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  1. Yes I realized that. I didn't want any bystanders in this thread to misinterpret it as a dig against him. Even if he is an A-hole- which he already knows anyways. Edit: I also have a lot of respect for emely as a pilot, and what he is able to do with some of these planes; but I can also see how the current DM may not be ready to deal with the things a pilot like him might ask his aircraft to do.
  2. Actually he did what he should have done in the situation. No discredit to him at all. He's a good pilot from what I saw. Just not one I've gotten to meet much. And it's true, I don't have time for Flugpark anymore. What little time I have to fly was done on a private server, and that was just testing the new DM. So like I said, if the new DM is messed up, and you guys put together enough evidence to prove it to the devs, I hope they fix it. ***If anything it would seem that rather than having a bug regarding angle of impact; it's possible to have a bug that is registering any hit to a wing as a hit to the spar- which would explain why bursts at high angles (which would be expected to catch more wing) seem to be more deadly than they should be.
  3. Best of luck in your efforts to get a second revision to the DM, @Tycoon. If it's truly borked, I hope they fix it.
  4. Is it hard to understand how people who like to pull angles also pull G's? Talbot I've only met once though, in RoF. He flew his SPAD much more aggressively than I would have. At least until he ran away. And here he is whining.
  5. Please. Anybody who has flown against the biggest whiners in these threads (either here, or in RoF- remember this pitifully small community have been fighting eachother for years) can easily see how their usual fighting styles might overstress a damaged airframe. Now whether that damage is being calculated correctly or not is up for debate; and as I said if there is a bug regarding angle of impact and inflicted damage, it needs to be reported.
  6. I just can't imagine how we keep pulling our wings off then... But in seriousness, if this 90 degree damage thing is a bug it should be reported.
  7. Well then I suggest you file a bug report. Also, very nice loop in the dolphin with the damage to that wing. I would not expect to be doing loops if I had a wing that looked like that!
  8. I'd venture that if you're being hit at a 90-degree angle, you're probably pulling a lot more G's than if you're being hit from dead six. Unless you're in the habit of being bounced.
  9. I know for a fact that not every hit results in an audible cue, especially if it is part of a burst. And I'll reiterate, the parser does not report every round. This idea that you can count hits with the parser report is wrong.
  10. I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around how wires can *bear* a load. It would seem like what they could do would be to *distribute* a load. Those wires without the wings themselves aren't rigid. Unless they're holding the wing together in some sort of "keystone" arrangement I guess. Whatever. I'm not an engineer.
  11. Will Ten Days of Autumn and Fortress on the Volga become part of a trilogy someday?
  12. If you were to decide what an airframe should be able to handle based on the way most multiplayer pilots fly them, every aircraft would be a clownwagon.
  13. Just to clarify- It isn't the same. That speed changes everything, which @J5_Hellbender and others have pointed out in other threads. Not to discredit your entire post. Just pointing out this one thing.
  14. Pacific. Even if there is always that one poster who shits all over it. Mind your business- we can still hope.
  15. Fine. Just keep bitching about it on the forums then. I can understand why you might not want to use a controlled method to analyse the current DM on your aircraft. Figuring out how to isolate a hitbox isn't an insurmountable problem unless you want it to be. By the way, I play plenty to test out the DM. Flugpark isn't the only place to fly.
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