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  1. Correct me if I’m wrong but this game already uses multi-core processing. Look are the minimum system specs and you’ll see Core i5 and i7 CPUs listed. Those are quad core. What’s still important is the performance of each core hence the need for strong single thread performance. But that doesn’t mean the game is only running single core.
  2. It’s easy to test the CPU or GPU limited scenarios. Do a situation with many other aircraft and AI and you’ll find your FPS capped no matter what the graphics settings. Even switching from 4K to 1080p won’t boost the frame rate. That’s being CPU limited. GPU limited settings include higher resolutions, antialiasing etc. Most players can get acceptable frame rates simply by adjusting graphic settings but the reason a strong CPU is essential is you can’t as easily adjust the numbers of other aircraft or AI or simplify the physics. Those are the situations players find a bottleneck with and those aren’t helped by the GPU
  3. I believe 1CGS fixed this problem in IL-2. It did (does) happen in RoF.
  4. Although this game doesn’t support It, HDR looks very very nice on games which do. I would consider HDR a must-have on any new monitor today.
  5. There isn’t a graphics card made that can run the Pimax well enough.
  6. I have my right toe brake axis assigned to zoom view and just have HOTAS buttons for the L and R brakes. Zoom view is used much more than braking. Brakes are only used briefly for taxiing. Zoom view is used constantly. It allows a completely hands free use of the zoom which is even more beneficial in sims like DCS A-10C where every one of your HOTAS buttons has an actual assignment that is used constantly. Plus an axis assigned to zoom view is very good because you can change the FOV instantly or gradually. It’s very intuitive.
  7. Well any flight sim, monitor or VR can require that. Especially a modern aircraft in DCS. That’s a lot of button mashing. The whole point of a HOTAS is that you don’t look at it. I’m not “anti VR”. I just have decided it doesn’t appeal to me personally (yet?) for flight sims. It’s too much like a blurry scuba mask. Professionally I think it’s awesome and the T-Rex demo scenario at happy hour is a blast.
  8. Honestly the topic of this thread is “TrackIR or VR”. Asking people not to post their opinion is a bit off. Everybody gets to post.
  9. This channel shows you everything about the cockpit layouts
  10. The camera on Google Translate will work on the cockpit. check it out!
  11. VR just isn’t evolved enough for me. I prefer the Ultra graphics 4K beauty of a monitor and TrackIR. For more competitive MP and challenging SP gameplay VR is too much of a hinderance. Chiefly the resolution is lacking for use in a flight sim. VR also just has too many performance issues. It’s possible to max out graphics and settings in 2D with top hardware but there isn’t a machine that exists which could do the same in VR.
  12. My sympathies... that sounds like a hard time indeed.
  13. It would be better if 1CGS did that. If this isn’t included automatically with game updates not many player will get it. Most players don’t search here for those things. With download speeds and disc space what they are today I don’t imagine separate packs would be needed. I assume that’s why RoF went with keeping them separate. Today they could be just rolled into game updates. An effort by an individual player will eventually falter. Somebody was trying to keep the GB skins organized at one point. But that fell apart or stopped.
  14. Do I understand this right? Per the last update 3.101 “flight characteristics of all Flying Circus planes fully correspond to RoF before update 1.034” 1.034 was the last update to RoF that changed all the FM https://riseofflight.com/forum/topic/44725-version-1034/?p=620399 So we are returning to the “classic” FM? Cool! 😁
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