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  1. Before starting another giant thread about this same issue over and over it’s useful read Jason’s last communication that I am aware of, on this topic My advice would be if you if you want them to actually look at something then it needs to be a specific bug report. And keep in mind what a “bug” actually is. - Statements like “I can’t see this or that” or “it’s easier to see in real life” are too vague. - Game features that don’t work exactly the way you personally want them to aren’t “bugs” - The fact that this game doesn’t exactly replicate features from other games like “smart scaling” isn’t a bug. Show something specific. Make a video. Post a track from the game. Include your settings and system specs. They’ll pay attention to that and fix these things. Otherwise it seems there is very little chance that any of this will change anytime soon. And what we have now is actually an improvement overall considering that the 10k bubble is gone.
  2. The only things that are new about visibility are: There is no 10k bubble. Possibly there is some sort of scaling algorithm but it seems exactly the same as before. It’s still very difficult to see another aircraft farther than 10k There is an Alternate Plane Visibility setting where aircraft are visible for extreme unrealistic distance. Otherwise visibility didn’t change. If you could see well before you should still be able to see now. Not sure what you’re talking about. There are a few bugs but they aren’t very common.
  3. It looks really awful when you see scaled aircraft up against other objects that are not scaled. That issue should explain itself. Those aircraft in the screenshot are only 1mi away. So you would see that effect very clearly in the game. Scaling also wrecks the ability to judge range to targets etc. And what about ground targets? What about ground and air vehicles seen together? No game today would use something silly like this, it would be a total joke.
  4. Smart scaling ie Serfoss nonsense, is awful. Just to show how awful it would look in a game, here’s a screenshot (by a proponent who actually thought this looked ok). The 3rd aircraft on the right is “Serfoss sized”. That’s awful looking. His silly academic paper wasn’t written for a game where you’d see the scaled aircraft in context with other objects which aren’t scaled. The whole idea is a very flawed concept. It sure is. You say that like 1CGS doesn’t have any real pilots though.
  5. It’s important to realize that seeing other aircraft in combat is not an easy task. It’s possible that many people just think this should be too easy. Many games have hidden or difficult to see enemies. Why should flight sims be different? IMO the practice of having icons in these games (flight sims are the only genre that puts these on your opponents) has somehow convinced people that enemy aircraft are supported to be easy to see. 1CGS does have pilots on staff who think this sim does a realistic job at visibility. I think many player’s trouble starts with their hardware or setting rather than the game.
  6. The most important thing to do before adjusting game settings is to calibrate your monitor. You’ll need test patterned to do this I have used this for home theater and it works well on the PC if you’ve got a BD drive. http://www.videoessentials.com If you have an Xbox One you could probably plug it in as it also has a good set of test screens Color calibration is complicated but what we are most interested in, and is the most important really, is setting the Brightness and Contrast levels You probably need to do that through your graphics card control panel as most monitors I’ve ever used don’t handle this correctly Brightness sets the black level. Contrast sets the while level. You need to use actual test pattens and not game footage or something. Only after doing this could you reliably adjust anything in the game It seems gamma adjustments are a popular solution but there is no gamma setting screen in IL-2 so it’s not possible to adjust this accurately. The above brightness and contrast are probably more important and can actually be set using patterns. Setting the gamma way out of range is almost certainly the wrong choice here. And again there’s no way to know if this is accurate. Your display should be able to achieve a 1,000:1 contrast ratio at least and be capable of 16.7 million colors. Anything below that would be substandard. It’s something to consider. A good monitor today can do much better. As for game settings I prefer Ultra, AA on (only 2x for 2160p, lower res should use 4x) Alternate Vis Off. Everything else Maxed Turning AA off makes everything on your screen a pixeled mess and I don’t see how that helps spotting or IDing. Also bits of other aircraft can completely vanish or flicker. The landscape will flicker and hide targets. Honestly AA Off makes the game look terrible and doesn’t help. I don’t know why people do this. Landscape Filter. To me this seems to be anisotropic filtering. I prefer this on Sharp because it’s just higher AF and makes the landscape terrain smoother and less flicker. Again it’s easier to spot against a solid background than one which flickers. HDR. High Dynamic Range. Set On. The definition speaks for itself, I prefer more dynamic range in order to see contacts.
  7. Yes, a YouTube works to show what you personally are seeing. The tracks allow others to try and replicate the problem plus in contains info for the Devs. You do need Dropbox or something to transfer the files, they’re too large to post on the forum. PS It is actually possible to edit the tracks within the game
  8. Yes I would like to be able to determine engine damage by using gauges and sound, smoke etc. not icons.
  9. You should make a video and post the track files along with your settings when you see things like this. That’s the only way to clearly communicate these things if it’s a bug. It is actually possible IRL to see reflections from very far away. Maybe this is functioning as intended. Although 40km seems quite far.
  10. This! What’s cool about the physiology is that you really have to pay attention to the pursuit curves and maneuvers. If the bandit breaks into you and you try to just follow in plane you’ll pull much higher Gs than they will and it will affect you hard. The correct maneuvers now have much more meaning.
  11. Back during BoS Early Access we were all asked to post test results in order for the Devs to work out the graphic presets. Obviously having a benchmark track for us to all use would have been beneficial. But I don’t think that’s possible in this game due to the AI, otherwise they would certainly have provided one. I suppose it’s a safe assumption that whichever hardware performs better on a track will perform better live, or it’s the only tool that there is. But it’s an easy test to do. Just run a live mission with Fraps benchmarking it and then run the track of that same gameplay again and benchmark that. Then compare.
  12. It’s not “hate” to simply respond to posts. And yes for the umpteenth time I’ve worn the Rift and the HTC Vive. I don’t need to plug them into a sim to tell that they have awful resolution. This stuff will improve eventually and then maybe I’ll give it a try for this. The fact that FS2020 won’t be supporting VR for now is another no-go for me personally.
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