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  1. SharpeXB

    Initial thoughts about VR vs 2D

    No s$@it! Really! Oh yeah like we all don’t have eyes and know how they work... please tell us! Of course that’s true physiologically. But implementing anything like that in game graphics would just be stupid and unworkable. You already get this effect just looking at the screen, your eyes can only focus sharply were you’re looking. Jeesh. ! 🤯
  2. SharpeXB

    Initial thoughts about VR vs 2D

    What? You’re suggesting that only the center of PC screens should be clear and the rest should be all blurry? Because that would sure make everyone happy. Right...No game in the world does that. You want to handicap everyone else down to the level of VR headset scuba mask blurryness. That won’t happen.
  3. SharpeXB

    Initial thoughts about VR vs 2D

    How is the monitor FOV a cheat? Your real life peripheral vision is about 200d. The default FOV is about 70d
  4. SharpeXB

    Icon rework

    Good point.
  5. SharpeXB

    Icon rework

    Icons in flight sims are a funny thing. They’re a legacy graphic from the days of small CRT monitors where they were really essential. They aren’t needed with the widescreen full HD monitors that are universal today. Other games like FPS don’t have icons floating over your opponents to give them away. That would be rather ridiculous and yet it can be just as hard or even harder to see enemies in those games. Plus a hidden opponent will kill you instantly in a FPS.
  6. SharpeXB

    Icon rework

    People have been playing flight sims without icons for many many years and a check of the servers show it’s the huge majority. They all don’t have super systems. Better graphics cards let you run higher settings but on any graphic level it’s possible to play without icons. It seems from the above response that 1CGS is considering the request which is just fine. What I’m saying is you likely won’t get the choice to use it in multiplayer due to the small number of active servers and the pervailing choice of having them off.
  7. SharpeXB

    Icon rework

    Playing without icons doesn’t require extreme hardware. Any 1080p monitor or graphics card will do. Although small laptop screens aren’t going to be suitable.
  8. Good example. And in reality you wouldn’t even perceive your own vision moving as much as the GoPro. The head flop in CoD and DCS is just overdone.
  9. SharpeXB

    Icon rework

    That’s just the reality of what flight sims have become. Divided between low and higher fidelity. And the higher fidelity sim like this one is too expensive to make and also try to be everything to everyone. War Thunder has 1,000 different planes and vehicles and 80 maps. It’s appeal is quantity over quality. So a player who isn’t looking for accuracy in flight models etc is going to go that direction and not towards a game with only 30 aircraft despite that those are done with a much higher level of authenticity. People who want authenticity tend to not also use game aids like icons. I’m sure the devs are reluctant to spend the time and money adding features that probably won’t end up being used. Certainly true.
  10. SharpeXB

    Icon rework

    There aren’t enough players online to make that work. Currently there is really no “choice of server”. There are only one or two populated servers. And those run without icons. I mention War Thunder not to be condescending. I am only stating what I see online because I of course don’t know what everyone’s setting are. It would be possible to run easy game-like arcade servers in IL-2. This game has those options, for icons, external views, mouse control etc. If new players who maybe preferred that to the “full real” style were in this game then you’d see that type of server. But you don’t. The only setting you see anyone play online is Expert.
  11. SharpeXB

    Icon rework

    Certainly. I’m sure many people go that route. But if they move to IL-2 they’re looking for something different and more challenging. Not a repeat of the same.
  12. SharpeXB

    Icon rework

    Yes most people are SP. but the only purpose to including icon modification officially would be so it could be a setting online among players. The trouble is that hardly any players online use icons to begin with. Players all gravitate to the populated servers which are always “Expert”. That’s just how MP is. Hardcore sim fans are the only player base for sims like this. The players who want icons and such are over on War Thunder.
  13. SharpeXB

    When Do You Stop Shooting?

    I like to treat Career Mode as Dead is Dead so follow the real world advice, never pursue a target you think is destroyed. A good hit is enough, I will leave them and keep awareness. Many times I will get awarded kills that I never saw go down. I would rather miss out on a kill and get home alive than the alternative. That has served well flying many career hours in IL-2 and RoF.
  14. SharpeXB

    Icon rework

    Most players would probably disagree. I wouldn’t want the graphics of the game stunted in order to have icon choices. The majority of players, judging by multiplayer, have them switched off. Mods can provide this feature so there’s no need for the game to add it. Custom icons could only work in single player with mods on because there aren’t enough players online to give everyone their choice of settings. And again, hardly anyone plays with them online.
  15. SharpeXB

    Plane too unstable on the ground!

    When you watch those real life videos, those are expert pilots handling the aircraft. They just make it look easy. Handling a tail dragger, especially a WWII fighter on the ground is difficult. Check these out