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  1. I’m just providing info on DLSS. Watch the videos, they explain the issues very well. I’ve tried DLSS and had the same experience. DLSS functions at all resolutions, not just 4K. It’s possible that it’s shortcomings are more evident at very high resolutions because at that level any flaw or artifact is easily seen. VR headsets use pixels made by graphics cards... in that sense they’re exactly the same as a monitor. The effect of what this feature does would be apparent in 3D as well as 2D. Maybe you’d perceive artifacts even worse due to how large the pixels appear in a headset, it’s like sitting with your nose right up to a screen. I can’t imagine the benefit in VR to upscale an image with DLSS to a large size and then down sample it with the pixel density settings. If you’re looking for a Nvidia feature to help VR that would be VRSS.
  2. Defensive much? Well it’s good in exactly one game so far. Let’s see how it goes... If you want supersampling there’s Nvidia Dynamic Super Resolution (don’t you love marketing buzz speak?), which is actual super sampling ( and also not such a great idea... although it’s a fix for the cloud jaggies in IL-2)
  3. The subject here on this thread is DLSS. And it can used at all resolutions, not just 4K. And there are 2160p headsets like the Reverb As for its usefulness in VR (and no I don’t use VR) I understand what most people are doing to improve smoothness and clarity is actual super sampling ie pixel density, which is the opposite of what DLSS is doing. Plus the performance bottleneck many people face in sims like this is their CPU. The performance benefit of DLSS only helps your GPU. I’ve only tried DLSS in Battlefield V and the results were not good. According to the review above it seems to work well in Wolfenstein Young Blood but that’s the only title so far where that’s the case. I haven’t tried that game yet.
  4. It literally isn't https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supersampling “This is achieved by rendering the image at a much higher resolution than the one being displayed, then shrinking it to the desired size, using the extra pixels for calculation” It’s upscaling https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/upscaling-how-does-it-work-and-is-it-worth-it/ Nvidia just figures “Dynamic Learning Upscaling” didn’t sound sexy enough... 🤔
  5. you need a RTX 20 series GPU to run DLSS so... DLSS also isn’t “Super Sampling” which means rendering the image at a higher resolution and then downscaling it to the screen. Its actually “Upscaling” a lower resolution up to the resolution of the monitor. This is similar to what an upscaling DVD player does to put an image onto a 1080p TV. There are better or worse implementations of this but the resulting image cannot be as good as a native high res signal. The problem with any form of upscaling is that simply running the native resolution of your monitor will always look better. Why get an expensive 4K monitor and RTX card and then run a softer image on it? Save yourself the money and run a 1440p or 1080p screen, it will look better. And as far as VR is concerned the problem is that headsets really need “pixel density” or real super sampling to smooth out their images since you are seeing them so large in the headset. Making the image softer with DLSS isn’t something I can imagine would be useful here. Apparently DLSS has improved quite a bit with 2.0 like you mentioned But it really appears to be a case of over promising and underdelivering when it comes to implementing it in actual games The bottom line common sense advice IMO is, always match the resolution of your monitor and graphics card potential and avoid upscaling or super sampling gimmicks
  6. It looks like crap in 4K. Again all it’s really doing is running the game at lower res, which boosts FPS obviously, and then upscaling it. In 2160p the softness is very noticeable. BFV is where I’ve tried it and it looks awful.
  7. DLSS is really just a horrible gimmick. It’s basically just rendering a low resolution and upscaling, or actually looks worse than just that simple solution. Yes of course that would improve your performance but looks terrible. A display will always look better at its native resolution and that’s certainly true with 4K.
  8. Yeah but there are too many key commmands you need even with a HOTAS.
  9. Jason said they are planning on official skin packs (like RoF) so hopefully that means we will see more skins variety in Career Mode (like RoF)
  10. IL-2 GB will never have this feature. It’s been stated by the Devs several times.
  11. That’s already in the game, it’s called “Padlock”
  12. I do think the priorities should be: 1st - A consistent frame rate, at least 60fps 2nd - Ultra graphic settings 3rd - Resolution I think all things considered, resolution is the least important. Yes 4K looks fantastic but it’s not worth sacrificing graphic settings or frame rate. if your hardware can accomplish #1 and #2 then going 4K is worthwhile. For flight sims I’d be willing to bend those requirements a bit because this genre really benefits from more pixels. If considering say an FPS game, higher fps might be more important.
  13. This guy is a total idiot. Gaming in 4K looks fantastic IF you have the hardware to run it. The difference in resolution compared to 1080p is very apparent on a decent size screen ie 27”+ or perhaps smaller. Ask yourself; Do you need to use antialiasing on your 1080p screen? If so then you’ll see the benefit of 4K. If I run 1440p on a 28” 4K screen (upscaled) it looks noticeably soft so the difference in resolution is a apparent there too. 4K makes your PC screen look like a big Retina display. In flight sims the extra resolution is a definite plus, IDing other aircraft or reading cockpit instruments. This game looks gorgeous in 2160p You don’t need a measuring tape, you can SEE the difference! Tech Tips guy is a dummy. 🙄
  14. They have said official skin packs are planned.
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