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  1. The point being that I’ve been able to substantially upgrade my PC over the last six years to keep up with this and other sims. But it has required upgrading. The limits we’re discussing here are clearly hardware related, what other reason would there be? This game engine does things that are unique, especially that it uses the same advanced flight model for the player and AI aircraft. There has been some optimization in that regard but it still begs the question whether you want all the aircraft that can be handled within a certain range or so far away that they wouldn’t be visible?
  2. I’m running a 1080Ti now. No trouble using that.
  3. If it’s overclocked, sure. My oc became unstable and I had to switch it off. Then BoS would run in slow motion. That was before certain improvements to the engine. The point is many players do not run something even as good as the 3770 and comparing 4th to 8th gen CPUs you’re looking at a performance gain of maybe 8% So there are limits to this stuff.
  4. Really? Because my high end PC in 2012 was an overclocked i7-3770K and a GTX 670. Without its oc that CPU was incapable of handling large missions in BoS and the GTX 670 would be really taxed by this sim today. Most of the load we are dealing with in this regard falls on the CPU and those aren’t getting much faster.
  5. This game engine has been updated quite substantially from the RoF era. If there was a way to increase the distance I’m sure 1CGS would do it. Not every player has a modern 2018 PC though. They have to keep those limitations in mind. This sim taxes systems that quite strong.
  6. This sim does a LOT more than a 2001 game did. Detailed maps, advanced flight models for every aircraft including the AI etc. There’s a reason for the bubble. Increasing its diameter exponentially adds demand on your system.
  7. RoF doesn’t need icons. It’s the easiest sim to ID planes in. The WWII aircraft can look really similar. But WWI aircraft are so varied.
  8. There’s a zoom view command as well. It’s handy to have that mapped somewhere that’s easy to use.
  9. Just takes a lot of practice. Frankly WWI is the easiest sim to spot other aircraft in. They’re slow, at close range and have all sorts of distinctive shapes and colors. You’ve got an open cockpit with plenty of view too. If you practice with the triplane you can make incredibly fast turns. Just need to pay more attention to the rudder and prop effects. Notice which way it wants to pull and counter it before it happens.
  10. SharpeXB

    Fokker DR1 forward stick to keep level..

    S-curves cannot be made to work without artificial trimming. You can’t have one without the other.
  11. SharpeXB

    Fokker DR1 forward stick to keep level..

    I sure wish there were controllers for flight sims which had this kind of feedback. Experiencing it in racing sims, where you can feel every bit of the road through the wheel is just incredible. And then realizing that’s what you’re missing in flight sims. I tried force a feedback stick years ago, but it didn’t feel good, it felt like rough electric motors pushing on the stick. It would be really expensive to make a flight stick with the quality that some of the racing wheels have, all made from steel and aluminum with steel gearing. I think the market just isn’t there. But it would be so cool.
  12. SharpeXB

    Fokker DR1 forward stick to keep level..

    Fair enough
  13. SharpeXB

    Fokker DR1 forward stick to keep level..

    I understand that offsets are a game setting and not realistic. But neither is a short table mounted spring stick. A full length stick solves the sensitivity problem and for my taste, holding the stick forward isn’t the problem, it’s the sensitivity. So I would probably not use an offset with a full size stick. But everyone’s hardware is not the same. That’s why RoF has this menu. So no matter what gear I’m using, I would still agree with having the custom response menu. And not having this as some sort of easy pilot setting on servers. That’s too finicky. There aren’t enough players online in these sims to worry about stuff like that.
  14. SharpeXB

    Fokker DR1 forward stick to keep level..

    If I had a floor mounted stick, no I don’t believe I would need response curves. If I had a force feedback floor mounted stick I wouldn’t need curves or offsets. Because such a controller would duplicate the real thing.
  15. SharpeXB

    Fokker DR1 forward stick to keep level..

    Neither does a spring. The trim or centering force you keep going on about is artificial when using a non-FFB stick. The spring is already putting you in a nose up attitude in addition to whatever trim condition the plane is in. Even in the trimmable WWII birds.