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  1. Oh come on, the futility and hopelessness of spitedly downvoting the dev diaries doesn't remind you of it, just a little?
  2. There's a story that in feudal Japan, they would test swords by cutting through the stacked bodies of those condemned to die. As a small way to get back at their captors, some of these condemned would eat handfuls of rocks beforehand, hoping to cause damage to the sword (which was worth more than they were) as it cut through them...
  3. If you want to deal with third-party additions, yes, PWCG. If you want in-built, as in the WW2 modules, no.
  4. I look forward to reading the highlights from this year's FiF. A little weird to see it going back to RoF but the reasons given make perfect sense. FiF could probably be simulated about as well in Elite:Dangerous right now, as in FC.
  5. Just increase the limit a tiny bit after every successful sortie. Then reset it at the start of each new V-life.
  6. If this game let us customize pilot builds I bet we'd see a bunch of 4 foot 9 power lifters in every cockpit.
  7. The funny thing about all this G-whining is that the devs used real world research to set these parameters, and people are forgetting the incredible shape that most of the pilots who were the subjects of that research tend to be in. We are already more robust in-game than most human beings you will run into; but some seem to think having your bodyweight spike from 200lbs to 1000lbs in just a few moments is a walk in the park. Then just the idea that an 'ace' somehow has higher G-resistance. Honestly the 'ace' probably doesn't subject himself to nearly as many G's on a regular basis.
  8. I like the G-model as-is. As for WW1 pilots blacking out, you don't see that in memoirs because they didn't fly their aircraft like their lives didn't matter.
  9. Hell yeah here we go. Let's fire up the grill for another one, gents!
  10. The wind sock at such-and-such airfield is out of position by 1.17 meters to the southeast.
  11. What I actually meant was that almost everybody on these forums already know about FC, so if we're going to some giveaways it might be good to introduce it to some other communities.
  12. If you have any flight recording that you enjoy, it is recommended that you record them in the screen capture program of your choice, and hold onto them that way.
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