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  1. Been doing other games or SP career. Sometimes MP gets dull. So I switch it up occasionally. Honestly if the head turn was modeled more realistically it would be easier to look back. The “owl neck” looks straight back into your headrest whereas a realistic turn, like in DCS, would look over your shoulder and around the headrest or fuselage.
  2. If you turn on Technochat “Technical” it will tell you when you’re in WEP etc. Some of the Russian planes don’t have emergency ratings though.
  3. The point of Technochat is that the graphic is supposed to be a position indicator, since a real pilot could tell by feel where a lever is set without looking at it. It’s supposed to be a relatively realistic depiction. If you want to see RPMs or MP the realistic way to see that is on your cockpit instruments. There may be a cockpit gauges graphic aid you can display on the screen but I haven’t tried that.
  4. So fine, use snap views in VR. But don’t ask to handicap the gameplay for everyone else like showing down or restricting the views.
  5. VR is fine. Just don’t advocate changing the game for everyone else because it puts you at a disadvantage. It’s funny that players adopted head tracking and VR to avoid pressing buttons to turn their head and now that’s what VR players want to go back to 🤣
  6. Hey the world of really boring sims has no bounds! 😜
  7. Uhhh no. Just no. It’s fine to add snap views for VR but don’t advocate wrecking the game for everyone else. After all you are not forced to use VR. If you feel at such a competitive disadvantage it’s your choice.
  8. No. Seems super boring to me. There are already train sim games, It’s a different audience altogether.
  9. I haven’t used Teamspeak for years but if it’s still the same your joystick would need to emulate key presses to be recognized. Not a big deal but the CH software for setting this up is positively archaic. I think Discord recognizes the CH Throttle mini stick press because it may be set up to default as a mouse click. It won’t recognize any other buttons.
  10. But the effort to install and figure out Discord or Teamspeak is more worthwhile since these can be used for other games. I already have these figured out. SRS is only used for IL-2.
  11. I don’t understand what’s wrong with Discord or why we needed something this complex for comms. It seems like a mess so I won’t bother with it. I really like to spend my gaming time actually gaming instead of fiddling with my PC.
  12. If that’s how it works. Great. But is that information included on the forum post instructions? When I tried reading that page on the forum after swiping up about three times through an entire page of text... I give up. The point being that if 1CGS can semi-officially adopt a plug in, an even better move would be to incorporate this completely into the game with no separate install required. The other important advantage of having this feature in-game is the ability to easily assign HOTAS buttons to PTT. Not all these programs recognize HOTAS buttons. By trial and error I was
  13. The real radios in these planes were easier to use than SRS...
  14. Funny thing I can learn to fly an airliner in a sim but I have no patience for editing config files.
  15. Yes it’s great that the game added support for SRS. But it’s... Way too complicated! Seriously, there’s a whole page of instructions and edits to config files that 90% of players will be unable or unwilling to understand. If there is going to be this sort of feature semi-officially included it needs to be much easier to use (a simple one click “install”) or if not that then completely integrate this into the game with no extra work required. The current SRS setup is too complex to be worthwhile IMO. Since I am guessing very few other players use it.
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