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  1. +1 for this. Jason mentioned skin packs in one of the Officers Club posts. Custom skins are rather a waste because they’re too difficult to find and download, that whole forum section is a giant mess. And nobody else will see them because odds are they don’t have them installed for the reason above.
  2. The realistic thing to do, if you aren’t the commander, is make it a priority to stick with your wingman and squadron and cover them. Not go running off after getting kills. Although that’s hard to resist. Sometimes the AI isn’t very smart and if you want to stay alive.. don’t follow them.
  3. The distant landscape is already blurred and it bothers people like bomber pilots trying to navigate. If anything players want this bubble increased. And I honesty don’t notice that it helps spot any targets either.
  4. Because it would probably look awful and still not help with spotting. Blurring the background would only make it harder to discern targets against it.
  5. Many people I’m sure wouldn’t like that effect so it would end up being another server side visibility option. We don’t need another one of those.
  6. Yeah but there’s no way to simulate that on a monitor or in VR.
  7. So the game would blur the whole view except for the aircraft? Doesn’t seem very attractive.
  8. The game can’t know where you’re “eyes” are focusing at, so how would it know the foreground from the background? This is not how zoom view works in the game, at least on a monitor. Where are you getting this from? The image or FOV is enlarged to the screens resolution, not pixelated. There is no blur as you zoom in.
  9. SharpeXB


    Wow. That’s definitely a cheat. Glad the Devs took action on it.
  10. I know it was less. If I recall correctly that what Jason said, they figured the old zoom level was “equal” because it gave the same 30d FOV. Those threads have been deleted I think. Doesn’t matter now in any case, the VR zoom level is larger now. Old news.
  11. I’m an architect. It’s pretty amazing for that stuff.
  12. The OP mentioned “LoD enlargement” so that sounds like scaling. If it makes sense to tweak that then do it for everyone, not just VR I use VR headsets at work actually. As much as I might want to try it here, it’s discussions like this which dissuade me. Maybe someday but not any time soon.
  13. If I was a VR player I wouldn’t want “smart scaling” which is basically what that is. It wrecks your ability to judge range and would end up looking really awful. And then you’d have monitor players complaining about giving advantages to VR players.
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