post in the “Officers Club” he states that nothing changed in that patch within 0-10km as far as spotting is concerned. So the request to change it “back” doesn’t make sense perhaps. If you want the enlarged models at distances greater than 10k there’s the Alternate Visibility setting.
  16. I see it in the video. But in actual gameplay I can’t say I’ve ever seen a plane vanish with the zoom level at this range. It’s hard to say from YouTube because the video appears quite blurry to me either through compression or upscaling to my monitor which is 2160p. I have noticed and reported a bug where the aluminum reflections or layer in the skin will vanish with zoom level but in that case the plane is still visible. It’s worth noting Jason’s recent statement that visibility within 10km has not changed pre and post patch, the changes were to 10km+ Myself I don’t notice any difference spotting within that range either. Aside from that bug.
  17. It’s better to run the native resolution of your monitor rather than upscale. It will look sharper. Even 1440p upscaled to 2160p looks noticeably soft but the same 1440 signal on a 1440 screen will look really nice.
  18. Posts like this make me think the Devs should discontinue VR support until it’s popular enough to justify a separate VR version of the sim. It seems impossible to make a game that will push the visuals and fidelity in 2D and then also be able to run well in VR with anything other than literally the strongest hardware available. It doesn’t make sense to have a game that can’t be run well on average or above average systems. It possibly floods their support with tickets and hinders the development of the game. VR currently is being used by 1% of Steam users so it can’t be that large of a market. If VR just leads to all sorts of performance complaints then it’s maybe not doing them any favors to keep supporting it.
  19. CloD had no canopy glass modeled or so it seemed. It looked silly.
  20. Multiplayer has always been this way. The missions are all designed with the targets too far apart which spreads players all over a huge map. So it’s an effect of poor mission design, if anything the longer visibility range should have helped. 54 players isn’t enough for a game when all the missions are designed for 84 or more like 184. For practice seeing other aircraft it’s better to play SP where there actually are other aircraft to see. I have never felt I had trouble spotting in any of these sims. Honestly I could not tell the difference between pre and post patch (Alternate Vis off) unless maybe I put both versions of the game on monitors in front of me. I have noted and reported an actual bug but otherwise I can’t say. If that bug existed before the patch I couldn’t say either.
  21. No kidding. Why do you think 109 pilots were tempted to remove the armor? If he can look back that far up he can certainly look sideways. I’m all in favor of modeling the head & spine movement correctly too like in DCS, it actually makes checking six easier. Why would an air show pilot be any less concerned about awareness and safety than a combat pilot? If he looses control of the aircraft or collides with another plane he’s just as dead.
  22. “Only the protective armor plate behind my head kept me from being killed by a 20mm. I used to inspect all of the aircraft, as some men would take this plate out. It reduced rearward visibility by about twenty percent, so they removed it. I ordered all the plates replaced, and I made it clear I would court-martial any man who disobeyed.” - Johannes Steinhoff in The German Aces Speak II So if their movement was so restricted why would they want to remove the armor plate behind their head? By this account it took up twenty percent of their rearward view meaning they were able to turn around quite a lot. Just about like the Biggin Hill pilot. Why does an armored glass headrest become available in the 109 if the pilot couldn’t turn around that far?
  23. Most pilots accounts weren’t written with the idea of solving video game arguments decades later. They lack abundant reference to the stuff people here argue constantly about. Look at the way cockpit designs all evolved to be full blister canopies. Why? Obviously for better visibility. This whole topic is only because some flight sim players are old guys with bad necks flying with VR scuba masks on. Trying to impose their limitations on other players. Some VR players can actually turn around and check six. Are you proposing that they strap themselves into their swiveling office chairs?
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