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  1. There are servers which have markers (icons) enabled, so just play on those. The truth about this and other flight sims is that there just aren’t enough players online to give everyone their choice of options. There may be VR players who don’t want icons, and those who want VR with icons. You’d split up the player base too much.
  2. If you think VR is a disadvantage and you value competitiveness over immersion, then don’t use VR in multiplayer. Nobody is forcing you to play in VR
  3. SharpeXB


    I don’t know how realistic that type of mission is. Other than the attack to get Yamamoto I don’t know of this type of mission ever being carried out in WWII.
  4. Yes I always fly in sims without any game aids, icons etc. Especially in career, since you’re always flying from the same airfield you can learn to navigate by landmarks. It’s actually quite easy.
  5. So basically your big text wall says we’re all doomed and should just give up. Oh darn...
  6. Are we done with yet another if my personal wishes aren’t granted immediately this sim is dead thread? 🙄
  7. It’s pretty clear that MP is a small % of gameplay. Unless you think there are only 2-300 people who own this game.
  8. The reason for this is so much more complex than you are assuming. Microsoft owns Bing Maps a literally has a 3D map of the entire earth to stream into the game. 1CGS is not Microsoft. Those maps aren’t collidable like a combat sim needs and they aren’t historical for WWII The MSFS maps actually don’t look as good up close like a combat sim game would need either. The aircraft in those civ sims don’t have damage models or authentic functioning weapons Also for whatever reason, civilian flight sims are just more popular than combat sims.
  9. There are not enough players online in this game to support an idea like this. It would fragment the player base too much. You’re also acting as if the base game hasn’t been improved substantially over the years, which it has. This is funny again. Another person who thinks the flight simulator market consists of a few hundred people. 🙄 Gee what will we do when all 263 people on planet earth who play flight sims have bought everything from 1CGS? What will be left?! Hey good news: The #4 selling PC game in the world today is a flight sim! There are literally millions of owners of that game who will perhaps expand their enthusiasm to combat flight sims like IL-2. There are hundreds of thousands of potential customers out there.
  10. Ok bye... It’s funny when people make statements like this as if they are only one of a few dozen people who own this game and their individual purchases make any difference. Ummm this game has sold enough copies to have kept 1CGS in business for 7 years. Sorry it’s not fulfilling exactly what you personally want it to do. But there are several hundred thousand other owners of this game.
  11. I believe that modeling fuel systems like switching tanks etc is on the to-do list already.
  12. I agree. Even with a TrackIR it would be better if the neck and shoulder turn was made more realistic.
  13. Depends on what you’re looking for. If single player is your think IL-2 Great Battles has a career mode and many scripted campaigns whereas CloD doesn’t really have much.
  14. Nearly all skydiving fatalities today happen with a deployed canopy. A chute not opening or malfunctioning is very rare. That wouldn’t have been the case in WWII though. Early civilian skydiving was very dangerous. My brother jumps at Perris 👍
  15. Combine that with the Dead-is-Dead Desastersoft Campaigns (like Ironman Mode here) and you get immersion! 😬
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