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  1. You could do it pretty reliably in RoF because the DR1 couldn't climb up to catch you, and the bullet dispersion made it hard to hit you. In FC though, it's a whole different ballgame.
  2. If you are seeing flying pilots and flying engines, this is because the skin for the plane is not loading/is transparent for some reason.
  3. I knew continuing to check this forum would pay off...someday.
  4. The devs didn't lose 53 or however many dollars by using the FTP system in RoF. They *gained* 27 they never would have otherwise. Then they gained another $210 when I bought 3 copies of Flying Circus that I otherwise wouldn't have bought if I hadn't tried RoF way back.
  5. Worked for me, and with FTP I was able to reel in 3 others who went on to purchase at least a few planes. I also know it's really hard trying to get my friends to buy into FC when it's at full price. But maybe that's why it was a failure for them. Instead of being 'forced' to buy everything, most people who bought just bought the couple of planes they wanted or needed?
  6. Bigger bombs are more useful against harder targets, but they're no longer pocket nukes that level everything in their radius like they used to be. You have to remember that the rate at which the pressure generated by the blast decreases, grows the further you get from the blast point.
  7. I'm wondering if some of the changes are tied to the WW2 damage model in such a way that doesn't make that practical.
  8. The only pivot you'll see after BoN is finished is a pivot to the next WW2 title.
  9. Might try the Syndicate mission generator, or PWCG.
  10. Oh come on, the futility and hopelessness of spitedly downvoting the dev diaries doesn't remind you of it, just a little?
  11. There's a story that in feudal Japan, they would test swords by cutting through the stacked bodies of those condemned to die. As a small way to get back at their captors, some of these condemned would eat handfuls of rocks beforehand, hoping to cause damage to the sword (which was worth more than they were) as it cut through them...
  12. If you want to deal with third-party additions, yes, PWCG. If you want in-built, as in the WW2 modules, no.
  13. I look forward to reading the highlights from this year's FiF. A little weird to see it going back to RoF but the reasons given make perfect sense. FiF could probably be simulated about as well in Elite:Dangerous right now, as in FC.
  14. Just increase the limit a tiny bit after every successful sortie. Then reset it at the start of each new V-life.
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