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  1. SharpeXB

    VR Fever Is Cooling

    So is VR headed in the direction of 3D TV and gaming or the Kinect? Doesn’t seem surprising since the top titles are mostly first person shooters which would just make players sick in VR. With graphics that are too demanding for the headset to run. “major headset sales were down 50% in the first half of 2018 compared to the same time last year” “Sony’s PlayStation VR headset reportedly shipped just over 100,000 units last quarter versus three-times as much during the same time last year, and a lack of AAA content is likely to blame” “Microsoft, meanwhile, has seemingly abandoned plans to bring VR to the Xbox One X” https://variety.com/2018/gaming/news/superdata-vr-sales-report-1202878145/
  2. SharpeXB

    Joystick Configuration

    If I remember with Logitech, if you set a button to emulate Shift, then you’ll need to map the other button you want to use in combination with it to another key as well. I know this worked for me a long time ago with a Logitech stick.
  3. SharpeXB

    Joystick Configuration

    I hope the ability to set individual responses arrives with Flying Circus. I don’t find this so necessary for the WWII planes, but the RoF planes need this since they cannot be trimmed. And without a pitch “trim” set in the responses, you can’t use response curves. And these sims need response curves especially in pitch. So if this feature is added, I’m guessing it will be with FC.
  4. SharpeXB

    Joystick Configuration

    If you need joystick buttons to act as modifiers, can’t you just assign them to emulate the key? I remember doing that in RoF many years ago. This menu system seems similar enough.
  5. SharpeXB

    Playing with no Tracking device...

    Hmmm. Donating blood here pays $20-$50 a visit. I’m pondering how much of my own blood I’d give up if my TrackIR stopped working. 😬
  6. SharpeXB

    No track IR view help?

    Hard to disagree with that. I shelved flight sims until I got the TrackIR
  7. SharpeXB


    It’s been brought up before. And yes I think it would be a great option.
  8. SharpeXB

    TrackIR - couple of issues

    I assigned my “center” TrackIR key to one I will never use flight swimming. That is the Arrow Up key that’s usually the default for the pitch up key command I won’t use since I have a joystick. Then I remap F10 to Alt+F10 so I won’t press it by accident.
  9. Much of the performance limit we face in IL-2S comes from the CPU. Scenarios with many other objects are limited by this and not the GPU or the resolution you are running.
  10. I have been able to get 100% of the motion with my CH throttle in game. Maybe try calibrating it again. Sometimes it took me a few tries.
  11. DSR is just marketing speak. It should be obvious you cannot increase the resolution of your monitor simply by sending a high resolution signal to it. At most DSR will give you a bit smoother picture, like antialiasing but at a large cost in performance. If your GPU can handle generating a 2560x1440 output then you’ll see the best reults on a monitor with that same native resolution. On a 1080p screen the result will be negligible.
  12. SharpeXB

    Is this the end?

    Your system specs?
  13. SharpeXB

    Dumb easy quick view question

    I’ve remapped my command now to Alt+F10 to avoid that happening again.
  14. SharpeXB

    Where are the skins?

    I’m sure RoF made the skin packs separate downloads just for that reason. Also they were split into Historical and Fictional so you could choose either. Download speeds and disc space aren’t as much of an issue today. Even Console games/ ports are routinely 50-100gb. Swastikas would have to be dealt with by an EULA or something. IL-2 Wings of Prey did that, there was an “Historical Decals” graphics setting.
  15. SharpeXB

    Career Tweak - Warning when Captured or Killed

    I finished a career mission bailing out close enough to my lines I thought I might have a chance. There wasn’t any definite message about whether I would be captured or not. I didn’t see a # or anything so I finished the mission. Oops. Maybe the success or fate message should be more clear.